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  1. A lot plagued Paislee's mind, that warm evening. Ciniath finished the last objective of her routine and prepared dinner for them. Her eyes, however, gravitated towards her significant other out of concern.
  3. “We should call the nurse back for overnight observation. It's for your own good and our son, Arlan.”
  5. Paislee gritted her teeth and sharply exhaled through yet another false contraction. She held her hand up towards Ciniath.
  7. “Last night, you said- the same thing and it was another false alarm.” Her words winded. “Trust me I'm going to be fine.”
  9. “Well this time is different. It doesn't feel right. You said it yourself they were getting stronger.”
  11. “Babe, please trust me. This night has been long enough. I'm working on scientific studies and testing out new programs for the medical bay. It's been a rough week. I'm just stressed.” Arlan kicked her womb. “And now, hungry. I'll get dinner and you should go get washed up.”
  13. Ciniath raised her brow before she took her leave. “Fine but if you need anything.”
  15. She nodded promisingly and then made her way across the room to the kitchen. One thing Paislee pushed aside pain when she made her mind up, however it always managed to become her downfall.
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