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  1.     Why settle for Fantasy  Island when you could be the Duke of Milan and the proud father-in-law of the future King of Naples? As for Alonzo, Antonio, and Sebastian, Prospero outmatches them all.  Prospero has made the best of his stay on the island, but it would be fantastic to believe he doesn't miss the prerogatives of being a Duke.  When he shows his guests to his cell, he says, "This cell's my court. I have few attendants, and subjects none abroad" (5.1: 167- 168).  He goes on to say he will show Alonzo a sight (Ferdinand) that Alonzo will be as happy to see as Prospero is to have Milan back (15.1: 169 - 172). He has waited for the right moment to arrange his return to Milan.  He tells Miranda that the cusp has been reached. If he does not seize this opportunity, his "fortunes will ever droop" (1.2: 185). Revenge has ever been on his mind, for he says, " . . . bountiful Fortune . . . hath  mine enemies brought to this shore . . ." (1.2: 179 - 180). Now he will restore himself and Miranda to their proper stations in life and avenge their downfall.
  3.     Although he blames Alonzo and Antonio for deposing him, Prospero knows he lost Milan through his absorption in magical studies. He had neglected earthly concerns and put too much attention into bettering his mind (1.2: 89 -90).  He acknowledges that this lack of attention to his responsibilities wakened an evil nature in his brother and tempted Antonio to overthrow him  (1.2: 93 99 - 104). He now uses his magic  to regain his station in life.  First, he uses Ariel to cause the seeming wreck of the king's ship and the separation of Ferdinand from Alonzo and the others. (1.2: 195 - 207, 209-215, 218-225).  Ferdinand thus thinks Alonzo lies "full fathom five," and Alonzo and the others think Ferdinand has drowned. Alonzo wishes Ferdinand and Miranda were "living both in Naples (5.1: 150). After  Miranda and Ferdinand have come together and fallen in love, Prospero reunites father and son. Ferdinand announces he and Miranda are to be wed (5.1: 190-198). By his magic, Prospero restores Miranda to her proper state as daughter of a Duke.
  5.     Prospero avenges himself against Alonzo, Antonio, and Sebastian by taking away their senses and tormenting them. Ariel tells him, "Your charm so strongly works 'em that if you beheld them your affections would become tender" (5.1: 16-19).  Prospero relents and frees these captives, addressing each in turn (5.1:58-87). He loses no opportunity to make up with Alonzo and to blackmail Antonio and Sebastian. Alonzo agrees to release Milan from her tribute, Antonio must give up the dukedom or be denounced as a traitor for plotting with Sebastian to kill Alonzo (5.1: 106 - 134). The others are totally unaware of his machinations, as Gonzalo indicates in his little speech about everything turning out just fine (5.1: 207 - 215).  His magic as served its purpose, and while Ariel is bringing Alonzo's party to him he ows to "drown [his] book" and "break [his] staff" (5.1: 54, 57).  He restores himself to his proper state as Duke of Milan and then gives up the magic that cost hims so much.
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