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  1. 15 June 2011
  3. Subject: LulzSec Evidence on member "Nakomis"
  5. Twitter: http://twitter.com/Anonakomis
  7. "Nakomis" maintained the twitter "real_j35t3r" for AnonOps during a secret Operation called "Unmask". IRC logs from this invite only channel show Sabu, Topiary, Barrett Brown, and Nakomis were all trying to find out who "The Jester (th3j35t3r)" was.
  9. http://imgur.com/ugZMh
  11. The picture above shows what looks to be an individual with a name tag printed "Jester". Upon the unearthing of this image, the group members found the mans name to be "Casey Gardiner", living in Southern California. After looking over his linkedin account and facebook, he seemed to fit as a match to Jester.
  13. Topiary created the real_j35t3r twitter account as well as the hushmail email associated with it. From what records show, Nakomis took this over quite quickly and began tormenting th3j35t3rs followers and supporters.
  15. Barrett Brown and Sabu calm that Casey's email was breached during the month of March of 2011 and started monitoring incoming and outgoing mail (casey.gardiner@gmail.com). Nakomis claimed during this time, he befriended Casey on facebook and had began engaging in conversations about tennis and music.  
  17. During the beginning of April 2011, Nakomis was contacted by a fake reporter who turned out to be th3j35t3r himself.
  19. Full details can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/6gq8ykl
  21. Nakomis told the secret group about the reporter at the beginning of April 2011. Barrett contacted Nakomis and told him that they should give out the dox info during the interview and corner the news agency into releasing their source at a later date. Payment for this interview could also be used to involve th3j35t3r in illegal acts. Their plan however, failed and they had to start from scratch.
  23. According to logs, Nakomis reset Casey's paypal password and sent payment to what he thought was a genuine AP reporter, who turned out to be th3j35t3r.
  25. After the apparent failure, the group started what is now known as "LulzSec". They wanted to disenfranchise themselves away from 'Anonymous/AnonOps' as much as possible so they could:
  27. A) Claim credit for themselves
  28. B) Higher Risk Targets
  29. C) Not involve the group as a whole
  30. D) Financial Gain
  32. Nakomis is believed to have been around the Anon Community for quite some time, yet changing his name and releasing his true identity to only a select few.
  34. What is known about Nakomis?
  36. Coder - A few successful social engineering operations have shown him to be the main programming force behind some attacks. As a prior (lead?) developer for phpBB Online Message Boards, he might be the individual supplying LulzSec with SQL vulnerabilities for their attacks as well as coding software (possible malware).
  38. Educated - Claims Berkeley as his location of studies. TinyChat video screen shots show him in what looks to be UC Berkeley sweats. Twitter page states Computer-Human Integration, which might be associated with the School of Information.
  40. Immature - TinyChat video screen shots observe Nakomis exposing himself many times.
  42. Location - Southern California (th3j35t3r #jester irc logs show him stating the town of Victorville as his residence, but not confirmed)
  44. Connections - Seems to know everyone fairly well around the community. Many times gaining recognition from @Anon_Central and other twitter accounts confirmed as AnonOps "Staff". Prior accomplices: Isis, Owen, Ryan, Corey, Wolfy, Heyguise, OpNoPro, Sabu, Topiary, Barrett Brown, and more.              
  46. Military Counter-Intelligence - Sources say Nakomis served quite recently in the United States marines doing government intelligence. Possible network security work or programming that supported their mission.
  48. Age - Anywhere from 24-26 is what has been seen and reported.
  50. Identification Marks - Beard(?), tattoos on both arms, brown hair, and blue eyes.
  52. There's no doubt that these members (Sabu, topiary, nakomis, and possibly others) are apart of LulzSec. Targeting th3j3t3r, his followers, ShadowDXS, and just the attitude in general resembles their prior operations.
  54. Nakomis<ShadowDXS : I'm gonna make you famous. Because I love you.
  55. http://tinyurl.com/3z59g92
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