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  1. <Saturnine> 12A message on the computer system they have. A broadcast from the thing, iliili. A glimpse of the pale, thin creature standing in front of a window with Earth in the backdrop. Explaining in no uncertain terms that "This winter is almost over."
  2. <Cassie_Escott> Himeros stared in confusion, and then would flip through one of those texts from Corwin's labs. He had been told about this, had been filled in on the contact with this being. He would call for his head tech to come, NOW, and try to reply to it.
  3. <Saturnine> 12Direct connection established.
  4. <Saturnine> 12Before your screen, the image of the thing appeared, with Earth floating in the void behind it.
  5. <Cassie_Escott> The Bishop tech would stand by, making sure this was being recorded. Himeros would take the com/mic. "Hello. My name is Himeros Areson. I have worked with Joshua Corwin, who I believe you had contact with. Thank you for your message, iliili." He would start.
  6. <Saturnine> 14๑i14li14il14i๑6 The thing stood there like a figment out of a dream, moving only just barely.
  7. <Cassie_Escott> Himeros waited a long moment. "What has changed? What should we expect to come when winter ends?"
  8. <Saturnine> 14๑i14li14il14i๑ "Are you still alive?"6 It spoke in broad terms initially. Perhaps not "you" as in the singular, but the royal we. As for what to expect... "The sun will light up the dark night. Night dreams of day. Light dreams of darkness. The sun will chase away the darkness and burn the shadows."
  9. <Cassie_Escott> Burning the shadows...that sounded good. "Will that end the demons in the wastes? Will it bring new problems? Will the sun be at a tolerable level to sustain life and growth on the planet?"
  10. <Saturnine> 14๑i14li14il14i๑ "All will be healed."6 The thing told, its meaning lofty.
  11. <Cassie_Escott> Himeros nodded slowly. "Healed is good." He said softly. "What can I...what can we do to prepare? What do you need from us?"
  12. <Cassie_Escott> side note: Aiko and Dai have no intention of returning the books right away. <grins> )
  13. <Saturnine> 14๑i14li14il14i๑ "Soon the light will come. Soon will it surge..."6 The entity got hung up on the ideaology.
  14. <Saturnine> -- lmao
  15. <Cassie_Escott> They let them take half of the chemistry and engineering texts.)
  16. <Saturnine> 14๑i14li14il14i๑ "When the light returns, you will ascend to this place."
  17. <Cassie_Escott> Himeros gave the being an inquiring look. "Me personally, or all of us? Will you return to Earth?"
  18. <Saturnine> 14๑i14li14il14i๑ "The way will be open. Carry your freedom back and forth."6 There was a pause. The creature's tone shifted to curiosity. "You want me?"
  19. <Cassie_Escott> Himeros nodded, meeting her eyes if possible. "Yes. From the lab books, you have much to teach us. I am interesting in leading Earth forward. In sharing knowledge and making improvements. You have helped humanity survive. I...we are grateful for that."
  20. <Saturnine> 14๑i14li14il14i๑6 The creature walked closer to the camera, until her face was filling it. Even closer, blurry now, but the camera focused and now Himeros could see almost every detail.
  21. <Cassie_Escott> Himeros met the gaze, met the close up. He was the son of Ares, and would not flinch away. The opportunities here...well, he figured they had only scratched the surface.
  22. <Saturnine> 14๑i14li14il14i๑6 The entity had a humanoid face, with a humanoid nose (judging from the bridge). The entity wore a metal rebreather mask over her face. It looked sleek and of unfathomed tech, glowing in a few places with prismatic white light. The same exact white color and shine which filled the tiny pupils of the entity's black, void-like eyes. Pale, pale white skin and with long, sleek, almost oily black hair growing out the scalp. Segmented antennae, growing out of the upper part of her forehead...
  23. <Saturnine> 14๑i14li14il14i๑ "Friends? Like Adrestia?"
  24. <Cassie_Escott> "Adrestia is my sister and I love her dearly." He nodded. "I trust her with my life, and she handed over the running of the Pantheon to me. She and I trust each other." He said somply.
  25. <Cassie_Escott> simply*
  26. <Saturnine> 14๑i14li14il14i๑ "When the light returns, I will come to you in friend."6 The entity couldn't speak quite like a human, as if it were lacking some critical component of humanity. A thing that had learned to manipulate the essentials to speak the language.
  27. <Cassie_Escott> Himeros would attempt to extend a hand, giving her an earnest smile. "I look forward to it....friend." He replied to her. "I shall help prepare people here for the coming of the light until then."
  28. <Saturnine> 14๑i14li14il14i๑6 The entity held up her hands. Her fingers were twice as long as a human's, easily, and were tipped with long, straight black nails focused into tapering needle-points. She pressed at the camera lens on her end, trying to reach through the screen to touch Himeros and failing.
  29. <Cassie_Escott> Himeros smiled and would mimic the touch. "Take care, iliili." He said softly to her.
  30. <Saturnine> 14๑i14li14il14i๑6 The screen lingered with her there, and then went black.
  31. <Saturnine> 12Disconnected
  34. <Saturnine> 12Another transmission arrived in Himeros' home. The same frequency as the moon.
  35. <Mayawork> Himeros picked up, his tone the "public one." Smooth, unhurried. "Himeros here."
  36. <Saturnine> 14๑i14li14il14i๑ "I am turning on the machine."6 A familiar voice spoke in that extremely inhuman, yet eerily decipherable voice. "The sun will shine again. There is a question, name of travel. Do you want to come?"
  37. <Mayawork> Himeros paused for a moment. "Will I be able to return? I have family here that would be sad were I to leave this planet for good."
  38. <Saturnine> 14๑i14li14il14i๑ "The teleport machine will make you solid and safe. Bring many. See how many wish to leave the planet. I will not keep you forever."
  39. <Mayawork> "I will ask them. When do you need an answer by?"
  40. <Saturnine> 14๑i14li14il14i๑ "You should find out soon. When the sun shines again, there might be too many happy to leave."
  41. <Saturnine> 14๑i14li14il14i๑ "The machine is on. The machine is on. You may wish to tell your humans this is for good."
  42. <Mayawork> "I will tell my sister tonight. If I am not able to go for family obligations, I will send a good friend."
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