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  1. This pastebin is basically just a summary of the P5 information/new stuff FAQ that we, it's also got a breakdown analysis of the trailer, some translations, and other information. The pastebin will be updated gradually until release, and after, so check back every now and then if you care. Sources are listed at the bottom of the paste, with descriptions, some are even images so give it a look. New stuff gets added to the top before it gets put in the bottom. I take no credit for any of the translations present in this pastebin, all sources are at the bottom, if there is no source for translation then chances are people were just posting it online.
  15. Part 1:
  16. Part 2:
  17. Part 3:
  18. Part 4:
  22. ---
  23. PV # 02 Findings
  25. - The protagonist is being held in a sort of holding cell by guards, and this is when his awakening takes place. It appears as though he rips off the mask (which forms somehow, I guess), which leaves blood running down his face, after which he is engulfed in flames and his Persona awakens. This is reinforced with the footage we saw at the end of PV # 01, as the background is the same, and the blood pattern matches. MC also appears to be either ripping off his mask in battle at one point to summon Arsène, or at least somehow interacting with it to summon him. Pictures illustrating this are below.
  29. - A new character was shown briefly at 1:40 - 1:43 (part 4 in WEBMs), he looks similar to Jun from P2 and he was writing "NEVER GIVE in" all over the wall. He does NOT attend Shuujin High School, as the logo on his uniform doesn't match that on the protagonist's suit. It looks similar to the symbol on the Québec flag, which is called a fleurs-de-lis, in English, a symbol of purity.
  31. - A mugshot of Potter-kun is shown at 0:51, he is 175cm confirmed, and he is holding a sign that says "P508954TS", the meaning of this statement is currently being speculated.
  33. - The two loli twins, the velvet rooms assistants this time around, each have letters on their hats. When you combine each alternating letter on their two hats (OYOO, XMRN) it spells "OXYMORON".
  35. - New health bar is simply a heart, how filled up is dependent on how much health the enemy has (duh).
  37. - The entity talking is Arsène, MC's Persona, a description of what he says is "He asks if Phantom is just going to watch and that he needs to slay the "blasphemers". In the end he says that they'd meet again the moment he decides his destiny." Another summary is below, courtesy of Anon.
  39. >What's wrong?
  40. >Are you just watching?
  41. >Was it all wrong?
  42. >Yes, that's it. That's good.
  43. >I am thou. Thou art me
  44. >For the justice you believe in, let the curse befall on those who do not reflect upon themselves. (Not sure here he's speaking in japanese I'm not familiar with.)
  45. >Begin
  47. At the end:
  48. >お前の運命が定まるその時、またお会いし
  49. >We shall meet again, when at the time when your fate is determined.
  51. - Morgana apparently speaks like the cat in the story I Am A Cat. (Wa ga hai)
  53. - If some people are REALLY knowledgeable with Japanese VAs then they might be narrowed down for the other characters, for now all we know is Potter-kun's VA (Jun Fukuyama).
  55. - It appears that the events are at least somehow interacting with the real world, in the first PV we see the bodyguard looking men searching for MC in the real world at a sort of gala/ball, and in the PV the men turn into both shadows and following that one turns into a demon after turning into a shadow (Norn specifically, 1:07 - 1:14). We also MC being spotted and surrounded by law enforcement people in this PV, more evidence of some real world connection.
  57. - MC will be chained and kept in a holding cell in the VR, as we assumed.
  59. - At 1:58 beneath the desk and Igor is the same symbol that is on the badge on Marie's hat, you can compare the two below. To Igor's left is most likely the compendium, the right is unknown.
  63. ---
  70. Seems like hamayama (, the guy who gave the screenshots, is not posting the PV out of respect, as he thinks ATLUS will be angry if he uploads the "privileged video", judging from this comment he made in the stream "特典映像を放送するとアトラスが怒ります". He has also posted in the chat, several times, "no P5", "noooooooooooooooooooooooo PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP55555555555555555555", "heyguys no P5", "N O , P 5", which is sadly another indicator that he won't post it as of at least 3:16AM EST. With the last screenshot he posted (the one that says NEVER GIVE IN) he also said "これで最後" before linking it, which translates to roughly, "This's the last one", though he did post more screenshots after that, so it surely isn't.
  72. I'm seeing people quoting Neofag saying that they see 2ch talking about ripping it, but I don't see that in the thread, or on another board topic so it's probably bullshit.
  74. Yep, the person who's saying that also just posted a link to the same 2ch thread everyone else is monitoring, in which, nobody else is seeing talk about ripping the PV.
  76. An individual mentioned via Twitter the PV # 02 is ~7 minutes long, just a rumour though. Figured I'd mentioned it since everyone else is.
  77. -----
  80. SEGA SAMMY, ATLUS current parent company, revealed in a (shareholder?) meeting detailing their fiscal results for the year 2015 that Persona 5 currently has a release window of October - December 2015 in Japan. Atlus USA have confirmed that this is also the current release window for the NTSC regions as well, meaning the releases are closer than ever before for a Persona title. This also means that they're most likely already begun localization work on Persona 5 as well, including VA work.
  82. We do know that the second PV doesn't contain a specific release date, so all we have is still the release window of October - December 2015 for both NA and JP.
  86. I'm sure I missed something, so if I did post about it and correct me. These are just suppose to be general interpretations, and accurate descriptions for the same of things like costumes.
  88. Tagged Audio Rip of the track from Persona 5 PV # 01, shitty 190kbps, but for now it's all we have
  91. Information
  93. Setting
  94.         - Setting is confirmed as Tokyo, you attend Shuujin High School in Shibuya(秀尽学園高校), it is not a juvenile school in the literal sense; however, the character's aren't as well behaved as previous entries, hence why Hashino used this term in the p-ch letter.
  96.         - The game takes place in Shibuya; however, it also takes place in other areas of Tokyo as well. The coffee shop the protagonist lives in is in Shibuya.
  98.         - It may take place during 2016, as 2016 is the closest year to have April 11th, a date from the trailer, on a Monday, like the trailer showed.
  100.         - The P-team is attempting to fuse the genres of a "juvenile school" (not literally, see above) setting and a picaresque romance (which depicts, in realistic and often humorous detail, the adventures of a roguish hero, or party in this case, of low social class, ill-behaved high schoolers, who lives by his/their wits in a corrupt society, in this case they'll attempt to fight for their beliefs) for P5.
  102.         - As for the shops, the two shown were the weapons shop, MILITARY SHOP UNTOUCHABLE, run by Munehisa Iwai, and the clinic, TAKEMI MEDICAL CLINIC, run by Tae Takemi.
  104.         - The velvet room this time around is a prison, the assistants are two loli twins, they look to both be girls, as one has a braid and the other has buns. Igor also returns, regardless of the death of his Japanese VA. The lolis also both have eye patches on the opposite eyes (one has an eyepatch on the left, the other the right). They also may double as guards in addition to Igor's assistant, as they are seen on each side of Potter-kun's cell in the trailer, facilitating easy interaction between the two as it may otherwise be difficult with Potter-kun being in the cell whenever he visits.
  106.         - When Potter-kun was shown imprisoned in the new velvet room it was a symbol for a "prison of [the] mind," probably related to the issue that will give him trouble if he doesn't deal with it, talked about below.
  108.         - It's not known yet if there will be something like the dark hour/midnight channel yet, from the looks of the events in the trailer, things seem to be occurring in the real world in real time (to a more immediate extent, at least), not x hours after the event because of a time stop/"other side"), so this looks to be a nice change.
  110. Protagonist Information (check combat for battle information about P5MC)
  112.         - The protagonist is a second year student at Shuujin HS, he transfers to the city (stated to be Shibuya, the game does take place in various parts of Tokyo though) sometime in the spring, much like Persona 3/4, and he moves into a coffee shop (the one we saw in the trailer) owned by acquaintances of his parents.
  114.         - The protagonist has a sort of problem that will give him trouble if he does not deal with it.
  116.         - Though P5MC appear to be a quiet boy, like what we saw in the initial trailer, this is apparently a bit of a ruse (he's probably quiet to most everyone, with maybe a little spunk, but all out cool with his friends, probably like a lot of other people, even you).
  118.         - Potter-kun's Persona (revealed to be Arsène, the original phantom thief which the game is heavily inspired by) apparently gives off an old-school vibe. The wings/cape supposedly illustrate how a thief can reach places most others cannot. The part in the trailer that shows Arsène (P5MC's persona) is ~0:57 - 1:00. Famitsu scans show him in highres, check the sources.
  120.         - The end of the trailer where Potter-kun is engulfed in flames is his awakening, the flames will form the mask he dons during the missions that we've seen.
  122.         - During the Phantom of the Opera concert, at the end before the Persona5 reveal, the "Phantom" had spoken and addressed the audience saying something (see below for specifics), but we do know that the Phantom is the P5MC, as that's who he dresses up as during the missions and from promotional art and stuff. So, from this we know that the P5MC's Japanese VA is Jun Fukuyama (Code Geass as Lelouch Lamperouge, and most recently Durarara!!x2 Shou as Shinra Kishitani).
  124.         - An individual on YouTube has uploaded a translated video of the concert (taken down by a copyright claim due to atlustube, actually), specifically when the Phantom crashes it. During this he states how he wishes to "take all of your hearts!" meaning that he wants to convince us to believe his view of justice, and have faith in him, regardless of how he is viewed/advertised by law enforcement/the media. The link to where the video WAS is in the sources.
  126.         - Potter-kun is 5'10 (175cm, shown in PV # 02)
  128.         - The scene at the end of the trailer, when Potter-kun is engulfed in flames is his awakening, the flames form the mask he dons during missions.
  130. Other Characters (check combat for battle information about characters)
  131.         - The characters are a little more ill-mannered than previous series entries where it was clear you were the "good guys," by your behavior.
  133.         - The characters are said to be fighting for their own reasons after an incident, as a result their motives are arguable; however, they do believe they are fighting for what they perceive as justice, hence their efforts. (It is to be noted that this is pretty special, since it means we'll possibly see an opposing party with motives that are also arguable, in which case its not the standard "I wanna take over the world!" or "I did it for fun!" opposing party).
  135.         - On the topic of the characters, their names were shown in the MILITARY SHOP UNTOUCHABLE purchase menu, run by shopkeeper Iwai Munehisa. Their names were shown as (format, FanName;RealName): Potter-kun/P5MC/Phantom;Protagonist (surprise!), Naruto;Ryuuji Sakamoto, Twintails;Anzu Takamari (not proven to be finnish, even though the name may be localized as this ,as of now, it is not her name), Cat;Morgana.
  137.         - Morgana is met at the start of the game, and is significant to the story. She has the ability to transform. You should've picked this up from the trailer, kinda pathetic that I've actually seen posts saying things like "Did you notice the cat transformed during the trailer?!" If this was you, you're a fucking idiot, it's one of the most obvious things.
  139.         - Potter-kun meets Anzu and Ryuuji at the start of the game, all three characters have problem of their own (not sure if it just means everyday problems, or problems like were mentioned earlier for Potter-kun that will cause them trouble if they don't deal with them). Perhaps both. All of these three characters have lost their homes.
  141.         - Though it looks very similar to Catherine, Persona 5 does use a new internal engine, as they stated this years ago, and they stated it again as why things were taking so long, as it took lots of time to make the internal engine.
  143.         - During the trailer the characters that were revealed are shown in the beginning jumping around the environment as the staff names are displayed, and during 0:41 - 0:43 an individual with a costume, that was not one of the other characters revealed, is present in a tanooki costume. There is nothing else known about this character as of now (Feb. 9th), so speculation is obviously occurring.
  145.         - In the same menu, when the character selection hovered over Potter-kun it overlayed the text "JOKER The Fool" on his dogtag, not too sure about the joker part, but there's his arcana (surprise!). Common speculation is Anzu;lovers and Ryuuji;magician.
  147.         - At 1:33/1:34 Morgana is shown, and the text Luxuria Persona, is overlayed onto her. Luxuria is latin for lust, which is one of the seven deadly sins. After this text is overlayed, the screen zooms out to show nine boxes, each with one for the seven deadly sins + cavum (meaning hollow) and irritum (meaning Nothingness). From this people are thinking each of your party members will be representing one of the seven deadly sins, and then perhaps even the +2, below are the latin names and modern English translations for the seven deadly sins.
  149. Lust;luxuria, Gluttony;gula, Greed;avaritia, Sloth;acedia, Wrath;ira, Envy;invidia, Pride;superbia, Hollow;cavum, and Nothingness;irritum
  151. Mission / Battle Information
  153.         - The equipment for each character is: Weapon, Gun, Protector, Accessory, and Clothes. Note how weapon and gun are separate from each other, similar to the Persona 1 combat, the weapon is for close melee attacks, whereas the gun is for ranged attacks.
  155. - Like other entires, the enemies are shown on the map, and when you bump into them you will enter a battle. it is unknown how smooth the transition will be, if it's like P3/P4 and it transitions entirely to a little battle thing (probably), or if it's like what the team planned for Persona 3, and the transitions are very smooth.
  157.         - Potter-kun uses a dagger and pistol, specifically the pistol is a Tokarev TT-33. Ryuuji used what looked to be metal pipe with one hand (which only gives us a category of weapons, not something specific like Potter-kun, blunt objects maybe?) and a shotgun, Anzu uses a whip and what looks to be an SMG/Machine gun (seen at 2:01, first frame of the gun barrage in the back behind the enemies), Morgana uses a scimitar (seen at 2:06) and a slingshot (seen at the right during the gun barrage).
  159.         - They never summoned their persona's, but at the end you can see Potter-kun being englufed in flames, after which his eyes glow in a shape similar to his persona shown in promotional art, so perhaps you transform into your persona, similar to DDS. Either that, or you set yourself on fire to summon your persona.
  161.         - The sound when a persona is summoned is unlike previous games, where it was more like a glass shattering/flash/clicking sound, or in Japanese "カッ" (kka), in Persona 5 the sound will now be "ブチッ" (buchi) which is a snapping sound (to be interpreted as either physically or mentally)
  163.         - During what can be assumed to be "missions," the characters don masks and special attire representing a costume of some sort, probably so they don't get caught performing the missions. Potter-kun is The Phantom, Anzu is in a carsuit (tail can be seen briefly, and her mask has ears), Ryuuji looked kinda like a biker/tough guy(?), and Morgana just had the eyemask and a little suit on. They also all wear phantom of the opera masks with varying themes/colors, usually to match/reinforce their costume.
  165.         - The knights in the dungeon shown have masks on, so speculation about them being demons is gone, they're definitely shadows since those are the masks shadows wore in P3/P4. Though, why you are shown fighting demons from previous entries of SMT that are typically restricted to personas is unknown, perhaps you're also fighting demons now.
  167.         - On the topic of dungeons, they're still randomly generated, but only parts of them are, meaning some places (for example, the one we saw in the trailer where Potter-kun was sneaking around) are specifically made to challenge the player as they are designed for a phantom thief to deal with.
  169.         - In battle, whatever character is taking their turn will be holding their portrait in the bottom right. For example, Morgana will be biting her portrait, and Ryuuji will be holding and pointing to his portrait on his turn. This is most noticeable during the all-out attack (a picture was made by someone using cropped stills from the trailer, check sources).
  171.         - Battles are turn-based; however, is it said that several changes have been made to make the game more enjoyable.
  173.         - The guns the characters use in battle aren't real.
  175. Misc.
  176.         - The anime studio responsible for the anime cutscenes of persona 5 is Production I.G. (worked on Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex).
  178.         - There will be a kind of social link-eque feature within the game (if this is a surprise to you think long and hard about what people liked about P3/P4).
  180.         -First print copies of P4:DAN in Japan will include an exclusive P5 blu-ray disc that has footage from P5 on it. there might be something else included with it, but for now that's all we know.
  182.         - There will be a Famitsu article on February 12th detailing much more about the game, a brief snippit of the article in English is below, and the sources include some information that has reached the public early.
  184.         - It looks like the crew may carry around Morgana in their bags sometimes, as during the trailer when it shows Potter-kun walking around at 1:09 - 1:11 if you look at the part of his bag that we can see, exposed behind him, Morgana's face is peaking out. that's pretty cute, actually. there's a .webm in the sources if you don't want to bring up the trailer.
  186.         - The music we heard in the PV trailer is an instrumental version of the games main theme.
  188.         - The music is said to be the genre of acid jazz which includes elements of jazz, soul, funk, disco and hip hop.
  190.         - The trailer footage was from the PS3 version of the game.
  192.         - The signature eye cut-ins return, though they are slightly different. For example, the angle isn't straight-on, it's slightly tilted, see the sources for an image.
  194. And for now, this is most everything people have seen and all, nice to finally have some P5 stuff to discuss, and hopefully everybody is enjoying it all.
  197. Note posted from the Persona 5 development team on p-ch, translated to English:
  199. From the Persona 5 development team.
  201. Good evening to you all. Persona Team’s Hashino here.
  203. Today, we presented a video for the long-awaited game. So, how did you like it?
  205. As I write this now, I’ve yet to find out how you guys reacted to it, so I’m honestly feeling a little nervous thinking about comments like “the next Persona is about a phantom thief lol” or “is that Lupin!?” and such, but I’m hoping there are some warm comments out there. Even if there was a just little part you liked from it, it would make me really happy.
  207. For this game, we’re going with a challenge that fuses together a juvenile school setting that is as large as life, together with a picaresque romance. In the previous game, we wrote a story that involved having a justice group chase down a bad guy that could easily be feared by just about anyone.
  209. This time, it’s about a group of high school students that are being “chased” by unexpected occurrences due to the justice they believe in. We’re writing [the story] to convey a thrilling everyday life in the shoes of these characters, that are as large as life, in this juvenile school setting.
  211. We, the team, are working together as we advance through development so you can enjoy something with evolved graphics and sound, along with party members that are just a tad bit more ill-behaved than what you’ve been used to up until now.
  213. We all have so many feelings that are going into this title. While this is a product by Atlus that is known for its individualistic side, some say that a strong personality can break away from common rules and models… so it can be seen as a nuisance as well.
  215. However, the way we see a person’s character, it can spread to others for good or for bad, and it can even change the way another would think or behave… and that’s the potential power we see in it.
  217. We may feel some sort of suffocation in this world today, but as long as the world is comprised of relationships among humans, it is a person’s character, or a group’s character, that will provide the ‘power’ to destroy that ‘feeling of entrapment’.
  219. I’m hoping that this title will shape up into something that can embody such feelings, and something that will remain in your hearts.
  221. In order to meet all of your expectations, even just a little, the development team staff are working hard, so I’d like to say thank you for your continued support! (I will take a peek at comments from you all on Twitter, blogs, and such!)
  223. Katsura Hashino,
  224. Persona 5 Director and Creative Producer.
  226. Parts of a Famitsu Interview with Hashino, translated to English
  228. Famitsu: It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new. How’s development coming along?
  230. (these two sources had translations that differed enough to warrant both of them because of the key words used in each, so I figured might as well include both, but only for this question, all other answers are from only the Gematsu translation)
  233. Hashino: Things are really coming along and we’re starting to hit our quality benchmarks in terms of what goes into the game, so at this stage, we’re hard at work building the game and fleshing it out. We’re just as eager to bring this game out finally so they can enjoy what all we’ve been working on and day by day, we’re getting closer to the finish line. It’s just going to be a little while longer now before it’s here.
  235. Hashino: We’re just about getting an idea of the finishing point as far as the elements we’re putting into the game are concerned, and their quality, so right now we’re in the process of fleshing it out. As we anticipate the release date, we’re all working hard towards our goal everyday while personally thinking ‘with this title, we’ll make everyone happy!’ so please wait just a little longer.
  237. Famitsu: During our last interview, I remember you talking about how you wanted this game to depict things like the cathartic feelings that come from freeing yourself of your own chains in life and being ale to yell out to the world you’re free. Now that we know more about the game, I’d like to ask you to elucidate about the themes of the game again.
  239. Hashino: I don’t think it’s a stretch to say in this day and age that there are a lot of people out there who feel like they aren’t moving forward, that they have no future, and carry a lot of weight on their shoulders every day. They’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, emotionally speaking; on the one hand, they might not be keen on living by the same rules and values that defined previous generations, while still lacking the will to go out and actually break those barriers down themselves. That dark side of society is a central pillar to the game we want to make with Persona 5.
  241. Famitsu: In the midst of all that, though, you got these high school punks who are trying to bite back at a world that’s trying to pin them down. If our game can give people a little courage to keep going in their day to day lives, to face things head on and do something with themselves, then we’ll have done our jobs here.
  243. Famitsu: But the main characters… are they thieves!?
  245. Hashino: It’s interesting you refer to them in that way specifically because one of the things that inspired us to make this question to begin with was how, say, a classic, iconic thief in the vein of Lupin III might win the hearts and minds of people in today’s day and age if they were out running around today. There have been a lot of books and films over the years that explored the sorts of lives that thieves live and how they’re able to shake up the world with what many would perceive to be sheer brazenness, but that’s not ground that’s very well covered in games and we intend to rectify that. We want our players to be able to empathize with these characters and enjoy seeing what they get themselves into and we’re giving it everything we’ve got to make sure that comes through loud and clear in the final game.
  247. Shōji Meguro Famitsu interview about the PERSONA SUPER LIVE 2015 concert, translated by [spoiler]reddit user Hakuryoku[/spoiler]
  249. Famitsu: Thanks for all the hard work you put into Persona Super Live 2015! I see you’ve already changed out of your stage outfit, I would have really liked to have seen it up close.
  251. Meguro: Haha, It’s a bit too cold to wear amongst all this snow. I’m grateful that given even that so many people were able to come see the show
  253. Famitsu: Last time you said you were super nervous, How about this time?
  255. Meguro: This time when I was being raised onto the stage, rather than being nervous I was really cold to the point I was nearly shivering. However the first song (DANCE / P4D) involves a-lot of repetition of the same chords, I thought “I should be able to handle this at least” this helped calmed me and for that I am grateful! To tell the truth after that there were a few songs I actually made mistakes in, but I did the best that I could!
  257. Famitsu: How did you prepare for the concert this time around?
  259. Meguro: Of course I practice everyday, that’s a given. However this time I was really obsessed with creating an good environment to perform in. In my student years I formed an amatuer band, but we weren’t particularly aware of important things in a live setting. In a live environment it’s important to set up foldbacks so you can hear your instruments in the loud environment, it’s also important to prevent loud feedback you get when plugging mics in. To prevent this you usually lower the power on your Guitar, however at that level while performing it becomes easier to make mistakes as it is harder to hear your instruments, that’s just one of the tough problems we deal with. It require solid co-operation to achieve this ideal performing environment, in this we have done the best we can.
  261. Famitsu: We all really appreciate the effort you’ve put into this. If you were to rate your performance how many points would you give it?
  263. Meguro: If I were ranking it out of 100 points I’d give this performance 96 points haha! That being said our live performances will continue to evolve even more from here on out, I’ve got a few ideas up my sleave for future events. Eventually we will have a chance to reveal some of our new songs, I hope then we will be able to give a show that will really make everyone think that “They’ve topped themselves again!”
  265. Famitsu: That’s something to look forward to! We’re looking forward to hearing heaps of songs from Persona 5.
  266. Meguro: The BGM for the latest Trailer is actually the instrumental version of the main theme song. While also keeping in mind the feel and atmosphere of the story, we want to create songs with an acid jazz like feel in creation of the soundtrack. When we proposed this idea to the games director Katsura Hashino he instantly responded “I would expect nothing less than a great idea from you!” and shook our hands in agreement. We’re doing out best to create a soundtrack that everyone can enjoy!
  268. Katsura Hashino and Shigenori Soejima Interview
  270. Persona Magazine: So you finally brought out the first big, proper trailer for Persona 5 recently at the Persona Super Live 2015 concert. How’s the reception to it been?
  272. Hashino: It’s been a massive outpouring and we’re really happy to see people are into it as much as they are. It’s a huge relief to all of us on the team to have things turn out that way. Still, it’s also indicative that the anticipation is running really high among people who have enjoyed our work up until now, so it’s not without some pressure coming our way, too.
  274. Soejima: I’d say that we managed to show off quite a bit of good stuff in that footage, too.
  276. Hashino: For sure. The main reason we went for that is to reassure people that production on this thing is still going forward, that it’s doing just fine. I mean we went a long time without showing much of the game after we initially announced it, so it’s only fair. And we also just wanted people to see how excited we are to be working on it by showing off all of these different parts of it.
  278. You’ve definitely made it abundantly clear that the art style is going for a poppy aesthetic with the color red sitting at its foundation. What are your impressions of people’s opinion on that direction?
  280. Soejima: We’ve gotten a lot of kind people saying that the game’s even more stylish than what we’ve done before. That was kind of unintentional on our end, though; we weren’t trying to go out of our way to make people explicitly feel our game is stylish so much as just show that aesthetically, it’s picking up where Persona 4 left off, in a sense. A lot of time has passed since that game originally came out and the hurdles we’ve had to clear have only gotten higher since then, so this style is ultimately a reflection of those efforts on our end.
  282. Hashino: I’d say the same is true with our character modelling, too. With Catherine, we made characters that were more realistically proportioned, but applying that philosophy back into Persona doesn’t necessarily work; it just gives off an altogether different vibe going that route. So there was some reshaping on that end that we had to do to make it work the way we wanted. Even the UI design got a similar treatment, too. It took a lot of trial-and-error to get right, but we’ve ended up with a style that we feel works well within the confines of the Persona series. The “gaya gaya” [Japanese onomatopoeia] you see during that trailer is also an extension of that.
  284. The game’s themes have been described to be “picaresque” in nature. Could you elaborate on that a little more?
  286. Hashino: If there’s one thing that lies at the center of our themes in the game, it’s the notion people have that there are things that they want to do with their lives but can’t actually realize for one reason or another. They’ve got something circumstantial holding them back or maybe it’s even just the rational half of their brain. Something along those lines. I feel as though people like that often tend to take well to thief and heist stories because they get a certain thrill from them that resonates with them in ways they can’t necessarily get out of other stuff. One of the goals in making Persona 5, then, is to give those people an outlet to explore those thrills and experience that sense of freedom that the protagonists themselves have within the context of a game. Although that being said, I won’t deny that a lot of us were also just way into stories about good-natured thieves like Lupin III growing up, too. (Laughs.)
  288. Soejima: To that end, it’s why you see the protagonist smiling wryly and whatnot in that main promotional image we’ve put out, to emphasize that tonal undercurrent running through our game.
  290. Hashino: We wanted people to look at that imagery and get the impression he runs with an intriguing crowd, one with enough gall to potentially pull off some daringly intriguing stuff. He’s a trickster at heart; he and his crew stir things up and along they way, maybe they bring a little change to the world around them, too. It’s not the most stable of lives a person can have, but it’s also a life of limitless possibility. The world really is his oyster. If people get that impression from looking at him, then we can rest easy knowing we’ve done our job.
  292. Soejima: In the trailer we showed at the concert, there are a handful of other friendly characters you can see as well and they’re all also very much so people who aren’t afraid to express themselves on their own terms. How well they can actually lead such a life, that’s a question that has deep ties to both the picaresque and thieving aspects of the games.
  294. Hashino: You even get hints of that freedom they have here and there just seeing the opening cinematic. That’s why you see them hurtling around the screen so much, for instance.
  296. The masks that you also see in that footage during the plundering segments also seem to have close ties to all of those themes you’ve mentioned, too.
  298. Soejima: Definitely. Of course, the word “persona” inherently has the connotation of things being masked. In a broad sense, it’s true in how the cast leads a double-life. They go to school during the day and then at night, they’re out on the prowl to steal. But it’s also true that the plotline more overtly plays up the mask motif in a very literal sense compared to the previous games, so I wanted to ensure that such visual elements of the game were similarly straightforward, too.
  300. I take it the urban setting also plays into the picaresque aspects of the game, too?
  302. Hashino: Oh yeah, without a doubt. In big cities all throughout Japan, every day, people get on their trains, pack in tight, and the masses all flow this way and that during their ride as they make their way over to school or work. There’s nothing inherently good or bad about that sort of mass ritual on the face of things, but these characters who are in the center of all that as well are still different; they’re out doing stuff that nobody else can hope to imitate. That dichotomy between what’s ostensibly real and surreal, what’s divergent from reality as what people often know it, that’s something that belongs right at home in a Persona game, I’d argue. Really, I’d say it’s true for a lot of the games we make at Atlus and that continues to be how we’re approaching this game from as we make it.
  304. Lastly, do you have anything you’d like to share with people who are anxiously awaiting the release of Persona 5?
  306. Soejima: We still have a lot left to show, so hopefully people keep an eye on us and wait to see what’s coming up. Chief among those, in fact, are more allied characters that we have yet to show, but I’d say that we won’t be running out of new stuff to reveal anytime soon. So stay hyped and sit tight until we finally get this game out in your hands!
  308. Hashino: We’ve been very fortunate to have created a series of games where people feel so attached to each of the protagonists, so we hope that with Persona 5, we’ll be able to make a game where the events of it really hit home and make for really impactful experiences. There are people in this industry who feel that feel traditional console and handheld games are losing their edge and I think it goes without saying that the very definition of games and the potential that they hold has started to really broaden. But we’re still of the opinion that there are some things that can only be experienced on a console, especially when it comes to RPGs. We’ve heard from people that games like Persona are the reason they’ve started playing RPGs again and we’re working really hard to make this new one another such game that can reach out to people and grab them. I know it’s been a long wait, but I hope you’ll give us just a little more time. Hopefully once it’s out, it’ll all be worth it in the end.
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