Rarisbian Fic -- It's a Beautiful Day [✓]

Jan 24th, 2018
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  1. >In a particularly well-lit corner of the Carousel Boutique, a yellowish figure sat cross-legged in an elegantly curled wrought-iron tea table.
  2. >To anyone who cared to look, she was absolutely gorgeous. It was not just her looks either -- she was the kind of person who'd make a simple act such as stirring her cup of tea look like a French linen commercial.
  3. >She was stunningly beautiful right out of bed. Her poise was immaculate on a bad day. She was setting an unrealistic standard of beauty on a violent sneeze.
  4. >And worst of all, she made it all look easy as hell.
  5. >So, you understand, it was hardly Rarity's fault when she ended up staring at Fluttershy for a good minute or so and completely forgetting the reason why she had invited the pink-haired damsel to her boutique in the first place.
  7. "Uhhh..."
  8. >Rarity croaked, her mouth hanging open like a startled frog.
  9. >Fluttershy turned her head. Fast enough to send an infinite number of pink strands flaring out around her neck, but slow enough to maintain that poise of a goddess.
  10. >"Mmm? Oh, Rarity!"
  11. >Fluttershy smiled, as happy as ever to see her lover.
  13. >Shakespeare snapped his pen in half, condemning his vocabulary to be insufficient for putting such beauty to words. Von Neumann, unable to find an apt descriptor for whatever the heck this was, decided to label it a 'proper class' and drank heavily for a month. Angels, in a fit of hysterics, wept in awe at witnessing a slice of heaven in a mere mortal.
  14. >Rarity, on the other hand, had the gall to merely dab her eyes and swallow a lump in her throat.
  15. "Fluttershy, darling..."
  16. >The ever-so-emotional fashionista approached her lover, took her hand, and knelt.
  17. >The lovers locked eyes. Precious teal on searing blue, gazes intertwining like a pair of swans consummating their love.
  18. "My dearest, my loveliest. I--"
  19. >Fluttershy gasped.
  20. "--Want to ask you--"
  21. >"...Oh my gosh," whispered Fluttershy, clutching at her pearls.
  22. "...Would you like to go out to lunch with me? It's absolutely lovely today."
  23. >Fluttershy blinked a few times.
  24. >"Y-yes, I'd like that very much," she replied, tilting her head slightly.
  25. >At Ponyville Elementary, Sweetie Belle flipped her desk and shouted 'oh, come on' to nobody in particular. She received a detention for her efforts.
  27. - - -
  29. >Fluttershy had to admit, it *was* a nice day outside.
  30. >The sun shone, caressing her body with tingling warmth. Birds chirped, singing praises and confessing their fiery love for the critter whisperer. A stray kitten went wide-eyed, apparently smitten like -- well, a kitten.
  31. >A gentle breeze tickled past her, playing with her hair and leaving passionate kisses around her neck--
  32. >Hmm...
  33. >"Rarity?"
  34. "Yes, my dearest?"
  35. >"It's strange," said Fluttershy, staring at a garden nearby. She winced as a patch of dandelions shed their seeds towards her in a cloud of white fluff.
  36. "What is?"
  37. >"I get the feeling that the world is in love with me."
  38. >Rarity peeled her eyes away from her lover just in time to watch a priest furiously crossing himself. There was a noticeable bulge in his pants.
  39. >Rarity winces.
  40. "Eugh. You don't say..."
  41. >Fluttershy hid behind her hair and held onto Rarity. The chirps grew louder and angrier.
  42. >"We should, um, leave."
  43. >Rarity nodded.
  44. "Y-yes, of course. Sugarcube Corner?"
  45. >"Anywhere's fine, thank you--"
  47. >"Hah, you can't just go *anywhere* for lunch, silly!"
  48. "AAAH!"
  49. >Out of nowhere, a blur of pink menace materialized herself into existence, smiling a little too wide for anyone's comfort.
  50. >"H-hello, Pinkie," greeted Fluttershy, doing a shy finger-wave thing. It was absolutely adorable.
  51. >"Rarity is right," shouted the pink menace, "if you want the bestestesssesstt lunch for your lover, Sugarcube Corner is the place to be!"
  52. "Pinkie, please get off of my head."
  53. >"Okay!"
  54. >Pinkie did a spin midair before landing semi-gracefully. She let her gaze drift up and down Fluttershy, lingering at the sizable breasts a bit too long for Rarity's liking.
  55. >It was uncharacteristically sleazy.
  56. "This is uncharacteristically sleazy."
  57. >"Oh, pleeease," said the pink pervert. "I just can't help myself around such a sweet eye candy, is all!"
  58. "Excuse me??"
  59. >Pinkie grinned smugly at Rarity, then turned to Fluttershy.
  61. >"Say, why don't you get your cute little patootie to my shop so I can frost them nice and good?"
  62. "Pinkie!"
  63. >Fluttershy's face went red.
  64. >"I, um, you know Rarity and I are in a relationship, right?"
  65. >Pinkie Pie shuddered, clutching her arms and squeezing her enviably large breasts together.
  66. >"Ohhh, I know I know! You're totally taken and I shouldn't be asking!"
  67. >She leaned in, her eyes half lidded.
  68. >"...And that's what makes it even hotter," she said, her voice dripping with lust. "You're a forbidden fruit ripe for taking."
  69. >Fluttershy blushed heavily.
  70. >"P-Please stop..."
  71. >"Not until you pinkie promise to stop by the Sugarcube Corner!"
  72. >Pinkie leaned into Fluttershy, casually landing her face squarely in the middle of Fluttershy's chest.
  73. >"A cute little eye candy like you deserve a long lick of my special candy~"
  74. >"S-special candy?"
  75. >"Oh you know~"
  76. >Rarity, having heard enough out of the pink menace, shoved Pinkie away as gently as she could manage.
  77. "Come, darling. Let's get out of here!"
  78. >"Um, o-okay..."
  79. >"Nonono, wait! Come back here! I am NOT done with seducing Fluttershy!"
  80. >Pinkie shouted as Rarity dragged Fluttershy behind her.
  81. >"Fluttershy, I love you!!"
  82. "I loved her first!"
  83. >A flock of birds circled overhead, chirping jealously.
  85. - - -
  87. >After powerwalking for a few blocks, the pair stopped for a breather.
  88. >Rarity bent over with her hands on her knees, heaving heavily. Fluttershy fanned herself daintily.
  89. "Good lord, *cough cough*... what has gotten into that Pinkie Pie??"
  90. >Stretching out her back, Fluttershy inhaled a deep breath. Her chest rose slightly, squeezing her mammaries against her salaciously thin tank top.
  91. >Despite herself, Rarity stole a glance or two, her eyes landing squarely at the two small bumps where Fluttershy's nipples met the shirt.
  92. >Good lord, she thought to herself. Why was her mind drifting so easily to the gutters today?
  93. >"Um," Fluttershy stammers timidly. "I hate to repeat myself, but I really do think the world is in love with me."
  94. "Yes, I'm starting to see what you mean."
  95. >A chromatic streak of homosexuality unblurred herself, materializing in front of the winded lovers.
  96. >"Starting to see what?"
  97. >Rainbow Dash stood quizzingly, her muscular hips jutting to the side.
  99. >"Oh Rainbow!" Fluttershy said, chasing away a dragonfly trying to mate with her. "I'm so glad you're here!"
  100. "Rainbow, darling, we just ran into Pinkie Pie and she was--"
  101. >"--Acting weird?"
  102. "Er, well, yes."
  103. >Rainbow rolled her eyes. "What a surprise."
  104. "Well, if you put it that way..."
  105. >"Rainbow," Fluttershy cut in. "I-I think everyone's... Um, lost their mind. Are you feeling okay?"
  106. >"Feeling okay? Not really."
  107. >The couple tensed up.
  108. >"...Because I'm awesome!"
  109. >Rarity breathed a sigh of relief. Fluttershy relaxed visibly.
  110. >"Oh good," Fluttershy said, smiling sweetly. "I'm so glad that you're okay."
  111. >Rainbow bit her lip.
  112. >"M-me too. God... It's so good to see you smile like that..."
  113. >The chromatic dyke strutted lazily towards the mildly bewildered damsel.
  114. >"Umm, R-Rainbow?"
  116. >"Shhh," Rainbow shushed, planting a finger on Fluttershy's candy-colored lips. "Stuttering doesn't suit you."
  117. >Rarity wedged -- or rather, jammed -- herself between the hormonal carpet muncher and her girlfriend. Rainbow staggered rather ungracefully.
  118. "Now look here, Dash. I have no idea what's going on with you and Pinkie Pie, but you're sorely mistaken if you think I'm just gonna stand by and watch you violate my precious darling!"
  119. >Rarity looked back at Fluttershy, half-expecting her to swoon at her gallantry. Instead, the critter-whisperer hung her head low, hiding behind the waterfall of her pink hair.
  120. >"Hey, back off! You don't deserve to be her lover and you know it!" Rainbow shouted.
  121. >A stray dog wagged its tail a bit too vigorously at Fluttershy. Rainbow firmly nudged it away with her foot.
  122. >Rarity curled her fingers into a pair of deadly, sewing-hardened fists.
  123. "WhyIoughta! That does it, I've had it with you!"
  124. >In a blur, Rarity whips out a switchblade from her purse.
  126. >Rainbow leapt a good yard or so, shouting "holy shit!" Fluttershy gasped in terror.
  127. "I'm going to cut you up and stomp you into the pavement where you belong!"
  128. >Rainbow raised both hands, backing off.
  129. >"Fucking hell, Rarity! Just keep the girl, sheesh. There's no need to--"
  130. >Raising her arm, Rarity cut loose a strand of loose thread from her sleeve. She stomped on it as it fluttered to the ground.
  131. "Ah, much better. Nothing quite offensive like a loose thread. Now, where was I...?"
  132. >The fashionista-turned-yarn-murderer snapped her fingers.
  133. >Sheets of transparent force fields materialized around Rainbow Dash, trapping her in place where she stood.
  134. >"H-hey! Get me out!"
  135. "Fluttershy, run!!"
  137. - - -
  140. >In a darkened alleyway, a pearl-white car sat quietly, doing its damndest to remain as inconspicuous as possible.
  141. >Inside, a pair of lovers leaned into their seats -- Their fingers intertwined, whispering sweet nothings to each other.
  142. >Normally, this would've elicited a curious look or two from the bystanders. Anyone with enough braincells to add one and one together would have surmised that, yes, those two girls are definitely in love with each other and they're going to be sucking on each other's face as soon as you stop staring at them, you peeping pervert.
  143. >But this was no normal circumstance. The girls inside were not normal by any means -- they held immeasurably powerful magic inside them. The situation they found themselves were definitely not normal.
  144. >And the sweet-nothings they were whispering to each other -- again, not normal at all.
  146. >Rarity puckered her lips.
  147. "I just... I just can't believe it."
  148. >"Uh huh," replied Fluttershy, chewing on her lip.
  149. >Rarity had been squeezing her hand rather harshly while lost in thought, but she just couldn't bring herself to confront her lover about it. She was just too damn shy.
  150. >Just as she managed to untangle most of her fingers away from the lewd knot, Rarity clutched her hand tightly again.
  151. >"O-owww..."
  152. "First, Pinkie. Then Rainbow Dash."
  153. >"D-don't forget the animals--"
  154. >A pigeon landed on the bonnet of the car, tilted its head a few times at Fluttershy, then spread its wings out. It was exposing itself.
  155. "Next you'll tell me the rest of our friends are struck with... Whatever this is!"
  156. >Another pigeon landed next to the one busy exposing itself, cooing angrily. They began pecking at each other before forgetting why they were on the bonnet of a car in the first place.
  157. >Unceremoniously, flew off in search of statues and expensive suits to shit on.
  159. >"W-well, we can't stay hidden here forever."
  160. "True. Knowing Pinkie, she could materialize herself in the back seat right now if she wanted to. We should get as far away from here as possible. Figure out what's going on. Maybe call for help from Pony Twilight."
  161. >Fluttershy shuddered, letting out a soft 'eep' from her dainty mouth. It triggered a protective instinct in everyone within a half mile radius.
  162. "Awwww... Don't you worry about a thing, you sweet little darling. I, Rarity, will protect you to the bitter end! Even if that pink menace manages to zap itself into existence behind us."
  163. >Fluttershy clutched at her pearls, fluttering her eyelids.
  164. >"Ohh, thank you, that's awfully kind of you."
  165. >A butterfly fluttered furiously inside Rarity's stomach, yearning to be free and making passionate love with the irresistible goddess. So, she did what any reasonable person would do in her shoes -- she shuddered and melted into the seat a little bit.
  166. "I-it's my honor--"
  168. *[bzzt bzzt]*
  169. >Rarity's phone vibrated from the depths of her purse, clattering against piles of makeup like a pair of cracked castanets.
  170. "Ugh, what now?"
  171. >Rarity fished out her phone.
  172. >[hi can i talk to fluttershy]
  173. >Frustrated, she tapped out a quick response.
  174. [What? Who is this?]
  175. >[it's me twi]
  176. "Uhh..."
  177. >"Um, what's wrong, Rarity?"
  178. "Twilight is texting me, dear."
  179. >"Oh no... Do you think she's in love with me too?"
  180. >Rarity bit her lip.
  181. "I don't know..."
  183. [Twilight? I don't recognize the number. Did you get a new phone or something?]
  184. >[no i installed a gps tracker on your phone and i'm sending sms to you directly over 5gHz]
  185. [A GPS tracker? Why in the world would you do that?]
  186. >[i set it to alert me when you're near fluttershy's place]
  187. >A small pebble bounced off of the windshield, startling the lovebirds. Rarity leaned forward to look above.
  188. >Twilight waved her hand from a rooftop nearby.
  189. >[that girl next to you had better not be fluttershy]
  190. "Yeah, okay. She's definitely not normal either."
  191. >"Oh no... What's happening to everyone? Is it magic? More evil creatures from Equestria?"
  192. >[sit tight i'm coming to you]
  193. "Sit tight, we're getting out of here."
  195. >The engine roared into life as an inordinate number of cylinders began churning, driven by a series of fuel-air explosions. Rarity liked her some muscles when it came to cars.
  196. >[what are you doing rarity i told you to stay put]
  197. >Various injection mechanisms hissed and puttered into life as she revved the engine a few times.
  198. >[wtf are you doing don't run away with my goods]
  199. "Up yours, nerd! She's mine!"
  200. >Rarity stuck a finger out the window as she screeched out of the alleyway.
  202. *[bzzt bzzt]*
  203. >"Oh! Sorry, it's my phone."
  204. >Fluttershy whipped out her phone from... Somewhere. Rarity didn't have the time to look.
  205. >"H-hello?"
  206. >Garbled voices.
  207. >"Yes, thank you, you're too kind."
  208. "Is that Twilight? I swear, if she managed to put that dreadful GPS-whatsits on your phone too, I'll--"
  209. >"Umm, it's Sunset."
  210. "Oh."
  211. >Clutch, downshift, handbrake. Rarity took a left turn with an immaculate powerslide.
  212. >"O-oh my god--"
  213. >Fluttershy clung desperately to her seat. Seizing an opportunity, inertia groped and tugged at her sizable breasts without a hint of shame.
  214. >Handbrake off. Steer back. More gas.
  215. "Fluttershy, darling, would you be a dear and put Sunset on the speaker phone please?"
  216. >Fluttershy sat unresponsive, still clutching at her seat. Streaks of ruffled pink hair ran across her face.
  217. "Darling?"
  218. >"Oh. Umm, y-yes."
  220. >*tap*
  221. >"{...and I know this sounds ridiculous, Fluttershy, but I am madly in love with you--}"
  222. "Oh god, not you too."
  223. >"{What? Is this Rarity? No! I want to talk to my love. Put Fluttershy on right now.}"
  224. >"I-I'm still here..."
  225. "Sunset, I don't know what's going on, but you must snap out of it! There's... some sort of magic going around."
  227. >"{Magic?}" Sunset said, somewhat alarmed.
  228. "Yes. Everyone's been clamoring for Fluttershy--"
  229. >"Everyone and everything," Fluttershy corrected her.
  230. "--yes. Everyone and everything's been clamoring for Fluttershy, and we have NO idea what's going on."
  231. >A pause.
  232. >"{Oh, I know what's going on.}"
  233. "Really? Thank Celestia--"
  234. >"{You're hogging that delicious piece of ass all for yourself and everyone's just about had it with you!}"
  235. "Oh for goodness's sake!"
  236. >"P-please don't talk about me like that..."
  238. >"{I mean, come on. You're supposed to be the element of generosity--}"
  239. "That does NOT mean I am going to let you ruffians have your way with my precious!"
  240. >"{Ohhh,}" said Sunset, sarcastically. "{Oh oh oh oh oh. It's always about 'your precious' with you, Rarity. Isn't it?}"
  241. "This is different!"
  242. >"{Why can't you just act out your generosity for once, huh? Why can we, a pair of tight-knit friends, swap girlfriends once in a while?}"
  243. "You don't even have a girlfriend!"
  244. >"{That's besides the point!}"
  245. >Brake, clutch, downshift, handbrake.
  246. >"Aaaahhhhhh!"
  247. >Rarity does another immaculate powerslide into a tight alleyway.
  248. >"Rarity," said Fluttershy in a raspy tone. "Where did you learn to drive like this?"
  249. "Seamstress's touch, darling. We're *very* good with our hands."
  251. >"[Did I hear something about Rarity's touch?]"
  252. >"{Huh? Who is this?}"
  253. >"[It's Twilight. I hijacked your VOIP session. I'm very smart.]"
  254. >"{Yeah, whatever.}"
  255. >"[Rarity, if you're touching Fluttershy in any way, I suggest that you stop right now.]"
  256. "WhyIoughta! I'll touch Fluttershy any way I want, whenever I want!"
  257. >Rarity slapped a hand on Fluttershy's left boob.
  258. "See? I am touching Fluttershy's boobies right now, and there's nothing you can do to stop me!"
  259. >"[We can't see, Rarity. This is a phone call.]"
  260. "Well then, too bad for the both of you!"
  261. >"R-Rarity? Could you please sto-- A-ah!"
  262. >Rarity began thumbing the spot where she *knew* Fluttershy's nipple would be.
  263. >Fluttershy gasped, biting her lip.
  264. >"O-oh god..."
  265. >"{What's going on? What are you doing? YOU BETTER NOT BE SQUEEZING HER BOOBIES.}"
  266. >"[Finally, something we can agree on. Stop squeezing her boobies!]"
  267. "Hah! Not only am I squeezing her boobies, I am THUMBING her nipples! And, might I add, she's enjoying it VERY MUCH! Right, darling?"
  268. >Fluttershy lolled, her eyes upturned in pure bliss.
  269. >"P-please don't stop..."
  270. >"{Y-you harlot!}"
  271. >"[Stop doing that right now!]"
  272. "Never!"
  274. >"Stop that car, varmint!"
  275. "Ehh?"
  276. >A truck rolled up next to Rarity. The driver, clad in flannels, pointed a calloused finger at her.
  277. >"Ah knew you'd whisk my damsel away tryin' to take her from me!"
  278. "Applejack??"
  279. >The truck's engine roars as it struggles to keep up with Rarity.
  280. >"A salacious city gal like you don't deserve to lay a finger on a pure mistress like--"
  281. >Applejack's eyes fixated on Fluttershy's left breast, where Rarity still had her hand planted.
  282. >Acting too late, Rarity quickly retracted her hand from her lover's bosom.
  283. "Oh, horseapples."
  284. >"Ah can't believe it. Have y'all been fondlin' my Fluttershy???"
  285. "She's NOT your Fluttershy!"
  286. >Applejack's grip tightened on the steering wheel, leaving noticeable dents in the well-worn leather cover. Her arms bulged with muscles.
  288. >"[Hey, who was that?]"
  289. >"{I think that was Applejack.}"
  290. >"Sorry girls," muttered Fluttershy to her phone. "I think we might be busy for a while."
  291. >"[Nonono wait Fluttershy, don't hang up! I love you so much]"
  292. >"{I love you Fluttershy PLEASE CALL BACK OH GOD I WANT YOU SO BAD--}"
  293. *tap*
  294. *CRASH*
  295. >The car lurched sideways
  296. "Ahhhh!"
  298. >Bits of mirror and plastic fell off as Applejack collided into Rarity's car, leaving it significantly less pristine than before.
  299. "My car! Ohhh, stop that right now!"
  300. >"Not until y'all stop the car!"
  301. >Rarity gritted her teeth.
  302. "That's it. THAT'S IT. I've had it with these raging lesbians trying to take my girl from me!"
  303. >"Umm, don't you think that's a little too harsh, Rarity--"
  304. "Take the wheel, darling."
  305. >"O-oh, okay."
  306. >Rarity spread her legs, putting one foot up above the dash. Her skirt rolled up in the wind, revealing a hint of black, lacy undergarments.
  307. >Applejack's eyes grew wide like a pair of dinner plates, fixated on her rival's barely-covered vulva. A trickle of blood ran down Applejack's nose.
  308. >"Y-you won't deter me with your seductin' antics, sugarcube," she stammered, gulping. "Now s-stop the car like a good gal and I'll go easy on ya."
  310. >Rarity reached inside her skirt, pulling out a pistol from god-knows-where.
  311. >"Where the hay did you--"
  312. >Rarity winked seductively.
  313. "A lady never tells."
  314. *BANG*
  315. >Applejack's front tire collapses, losing all of its air in a split second. The truck began to lag behind.
  316. >"Consarnit, Rares! Get back here right now!"
  317. "Not in a million years!"
  318. >"She's mine and you know it!"
  319. "I can't hear you Applejack, you simply must drive faster!"
  320. >Rarity stuck her tongue out at the enraged farmer before taking the wheel back from Fluttershy.
  322. "Good riddance, now that's done with--"
  323. >Fluttershy jammed her lips against Rarity's mouth, forking and flicking her tongue inside Rarity's mouth.
  324. >Rarity reciprocated awkwardly, exchanging saliva with her lover while keeping an eye out on the road.
  325. >After a brief moment of impulsive bliss, Fluttershy pulled away, punctuating the kiss with a brief lick on the tip of Rarity's nose.
  327. >"God, that was hot," she added breathily.
  329. - - -
  331. >In the outskirts of the town, a small taco joint sat in the middle of a parking lot a few acres too large for its size.
  332. >The lot was mostly empty except for a pearl-white sporty looking car parked close to the building entrance. It had a rather nasty looking scruff on the side, accentuated by a conspicuous lack of a side mirror.
  333. >The occupants of the vehicle were, for the time being, sitting quietly in the tastefully dilapidated taco joint, sharing a table between them.
  334. >"Ummm," said the yellow girl to her pale girlfriend, whose face was buried in the menu and trying to make sense out of the hand-scrawled list.
  336. >The pale girl squinted through her reading glasses.
  337. "Say, does 'El Grande Chipso' sound appealing to you? There's not that many vegan-friendly items on there."
  338. >"Ummm," said the yellow girl again, her voice faltering a little.
  339. "It's okay if you don't like it. I'll just box up the rest for Sweetie Belle."
  340. >"Rarity, umm, t-the waitress is here..."
  341. >The fashionista waved her hand nonchalantly, her face still buried in the menu.
  342. "Yes yes, I know darling, I'll be quick. So, do you want the 'El Grande Chipso' or should I keep looking?"
  343. >"W-well, that sounds fine, but the waitress is here."
  344. "Yes, you've said that already."
  345. >"It's just that.... I think we might know the waitress."
  347. >Rarity breathed out a quiet curse. This won't end well.
  348. >Slowly, she raised her head, shifting her gaze from the poorly handwritten menu to the light-blue girl holding a pad and a pen.
  349. >Rarity squinted. There *was* something about this girl, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.
  350. >She took off her reading glasses, hoping to get a clearer picture. They were not helping.
  351. >Slowly, a mix of familiarity and terror washed over Rarity.
  352. >Her eyes went wide.
  353. >The pale-blue girl flashed a grin, revealing a row of fish-like teeth.
  354. >"Hello! I'm Sonata, have you decided on what to order yet?"
  356. >Rarity opened her mouth to speak.
  357. "Wh-wh-wh-wha..."
  358. >She gaped and sputtered in an entirely unladylike manner. It would've made Hoity Toity run away in abject terror.
  359. >"Oh. My. Gosh!" exclaimed Sonata. "Are you doing a fish-out-of-water impression? That's like, totally offensive to me, you know."
  360. "I-I wasn't--"
  361. >Rarity tried desperately to collect herself. Fluttershy merely rolled her eyes.
  362. >"Let me t-take care of this, Rarity," said Fluttershy gently, gently squeezing Rarity's hand. "Sonata, what are you doing here?"
  363. >"Me?" Sonata tilted her head. "Oh, you know... Helping my sisters run this place."
  364. >"Oh," said Fluttershy, somewhat disappointed.
  365. >Sonata raised an eyebrow. "Ehh? You look disappointed."
  366. "Well, yes. I am too."
  367. >"Whyyy?!"
  368. "It's just that... I expected you and the rest of the sirens to be working on something more...."
  369. >"Menacing," suggested Fluttershy.
  370. "...Yes, menacing. Something more menacing after what you did in Canterlot High."
  371. >"Oh! Pffft," Sonata waved a dismissive hand. "Don't you worry your pretty little head, yellow girl. We're still totally doing menacing things."
  372. >"Pretty... little... head?"
  373. >Fluttershy muttered, popping a vein in her forehead. Rarity gave her a reassuring squeeze.
  375. "Say... Where *are* the rest of you, anyway?"
  376. >Sonata flahsed her sharktooth grin again.
  377. >"Well! Adagio is on the grill and Aria is in the freezer. They make the tastiest taco meat together!"
  378. >A pause.
  379. "Come again?"
  380. >"Ugh," whined Sonata rolling her eyes. "Adagio is on the grill--"
  381. "ON the grill."
  382. >"Uh, yeeeaah! And Aria is in the freezer."
  383. "IN the freezer."
  384. >"That's what I said!"
  385. >Fluttershy's face went Rarity-pale. Rarity raised an eyebrow.
  386. "You mean, right now?"
  387. >"Yeah!"
  388. "Like, Adagio is ON the grill and Aria is IN the freezer?"
  389. >"Uhh, sure!"
  390. "Oh my god..."
  391. >"I think I'm going to be sick," said Fluttershy, covering her mouth.
  393. >"Just ignore her," said a raspy voice from behind the fridge door. "She has no idea what she's talking about. As usual."
  394. >The door creaked open, revealing an edgy looking girl wearing a thick coat. She thumped the door shut behind her with a kick from her boot-clad foot.
  395. >Another voice chucked from behind the grill.
  396. >"Oh my," said the poofy girl in a sensually deep alto. "I can't believe you idiots actually thought Sonata would be cruel enough to serve us up like that."
  397. "Adagio? Aria?"
  398. >"Ahh," purred Adagio, tossing aside the hairnet that didn't even come close to covering up half of her poof. "You still remember our names?"
  399. >"H-how could we forget?" Whispered Fluttershy.
  400. "What are you doing here? And why are you--"
  401. >Something clicked inside Rarity's head.
  402. >Sirens, songs, mind controlling music...
  403. >She gasped.
  404. "You! You're the reason why our friends have gone crazy, aren't you?"
  406. >"Nice," rasped Aria. "You're smarter than you look."
  407. >"Of course I am," whined Sonata.
  408. >"I wasn't talking about you."
  409. >"Shut UP, girls."
  410. >Something metallic clanged against the tile floor. Adagio stomped around the grill to the front without her spatula.
  411. >"I swear, if you deadweights fuck this up with your incessant arguing--"
  412. >Adagio paused, then took a deep breath.
  413. >"I won't lose my temper," she muttered to herself. "I won't lose my temper, I won't lose my temper..."
  414. >"Wow," said Fluttershy in amazement. "Just, w-wow..."
  415. >Rarity slowly shook her head.
  416. "You guys need some serious counseling."
  417. >"Heh," chuckled Aria, grinning like she had just unsheathed her katana and getting ready to teleport behind Rarity. "Not as much as you will once we're done with you."
  419. >"Th-that's right," said Adagio, apparently having calmed herself. "For years, we've been saving up our energy for this very moment."
  420. >"Years, dude!" Sonata emphasized.
  421. >"Yesss," hissed Adagio. "Meticulous planning, forbidden rituals, human sacrifice--"
  422. "Human sacrifice??"
  423. >"Don't worry," said Sonata cheerfully. "It was Filthy Rich and Timber Spruce. No harm no foul"
  424. "Oh, good."
  425. >"Thank you s-so much," said Fluttershy, looking genuinely happy.
  426. >Aria smirked.
  427. >"Heh, it was nothing."
  428. >Fluttershy gave Aria a high-five. Adagio shooed Aria away.
  430. >"Anyway, we spent YEARS on this scheme."
  431. "Yes, you said that already."
  432. >Adagio ignored Rarity.
  433. >"Without our gems, our powers are greatly diminished. And yet.... We persevered, biding our time, for years and years."
  434. >"Years and years!" Sonata emphasized again.
  435. >"How pathetic," Adagio continued, spreading her arms out like an anime villain. "Even with your diminished powers, even with your magic geode nonsense, The Rainbooms couldn't resist our mind-controlling spell!"
  436. >"Heh," chuckled Aria. "The weak should fear the strong. You're weak, we're strong."
  437. >Rarity rolled her eyes.
  438. "How edgy."
  440. >Adagio whipped an arm around, pointing at Fluttershy.
  441. >"Now, all of your friends are lusting after YOU, quiet one! And with the energy we're about to gather from their jealous rage, we'll finally rule this world!"
  442. >"You... You made my friends fall in love with me?"
  443. >Fluttershy looked at Rarity.
  444. >"Rarity? Do you... Is our love...?"
  445. >Rarity stood up in protest.
  446. "What just a minute!"
  447. >"Of course," replied Adagio. "Take your time, we're just monologuing."
  448. >"Wait, is it reeeeally monologuing if there's three of us speaking?"
  449. >"Ugh. Shut up, Sonata."
  451. "My feelings for Fluttershy is pure and true! I refuse to believe that the love we share is some evil machination of yours!"
  452. >"Actually, yeah," said Aria, trying to appear disinterested. "We didn't even need to put a spell on you. You just kind of... fell for each other on your own. It was kinda disgusting to watch."
  453. >"Purest of form of love!" Exclaimed Sonata.
  454. >"SHUT UP," barked Adagio.
  456. >"Ohh, Rarity," whispered Fluttershy, starry-eyed. "I've always thought our love was too good to be true, but..."
  457. >Rarity hurried over to Fluttershy, clutching her lover's hands against her heart.
  458. "Oh, darling... 'Twas *I* who thought our love was too good to be true. Ever since the Friendship Games, I was stricken with a burning need to make you mine."
  459. >"Rarity, I..."
  461. >Like a scene out of a chick flick, the light around the star-crossed lovers blurred and bloomed.
  462. >The late-afternoon orange glow bounced erratically around them, tinting the very air they breathed.
  463. >Gently, their lips locked together as an unseen orchestra erupted in a painfully romantic melody.
  464. >The sensual collision seemingly went on forever as the lovers turned their heads to and fro, their supple lips twisting together in a heart-stopping dance of consummation.
  465. >In short, it was the purest damned thing anyone had ever seen.
  467. >A cloud of romantic energy radiated out from them and forced itself into The Sirens, clashing violently against what little negative energy they had left in them.
  468. >"S-stop," begged Aria in a raspy voice. "We can't filter this lovey-dovey shit without our gemstones."
  469. >Sonata writhed on the floor, clutching at her chest. She was foaming at her mouth and muttering something along the lines of "it hurts so good."
  470. >The orchestra had gone beyond the reasonable level of melodic climax by now, and punched right through the point where most people would consider it "unbearably sexy" in short order.
  471. >Adagio stomped forward and pried apart the star-crossed lovers, sending the melody flying in all directions and scales (there were no survivors of the poor, imaginary orchestra).
  472. >She breathed a sigh of relief. Her forehead shone with cold sweat.
  474. >"Don't you dare pull something like that ever again," she said, viciously biting off every syllable. "That was absolutely disgusting."
  475. "Ohh, you poor thing. Can't handle two girls kissing?"
  476. >Rarity playfully flicked her lover's chin. Fluttershy giggled heavenly.
  477. >A trail of blood ran down from Sonata's nostril.
  479. >"A-anyway," said Adagio, clearing her throat. "You'll be happy to know that we let your friends know of your whereabouts. They're on their way here."
  480. "Oh, that's good!"
  481. >"And they'll fight tooth and nail for Fluttershy's love, leaving us to feast on all the negative energy."
  482. >"Oh, that's bad," mocked Aria.
  483. >Fluttershy's eyes went wide.
  484. >"Oh no..."
  485. >"In fact," smirked Sonata, pointing her thumb towards the window. "They're here right now!"
  487. >As though on cue, Applejack's beat-up truck screeched to a halt next to Rarity's car. It was missing a tire.
  488. >A group of angry lesbians dismounted from the truckbed.
  489. >"Oh no oh no oh no oh no," panicked Fluttershy. "Rarity, we need to get out of here..."
  490. >"Too late!" Shouted Adagio, wearing a toothy grin. "You're going to fight, and we're going to rule the world!"
  492. >The glass door shattered into a million pieces as a blond girl casually walked through it.
  493. >"Rares," she bellowed. "Where's muh Fluttershy?"
  494. >Her thick thighs rippled as she stomped toward Adagio.
  495. >"And what the hay are YOU doing in here?"
  496. >"Awwh! Who cares about that stupid poofy girl," shouted the rainbow-haired dyke. "There she is! Fluttershy and her possessive thot!"
  497. "P-possessive thot? Whyioughta!"
  498. >"Hey, there's nothing wrong with being a thot!" Yelled Pinkie Pie.
  499. >"Of course you'd say that. You're the biggest thot here!" Berated Twilight. "And that's why you'll never be Fluttershy's girlfriend. You're too impure for her."
  500. >"Oh please," said Sunset, rolling her eyes. "Fluttershy would *never* want to touch a girl who got Flashed and Spruced."
  501. >"Hell, both at the same time," grinned Applejack.
  502. >"It just means I'm metropolitan," protested Twilight. "And that's WAY more desirable than being a hick!"
  503. >"Hey! Don't call my cousin a hick!" Pinkie shouted. "ONLY I GET TO CALL HER A HICK!"
  504. >"Ugh, your rebuttals are worse than your pies, Pinkie!"
  505. >And just like that, the spellbound lesbians locked into a group melee.
  507. >The Sirens, for their part, stood aside and let the squabble play out.
  508. >Adagio grinned, Aria smirked, and Sonata giggled. They were absolutely loving the violence playing out before them.
  509. >A cloud of negative energy began to accrue around the Rainbooms, ripe for harvesting.
  511. >Rarity chewed on her nails.
  512. "Darling, this is bad. Really bad."
  513. >Fluttershy hid behind her hair.
  514. >"Oh, Rarity... What do we do?"
  515. >The cloud began to deform as The Sirens siphoned on it.
  516. >"Yessss. YESSSSS," growled Adagio like a Sith lord. "Keep fighting. KEEP FIGHTING."
  517. >"Ohhh yeah," moaned Aria. "That's the good stuff..."
  518. >"Mmmmf, this is totes tastier than I remember," whispered Sonata.
  520. >Fluttershy looked pensive for a moment.
  521. >"Rarity?"
  522. "Yes, darling?"
  523. >"I have a plan, but... Do you trust me?"
  524. >Rarity gazed at her lover, then at her squabbling friends.
  525. >Sunset was holding Twilight in some sort of a chokehold, and Rarity was certain that Rainbow and Applejack were either locked in an arm wrestle or trying to break each other's thumbs. Pinkie was presumably boxing against her own Tyler Durden.
  526. >It was all too ridiculous to behold.
  527. "Yes, I trust you."
  528. >There was a glint in Fluttershy's eyes. Rarity found it eminently sexy and frightening at the same time.
  529. >"Whatever happens," Fluttershy whispered, "remember that I love you dearly, and that I'm yours alone."
  530. "O-of course..."
  531. >Fluttershy gently kissed Rarity's forehead, then stood up.
  533. >"EVERYONE, STOP!"
  534. >Everyone stopped. Pinkie growled and barked like a dog.
  535. >Fluttershy cleared her throat.
  536. >"I... I gather that you guys want to be my girlfriend?"
  537. >The Rainbooms exchanged glances, then nodded collectively.
  538. >"Please be mine, Fluttershy."
  539. >"Ah'll do anything to be with you!"
  540. >"Me too!"
  542. >"Anything, you say?"
  543. >Fluttershy smirked.
  544. >"Prove it."
  545. >Rarity blinked.
  546. "Fluttershy, what are you--"
  547. >"Make love with each other. Show me that you're worthy of my love," said Fluttershy, ignoring Rarity. "And do it convincingly."
  548. >Her smirk widened.
  549. >"Make. My. Day."
  551. >Sunset smiled knowingly.
  552. >"Of course! How could I have been so stupid?"
  553. >She let go of Twilight, then twirled the lavender nerd around to face her.
  554. >"If I show Fluttershy how great I am at kissing, she'll have no choice but to choose me!"
  556. >"No wait," interrupted Adagio. "What the hell are you doing?"
  558. >"Oh please," said Twilight, shaking her head. "You? A great kisser? I can suck the cork out of a wine bottle *and* lick a razor blade without cutting myself. She's going to love my versatility!"
  559. >"Bullshit," replied Sunset, then smushed her lips against Twilight's. The pair made out like there's no tomorrow, moaning and groping each other.
  561. >"Oh my god," muttered Adagio. "Are you kidding?"
  563. >"Hey!" Shouted Pinkie Pie. "Fluttershy may be shy, but she's kinky, too. She'd love to date a girl who can finger her eat her out like a birthday cake!"
  564. >Pinkie did a perfectly executed knee slide, stuffing her face underneath Twilight's skirt.
  565. >"W-what are you-- Ahhh~"
  566. >Twilight moaned as Pinkie peeled her Starswirl-themed panties aside and began to slurp wildly at her unmentionables.
  567. >Without missing a beat, Pinkie shoved one hand up under Sunset's skirt.
  568. >Sunset bucked her hips forward and moaned into Twilight's mouth as the baker's tender digits began to probe her moist caverns.
  569. >The cloud of energy around them began to change in color.
  571. >"No, stop this!" Adagio shouted angrily. "What the hell is wrong with you dykes?"
  572. >Rarity shuddered in terror.
  573. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree! Please stop!"
  574. >"Oh god," groaned Aria, throwing up in her mouth. "It tastes like nickels,"
  575. >"Not good, not good," muttered Sonata, breathing heavily.
  577. >"That's right, girls!" Fluttershy laughed maniacally. "Keep it up! Mama's SO proud!"
  579. >"What the... Y'all think you can outdo me?"
  580. >With one mighty sweep, Applejack tore off her clothes.
  581. >"Beg yer pardon Fluttershy, but Ah think y'all are lookin' for someone who ain't afraid to get straight to the point!"
  582. "I wouldn't call that 'straight,' darling."
  583. >"Shush, Rares."
  584. >"Oh yeah?"
  585. >Rainbow Dash peeled off her own clothes in ten seconds flat.
  586. >"I can make her cum faster than anyone else in here!"
  587. >"Hah, as if! Y'all don't have the stamina to make her culminate!"
  588. >"Do too!"
  589. >"Prove it!"
  590. >Rainbow Dash tackled her competition down to the floor.
  591. "Oh my god, this is too lewd."
  592. >"Too lewd? Really?" Sonata groaned. "We're dying here!"
  593. >Aria violently lost her lunch as the AppleDash pair wrestled in a chromatic blur.
  595. >"Ahahahahaha," Fluttershy roared into laughter. "Ahahahahahaha! Yes, yesssss! Pin her down and scissor her. Whoever cums first, loses!"
  596. >Applejack's eyes widened, then she nodded in realization.
  597. >"Yes, ma'am!"
  598. "Fluttershy, what in the world has gotten into you??"
  601. >Applejack and Rainbow locked their hips together and began scissoring for dominance.
  602. >"Y-you like that, duncha? Ah bet you'd cum in ten seconds flat!"
  603. >"B-bullshit! Your tactless humping isn't even getting me wet! You'll never win over Fluttershy like this!"
  604. >"Oh yeah? Ah bet I can brute-force an orgasm outta you... Like this!"
  605. >Applejack bucked her hips forward and stood upright, pinning Rainbow down with her legs spread. She began to rock her crotch back and forth against Rainbow's in an impressive display of strength.
  606. >"Mmmmfff," moaned Rainbow. "O-ohmygosh~"
  608. >Sonata writhed on the floor again, screaming in pain this time.
  609. >Adagio groaned, breathing heavily.
  610. >"Y-you sick thots..."
  611. >"Adagio... I don't wanna die like this," stammered Aria.
  612. >Sonata went rigid, croaking.
  613. >"I-I agree with Aria for once..."
  614. >"Aaaaagh!" Adagio roared with rage, standing up.
  615. >"You win this time, Rainbooms, but we'll be back!"
  616. >The poofy leader nudged Aria up with her foot, practically kicking her.
  617. >She dragged Sonata behind her by her collar.
  618. >"We'll be back!" Adagio shouted again as they made their exit.
  619. >"No you won't," replied Fluttershy, casually waving her hand. "Don't come back!"
  621. >The rest of the Rainbooms, no longer spellbound, stared at each other dumbfounded.
  622. >Sunset panicked, prying herself off of Twilight.
  623. >"No no no no," she groaned. "I was saving myself up for the princess! What have I done?"
  624. >"You taste like grapes," Pinkie Pie commented, licking lavender-scented juices from her lips. "Kinda weird, but not bad."
  625. >"Oh fuck," cursed Twilight. "Well, at least it wasn't Timber Spruce this time..."
  627. >"Uhhh," said Rainbow Dash, staring at Applejack, then at her pubic mound.
  628. >It was slick with their combined juices.
  629. >"This is awkward."
  630. >"Yeah."
  631. >"Y'all want me to stop?"
  632. >".....No, keep going."
  634. - -
  636. [Later that week]
  638. "I must say, when you asked me if I trusted you..."
  639. >Rarity stirred her tea vigorously.
  640. "....I didn't quite expect it to be like... that."
  641. >Fluttershy quietly sipped her tea, savoring the taste. Her long eyelashes gently clasped together as she closed her eyes.
  642. >"Ohhh... This tea is wonderful, Rarity."
  643. >Rarity's knuckles turned whiter than usual as she gripped her teaspoon.
  645. >Outside, a pair of birds chirped idly at nobody in particular.
  646. >Opalescence pawed at the window in a futile attempt at catching them.
  647. >After several failed attempts, she rolled over and decided to take a nap instead.
  649. >"I'm so glad that everything turned out okay."
  650. "Yes, about that--"
  651. >"Who would've thought that the Sirens would be back to haunt us like that?"
  652. >Rarity sighed.
  653. "Fluttershy, darling, we really must talk about what happened back there."
  654. >"Did you hear about Applejack and Rainbow?"
  655. >Rarity ran her fingers through her hair in frustration.
  656. "Yes, I did."
  657. >"I'm so happy for them."
  658. >Rarity put down her teaspoon. It was slightly bent.
  659. "Fluttershy--"
  660. >"Yes?"
  662. "Do you remember when you took that assertiveness workshop with Iron Will? Old Fluttershy, New Fluttershy, that whole thing?"
  663. >Fluttershy stared at Rarity, not saying anything.
  664. "I feel like I saw a glimpse of New Fluttershy back there, and it's been bothering me ever since."
  665. >Silence.
  666. "I-I mean, assertiveness is nice and all, but the way you acted back then--"
  667. >"Did it turn you on?"
  668. >There was that glint in Fluttershy's eyes again, and Rarity wasn't sure if she found it eminently sexy or frightening.
  670. "G-goodness, I..."
  671. >Fluttershy reached over and gently cupped Rarity's chin. Rarity sputtered.
  672. >"Rarity. When we were running away from the girls and facing down the Sirens with, um, 'unconventional' methods..."
  673. >She blushed a little.
  674. >"...It made me realize something."
  675. "Made you... realize?"
  676. >Fluttershy nodded.
  677. >"You see, I don't want to be a frail damsel anymore. I want to be sensual. Assertive. Bold. Strong. Able to protect my lover--"
  678. >Fluttershy gently rested a finger on Rarity's supple lips.
  679. >"--Just like you."
  680. >She smiled playfully, then licked Rarity's saliva from her finger.
  682. >Minutes later, Opalescence was startled awake to the rhythmic sound of something banging against the headboard upstairs.
  683. >There was a muffled, guttural moan. It was entirely unbecoming of a lady.
  684. >Opalescence hissed, then went off to look for someplace private to lick her nethers. Preferably where she couldn't hear the mattress squeaking.
  686. THE END
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