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Feb 16th, 2021
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  1. goodhomie = undo betraying Rin.
  2. rosebud = increases affection with all girls by 100.
  3. lagfix = Resets the call stack which an early version of the headpat system caused to pile up and cause lag. Doesn't mark save as a cheater.
  4. funinthesun = resets the beach event and makes it trigger the next Sunday.
  5. fingeryourniece = resets Ami's events 'No One Can See Us' and 'Important Things' and gives the message "You now have the opportunity to be a better uncle." Guessing there's gonna be consequences to these events in the future.
  6. iwillalwaysloveyou = increase Ami's lust by 100.
  7. bubblewrapprincess = increase Ayane's lust by 100.
  8. likemotherlikedaughter = increase Makoto's lust by 100.
  9. heartofgold = increase Chika's lust by 100.
  10. atreefallsintheforest = increase Futaba's lust by 100.
  11. supermom = increase Sara's lust by 100.
  12. thouartsick = increase Haruka's lust by 100.
  13. youonlyliveonce = increase Kirin's lust by 100.
  14. seemeafterclass = count Chika's 'Detention' lust event as having triggered.
  15. wheredoesthetimego = "100 Days pass while you sit at the computer. It's almost like real life now, isn't it?"
  16. That last line is straight out of the game. I thought it was funny enough to just copy/paste.
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