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  1. <b><u><size=32><align="center">Talloran's Allegory</align></size></u></b>
  3. <b>Discord:</b> <u><color=orange><link="">Link</link></u></color>
  5. <u> <color=red> Rules </color> </u>
  6. 1. No Killing Detained D-Class or Scientists
  7. 2. No Vulgar Language such as Sexist, Racist, or Homophobic Comments or Language
  8. 3. No Cheating or Exploiting (Getting out of map, crashing server purposefully)
  9. 4. No Hacking of any sorts
  10. 5. No Harassment
  11. 6. Do not impersonate or disrespect the staff
  12. 7. Do not Mic-Spam over Global, Radio, SCP, or Dead Chat.
  13. Mic Spam includes things such as but not limited to Loud Noises, Ear rape, Screaming, Just trying to be annoying, Playing music.
  14. 8. Don't delay rounds
  15. 9. Use common sense (If you think you'll get in trouble for it, don't do it)
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