NeoVegelion 2.2: You Can (Not) Befriend

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  1. [19:55:14] <Nixie> It's an indeterminate amount of days after the almost-incident at the press conference: In it, Nikki began singing like an obsessive fanatic and didn't stop until her throat was burning, more than likely earning the worry of her manager and others involved.  The issue was proven to be purely psychological, though, and there was no medication doctors could provide to do anything about it, so once she finally stopped she used some of her 'connections*' (*left vague on purpose) to acquire a pack of smokes, which is the last thing an idol should be doing in the first place.  Now, on the roof of a building or some other bizarre place to be in the dead of night, Nixie - you can tell she's Nixie because her hair dye's already gone - sits in solitude, blowing a puff of smoke from a stick in her fingers.  The grouchiness in her face makes her look disappointed, whether in herself or others, but as she gazes up at the night sky, at the very least she isn't glaring AT anybody.
  2. [20:02:09] <Nixie> OH SHIT I FORGOT: She didn't change back into civilian clothes or anything and is actually still hanging out in the stage outfit, which is more-or-less a sleeveless tank top.  Only fancier.  Much fancier, thinner straps and all that.  And probably a short skirt with matching black thigh-highs because that's what fans want, might as well give it to them.  Apparently she just doesn't care because she's in a place where it's nigh-impossible to be spotted, and as dark as it is.
  3. [20:02:45] <Emily_Borg> And among those worried about the idol is Emily, who's... quite curious about the whole 'singing' thing that Nikki did the indeterminate time ago. It was... odd, but... it felt familiar, somehow. Like she had seen it before, maybe done something similar before after a failed Evangelion experiment... but in any case, the girl wants to check in with Nikki. That, and maybe serriptitiously find out about that T-shirt thing...
  4. [20:02:45] <Emily_Borg> and why she was wearing that weird dress... and why Nikki's hair color is so pretty... but, one thing at a time! After an exhaustive search (eventually coming to an end when Emily just took a peek at an S2 agent's tracking readout of the pilots), the infirmed girl finishes the steep climb up the stairs to the rooftop, and, taking a deep breath, she swings open the door and takes off her sunglasses, examining Nikki from the
  5. [20:02:46] <Emily_Borg> distance. REmember, she's not gonna hurt you... she's just... uppity sometimes. Yeah. Uppity.
  6. [20:03:40] <Emily_Borg> From where Nikki is standing, all she can see is Emily's silhouette, with two jagged, eye-shaped but not quite reflections peeking out at her from the staircase, as though a pair of cat's eyes got slashed and cut up.
  7. [20:05:22] <Nixie> Nikki takes another drag and indeed turns to face the silhouette.  It's pretty dark so her own expression is hard to see, but it doesn't look like an amused one.  Following another puff of smoke, she speaks in her own voice, though it's uncharacteristically raspy and at about half-volume from usual.  "... That's not you, is it, Q?"
  8. [20:06:50] <Emily_Borg> "Q?" Emily mutters, then immediately looks down as she catches Nikki's expression... and remembers that her eyes kinda catch light in a really creepy way. "No, it's not Q... it's uh... E-Emily." She says with a bit of guarded trepidation in her voice. Is Nikki already mad at her?
  9. [20:08:48] <Nixie> "Oh.  Sorry, thought it was my manager."  The cigarette's faint red glow does any greeting for her for the next few seconds, but eventually she rubs it out and gives Emmy undivided attention.  "Geez... nice eyes there.  Oh well, what'd you want?"
  10. [20:09:03] <Nixie> "Want a smoke?"
  11. [20:13:28] <Emily_Borg> "O-oh, um..." Emily shifts her weight to her cane, "Sorry if I uh..." Emily goes silent, then puts her sunglasses back on and looks up. Even considering her eye difficulties, it's still pretty tough for her to see anything at all with those dark lenses over her eyes. "Smoke?" What's a smoke...? The girl racks her brain, thinking of all the limited slang she's picked up from reading her books, and... "Oh! Uh..." Smoking is...
  12. [20:13:28] <Emily_Borg> cool, right? That's what those romance novels seem to say... "Sure." Taking a deep breath, the girl hobbles over to Nikki and holds out her hand to take a fag.
  13. [20:16:10] <Nixie> The older(?) girl wears a smirk and, as if testing, forks over a fag along with a lighter.  "Didn't think you'd be the type, but here you go.  I got my manager convinced I'm trying to kick the habit, but no matter how bad the stuff is, I just gotta have it to calm down.  And tonight's a night when I REALLY need to calm down."  She follows up with naught but a sigh, watching on in curiosity for the inevitable blunder.
  14. [20:19:23] * Emily_Borg takes the cigarette. So... she's supposed to put it in her mouth and light it, from what she vaguely remembers... seems simple enough. So with some hesitation, the girl threads the shaft of the fag through her lips, then tries to light the filter as she says, "This helps you calm down?" With another flick of the lighter's flint, the thing pops into a flame, and Emily gives a soft 'eep!' of surprise and drops it,
  15. [20:19:24] * Emily_Borg staggering backwards.
  16. [20:22:47] <Nixie> "Y'know, you could've just said you're not a smoker."  Nixie's response is a shrug and an 'as expected' smirk.  "You really are a weirdo.  But anyway, I guess you came here to talk about what happened earlier, huh?"
  17. [20:27:35] <Emily_Borg> "I-I'm not a weirdo." Emily says. Unconvincingly. She takes the cigarette out of her mouth and, with a cute pout, the girl stuffs it against Nikki's shoulder. Then, she leans against her cane and nods. "Yeah." She affirms with a nod.
  18. [20:31:32] * Nixie giggles it off, as long as the thing wasn't properly lit. Otherwise that's akin to pointing a gun at somebody and would probably result in immediate violence, but, fortunately that's something we don't have to deal with. "Well," Nikki responds, voice still raspy, "I don't wanna talk about it. I... dunno, it's just like I got in over my head or something. And getting out's gonna be harder than I thought."
  19. [20:32:01] <Nixie> "So I'll turn it around instead:" With a grin.  "How'd you feel, being eyed up by the whole crowd?"
  20. [20:35:58] <Emily_Borg> Emily opens her mouth to formulate a response to what Nikki is saying, then immediately shuts it and recoils a little bit, the horrors of having all those eyes on her suddenly bubbling back up to the surface of her psyche.  And it shows in her body language; the uniformed girl curls up a little, hunching her shoulders forward and inclining her head as she leans heavily against her cane, but... she can't say the truth,
  21. [20:35:58] <Emily_Borg> that'd set a bad tone with Nikki, it'd make her think that Emily is even wierder, what with how much the girl seemed to have been enjoying it... so, taking a deep breath, Emily decides to lie, in her own unconvincing way. "It was um... p-pretty okay."
  22. [20:36:29] * Emily_Borg glances up at Nikki. Did she buy it...?
  23. [6:54:25] <Nixie> "Really?"  Comes a neutral response.  Not a smug or condescending one, but just good ol' standard disbelief.  "I dunno, I think your camera-shy attitude might've made you MORE popular.  If I were you, I'd love it."
  24. [6:57:18] * Emily_Borg purses her lips at Nixie, then looks away. Well, it was worth a shot... "I-I dunno, it's... um..."
  25. [6:57:22] <Emily_Borg> +
  26. [6:57:48] <Emily_Borg> Then, she... tilts her head. "Why would you love that?" HEr voice is filled with incredulity.
  27. [7:01:56] <Nixie> "Uh, hello?  Popularity?  Fame?  MONEY?  Maybe it's how you grew up, but idolhood is all about selling yourself out and having an attitude that other people can enjoy; doesn't have to be realistic.  So that dainty and doll-like look you pulled off could've had you rolling in dough in front of the right cameras, know what I mean?"
  28. [7:03:01] <Nixie> "Well, I have my own fame, so it's not a big deal to me or anything.  But maybe people will start asking you to show up in my gigs or skmething..."
  29. [7:03:36] * Nixie grimaces, "But something tells me that'd be more pain than it's worth."
  30. [7:05:13] <Emily_Borg> Emily is uh... really confused by all this. Over the course of a few days, she's suddenly getting thrust into this strange world of fame and fortune, when all she wants is to have friends and read her books in peace... is there no middle ground? The girl doesn't have a repsonse for Nikki for the longest time, just kind of, staring at her feet and kicking them idly itno each other. Her...? Famous...?
  31. [7:05:35] <Emily_Borg> +
  32. [7:06:51] <Emily_Borg> Does she want to be famous? Just the thought of being on stage like that again makes her palms sweat, her hands shake, her mouth go dry and her head go all... fuzzy. No, she doesn't want to be famous. She just... wants friends. But... how can she say that to Nikki?
  33. [7:07:08] * Nixie uses the window of silence to snatch her lighter back and light up another smoke.
  34. [7:09:31] <Nixie> Yet another puff.  "Well, that's just a what-if anyway, I doubt it'd really happen.  Er..."  Now she takes notice of the timidgirl's blatant inner conflict.  "You know I was complimenting you, right?"
  35. [7:09:33] <Emily_Borg> Is it... weird that she doesn't want to be famous? Strange, that the idea of fearing the spotlight comes so naturally to her? Does everybody want to rule the woooorld~? She doesn't know, she's just some random science experiment that lives in a metal box. So eventually, the girl decides that yes, it's weird to not want fame, so with a bit of hesitation in her voice, she says, "I... don't think it'd be um... painful."
  36. [7:10:22] <Emily_Borg> *"I- eep!" The girl jumps a little, having been torn from her inner monologue by Nikki's sudden... words.
  37. [7:10:31] <Emily_Borg> +
  38. [7:10:43] <Emily_Borg> "You were complimenting me?" The girl says with a tilt of her head.
  39. [21:13:21] <Emily_Borg> "But... I thought that bitches never gave anyone compliments." Her tone is a little timid, hesitant, as though she's testing the waters to see if Nikki flips out about this.
  40. [21:14:00] <Emily_Borg> In reality though, she's just parroting what everyone else has been telling her in a matter-of-fact fashion. Truly, Emily can be tactless at times.
  41. [21:14:11] <Nixie> "Yeah, like, a 'good work out there' sorta thing?  I..."  While listening and talking, she takes the words worth a grain of salt, but in the process does a double-take to realize what was just said.  "Wait... run that one by me again?"
  42. [21:14:26] <Nixie> [lightning flashes and crumbling mountains in the distance]
  43. [21:14:51] * Emily_Borg takes a step back, recoiling away and holding an arm defensively over herself. Oops...
  44. [21:14:59] <Emily_Borg> "N... nothing."
  45. [21:15:02] <Nixie> "..."
  46. [21:15:19] * Nixie lets out a 'pff.' Not a puff, but like, muffled laughter. "You... don't know what that word means, do you?"
  47. [21:15:47] <Emily_Borg> Emily's silence speaks volumes.
  48. [21:15:50] <Emily_Borg> +
  49. [21:15:56] <Emily_Borg> Eventually, she mutters, "Yes I do..."
  50. [21:17:08] <Nixie> "Wow!"  The Nix uses Instant Transmission to get up in Em's face, smiling a fox-eyed grin.  "And you have the backbone to say that to someone's face?  Even someone like ME?"
  51. [21:17:37] <Nixie> Her arm reaches out, by itself calling to mind many a martial arts pose that would make Kenshiro shiver in fear.
  52. [21:18:04] <Nixie> ... And pats the girl on the back.  "Good girl!  Why can't you be that gutsy all the time?"
  53. [21:18:18] <Emily_Borg> Emily recoils away again, turning her face away from NIxie's, but that arm motion makes Emily's fight-or-flight go WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO
  54. [21:18:41] <Nixie> This is the part in a shounen manga where the victim would go 'H-HAYAI!'
  55. [21:21:07] <Emily_Borg> But Emily cuts Nikki off in mid-sentence. Before the taller girl can even register what happened, Emily whips out her cane and catches the idol in the back of her knees, instantly knocking her on her ass as Emily jumps backwards... only to forget that her legs aren't quite actually... fixed yet, making her fall to the ground with the sound of a sack of potatoes dropping.
  56. [21:23:12] <Nixie> "Ow, fuck!"  The bitch lets out as she WHOMPS on the ground.  Perhaps as part of her dance training, she's able to lessen the impact, but still gets caught off-guard.  There's a little chuckle in there too, as if she knew that was going to happen.  Or at the very least something like it.  "What's all that about?!  You wanna start something?  If that were in front of people you would've gotten a public execution, y'know!"
  57. [21:24:13] * Emily_Borg continues crawling away, not bothering with the futile task of standing up.
  58. [21:24:45] <Emily_Borg> She made a mistake, she made a mistake, she made a mistake, she made a mistake...
  59. [21:25:12] * Nixie twirls up and walks slightly closer, eyeing the prone girl like a predator sizing up its prey. But her words are contrary to the terrifying figure she appears to be: "You, uh... okay, there?"
  60. [21:25:56] <Nixie> "I've given up trying to understand you by now.  But that sounded like it hurt more than you hurt me, for sure."
  61. [21:27:17] <Emily_Borg> Emily's only response is a soft groan of distress as she tries to pull herself up on the railing of the rooftop, backing away as NIkki approaches... only for Emily to end up in a corner. Shit, she didn't think this through...
  62. [21:29:11] <Nixie> "... Suit yourself."  With a sigh, the teen idol turns around and starts walking the other direction.  Her voice, still raspy yet, isn't through, though: "But whatever you're feeling right now?  That's a lot like how I felt while I was in that... THING."
  63. [21:29:17] <Nixie> "If that's the answer you came here for."
  64. [21:32:25] <Emily_Borg> And this makes Emily... stop. For a little bit, at least. The girl tilts her head at Nikki, eyeing her from behind those glasses, and even... taking them off with a quick, rough motion and staring at her with those jagged cat's eyes. She relaxes a little bit, but not much, though... a tear or two glistens under her eye in the twinkling lights of the city, and her lips are taut, and her brow furrowed.
  65. [21:32:51] <Emily_Borg> +
  66. [21:33:36] <Emily_Borg> A silence floats between them for a moment, until Emily breaks it. Softly, she says, "If... you know how this feels, then," she swallows, and her voice is a little hoarse, almost a whisper, "Why do you keep doing it to me?"
  67. [21:36:20] <Nixie> "Hmm."  Nikki slows down in her escape, and answers without even turning around.  "Well... I think I didn't do anything; you did it to yourself.  But I said all I need to- see you next time we have to work together."
  68. [21:43:33] <Emily_Borg> "..." Emily's silent again, but this time the silence feels different, That taut, sad expression turns sour, and she squints her eyes as she takes a deep breath.
  69. [21:50:34] <Emily_Borg> "You know..." Emily's voice is shaky, uncertain even more than it usually is. But... there's a firm sense of resolve behind it, a... confidence, almost, that hasn't been there before. "I'm just trying make friends with you. Is... is that so much to ask?" The tinge of confidence fades as she continues speaking, fades into sadness and fear.
  70. [21:50:53] <Emily_Borg> *"I... I just wanna be your friend. Is... is that so m uch to ask...?" The tinge...
  71. [21:53:05] <Nixie> "... I'll work with you," Nikki responds after a moment of silence.  "But someone like me can't afford to have friends, we'd just both get hurt that way.  Do yourself a favor and devote your time to better things, 'kay?"
  72. [21:53:48] <Nixie> "But..." She turns around and gives one final wink.  "You're adorable because you're like that, you know?"
  73. [21:59:07] <Emily_Borg> "..." Emily bites her lip. "Just because you can't... afford friends, doesn't mean... you don't need them." The girl takes a step forward towards NIxie. Then another, and another...
  74. [22:01:39] <Nixie> "... You sound like my mom," the raspy-voiced girl mumbles under her breath.  But instead of using this time to make her escape, she lets curiosity get the better of her and remains motionless.  Is this when the timid girl plans to ACTUALLY do something?  Or maybe she's going to pull out a knife?  Might as well give her a few seconds; it's not a busy night or anything.
  75. [22:04:05] <Emily_Borg> "Well..." The girl smiles a little at that, but quickly swuashes is. "Maybe your mom is on to something. Because my mom's been telling me that I need to make friends, and... it's not easy, and..." Emily stops right next to Nixie, just outside of arm's length, and she pouts at the girl. "You're not making it easy."
  76. [22:07:26] <Nixie> With another 'hmph,' Nixie's face plasters an amused grim on top of whatever expression it had until now.  "Well duh, I'm a famous person!  ... But I guess you deserve some points for trying."  Sighing, she looks Emily in the... I guess it's the sunglasses again?  That or creepy eyes, either-or, same either way.
  77. [22:08:26] <Nixie> "Alright, alright already!  Just stop doing weird stuff like hiding and tripping people in the middle of conversations, got it?  Nobody DOES that!  But... I guess we could go on another shopping trip together sometime, or something."
  78. [22:09:05] <Emily_Borg> Sunglasses. In the sunglasses. "You... scared me! What was I supposed to do, huh?!" Emily says, her pout deepening.
  79. [22:10:03] <Nixie> "See?"  Well, Nikki flicks the sunglasses again, just like last time.  "A normal person wouldn't be scared of a joke like that!  ...."  A beat.  "... Okay, maybe I came on a little strong.  Whatever."
  80. [22:11:17] <Nixie> "A-Anyway... all that talking's not good on me after earlier.  I'm gonna go get some water.  Nice, uh, hanging out, I guess."
  81. [22:12:19] <Emily_Borg> "O..." Emily looks down. "Okay, um..." She takes a moment, then quickly wraps her arms around Nikki in a tight hug.
  82. [22:13:36] <Nixie> Smiling, Nikki resigns herself to her fate, and makes sure Emily gets a headpat for her troubles.  A light one, though- wouldn't want her freaking out and jumping off the roof.
  83. [22:16:12] <Emily_Borg> Emily hugs TIGHTER, pressing her head into Nikki's cleavage and letting all that fear and anxiety just... melt away into the embrace. Afte ra few deep breaths, the small blonde looks up at Nikki with those big sunglasses and says... "So... friends?"
  84. [22:18:12] <Nixie> "Well..." It shows on her face that she had a 'no' prepared, and her gaze casts off to the side.  It's just too hard to refuse a face like that.  "I... guess you can say that.  But you gotta stop being so scared of me, deal?"
  85. [22:18:32] <Nixie> "Oh and.... don't tell anyone else, or my fanclub will find out and tear you limb-from-limb."
  86. [22:18:34] <Nixie> "They do that."
  87. [22:19:25] <Emily_Borg> Emily bites her lip. "...Alright. Deal."
  88. [22:20:02] <Nixie> Hand still on the head.  Scritch scratch.
  89. [22:20:09] <Nixie> ...
  90. [22:20:17] <Nixie> "but seriously let me go my throat's killing me here"
  91. [22:20:45] <Emily_Borg> "O-oh! Umm..." Emily lets go of Nikki and picks her cane back up. "O-okay, go get some water!"
  92. [22:21:03] <Nixie> And then they didn't fuck.
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