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  1. A'ight so since there's misinformation spreading surrounding my getting kicked out of Oh IDK. as in it's being spread that I was kicked out for so-and-so reasons such as my investments were low or that I was taking advantage of people let me lay out the facts and you decide from there how you feel. I honestly don't care who you side with in the end but I'm not going to sit there and have my name dragged through the mud while people make up bullshit excuses for why I was kicked when the fact is it was decided that they didn't like me anymore and everything since has been bullshit to justify what happened.
  3. FACT: It was arranged so that I was kicked out of the guild in my sleep. No warning. No discussion. My server privileges and access was taken so that I was unable to see what was being said to other members and unable to even defend myself.
  5. FACT: When I woke up Wednesday morning and found out I had been booted I tried to contact both Angela and Rose over DMs only to be met with silence. I then reached out to two other members who I felt I had the best chance of getting a reply from- only one person was decent enough to hear me out.
  7. FACT: The main reason that they've been using since for kicking me has been my investment numbers. Coming from a guild who for a time prided themselves on the fact that investments didn't matter, they just wanted cool people in the guild. That if it was clearly obvious that you were reinvesting your gold in upgrades or heroes or unlocking slots etc. that there was an understanding about that. Even if my investments were low and gold production was slow I was kicked WITHOUT WARNING and without being spoken to formally about the fact that my numbers/activity/what I was doing was bothering anyone. I was not given a chance to either a) pull my pants up and improve my numbers or b) choose to accept the fact that I no longer fit in the guild and the direction it was going and choose to leave but still be in a situation where I could've left with relationships intact (even though I now realise that those relationships weren't real or worth shit.)
  9. Regardless of the fact I don't care for what fake-ass relationships I thought I had there anymore, they did me dirty. In the event that I had gotten into a conflict with someone within the guild or had been out of order booting me without warning or even giving me a response would've been justifiable. AS FAR AS I WAS AWARE, there were no issues. There's statements like "She should've known better" or claims that I was spoken to about investing but a casual comment like "Can you invest in # building" does not equate to having said "Your investments have been pretty low for a while, can you pick it up? Do you think that you're going to get more active?" which would've actually brought attention to how annoyed people actually were about it.
  11. There'll be mention that I haven't invested in the past 2-3 months. Lolno. ( Also invested all the gold I'd saved up leading up to the last big update so 3 months is a stretch.
  13. There'll be mention that I never indicated that anything was wrong with me IRL or that I was going through shit. (
  15. There'll be mention of me being demanding and expecting/forcing Angela to tell me stuff that she cuts off at exactly the perfect point to make me look like the aggressor when in the logs she went along with/was good natured about it. (
  17. There'll be mention that I exploited her and Rose for investments and them giving me gold. If I could get the amount of gold I accepted from her and others deducted from my ingame investments I would have it taken away. No question. The fact that they can use this to hang it over my head pisses me off to no end.
  19. Full disclosure: Yes, post-update when the investment system changed and everyone went into debt over it and was trying to readjust to the new system. After spending all the gold I/we had stockpiled pre-update for what would come next we were left still in debt to several buildings. People in our guild started analysing the new system and trying to figure out the best way to adapt/adjust to it. Because we were told we'd be given a weeks grace of debt where we wouldn't delevel it became a time sensitive situation where we wanted to AT LEAST clear the debt and keep buildings the level that they were. There was at least one other instance where I was told to put stuff up to sell other than right after the new update but I never went straight to "Buy stuff off me" whenever investing was brought up. ( There was ONE time I mentioned having wands to put up to sell because levelling tailor seemed to be a pressing issue at the time but they said they didn't have any gold and I moved on with my life. It's not like I woke up every day asking for gold, and this situation has basically equated to me being asked to hold a big ol' bag of drugs from my friend for a hot minute and I go "Sure!" only for the police to pull up and everyone point and say it's my drugs. I accept it's my fault for being so naive as to think agreeing to this great "plan" to help the guild wouldn't be used against me, but it's also fucked up how the narrative is being manipulated to make me the bad guy.
  21. FACT: There are messages in my DMs with Angela that have been deleted from her end. Stuff that would prove that certain things I apparently did (like exploit her and Rose for gold) were ideas initially brought up by her and I agreed to it in order to help. Because these particular messages have been deleted there are bits of the DMs that switch topic jarringly and despite the screenshot showing me talk about personal stuff I would just like to show/point out how weird it is to have me go from talking about something pretty personal/private to talking about "so many wands" with the timestamp of the conversation being the same day so there clearly was a message there before that has since been deleted which I recall contained info about her saying she calculated how many wands I needed to make to generate enough gold moving them around the market to cover all the investments she wanted to put into in debt buildings. It was 62 or 64 Midas wands. Neither of those numbers exist in my DMs with her anymore but I was keeping her updated on how many wands I had crafted 'til I met the goal. (
  23. ( "We don't tell this but we're looking at 5m/week investments"
  25. Wat.
  27. How people gonna know if you don't tell them that you have expectations of them?
  29. "They should know better"/"They should just know already"?
  31. Nah fuck that we're not in a toxic relationship if there's a problem or a need that's not being met we talk like fucking adults about it and either come to a resolution or agree to part ways. As adults. It's not my job to be fucking psychic and be able to "tell" that I've done something wrong or that you're unhappy with me, especially if you don't respond honestly if/when I ask you if you're okay and tell me what's really on your mind.
  33. Kicking me and saying "I wanted to see how long before she noticed" is also a bullshit justification for being spiteful. I don't care about being specifically in YOUR guild SO much that if you had told me honestly, like an adult that I was lagging behind and that you wanted to get someone with bigger numbers in that I woulda dug my heels in and demanded for you to let me stay even if I knew my heart wasn't in it to push forward. I would've chosen to keep what relationships I thought I had and agreed that it'd be better if I stepped back now that you were looking to be competitive.
  35. ( Ever since everything happened on Wednesday I've been keeping a low profile. I've kept to myself, spoken only to friends, haven't even really booted up my game but I'm still around. In these screens Angela is upset about the fact that some people have stopped acknowledging her since this all happened as if I sold them a story on it. Pot meet kettle. Unlike Angela all I did was state the facts. I told my friends what happened because I wasn't getting any response from Angela or anyone else from Oh IDK. I messaged about what happened and THEY chose to react how they wanted to based on the information put in front of them. It wasn't just hearsay or me clipping out spicy looking pieces of conversation to sell my story to everyone. I was more than happy to show everyone EVERYTHING to prove that I was being misrepresented.
  37. "That's some manipulative tactics. I'm not playing that game." LMAO. You sure about that? You for real? Because I'm pretty sure deleting DMs you've sent and kicking me in such a way that I couldn't defend myself in front of others in the guild and you basically creating an isolated environment in your guild/server where the ONLY side that anyone would hear was yours so they'd be more likely to believe you is pretty manipulative though, isn't it? I mean, as far as basic manipulation goes you have it covered.
  39. "If they already acted like that, they're already brainwashed. No use talking to them. If they're gonna judge with only knowing one side, cool. Feel free to go." AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. AS I SAID. IS THAT NOT EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID TO ME, GIRL? YOU MADE IT SO YOUR GUILDIES ONLY HEARD YOUR SIDE AND AS GUILD MASTER THEY'RE OBV GONNA SIDE WITH YOUR ASS AND BELIEVE YOU HAVE THEIR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART.
  41. It's being made out that I'm causing all this unexpected and/or unnecessary drama that's been uncalled for. That if it was anyone else except me who was kicked then everyone would've just accepted it. The reason why there are repurcussions in the case of what happened to me unlike others is the method you went about getting rid of me. It was messy, and obvious, and REALLY reaching. You deleted incriminating DMs, you deleted stuff you posted in the official ST server hiding the fact that you were looking to replace me days leading up to it. You casually mentioned/implied to people publically that you were going to kick someone when you knew they were going to be asleep SO TELL ME how /I/ have manipulated the situation and made it harder on you when there's plenty more sources of information from people who have actually witnessed you being shady as fuck only now the pieces are coming together now they actually have a name for who you screwed over?
  43. And yeah, it's gonna be implied that I'm salty about the guild this or the guild that but honestly, fuck that guild. I'm not looking for anything to be fixed. I'm not looking to come back. Now I've found out that Oh Idk. is literally a den of snakes full of people unwilling to ask any questions because all they care about is progressing despite claiming that they don't really care about being competitive and if they did they didn't send around an updated memo, but in all honesty what I'm upset about is the fact that I can't understand how talking like this: ( just a few weeks ago led us to this shitshow that we're dealing with right here.
  45. In the same breath she victimises herself and says she's going through a lot and that I'd "understand" that while also doing her best to discredit me to anyone who would listen, and anyone who doesn't think she's in the right because they can see the OBVIOUS indiscrepencies are just brainwashed and not worth talking to. I was upset about all this because I had become emotionally invested and felt that we were close enough that if there were any issues then more than likely I could trust her to want to discuss it with me so I/we could work on it and everyone could be happy. I figured that I'd at least be afforded that courtesy, and from my screens you can see why I was led to believe that we had a decent friendship.
  49. Princess Angela doesn't give a shit about anyone. She literally went from being the girl I messaged when I was going to A&E because I was in pain to using every excuse under the sun as to why she won't talk to me one-on-one, or why it would've been pointless to try talk to me formally about my activity but she's more than happy to talk shit about me and anyone who's heard me out to anyone who'll listen.
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