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  1. There was once a boy in high school named James. He was an amazing guitar player while his best friend Michael was a great drum player. They always liked to practice together to the point that they started a band.
  3. But as time went on, James started to ditch the practice schedule that he and his friend came up with. That didn’t mean he would always be absent, but about 80% of the time, Michael was just sitting down in his garage waiting for his friend to arrive. Whenever he did come over, he was getting worse and worse at the guitar.
  5. One day Michael said to himself “If he doesn’t think practicing is important anymore, then I will find a way to change his mind whether he likes it or not” while looking on his computer for “special” guitars that would be just right for his friend.
  7. The next day at school, Michael invited James over to the gym. He said “We have been friends for a long time and I just wanted to give you a present for our time together.”
  9. James asked “Really? Why so out of the blue?” while looking at the big box suspiciously.
  11. His friend then said, “Well lets just say it’s an early birthday present.”
  13. “Oh, okay. Thanks.” He said with his suspicion fading away.
  15. When he was about to open it, his friend quickly yelled, “Wait! Were at school now. Open it when you get home.”
  17. “Why?”
  19. “Cause it will ruin the surprise to open it at school.”
  21. “True. Well I will see you around.”
  23. “Yep, bye.” Michael said with a slight grin as he waved at his friend running back to class.
  25. After school was done, James ran home with his large present. It was exhausting to carry the big box home, but seeing as how big the box was and how heavy it was only made him more excited to open it. Once he got home, he threw his knapsack on the table and ran upstairs with the box. After trying to open it unsuccessfully. He looked around his room until he found a cardboard cutting knife. He quicker tore at the box and once opened, he took out all the bubble rap. What he found made him jump for joy a tiny bit.
  27. “Whoa! A new guitar! I love the red color to it, but what’s with the flower strap? Who cares! Lets test this bad boy out” He said while running around getting his amp and connecting his guitar to it.
  29. He started playing it. Since he hasn’t been practicing all that much for a while, he sounded pretty awful. Without him noticing however, his hands started to get a bit smaller while his fingers stretched a tiny bit, then his nails grew a bit and polished. His arms then became slim. His shoulders then crashed in. He started to play his guitar better after these changes.
  31. Still unaware of the changes happening to him, his whole body then got smaller going from a height of 6 feet to a height of 5 feet and 5 inches. All the hair on his chest, arms and legs then fell off. His waist then caved in on itself giving him a slim and flat chest.
  33. As the changes continued, so did how well he was playing, he could be considered better then how he used to be when he practiced. His hair went from a brownish color to a beautiful shiny smooth silvery color. His hair then started to get longer but not by much as it stopped just a bit above his shoulders while two yellow hairclips magically appeared above his face. His face then softened up and became more feminine. His eyes became a bit bigger and more innocent and were changed from brown to a cute blue color. His nose shrunk a bit and became very cute then his lips plumped up a bit making his face look like a face an angel would give everything away for. His neck became more delicate as the lump in his neck slowly shrunk away until there was nothing left of his adam’s apple.
  35. James felt odd as his manhood slowly started to shrink, but brushed it off thinking that nothing was wrong. The feeling kept on getting stronger until he felt an emptiness down there. It then created a womanhood down there causing him… or now her to do a slight moan. Jamie who was still oblivious to the changes continued to play the guitar.
  37. Her feet then started to get smaller. Her legs then slimmed and became slightly longer giving her an extra inch of height that she just lost. Her thighs then got thicker giving her nice sexy womanly thighs. When she played a loud note on the guitar that blocked out the noise of her hips cracking as they increased in size giving her a nice hourglass figure. She started to feel more comfy as her butt increased in size while at the same time having her back arch making her butt more noticeable.
  39. She started to feel really hot around her chest as two small lumps emerged. Then kept on growing until they rested on her chest at a nice size of DD-cups.
  41. Her clothing began to change. First her pants slowly came together forming a short skirt creating a nice draft underneath her. Her boxers then became cut white panties. Her shirt looked mostly the same but gave more room for her breasts to not be so tight. And a DD-cup bra wrapped itself around her breasts making her more comfortable.
  43. “Wow! This is a great guitar! That was so thoughtful of him” she said aloud. “I can’t wait to practice with him tomorrow” she said with a slight blush spread across her face.
  45. Jamie continued to practice excited to show Michael her new love song the next day.
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