Damedame! 「There's No Getting Off This Ride」

Nov 23rd, 2013
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  1. ___________________________________________________Introduction___________________________________________________
  3. There's a pastebin for people who are behind or new: Damedame! Lite Edition, which basically serves as a more in-depth introduction, as well as explains how to get involved. Alternatively, a list-styled pastebin for lazy people can be found here: There's a pastebin also for the games and events involving the damedame (Example: Nonary game and Corpse game), here:
  5. First off, it's probably best to explain what the damedame is. The damedame is a subgroup that is currently subbing Log Horizon, and Umineko, used to sub Kill la Kill (RIP SAM), Monogatari, and will sub Jojo. They started off with Log Horizon, and are considered to be 'jokesubs', due to the nature of the subs themselves (containing poor spelling and grammar, jokes, references, and everything else of the sort. Think Duwang). Anons received it pretty generously, and it gained a small following, becoming something to laugh about every Saturday when they came out.
  7. However, during the discussion on /a/ about the 5th episode, someone posted something that would change the nature of damedame, fansubs, /a/, and the very world itself. For a while people had been making jokes about the sub's head, Maddie, being the devil, and the head scientist Yotsumoe being from the future. This was due to different posts made by Yotsumoe on the torrent's page, being indicative of someone from the future, along with the revolutionary .mp5 format he created (double compression is magic). The post that was made was a collage of sorts, from the perspective of one of the damedame members (or possibly Bill Nye), that makes a hint at Oracle. A few posts later, an anon (probably Bill Nye) claimed to have saved Maddie's twitter image, used oracle to save it as a png, added each DameDame member to a comment line in Java in the file, and then if one opens the picture in notepad they get a hidden message.
  8. (source:
  10. All of a sudden it became not a joke anymore. People looked back through older images posted by damedame, and discovered that in fact, many of them contained hidden texts, messages, and things that strengthened the assertion that Maddie was in fact, the devil, and Yotsumoe was from the future. It was also discovered that their QCer, Bkitny is Yotsumoe's tulpa (thought form) created through the usage of The Red Book by Carl Gustav Jung. It was also discovered that the .mp5 also holds hidden texts (regardless of the fact that it usually takes a lot less space than .mp4, truly the .mp5 is magical futuristic science), and so it became what it is now. The plot thickens every week with the damedame conspiracy, with new clues, types of clues, information about the damedame crew, and a look into the future 12 years from now, in which a great death is to take place.
  12. As the weeks progressed, it went from being not a joke, to even less of a joke. As of episode 10, there is an official body count, with the Damedame's only enemy at the time being marked presumably dead due to threatening and then trying to harm Yotsumoe, the damedame's encoder. As the weeks progress we've been getting clues that started out from just text hidden in files, to mp3 files hidden in pictures, to command files hidden in pictures, to mp3s and command files hidden within locked rars hidden within pictures, to hidden passwords in a thread post number for hidden rars within hidden files that are only released after the other clues are solved, to video games to play in order to unlock clues, to unlocking a hidden part of a photo with what appears to be a dead body in the background. At the time of writing this, we're on episode 10 of 25, meaning IT HASN'T EVEN BEGUN.
  13. ________________________________________________Table Of Contents________________________________________________
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  16. Episodes 1-5
  17. Episode 6
  18. Episode 7
  19. Episode 8
  20. Episode 9
  21. Episode 10
  22. Episode 11
  23. Episode 12
  24. Christmas!
  25. Episode 13
  26. Episode 14
  27. Episode 15
  28. Episode 16
  29. Episode 17
  30. Episode 18
  31. Episode 19
  32. Episode 20
  33. Episode 21
  34. Episode 22
  35. Episode 23
  36. Episode 24
  37. Episode 25
  38. Monogatari 25
  39. Murder Mystery!
  40. New Study
  41. Various Info
  42. Yotsumoe's Tumblr
  43. Music/Songs
  44. DameDame Members
  45. What We Know About
  46. DameDame Enemies
  47. Speculation/Possible Leads
  48. Useful Links
  50. ________________________________________________Clues We've found________________________________________________
  52. __________________________________________________Episodes 1-5__________________________________________________
  53. Der erlkonig- Found in the first damedame picture with hidden text, the one that was Maddie's Twitter profile pic. It's a poem about a demon who tricks a child into dying. The child does not wish to go, and tells his father so, but his father doesn't believe him, instead saying it is a figment of his imagination. The kid dies, sadly enough. ;_;
  55. 4 Legends of Prometheus- Found in an informational picture on how to the use mp5. Details 4 different legends of Prometheus, and how he was punished for giving the secrets of fire to humans.
  57. A Common Confusion- From German author Franz Kafka, it was also in the mp5 informational picture. It is about time shenanigans and the perception of time and how it's inconsistent. This is more evidence to time travel, no?
  59. Paradise lost (book VI)- Found within Maddie's twitter background, wow wow. Paradise lost is religious epic about Adam and Eve, the devil, and all of the other Judeo-Christian figures we love. It's about the rebellion of the devil against god and the battle between Satan and Michael.
  61. Kizumonogatari- Found in the third episode, the first one to be cast in the .mp5 format. It's the light novel Kizumonogatari. Vampires, ararararararagi, basically it tells us the relationship between Yotsumoe and Maddie is like Shinobu/Araragi.
  63. The Red Book- Book by Carl Gustav Jung, which talks about thoughtforms and the inner self. It is referenced directly when Yotsumoe is talking about the differences between .mp4 and .mp5, being that they can only be distinguished through the use of a Tulpa. Yotsumoe's Tulpa is a girl, and has excellent taste in fansubs.
  65. ___________________________________________________Episode 6___________________________________________________
  67. King Lear- Found in the Pre-release image for episode 6 Maddie posted on twitter. One of Shakespeare's works, talking about the world changing, also referencing Merlin's prophecy.
  69. Merlin's prophecy- Found in the same image as above. Describing the coming of the world savior, as well as the coming of a huge war and a mortal who would rise up and become immortal. Also makes reference to silver, which may have to do with Madeline SILVER (argentmaddie).
  71. In-episode coordinates- Found in episode 6, in the episode's title shot. Coordinates to the point on the picture. Some anon overlaid it with a map of nippon, where the coordinate it fell on was at the top of a mountain with circular patterns much like a fairy ring. The coordinates to said mountain are 35.610802,137.524982.
  73. Night on Bald Mountain- Classical music piece by Mussorgsky, it's about witches who go to the top of a bald mountain to summon the devil. This can be found in a post-episode picture released by Maddie on her Twitter which was to 'fix' the mistake of the previous coordinates being in there. What's different about this one is you have to open the picture as an mp3 rather than a text file. Has technology gone too far? Another interesting note is that this picture was altered so that the encoding time was september 18th, 2008. This correlates with the release of Strike Witches, and also the beginning of the US economic crisis.
  75. Das Schloss- Found in the mp5 for episode 6. Otherwise known as The Castle (by Franz Kafka), it's a tale about a land surveyor who was summoned to a small town by the bureaucracy that runs it. They run it from within the Castle, and consider themselves infallible. This is proven incorrect however, as the land surveyor was contacted erroneously. It is a corrupt government with absolute power.
  77. ___________________________________________________Episode 7___________________________________________________
  79. Various quotes- Found within the Pre-release picture for episode 7, there is a quote by Franz Kafka. "By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it." Another is "Fortune Favors the Bold", which is an old proverb derived by the Latin "Audentes fortuna iuuat". This is referenced multiple times in episode 7, including the ending.
  81. Yotsumoe's ramblings- The damedame like to interact with their viewers, seeing as they are best subgroup. He usually has wise words to say in the description of the releases, as well as commenting within the releases. They usually have to do with the science he works on or the mp5, but hidden messages have occurred in the past. Examples are "We from Bad Future", "Kill Many People In Future", and "The Future In 12 Years Great Death". It's recommended to look through all of his posts, as they are humorous and deep. Most recently, we've learned that the mp5 is in fact, not a real chicken.
  83. The Red Death- Found within the mp5 for episode 7 of Log Horizon. The Red Death is by Edgar Allan Poe, the famous poet. It's about a plague called the Red Death, which the noblemen and women believe they are completely immune to. Could be in reference to communists or the great death, or even both.
  85. PANIC!!!!- Not a clue, but relevant nonetheless. It was during the release of episode 7 that all of the .mp5s were taken off of The mods claimed that the mp5 was not a legitimate file format, and should be taken down. After enough complaining about it in the IRC, the mp5 was put back up and everyone became momentarily happy. It happened again later that night as well. The nyaa mods found the thread on 4chan and commensed shitposting. However, eventually they put it back up yet again after they were asked nicely to put it back up seeing as it didn't hurt anyone. After this, Daiz mysteriously posted that the mp5 will never come back to, even though it was already back up. Another interesting thing to note is Maddie publicly praised those who defended the mp5, saying that the damedame viewer is best viewer.
  87. Magical Symbols- Found in a seemingly duplicate copy of the 'how to mp5' picture, this picture was different. It contained a quote. "Who is the wise man? He who sees what's going to be born." Along with this it contained a link to an image website with 4 different pentacles from the 6th and 7th book of moses. They are titled run, mp5, ???(image), and save. They are as follows:
  89. 5th Pentacle of Jupiter. It assures visions, e.g. sudden inspiration.
  90. 5th Pentacle of the Sun. It allows you to travel great distances almost instantly.
  91. 2nd Pentacle of Mars. It gives you safety from disease.
  92. 5th Pentacle of Mars. It harms evil spirits that touch the holder or it.
  94. The 5th Pentacle of Mars (scorpion) contained a hidden script (future.bat). When this script is opened up and executed, it spits out lines in cmd with red text. Without junk text, it makes:
  95. In futuro
  96. Great Death
  97. nation vanish
  98. casus belli
  99. time 00:00:01 AM
  100. echo diabolus
  101. facio ut facias
  102. uberrima fides
  103. fiat justitia ruat caelum
  104. veni
  105. Which, if piecing it together, can mean something similar to >In the future, the Great Death happens, which destroys a nation entirely. This is my purpose for war. I formed a contract with the devil at midnight [on a mountain]. We are both helping each other in good faith, and we shall not stop even if the Heavens fall. After we formed our contract, we came to this time.
  106. After this was all discovered, the mp5s were taken down again, and that was it for that week's clues.
  108. ___________________________________________________Episode 8___________________________________________________
  110. Dalai Lama, Der Erlkonig, Paradise Lost- Three quotes, one from each, found in the Pre-release pic for episode 8 of Log Horizon. The new quote is "A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity."
  112. ordo: 839710634- The text within the mp5 of episode 8. This one was a tough one. People almost gave up. Yotsumoe gave a few clues, such as TIME, MULTIPLY, and DAME. Given these clues, after multiplying 839710634 by the number of members in damedame, one gets 2519131902. Translated into letters, it becomes "Y S M S B". Shortly after, Maddie released an image on her Twitter about chickens, and the lab. In this image was a locked rar file. After much guessing and a bit of frustration, the password turned out to be "yotsumoesammaddiesambkitny", which matches the letters from the earlier puzzle. The rar inside it (double compressed) is koob mas, which is sam book backwards.
  114. The Charge of the Light Brigade- Chapter one of the files in the rar that was unlocked. This was titled "last resort".A poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson about a brigade of 600 soldiers riding into the valley of death for half a leage against their enemy. They knew that it was a mistake to go in, but they trusted their leader. Going into the jaws of death, they rode. Lost many men, but ultimately they will be remembered for being honorable.
  116. Der process- Chapter two of the files in the rar that was unlocked. This was titled "capture". A book by Franz Kafka, Der process (the trial) is about an unfair trial, ending in the main character's untimely death.
  118. Julius Caesar- Chapter three of the files in the rar that was unlocked. This was titled "the end". A play by Shakespeare. The part in question is about the death of Caesar and the reading of his will, and speech about his death.
  120. Hamlet- Chapter four of the files in the rar that was unlocked. This was titled "promise". Another play by Shakespeare, the part in the text is the part of Hamlet where the ghost of Hamlet's father wishes him to avenge his death, as it was unnatural. Hamlet makes a promise to avenge his father and wishes to set things right.
  122. ___________________________________________________ Episode 9 ___________________________________________________
  124. ???- Prerelease picture for the 9th episode, Yotsumoe has gone missing and Maddie is sick. So far, no hidden file has been found and nothing has been determined.
  126. PANIC!!!- "DameDame fansub is releasing and many apology for late! On previous day, I am the talking with encode Yotsumoe. It is talk of mp5 and hope! Next thing I am knowing turn around and Yotsumoe is disappear. Feeling of sick is come over me and hearing is not work in ear! I am not the knowing of location of Yotsumoe. But am not the worrying okay? Yotsumoe is find soon, I am the promise. And then is releasing of the mp5 but until is happen please bearing with the mp4! I am promise that I am update when find." is the message that came with the mp4 release of Log Horizon episode 9.
  128. Hooray!- Yotsumoe has been found, and as a result the mp5 for episode 9 is released, along with a picture of caligraphy. The caligraphy itself is fairly illegible, the closest guess being "Ganbore yotsumoe" (Yes 'ganbare' is misspelled). The file itself when opened as a rar contains 2 files, personal message, and article. Article contains tome.bat, text.bat, story.bat, print.bat, novel.bat, literature.bat, fact.bat, and book.bat, all of them when opened say "burn", and then when you run them, they delete themselves. The other file is called personal message, is locked, and will be explained later on.
  130. Fahrenheit 451- found within the mp5 for the 9th episode of log horizon, it's a book about a dystopian future society in which there are "firemen" who's only jobs are to burn books. The main character of the book is a fireman, and has a change of heart over the course of the story when he actually reads a book and learns what good knowledge does. This ties in heavily with the idea of literature, facts, books, etc. burning.
  132. Confucius text- Confucius text about how political leaders should be moral people. Also found in the mp5 for the 9th episode.
  134. Kafka quote- Found in Mp5 for 9th episode, reads "I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound and stab us. If the book we are reading doesn't wake us up with a blow on the head, what are we reading it for?... We need the books that affect us like a disaster, that grieve us deeply, like the death of someone we loved more than ourselves, like being banished into forests far from everyone, like a suicide. A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us."
  136. Yotsumoe answers- After Yotsumoe came back, he posted his email so anons could ask him questions and wish him well. What a nice guy right? He doesn't want anyone to worry. The return emails ranged from answers to redundant questions, cute displays of yotsumoe perfection, to helpful hints about the deeper questions. Many of the emails came from dates that are impossible to have come from, with significance behind each date he sent the email from, most likely.
  138. Question he answered
  139. "Where are you from" (sasuga anon, should've asked "when are you from")
  140. Answer
  141. "I am from foreign place"
  143. Significant Numbers
  144. 04/14/2000- Day the person who co-created ZiP compression file format died
  145. 04/14/1912- Day the titanic sank
  146. 05/20/2048- Could mean nVidia GTX 520, or possibly (more likely) the disease Ovine Brucellosis, which can be used in biological warfare.
  147. 12/23/2029- Close to "Lost Christmas" from Guilty Crown. An apocalypse virus spreads and plunges Japan into chaos.
  148. 12/31/1969- Possible glitch, however, noted by others with apple products to have happened in the past, should be fixed though
  149. 09/18/2008- Strike witches, and the stock market crash/beginning of economic crisis in USA
  150. 08/16/2009
  152. This combined with multiple desert and mummy references points to the desert, possible reference to the burning of the Library of Alexandria, as Alexandria is in Egypt, and it ties into the idea of book burning. Also can point to biological warfare in the year 2029, or just the use of biological warfare in the great death itself, via the disease Ovine Brucellosis.
  154. Some of the cards/emails were responded to after the thread had died, and can be found in Week 10's archived thread.
  156. ___________________________________________________Episode 10___________________________________________________
  158. Don't look back- In the prerelease pic for episode 10, there was simply a link, and Maddies twitter post contained the message "WIN GAME" is the link. It leads to the download for a game called "Don't look back". It's by TerryCavanagh and it can be found on Kongregate as well. The game is a simple platformer/shooter and it's about a man (Orpheus) who travels to hell to save his waifu. Along the way there are spiders, snakes, demons, bats, lava jumping obstacles, and a few bosses. The first boss being a hound or a dog, guarding 'hell' (Cerberus) , the second being Hades. Once you find her soul, if you look back you die (how titular), and you journey back to the grave from the beginning, and it becomes the title screen again.
  160. The Cask of Amontillado- A story by Eadgar Allan Poe, found in the mp5 of episode 10. It's a story of revenge. More specifically, obsession about revenge. The main character is Montresor, and he's been insulted and suffered many wounds by the antagonist, "Fortunato". The narrator leads Fortunato into the family's catacombs, under the pretense of getting alcohol. He gets Fortunato more and more drunk until they reach a small area, in which Montresor chains Fortunato to the wall and begins to close off the space with bricks. When there is one brick remaining, he psychologically tortures Fortunato and then leaves him there to die after closing it off.
  162. Thanks- A collage made by yotsumoe, with all of the cards we sent him in it, telling us thanks for the cards. In the image file itself is "
  163. []
  164. CTRL+V.BIN
  165. The video linked is a live performance of "Colors-Flow"(JIBUN WO), and CTRL+V.BIN probably means some sort of pastebin.
  167. Apparently JIBUN WO (colors) was in reference to colors, and the different colors at the bottom of the thanks picture. The song itself is about someone coming and opening a path for someone else, so it could relate to Maddie opening a path for Yotsumoe. This leads to the pastebin, by the user OPERATION---. The pastebin itself is of the song "come, sweet death, come, blessed rest" by an anonymous writer as well as Bach. The song is about someone who yearns for death and eternal rest. There was also a pastebin by the same author with nothing but the title "date?" and a date- 16-8-2009. Coincidentally, on the same day the pastebin was created, a tumblr was created with the same date, found through the phrase "They all come tumbling down", leading to 'tumblr'., and the only contents is a single post: PROMISE
  169. future post
  170. or
  171. dead
  173. Meaning, unfortunately, that if there is no future post, whoever created that tumblr will be dead.
  175. 16-8-2009- Might have to do with a ransom for a missing ship made on the 15th, in which the ship was found on the 17th (Damn Somalian Pirates).
  177. Moewe- WWII pilot, fits with some of the clues we've gotten earlier (1944 is WWII, after shifting a number we had acquired earlier using a cipher shift we got MOEHE, and a bolded 17 appeared in-episode [b-17]). He was one lucky sonbitch, although it is currently unknown how he fits in. After asking Maddie some clarifying questions, it was discovered that this was, in fact the correct path to go down. Moewe's page is found here: There are a few interesting figures here, such as dates and events. However, it is large and there is much analysis to still do on the page's contents.
  179. The tumblr released a new photo. The photo had Yotsumoe's name in Japanese on a card, held by someone's hand. Behind it was a jar with what is presumably a brain inside of it. The Jar itself had the words "Abby Normal" on it which is a reference to this clip:
  181. Shortly after this, the tumblr was updated with a picture of what appears to be an egg being held by someone with both hands. The bottom is scribbled out, and there's the words "Maddie", "Length - Width" written in the same font as the subs. The file itself is a locked rar, when opened with the password 219 (Maddie's twitter picture's length - width), it contains the original egg picture without the scribbled out parts.
  183. The scribbled out parts were concealing what appears to be a bloodied arm on the ground in the doorway, presumably connected to a body around the corner. It was around this time people noticed that Battler had gone missing and he hadn't posted for many hours. When we realized this and went back to check his pastebin, it hit like bricks. All of the descriptions for the texts had been changed to either "LIAR" "LIES" or "STOP". Another pastebin had also been created with many "LIAR" "LIES" and "STOP"s. This one however, made the PHI symbol, which is significant in a few ways. The old pastebin is recreated here:
  185. This heavily relates to the earlier text given to us. The text referencing The Cask of Amontillado, where Battler is Fortunato, meaning he made one final mistake and was murdered. This is speculation however.
  187. Yotsumoe's Pastebin account is Operation ---, with the numbers 16-08-09, being P H and I. So, operation PHI is the operation's title.
  189. For starters, PHI is the name of a past moderator, and as we know, BKITNY is a tulpa.
  190. There are multiple references to the game 999 throughout what we've gotten so far, which has to do with the following game Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. The events leading up to VLR match up with some of the dates gotten, happening in 2028 and 2029, being a mass epidemic and following mass suicides, and a nuclear disaster created in offense to the disease. One of the major character in VLR has the name "PHI".
  192. BKITNY POSTS!- After many weeks, BKITNY posts again. This time her name is B.K.I.T.[Net Yield]. She posted "knowledge is a reward or a curse. but you will never know which until you know it. if schrodinger was Cunning he would Wish for a White Sun.", which is in reference to the cards "Cunning Wish" and "White Sun's Zenith" From Magic The Gathering. The former allows the user to take a card from outside the game, reveal it, and put it in their hand, the latter puts 2 white cat creature tokens on the battlefield.
  193. __________________________________________________Episode 11__________________________________________________
  195. The Gold Bug- In the prerelease picture for episode 11 is text from Eadgar Allan Poe's story "The Gold Bug", where a man named William Legrand is bitten by a gold-covered bug. His servant then rushes to the Narrator to get help, fearing that Legrand is going insane. The three then set off on adventure after Legrand deciphers a code and finds the location of treasure. There was also a great deal about dealing with ciphers and deciphering things.
  197. Dante's inferno- The First Canto, a portion of Dante's inferno found in the mp5 of episode 11. However, it was backwards, so the meaning could be inverse. This portion is about Dante getting lost in sin and then having to redeem himself.
  199. Goldbug.png- In the post-release photo by Maddie, she claimed that it was Yotsumoe's favorite scene. The scene was the school, with the subtitle "school da". Inside the image itself is a rar with a picture inside it, Goldbug.png. There's the dancing men font used, with an upper portion and then bolded bottom portion. After deciphering it, it becomes Four Souls by Louise Erdrich. The portion of the text is here:, the summary of four souls is: A strange and compelling unkillable woman decides to leave home, and the story begins. Fleur Pillager takes her mother's name, Four Souls, for strength and walks from her Ojibwe reservation to the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. She is seeking restitution from and revenge on the lumber baron who has stripped her reservation. But revenge is never simple, and she quickly finds her intentions complicated by her own dangerous compassion for the man who wronged her.
  201. Phi returns- After a while of being 'missing', Phi returned, giving us hints about how the OP to Phi brain might relate to the damedame, and translating the goldbug.png before we even got the chance to do a few lines. He's so based.
  203. After this- Still need to work on gathering the information from after this. Yotsumoe said oyasumi, but came back and there was more that happened. Then anons started complaining a lot and ruining everything because they thought the IRC was corrupt circlejerkery and nothing else. Then Yotsumoe got upset, deleted MOST of his Tumblr, and bad things continued to happen. We should all be ashamed of ourselves. This was the fault of both those in the thread bashing the IRC and the IRC adding fuel to the fire.
  205. ___________________________________________________Episode 12___________________________________________________
  207. Professor Layton- In the prerelease picture for episode 12 we got a few lines of text instead of a full poem or a part of a book. The text reads:
  208. picarats
  210. 2;
  211. 5; can share journal entry
  212. 10; no share puzzle
  213. 20; no share video
  215. critical think is key of success.
  217. Picarats are a form of currency used in the Professor Layton games. They are awarded by solving puzzles. What this could mean is currently unknown, but it's possible that it implies there will be a point system with the puzzles. This was confirmed pretty much when Yokkyun uploaded this same info onto the study page, and added a picarat total to each of the participants.
  219. Chess- There was a chess tournament, in which the final round consisted of Phi and Yokkyun. The reason Yokkyun entered was because one of the contestants was busy so he took his place. The prize was a picture with a book on BKITNY inside.
  221. BKITNY BOOK- In the picture from the end of the chess tournament, there was a picture with a rar inside of it. The rar contained nothing.txt, which was literally nothing, as well as [Blind]O.O[Kid].rar, which itself contained ch3; the book text, which contains an excerpt from The Red Book by Carl Jung, as well as an mp3 file titled "Epilogue" and a locked rar titled "Prologue". The mp3 is this song: The locked rar "Prologue" had the password of 359, and inside that rar was another locked rar. The Uncertainty Box. As well as a picture that claimed it would take 4 duotrigintillion years to crack the password. As of week 13, the password to The Uncertainty Box has not been found. However, it's common theory that it might have something to do with the legend of Pandora's Box, or the thought experiment Schrodinger's cat.
  223. ___________________________________________________Christmas!___________________________________________________
  225. A Very Damedame Christmas- Maddie's present to the Damedame viewers was to create a flash in the form of a storybook about Christmas. In it, it described the Damedame lab on the night before Christmas, and the events surrounding Drunk Santa Claus coming down the Chimney and scaring Maddie. It was very cute, and because we got doodles of both Maddie and Yotsumoe, started something a little bit later on Christmas.
  227. NewFormat- For days there had been a counter on Yotsumoe's New Format Study tab, that was leading to god knows what. When the counter reached 0 for some, we finally got our surprise. Yotsumoe had subbed the 21st episode of Monogatari second series, and had turned the first ten minutes or so into a brand new file format. Because of a comment made many weeks earlier in a damedame thread, he had made the file format of "mppt". This combines the video power of the mpX format, with the utility value of the ppt. The only downside is it can't last as long as a typical mp4 or mp5, so he was only able to do about 10 minutes of it. The episode contained what many could consider hints to something, however, the most likely possibility is that it's just parts of the episode. Such things as the top 10 shrines in Japan, reference to Orlando Airport, and an offhand reference to the game "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?"
  229. Fanart- After a picture of Maddie was cut and pasted out of the storybook and put in a Waifu Analysis Thread, a discussion about art and the Damedame was started. It was at that time that some people started to create fanart for Maddie, then expanding on to other members such as BKITNY, Yotsumoe, and finally Sam. Yotsumoe then opened up a submissions page on his Tumblr for people to submit the fanart, which he then created a gallery for, separated by members and finally a page for group pictures of the Damedame. While they don't really look like the Damedame members from what Yotsumoe sees, he said they capture the spirit, which is what really matters. Also note that a group picture with Battler in it had Battler shopped out of it when put into the gallery, then mysteriously returned. It's also interesting to note that the background music for the different galleries is from the game "Ib", an RPG maker horror game about a girl who gets lost in a world of art while visiting an art gallery with her parents. It's a story of spooky art pieces, friendship, sacrifice, and pretty good background music.
  231. Migration- While not part of Christmas Technically, it happened during the week around Christmas. The Tumblr was migrated to, and most of the pages followed, sans the newstudy with the 9 participants. What this means, nobody knows. It could, however, mean that there is no more nonary game.
  233. __________________________________________________Episode 13__________________________________________________
  235. Cheshire Cat Quotes- In the prerelease picture for episode 13, hidden in the text file were two quotes from the Cheshire cat from "Alice in Wonderland". The quotes are "A reflection sometimes exposes more reality than the object it echoes.", and "Every picture tells a story, sometimes we don't like the ending... sometimes we don't understand it.".
  237. Pictures at an Exhibition- Also hidden in the prerelease pic for episode 13 was the mp3 of "Pictures at an Exhibition" which can be found here: This probably is another reference to the game "Ib", which takes place at an art gallery.
  239. Maddie's instructions- The night before the episode came out, Maddie had posted four sets of instructions for four different people. They are as follows:
  240. Go to place is the indicate at 1300. Ganbare! Please making the proud! Message is delete in 3 minute.
  241. Go to place is indicate at 600. Remember face! Message is delete 1 minute.
  242. Go to place is indicate by 900. Remember shovel! 10 minute early is the prefer! Message is delete 1 minute.
  243. Go to place is indicate 1800. Do not forgetting dice. Luck be lady! Message is delete 1 minute.
  244. Following this the next day, she had posted two different codes, that when one used ciphers from before (b=25, don't change vowels), became a pastebin link. The paste can be found recreated here:, which contains instructions and plans to contact those who succeeded again. Face failed, but is being given another chance, Dice did good, Proud did good, and Shovel worked hard but failed, so was given an extension of 2 days.
  246. New tumblr- It was discovered that Yotsumoe had a new tumblr, accessible through clicking the 't' in "The damedame" within the gallery. The password was discovered later in the thread to be 453627(later add a 9 to the end) [PASSWORD HAS CHANGED TO kagomekagome], which was the order in which the participants were accepted. This tumblr is where all of the information regarding the nine participants was moved. This can be found at The tumblr is a darker mirror image of the other tumblr, with instructions on how to become participant 9 (who later turned out to be Battler Mukkun), and "welcome to the gallery" backwards. The page played the mp3 'Kagome Kagome', and the image was this painting: Inside the image was an mp3 file of an english translated version of 'Kagome Kagome', which is about children who experiments were done on, who lured other children to the facility deep in the woods to play with them and stay with them forever.
  248. Skewers- Later on the hidden tumblr was a new section called "Fakes", which is about those who wish to skew the data. On it were people like abraxas who were FAKERS.
  250. Maddie's Pastebin- Maddie made a pastebin account, which can be found at, it contains lists of things that are her favorites, and things she hates. Also, it occasionally contains her thoughts on issues while they happen that expire quickly. For example, when the hidden tumblr was discovered, she made a pastebin with the line "Shadows Inside" over and over again, and the word "why" many times at the end. She's posted a few things to that effect that signify she was scared, or at least surprised by the hidden tumblr.
  252. __________________________________________________Episode 14__________________________________________________
  254. Prerelease and Episode- There was an ensemble about an exhibit in the prerelease picture. is the song, this might have to do with the other allusions to art or exhibitions of various kinds (IB). Nothing was found in Episode 14 of Log Horizon. Let's just enjoy the subs, and the friends.
  256. Continued the corpse game for many an hour!
  257. __________________________________________________Episode 15__________________________________________________
  259. Prerelease and Episode- Prerelease had an mp3 with an excerpt from the opera 'Erwartung', with the pitch decreased drastically. Description of the opera: about A woman is in an apprehensive state as she searches for her lover. In the darkness, she comes across what she first thinks is a body, but then realises is a tree-trunk. She is frightened and becomes more anxious as she cannot find the man she is looking for. She then finds a dead body, and sees that it is her lover. She calls out for assistance, but there is no response. She tries to revive him, and addresses him as if he were still alive, angrily charging him with being unfaithful to her. She then asks herself what she is to do with her life, as her lover is now dead. Finally, she wanders off alone into the night. Nothing in-episode.
  261. Continuation of the corpse game had occurred.
  262. __________________________________________________Episode 16__________________________________________________
  264. Prerelease and episode- nothing in prerelease or episode. No continuation of corpse game.
  266. Pazuru time- A puzzle was posted to the Shadow Tumblr, which had an answer that took a long time for anyone to figure out. The answer was that the puzzle was a light reflection puzzle, in which a red dot is the start point, and it creates an arrow pointing to the right. The answer to the locked rar that was in the image was 'right'. The image that was unlocked was from 'through the looking glass', the sequel to 'Alice in Wonderland'.
  268. The looking glass- When one went back to the portrait Yotsumoe had posted very first, and looked at the mirror (the looking glass), there was a shape inside it. The shape was that of the rabbit from Rozen Maiden- Laplace.
  270. Laplace's demon- The theory that if there was such a demon that knew the position of every atom in the universe at a given time, that they could accurately predict the future and past of every atom's position using only classic mechanics. This has relevance not only in the name Laplace, but in that a new section on the shadow tumblr opened up., which only had the text (translated): "I am awaiting thy chance." This changed after a while and was added onto. It's in gold, so it may have to do with the corpse game.
  271. _________________________________________________Monogatari 25_________________________________________________
  273. There was much that had happened in the thread for Monogatari episode 25, however the highlights would be that more was added to the laplace page, and there was a new hidden text.
  275. Indian Killer- an excerpt from Indian killer, a book about an Indian who scalped white men in the Seattle area. This might have to do with the corpse game in that the excerpt mentioned two specific deaths, and provides a bias, or motive.
  276. __________________________________________________Episode 17__________________________________________________
  278. On the release of episode 17, we didn't get too much accomplished. We obtained a new puzzle from the shadow tumblr, however as of episode 19, it has not been solved.
  280. __________________________________________________Episode 18__________________________________________________
  282. Episode 18 was one of the more productive weeks. While the thread was filled with a lot of argument (Most likely due to a single troll), a book relating to Yotsumoe had been released, and the password had been successfully obtained. The puzzle was a puzzle to see how fast it takes for an entire village to burn given two initial houses burning, compared to a puzzle where there is only one initial house burning. The following are the contents of the rar:
  284. Chapter 1; life- An mp3 that consisted of the typical Japanese schoolbell.
  286. Chapter2.1; good bye friend- A text containing nothing but the words "Like a Dog". This could be reference to either the phrase "died like a dog", or "as loyal as a dog".
  288. Chapter 2; attacked- A painting of the burning of the library of Alexandria, titled "The Campo Vaccino Rome Looking Towards St Francesca Romana and the Arch of Titus". It is known now that Yotsumoe's village was burnt down, so this could mean that his village was attacked, and the fire wasn't an accident.
  290. Chapter 3; summon- An mp3 which we're familiar with by now- Night on Bald Mountain. Most likely referring to when he summoned Maddie.
  292. Epilogue; toll of ideal- A text Excerpt of The Invisible Man by HG Wells, it's about a man who's gone mad.
  294. Prologue; one with power- A text containing a quote from the novel 1984. The quote is as follows: “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”- This might be indicative of a dystopian society, as is the setting of 1984.
  295. __________________________________________________Episode 19__________________________________________________
  297. Unknown object- In the prerelease pic for episode 19, was a locked rar. The password was a word at the end of a link on Yotsumoe's tumblr, and the picture inside is an unknown, yet seemingly tall (Perspective might be taken into account), thin object, with Yotsumoe's identification card in the foreground.
  299. Ones and Zeroes- In the mp5 of the episode itself are strings of ones and zeroes along with slashes. This puzzle has not currently been solved (if it has- ganbare solver), or at least released to the public.
  301. Penn's story- This will be elaborated on in a future pastebin I'm planning [edit: maybe if I ever decide to not be lazy]. It is a story about Penn, and his four Tomodachis who go to a warehouse to loot. Scary things happen.
  302. __________________________________________________Episode 20__________________________________________________
  304. NisemonoPhi- There were two main events that took place this week. They do relate to each other, however. The first being that Battlering Damedame, Penn, and Phi are all the same person. The Phi that had been contacting us, and was a participant was a fake, one of Maddie's nakama who was pretending to be Phi. He was pretty good at his job, but stopped responding to people once he was found out. RIP IN PEACE PHI
  306. Nakunaru- The second, would be the solution of the "sample" folder, which was the Japanese symbol Nakunaru. is where all of the newstudy things are taking place. The rules are much different from before, as the game has finally begun. 30 ? to win, 0 ? means lose, you use picarats to give ? to others, take ? from others, create new ? for yourself, or others, or to destroy other's, or to hide your ? level. Picarat levels are now hidden. It's shaping out to be an interesting game, to say the least.
  307. __________________________________________________Episode 21__________________________________________________
  308. Lecture- Episode 21 of Log Horizon came in the mp4 format, instead of mp5 because Yotsumoe was away giving some lectures about science. He claimed June was videotaping them, but the first lecture wasn't taped due to an unfortunate accident. However, the second lecture should be good- we have yet to receive it though.
  310. 500ppmco2- In the prerelease image for episode 21, 500ppmco2 was found. 500 parts per million of CO2 is what is hypothesized by scientists as the lethal level of CO2 in the earth's atmosphere, at least at this time. This could mean that the the great death may have to do with some natural calamity due to CO2 levels. Was Al Gore right?
  312. The game starts- The first shots were fired for the participant study. Paranoia became rampant. At this point, the scapegoat was Mukkun.
  313. __________________________________________________Episode 22__________________________________________________
  314. Delayed release- Episode 22 was delayed due to unforeseen circumstance.
  315. Umineko- On this release day, Yotsumoe released his new sub, thought to be psycho pass, but instead it was Umineko. They managed to somehow encode an anime into existence from nothing.
  318. __________________________________________________Episode 23__________________________________________________
  319. __________________________________________________Episode 24__________________________________________________
  320. __________________________________________________Episode 25__________________________________________________
  323. ________________________________________________Murder Mystery!________________________________________________
  324. The main page for this and the main information of the corpsegame can be found here:
  325. After Battler Mukkun became participant #9, Yotsumoe posted on the hidden tumblr the rules behind the murder mystery, claiming that the reader (damedame viewer) had to know just as much as the detective (Battler Mukkun). The rules are as follows:
  327. To 「Sieben」 who wish for find of corpse:
  328. It is forbidden for the reader not to have an equal opportunity with the detective for solving the mystery.
  329. It is forbidden for the detective himself to turn out to be the culprit.
  330. It is forbidden for there to be more than one culprit, no matter how many murders are committed.
  331. It is forbidden for the culprit not to be a person who has played a more or less prominent part in the story.
  332. It is forbidden for the motives for the crime to not be personal.
  333. It is forbidden for there not to be a corpse present in the mystery.
  334. It is forbidden for the method of murder, and the means of detecting it, to be irrational and unscientific.
  335. It is forbidden for the culprit to be determined by illogical deductions.
  336. It is forbidden for the crime to turn out to be an accident or a suicide.
  337. It is permitted to have accomplices.
  338. The 'detective' is most likely the second Battler, Battler Mukkun. He goes by the trip !ri8GwMel9g
  340. Later on, Yotsumoe created a page for Truths, in which things stated in Red become truths, leading towards where the body is found and who the murderer is.
  342. There was then more exposition added about the original Battler, and how he found the lab. He solved the puzzle to get into the lab and then discovered a paper that would help him prove that the damedame was up to no good. However, he was unable to solve the puzzle to get out of the lab (it was a different puzzle), and the culprit committed the crime. It is also confirmed later that he died inside the walls.
  343. ___________________________________________________New Study___________________________________________________
  344. New study can be found at under the nonary game section. [Out of date]
  346. ___________________________________________________Various Info___________________________________________________
  348. Umineko references- There are quite a few references made to the VN of Umineko. The most prominent of which relate to Battler, the character from Umineko, and the main antagonist of the Damedame around episodes 8-10. One such reference is in the answer for where Yotsumoe's lab is, which is the witch's epitaph, however references to Umineko can be spotted as early as episode 7's future.bat. The clue "colors" also relates to that, in that Umineko used various colors of text to create context.
  350. Red text, such as found in future.bat and personalmessage means it's an absolute truth.
  351. Blue text is used for theories that will become true if not refuted in red or gold.
  352. Gold text is used for things which are true that can only be used by someone who understands the game.
  353. Purple text is used for things that are true unless spoken by the culprit, in which case they are lies.
  355. Alice- In the week following the 10th episode release, a lot of shit went down. There have been many references to "alice", starting with when Yotsumoe posted a picture of a place in Gifu, Japan which looks like where he lives, and finding an mp3 file within it. The mp3 file contained Alice- Human Sacrifice, a song about 4 different Alices and wonderland. The first Alice being the red one, who left a trail of blood and carnage behind her wherever she went, she was imprisoned, and nobody would have known she existed if not for the trail. The second was the blue Alice, who filled the world with music and false notes, and then died due to a madman- however it alludes to him going mad and killing himself. The third was the green Alice, a little girl who used her charm to come in power, and then abused her power. The fourth Alice was a little brother and sister, who resembled the actual Alice the most closely. They were tragically killed however, and didn't wake up from their dream.
  357. Games- Yokkyun is a pretty jovial spirit (much unlike YOKKYUN) and likes to play games. Here are some of the games he's played with us.
  358. Quantum Tic-Tac-Toe:
  359. Dots/Hangman:
  363. NOTE: I now post under the tripcode Archiveguy !!nDugd5Q6ltY
  365. ________________________________________________Yotsumoe's Tumblr________________________________________________
  367. During the events surrounding the 10th episode of Log Horizon, a hidden pastebin was discovered through the release photo. After that, text in the hidden pastebin was used to find a hidden tumblr with nothing but a note saying if they don't update the tumblr, that means they're dead. Then it started getting more active, soon having many posts, even Yotsumoe answering anon questions.
  369. Abby Normal- The first thing after the reminder message he posted was his name along with a jar with half a brain in it. Abby Normal is a reference to "Young Frankenstein" and is a lengthened version of "Abnormal". Along with that was the message "Many good deal make at market! Ganbare SCIENCE!"
  371. Pidgenyan is an Okaa-san now- Picture of what is supposedly an egg that Pidgenyan laid. It was also a locked rar, and the rest is explained in the previous section of the pastebin. This came with the text "Picture of the Pidgenyan house I build the last day. I find odd the sphere in side. What could be? Egg? No look like. If Pidgenyan second generation may be but what call? Furrow?"
  373. Albert Einstein quote- "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." Quote that Yotsumoe uploaded.
  375. Based Yotsumoe- In correlation with Maddie's "daijobu", he posted "daijobu", to comfort me and let me know I'm doing the right thing by chronicling the damedame story, and let me know I'm in no danger.
  377. Morality Study- Yotsumoe asked a question of morality to everyone. Apparently he'll be doing a study on morality and compile all of the information by the release of episode 11. "Need participant from many a place. Doing new a study on morality. Two boat are in ocean one with 200 the people and other with 300 the people. Both boat will blow up but you save one. Which you save?" It is a reference to the Fate/Zero boat dilemma.
  379. Where he's from- Some foreign place, as addressed last week, with much nothing. Apparently he cannot type the name of the place because the keyboard he has doesn't have the symbols. He's used moonrunes before, so it's not English or Japanese.
  381. Goals- Multiple times in his posts when answering questions, he states that his only goal is to make others happy, and make the damedame viewers pleased. The way in which we can help is to be happy, which makes him happy.
  383. Answers about Battler- There were a few questions about Battler, and what can be deduced is that his lab is a very dangerous place, with many dangerous things within it, so it'd be easy for someone to have a fatal accident. Yotsumoe warned Battler not to come to his house, but denies having made contact with Battler directly.
  385. Trivial information- It's possible probably to become immortal through science. Maddie is probably tsundere (hot n' cold). Yotsumoe isn't evil. He loves the viewers but has no gril. Yotsumoe's favorite sciences are Quantum Physics and Computer Programming. The Tumblr might be temporary, he may delete it. He hates the anti-happy. Maddie is independent gril who no need a man. His job ends when Maddie stops subbing, however he will continue research. His lab has bad lighting for cameras of any type. He got his nickname because of the little girl "Yotsuba" combined with "Moe" which is what Sam called him when they first met. BKITNY is like an Onee-chan, but is really busy. Yotsumoe prefers the nickname "Yokkyun". Yotsumoe can speak English, Japanese, many a program language, and native tongue. Pidgenyan sleeps most of the day, most days. Yokkyun can into rubik's cubes fast. Won't reveal if he has a waifu or who it is. Favorite male anime character of Yokkyun is Kumagawa. Tumblr has bad coding. Likes Mari more than Asuka or Rei. Yokkyun is 'classically trained' in art. Took a class from friend in first grade, and learned to draw pro in a few minutes during lunch. Favorite composer is the Abo Takeshi and favorite singer is the Kaori. Believes in love <3. Also likes the Little Busters! and Rewrite as his two favorite Key VNs. Maddie can tell if people sin. Opposite of Maddie is dandere. Yokkyun eats ice cream once daily at morning so he's cold minded enough for test with no bias. Drinks warm milk after to regain the warmth. Promised to live life correctly after watching To Aru Majutsu no Index. It snowed on the 11th of December for Yotsumoe. Favorite Monogatari is Shinobu, next is Nadeko, but Karen is ok too. Collected gallons of snow to use later. Yotsumoe's favorite movie is
  387. Floorplan- Yotsumoe posted a floorplan of his lab. It contains a big room for experiments with an observation room, a computer room, a door, a room for pidgenyan, and a preparation room. It can be seen that the lab is somewhere in a forest. Yotsumoe states he is looking for someone who can build. Possible foreshadowing for a new member of the Damedame?
  389. Where his lab is- It was asked where his lab was, and he answered with: Behold the sweetfish river running through my beloved hometown.
  390. You who seek the Golden Land, follow its path downstream in search of the key.
  391. As you travel down it, you will see a village.
  392. In that village, look for the shore the two will tell you of.
  393. There sleeps the key to the Golden Land., which is the witch's epitaph in Umineko (same series Battler is from). Some anons took it literally, and found a river that is similar to what's described, so it's possible it could be literal. There is a suspicious building near the 'bald mountain' found in an earlier clue in previous weeks, which could be the place described. It's also worth noting that the village that he posted is the one that Higurashi was based off of. Higurashi is the spiritual predecessor to umineko, and is about time loops and friends killing each other.
  395. Hot n' Cold- In one of Yotsumoe's tumblr responses, he describes Maddie as Hot n' Cold, which has to do with hell. Four of the hells are frozen, whereas the rest are of fire. In Inferno, the first cantica of Dante's Divine Comedy, Cocytus is the ninth and lowest circle of The Underworld. Dante and Virgil are placed there by the giant Antaeus. There are other Giants around the rim that are chained; however Antaeus is unchained as he died before the Gigantomachy. Cocytus is referred to as a frozen lake rather than a river, although it originates from the same source as the other infernal rivers, the tears of a statue called The Old Man of Crete which represents the sins of humanity. Dante describes Cocytus as being the home of traitors and those who committed acts of complex fraud. Depending on the form of their treachery, victims are buried in ice to a varying degree, anywhere from neck-high to completely submerged in ice.
  397. New Study (No the morality one)- Is explained in the previous section on the New Study. Oh boy we didn't know what we were getting into.
  399. Solving a Rubik's Cube- So based.
  401. BKITNY before red book- Interesting to note, he's been with BKITNY since before he read the red book.
  403. Preferred Chinese Cartoons- Yokkyun has a tie between 3. GOSICK, Gankutsuou, and Jigoku Shoujo. His favorite manga is Franken Fran.
  405. Spooky message- Yokkyun got spooky message from spooky person in his mail. They said he helped them. Yokkyun hid in lab so they no find (2cute).
  407. Where he's from- Posted a picture of a place in Gifu, but he couldn't find the picture of the place he was really at. Said that it's what it looks a little bit like. Inside was MP3 of alice- human sacrifice.
  409. Message to all- Smiling heart in a frame, with a quote from Julius Caesar and the first op from Amagami SS playing in the background. The quote is as follows:
  411. But I am constant as the northern star,
  412. Of whose true-fixed and resting quality
  413. There is no fellow in the firmament.
  414. The skies are painted with unnumbered sparks.
  415. They are all fire and every one doth shine,
  416. But there’s but one in all doth hold his place.
  417. みな、だいすき!
  419. So kawaii.
  420. ___________________________________________________Music/Songs___________________________________________________
  422. Towards the end of each episode in the ED of every Log Horizon episode, the subs for the song are different from the song itself. There are also many references to songs and musicals in the episodes themselves. It could be just a running gag, but it might have relevance as well.
  424. ep 1 Ike Ike Bokura no Gunbuster
  425. ep 2 Part of it is
  426. ep 3 "Artichoke"
  427. ep 4 Dean Martin "Volare"
  428. ep 5 Gatchaman Crowds "Crowds"
  429. ep 6 "Ghost Train"
  430. ep 7 Aida "Fortune Favours the Brave"
  431. ep 8 Les Miserabes "Do You Hear the People Sing"
  432. ep 9 Sound of Music "Climb Every Mountain"
  433. ep 10 "You're so vain"
  435. _________________________________________________DameDame Members_________________________________________________
  437. Madeline Silver
  438. Twitter:
  439. She's the leader of damedame, a professional gril, and probably the devil. Made a contract with Yotsumoe in order to stop the great death of 2025 and save the future through fansubs. Really cares about the damedame viewer and is like a warm motherly figure to many. If Yotsumoe disappears, Maddie is in a weakened state, similar to the JAPANESE COLD. Maddie is a possible tsundere, and is a gril who is independent, and doesn't need a man. But she's 10/10, and has a good handful of breasts [according to vier]. Prone to mood swings it seems, but generally feels that it's best to make the happy for everyone, even though it can be hard work sometimes.
  440. nyaa account: imats
  442. Yotsumoe
  443. Twitter: unknown/none
  444. He's the head scientist it appears. From the future, is brilliant. Found a way to compress an entire episode of Log Horizon to 100 MB through the use of the mp5 magic. Yotsumoe knows Sam in the future, and uses his death as a motivation to come back in time and save the future. Yotsumoe's email is yotsumoe@gmailcom. Note that Yotsumoe is a stone cold motherfucker who isn't afraid of Battler.[Even more stone cold given he might have had a hand in Battler's untimely death, however this is not confirmed] He disappeared once and that wasn't good. Yotsumoe also gets migraines from the MP5, but we're unsure as to what this means. Is best scientist who knows how to get sweet deals on human organs and is a true breeder. Prefers to be called yokkyun. Possible split personalities, but definite split in actions.
  445. nyaa account: Yotsumoe
  446. Tumblr:
  448. YOKKYUN
  449. Tumblr:
  450. Tumblr Password: kagomekagome
  451. Okay, here's where it gets confusing. Yotsumoe prefers being called yokkyun, however there seems to be two different modes in which he switches between. This one, being dubbed 'YOKKYUN', is a scary dude. He's the kind of guy who will turn the tumblr black and post a creepy poem, or make things darker than they should be, he's obsessed with experiments and is most likely the one behind the nonary game that they're putting on. It's advised not to talk to YOKKYUN, because if you do, you might not like whatever he responds with. How can one guy be so damn kowai?
  453. yokkyun
  454. Tumblr:
  455. Much like YOKKYUN is scary, there's also his 'normal' side, yokkyun. The kind of person who likes to be called 'yokkyun', and responds in ways that comfort us. The kind of person to tell you he loves you and wants you all to be happy. The one who wants the best for science, and for the damedame viewers as well as the one who comforts us and tells us it will be okay. Seems to have no recollection of anything scary happening when he acts as YOKKYUN, but it's unknown whether this is DID, or something else. Could be caused by having a Tulpa, if it is however. How can one guy be so damn kawaii?
  457. Sam Wanton
  458. Twitter:
  459. Does the KlK subs. Was in DameDame twice. Once in the future, around the time of the great death, the second time is present day past self. Probably died due to the great death, Yotsumoe made a promise to set things right with him and avenge him. It is unknown whether he knows the truth about the Great Death, or is working without a clue to his own destiny or future death. Possibly dead in this time as well.
  460. nyaa account: DDSamwanton
  462. BKITNY
  463. Twitter:
  464. Nobody knows the full name yet, except damedame. BKITNY appears to be an acronym, and so far we have Blind.Kid.Info.Thoughts.Net.Yield. That's all of the words. BKITNY is yotsumoe's tulpa, and the damedame Quality Checker, due to being able to tell the difference between mp4 and mp5. BKITNY occasionally posts on her twitter and is an older sister type of a person. Unfortunately she's extremely busy. Her name and description changes sometimes. "Blind Kid" and "Observer of Many Things" was first, "Info Net" and "Gatherer of Information" was second, "Net Yield" and "Curiosity's Profit", and "Thoughts" and "form" is her current username and description, respectively.
  466. nyaa account: unknown/none
  467. ________________________________________________What We Know About________________________________________________
  469. The Great Death
  470. - It most likely happens in 12 years (2025)
  471. - It is the cause of some high-powered human organization
  472. - It is most likely some form of biological warfare/plague/biological weapon
  473. - Multiple references to pandemics, such as VLR and Guilty Crown's Lost Christmas
  474. - Those who start it believe themselves to be immune to it
  476. MP5
  477. - Created using the OS "Mesosoft Dame"
  478. - Uses programs such as program x, y, and z
  479. - Utilizes double compression
  480. - No visual difference to mp4, however, can be differentiated through the use of Tulpas
  481. - Subconscious difference possibly?
  482. - Future of fansubs, future of videos
  483. - Blows hi-10p out of the water, made mkv obsolete
  484. - Typically comes at around 100 MB per episode
  485. - Can turn a full episode of Monogatari into less than 50 MiB
  486. _________________________________________________DameDame Enemies_________________________________________________
  488. Battler
  489. Tripcode: !!lRp1R1vGARp
  490. Evil specula pastebin:
  491. Honestly you need to look at the archive for this. It's too precious. Starts out with him trying to disprove the damedame as our saviors, and tries to paint them in an 'evil' light, but makes quite a few mistakes while doing it. When the picture that accompanied the mp5 of episode 9 came out, one of the rars inside it was locked. The password was 97609286, and inside was a cmd file that spit out the lines "And let me also say this./(in red)You are incompetent!". Of course this made many anons feel sad, until they realized that the password was Battler's first post number (in that thread). After Battler got told, he swore to prove that Yotsumoe is evil if it's the last thing he does, and claimed to be able to find them. Yotsumoe responded in kind, even in his weakened state with a message that becomes "Yes come, we fight to death". Battler's probably not a bad guy, but he did get anally wrecked so who knows what he'll do next?
  492. He also made his own pastebin apparently for speculation under the assumption that the damedame are in fact evil, and not our saviors.
  493. He then sent a death threat to Yotsumoe, and we haven't heard from him since. After seeing the bloodied arm, the brain, and his pastebin turned into desperate shouts of "LIES" and "STOP", I think it's safe to say he kicked the bucket. RIP IN PEACE SHITHEAD.
  494. STATUS: ded/10
  496. Possible Enemies of the damedame!
  497. -God
  498. -The Cartel (Commie specifically)
  499. -Daiz
  500. -Nyaa mods (I think they've made amends, or at least a ceasefire has been made)
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  503. Send in Possible Leads/Common Speculah to my email and I'll add them if they're relevant.
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  506. ===Log Horizon===
  507. Episode 1)
  508. Episode 2)
  509. Episode 3)
  510. Episode 4)
  511. Episode 5)
  512. Episode 6)
  513. Episode 7)
  514. Episode 8)
  515. Episode 9)
  516. Episode 10)
  517. Episode 11)
  518. Episode 12)
  519. Episode 13)
  520. Episode 14)
  521. Episode 15)
  522. Episode 16)
  523. Episode 17)
  524. Episode 18)
  525. Episode 19)
  526. Episode 20)
  527. Episode 21)
  528. Episode 22)
  529. Episode 23)
  530. Episode 24)
  531. Episode 25)
  533. ===Kill la Kill=== [RIP]
  534. Episode 1)
  535. Episode 2)
  536. Episode 3)
  537. Episode 4)
  538. Episode 5)
  539. Episode 6)
  540. Episode 7)
  541. Episode 8)
  542. Episode 9)
  543. Episode 10)
  544. Episode 11)
  546. ===Monogatari===
  547. Episode 21)
  548. Episode 22)
  549. Episode 23)
  550. Episode 24)
  551. Episode 25)
  552. Episode 26)
  554. Archived discussion threads (starting from the great realization)
  568. (Let's not let this happen again okay?)
  572. <- Christmas and Art
  575. (Monogatari, but has information about corpsegame)
  577. (Also Monogatari)
  583. (Monogatari)
  586. (Monogatari Finale)
  595. (full umineko- previous umineko threads were merged with LH)
  599. Useful images, including some collages put together (not complete)[Considerably more complete]
  602. The replies from Yotsumoe on November 30th
  605. You better vote, anon.
  608. There's an IRC now! Just go to and the channel damedame
  610. If you want to know what the hell is going on post episode 10, I advise you to check out the IRC chat logs.
  613. Geimu Pastebin:
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