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  2. AoriisToday at 8:13 PM
  3. @Aqueous You've been banned for stealing an elytra from the supersale shop. Please appeal here
  4. AoriisToday at 8:21 PM
  5. Upon further inspection it seems like you've been Xraying as well. Anything to say about that?
  6. AqueousToday at 8:23 PM
  7. hi I did buy elytra but after finding a better deal I replaced it ( twice actually)
  8. AoriisToday at 8:24 PM
  9. Nope, you took the elytra and never replaced it
  10. AqueousToday at 8:24 PM
  11. i saw 32D like an idiot thought it was 320 in one of the shops but after buying two and putting them back i went back and bought it
  12. wait which shop is this
  13. AoriisToday at 8:24 PM
  14. supersale
  15. AqueousToday at 8:24 PM
  16. is it first floor
  17. AoriisToday at 8:26 PM
  18. yes
  19. AqueousToday at 8:26 PM
  20. 32 diamonds?
  21. AoriisToday at 8:26 PM
  22. yes
  23. you never returned the elytra after withdrawing your diamonds from the chest
  24. AqueousToday at 8:27 PM
  25. now i am confused because i did return 2 elytras
  26. i thought i did pay
  27. for the final one
  28. AoriisToday at 8:28 PM
  29. No matter how confused you are right now the fact is that you didn't return the elytra
  30. I'm not lying to you here haha
  31. AqueousToday at 8:28 PM
  32. ok well that was not intentional then
  33. AoriisToday at 8:29 PM
  34. what about the Xray?
  35. AqueousToday at 8:29 PM
  36. wdym
  37. AoriisToday at 8:29 PM
  38. Xraying for diamonds
  39. AqueousToday at 8:29 PM
  40. evidence?
  41. AoriisToday at 8:30 PM
  42. lots.
  43. Gimme a second
  44. honestly I suggest you just appeal
  45. there's no getting out of this haha
  46. AqueousToday at 8:31 PM
  47. i want to see what you thought was xray
  48. AoriisToday at 8:32 PM
  52. yellow circles are all areas where there were dia veins covered by stone
  53. AqueousToday at 8:33 PM
  54. yes but did you see the logs? there were other ores there. When i mine pockets i always mine in all directions 3 blocks exactly for this reason
  55. Welcoming boiBOTToday at 8:33 PM
  56. GG @Aqueous, you just advanced to level 2!
  57. AoriisToday at 8:33 PM
  58. I did check the logs
  59. that's why I know you were xraying lol
  60. AqueousToday at 8:34 PM
  61. this is what i do in a strip mine, go 2x1 in one direction, every couple of blocks mine left and right as far as i can reach
  62. when i hit ores like i do here i mine them out
  63. AoriisToday at 8:34 PM
  64. I don't feel like I need to justify myself anymore, the dia you mined in those screenshots (&more but i didnt bother to ss all of them) were all covered and you somehow knew to mine straight to them
  65. but there was no ore
  66. so i've offered my evidence for you
  67. AqueousToday at 8:45 PM
  68. yes i admit i did mine straight down ONCE near the bottom of my stairs, I use a modded client called aristois because for some reason it gives an fps boost , and so i hit a keybinding for xray by accident and right there under me was an ore I could not fucking resist. The strip mines however were 100% legit i can tell you. I know this sound like complete bullshit which is why i wanted to see your evidence first ( my friends always accused of of xraying because of my strip mining method) if it was on that one mining down occasion.
  69. take diamonds from left chest in my house pay the shop guy, the elytra was not intentional
  70. AoriisToday at 8:49 PM
  71. So, after a quick look through the Aristois official webpage it doesn't look like the mod features fps boost benefits, so I find it difficult to believe that you downloaded it for that purpose only
  72. AqueousToday at 8:49 PM
  73. it has optifine + when you tab out of the game it limits to 5 fps reducing cpu load
  74. AoriisToday at 8:49 PM
  75. Also, I provided 3 of many instances where I'm certain you were xraying
  76. AqueousToday at 8:50 PM
  77. Alright listen
  78. AoriisToday at 8:50 PM
  79. I dont think I can recall any stripmine method that allows you to dig straight down / straight to a vein of diamonds
  80. AqueousToday at 8:51 PM
  81. are you talking about the screenshots?
  82. AoriisToday at 8:51 PM
  83. yes
  84. there's more than just the screenshots lol
  85. I just figured 3 examples would be enough
  86. I appreciate that you admitted to Xraying, but according to our logs it was not just that one instance you mentioned.
  87. AqueousToday at 8:53 PM
  88. the logs should show you that I was mining out other ore
  89. AoriisToday at 8:54 PM
  90. You didn't seem too apologetic about either Xraying or the theft either, so I'm afraid I don't think you're a good fit for this community
  91. I suggest checking out other servers on r/mcservers
  92. AqueousToday at 8:57 PM
  93. wow
  94. AqueousToday at 9:10 PM
  95. I wasn't apologetic because I was almost certain you made a mistake with the elytra because I did replace two of them before I bought the final one. Now that I think about it, you said I removed 32 diamonds but I don't know why I would do that in the final chest? - I removed elytra and placed diamonds. Maybe this is still one of the shows where I replaced the elytra. In any case, now that you said that you are certain that I stole, I am, sorry, if I forgot to place something unintentionally. I would have expressed this if not moving conversation on to the xray immediately.
  97. I admitted to the single case of xray, but I will not to any more because that would be false. I didn't mine "straight down" anywhere else how you are describing, my mining method is to maximise blocks mined to blocks exposed ratio - in the screenshots you provided i was mining out pockets of ore that I found from branching from the main strip mine. I can tell you that I joined this server not for the long term, just to play casually mid stress of my exams, had I actually been xraying in all the cases you said I would have admitted it because I don't really care about getting banned.  Whatever your conclusion, best of luck and sorry this situation turned out this way.
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