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  1. At the time you read this, I'm gone.
  3. The reason I came back was at a good time when everything was stable. But during my time prepping my album, everything went to shit again.
  4. I honestly don't care who the hell is the Clevelandfag, or which one doxed who.
  6. The tard-drama that began during the TubGuy-Foxo civil war has spiraled out of control into a pissing contest for numbnuts who do nothing but whack their asses on the keyboard splicing some 67 year old right-wing viettard veteran fatass. And even if some of you are actually taking him seriously, that's fine. Just don't bring that shit to anyone that just wants to troll tf out of a nationalist bastard like him.
  8. And I'd like to think, that maybe TCR would be better after Ghost's dead, because it'll obviously get taken over by you dumbasses with 186PointDeuce, Dead City Radio and Troll Alt Delete. And the rest of you fucking Autist Ass-Buger tards.
  10. To Raldy, Tison, MakeAus, and all of the faggots who kept pointing their shit stained fingers, I am no longer allowing my presence in this community.
  12. If this drama persists, then I'm as damn well sure I'm never coming back.
  14. On a lighter note, I don't want no trouble. And the reason I'm being so hard on you guys, Is because none of you are smart enough to shake hands and shit.
  16. If you want to download my album praying you want me back, I don't care. You'll never hear from me again.
  18. IT'S OVER.
  20. EightEqualHambone. a.k.a Jonathan Joseph (Whoever doxed my ass on christmas, go drown in acid.)
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