Succubus CYOS

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  1. The doorbell rings, rousing you from your television induced stupor. That must be the “guest” you “invited” over. You hesitate for a moment before you rise from your chair, wringing your hands. Doubts had been wearing down on you since you picked up the phone an hour ago, but you’ve paid for your time and given them your address. Now’s hardly the time to try to back out. You make your way to the door and ease it open.
  3. “Hey there Mister Smith, I’m here to fix your sink.” Says the azure-skinned succubus on the far side, grinning wryly.
  5. You’re somewhat surprised by the appearance of your partner for the evening. When you’d requested a callgirl part of you had been expecting a great deal of fishnets and ripped micro-shorts and runny mascara and all sorts of other things that would have the neighbor’s tongues wagging. Instead she looks, well, normal. A blouse that manages to cover her whole torso in spite of the concerted effort that her breasts are making to escape, a modest skirt, a bulging day-bag, and a ballcap cut to accommodate the pair of glassy horns protruding from the sides of her head. Really nothing out of the ordinary. The raciest part of her outfit is the strappy high-heels she’s balanced on. If her sky-blue skin and coal-black sclera weren’t broadcasting her demonic heritage to everyone in sight, you wouldn’t have looked at her twice.
  7. “<Ahem>.” She clears her throat rather pointedly, “I don’t mind you looking Honey, but wouldn’t you rather conduct this conference inside?”
  9. You give a nervous chuckle, embarrassed to be caught zoning out, and step aside to let her in. She struts in with regal confidence while you shut the door behind her, her spade tipped tail dancing idly behind her, keeping her balance and making her sashaying movements effortless in spite of her heels. Her skill at her particular trade quickly becomes evident; she’s already half undressed by the time you’ve turned from the door to face her. Her blouse lies discarded on the carpet, revealing a pair of gravity-defying breasts restrained by a lace-trimmed bra that could pull double duty as dental floss. Now that your gaze is fixed on her, she makes a grand show of sending her skirt down after it, exposing an equally stringy pair of panties that are utterly failing to conceal her plump pussy. You must look dumbstruck, because she grins smugly and strikes an overwhelmingly provocative pose.
  11. “You’ve got me for two hours Honey. How are we going to spend them?”
  13.  ---
  15. You fidget a bit under her coy gaze, unsure of yourself. You know exactly what you want to do to her, it’s something that’s been on your mind for a while now, but you’re reluctant to give voice to it. It’s the kind of thing that gets you contemptuous looks when you tell peo-
  17. “There’s no need to be shy. I’m here to make you feel good.” She interjects. Her ever-present smile has shifted from smug and sexy to reassuring. “Tell me what you want.”
  19. Stutteringly, you tell her to get on her knees. She complies immediately, her tail thrashing with excitement. Inferring what you’re after, she leans forward and pulls down your zipper with her teeth. You let her take the initiative, leaning back against the wall as she undresses you without using her hands even once. She sucks in a deep breath through her nose as she finally frees your member, taking a moment to revel in your scent before she looks you in the eye again, drool already pooling at the corner of her mouth.
  21. “May I?”
  23. You nod, trembling with anticipation. She sets about her work with no hesitation, tracing her tongue from your base to your head, over and over again, until you’re rock-hard and beading with anticipation. She plants a single, teasing kiss on your crown as you reach full mast, then settles on her haunches to await your next instruction. She’s just opening her mouth to invite your command when you reach out to grab her by the horns and force your entire engorged length down her throat in a single stroke.
  25. She grunts and struggles at first, choking and gurgling around the sudden intrusion into her throat, but you hold her firmly, any hesitation you had on this matter melting away under the wonderful warmth and tightness of her throat. After a few moments she recovers; her tongue starts to flick along your cum vein with purpose rather than panic and she leans toward you rather than away from you. Her defiant eyes bore into yours as she coos and hums around your cock, daring you to continue.
  27. ---
  29. Seeing that you haven’t broken any rules yet, you get to work, easing yourself out of her gulping, gasping mouth an inch at a time before thrusting back down to the base. She lies practically limp in your grasp, allowing you to use her as you please, and even going so far as to tilt her head back to allow you better access to her willing throat. Her total lack of resistance drives you wild, and before long you’ve begun treating her as nothing more than a living onahole, pistoning between her lips with reckless abandon. But just as you feel yourself closing in on release, she begins pushing away from you. Worried that you’ve actually hurt her, you release her horns and let her pull off of your turgid prick. The look of utterly depraved arousal in her teared-up eyes quickly puts your worries at ease.
  31. “You can get it deeper if I’m on my back,” she whispers hoarsely, “Let me help you out.”
  33. She rises shakily to her feet and staggers over to the couch, glossy droplets of arousal dripping down her thighs and onto the carpet. Tossing a handful of throw pillows to the ground, she stretches out belly-up across the sofa, her head hanging upside down over on arm. She hooks a finger into a blue cheek tainted with a crimson blush, widening her mouth in a lascivious attempt to convey her eagerness to have you stuff her throat again. You need no further encouragement. Your dick is at her lips in an instant, and an instant later she’s once again moaning whorishly around your intruding length. Already on edge, you ravage her with reckless abandon. She pushes her panties to the side and shoves three fingers into her soaked slit, treating her own sex almost as violently as you’re treating her mouth. Her chest heaves with exertion and her tail curls around her leg. Her heels dig into the sofa cushions as she pushes herself further onto your rod. She may not be able to speak, but her meaning is clear: Cum. Now.
  35. ---
  37. You can hardly refuse such an invitation, especially giving the clinging tightness of her throat and the merciless lapping of her tongue. You hilt yourself against her greedy lips as the first shot bursts out of you, sending it down her obscenely bulging throat and into her belly. The second coats her tongue and floods her mouth as you withdraw until only your cockhead is left between her lips. You slip the rest of the way out just as she swallows, allowing the rest of your load to rain down over her flushed face and ample bosom, coating her bellflower-colored skin in the silvery proof of your tryst. The taste of your spunk and the addition of her free hand to her masturbation prove to be enough for her to catch up to you, and she thrashes about beneath her alabaster glaze as she gushes her release onto the cushions.
  39. You stumble back into the armchair that lies across from the sofa, utterly spent. She seems to be in much the same state, lying insensate before you for some time before she finally stirs. Unravelling her tail from around her leg, she rises up to a sitting position before running her neatly manicured fingers through the strips of semen coating her bust. She brings them up to her lips, slowly, making sure you can see every move she makes as she sucks them clean and goes back for a second helping.
  41. “Gods it’s -THICK-. Did you save all this up just for me?”
  43. You feel a blush creep across your face and look away, unsure of what to say in response to such a bluntly sexual query. The silence doesn’t seem to bother her; she glances idly at her watch while continuing gulp down the mess you’ve made of her.
  45. “You’ve got me for another hour Hon. Anything else you’d like to try?”
  47. ---
  49. You’d better believe there is. You force yourself back to your feet and come to loom over the leering demoness. She lies limp and exposed, the picture of submission, but her tail snakes up your leg and starts teasing at you, bringing you back to readiness. You grab both of her hands and pin them down over her head, trying to assert your control of the situation, but your aggression only seems to encourage her. Her tail tip finds its way to your cumslit and starts tickling mercilessly while the silken length grips and strokes you. She runs her crimson tongue over her dark blue lips, waiting for you to put her in her place. You don’t bother trying to pry her tail away from you, choosing instead to line yourself up with her dripping cunt and thrust yourself into her. She arches her back beneath you, gasping in sudden delight. Her tail follows you in, still coiled around you but now thrusting up into her in a syncopated rhythm, pulling out and tickling at your glans every time you push in and driving back in with a firm squeeze of your shaft every time you pull out. It’s almost more than you can take, but she’s still committed to the idea that you’re running the show
  51. “Come on,” she pants, eyes bleary and unfocused, “Show me who’s boss. Fuck me, violate me, RAPE ME.”
  53. She has just enough slack left in her tail to put an obsidian loop around your sack in time with her last command. She starts kneading you with martial efficiency, striving to coax another load from you. It works. The ruthless stimulus she’s sending your way is more than enough to bring your still-sensitive cock to orgasm again. She wraps her legs around you as she feels the first spurt, ensuring that not a drop will escape her this time, and plants a gulping kiss on you. Overwhelmed her barbarous efforts to wring you out, you have little choice but to remain buried in her up to the base while she shamelessly probes into your mouth with her greedy tongue. Her tail finally uncoils from you as the last of your pearly surrender flows into her, at last allowing you to pull out and collapse on top of her. She hugs you against her neck, stroking your hair.
  55. “Tomorrow’s Saturday isn’t it?” she asks suddenly.
  57. You answer in the affirmative and feel her smile.
  59. “No work then? No obligations?”
  61. You answer again and feel her smile grow wider.
  63. “How about just one more round then?”
  65. ---
  67. You grit your teeth and push yourself up. Exhausted is the only word to describe your current state, but this is hardly an opportunity to waste. You clumsily kiss her, trying to regain your arousal, but it seems futile. Sensing this, she eases you away for a moment.
  69. “Let me help you with that.”
  71. She wriggles out from under you, hooks both arms around your head, and pulls your face down to her heavy breasts. She takes a moment to shimmy back and forth, forcing you to motorboat her, before pushing one of her pert, black nipples into your mouth.
  73. “Drink.” She commands.
  75. Hazily, you start sucking, not really expecting anything to come of it. She’s a succubus after all, not a holstaurus. To your surprise you find something thick and sweet flowing into your mouth. It’s not milk as you’d recognize it, but whatever it is it cuts a burning path down your throat and into your stomach, filling you with an invigorating warmth. The warmth turns into a fire as you continue to drink, and then into a blaze that demands quenching, your manhood springing to life as she pulls you away from her breast.
  77. “Ready?” she asks.
  79. ---
  81. You don’t even bother giving her a response, instead you just shove her onto her back and sidle up over her, your newly revived cock flopping down into her cleavage with a meaty thud. She folds her arms across her breasts, forming them around you like a fleshy cocksleeve. You ease back over her belly and then push forward far enough that your beading cockhead pokes up out of her cleavage. She quickly seizes the opportunity to take you into her mouth and give you’re a brief suckle before you pull back. Her hungry mouth is waiting for you, wide open on your next thrust, and every one after that. As you build speed she plants her hands on either side of her azure tits and starts sliding them up and down your shaft in time with your movements. You can see her lips curl into a smile whenever your cock isn’t slamming into them. The sight is enough to start you toward the edge once again. Your ragged breathing gives you away, prompting her to add in some pornographic moaning and slurping and to quicken her pace to breakneck speed. She pushes her tits upward just as your third orgasm of the day rockets out of you, sealing your cock between her tits and ensuring that her cleavage is completely coated with your cum. You rock back and forth in her soft embrace, sending more and more roiling out of you until your spunk shoots out from her cleavage to coat her chin and run down over her slender neck.
  83. She lets you ride out the last of your orgasm and separate from her under your own power before she sits up and starts redressing herself. She doesn’t bother to wipe away the creamy coating you’ve given her; in fact she make a point of showing off the way it stains her blouse as she buttons it back up.
  85. “Not bad for a first timer.” She says, fishing around in one of the pouches of her bag to retrieve a pen and a pad of paper.
  87. “Not bad at all.” She continues, starting to scribble away. “I like your style. You’re…passionate. Rough. My other customers treat me like I’m made of glass.”
  89. She tears the top sheet off the pad and hands it to you. It has a phone number, presumably hers, and a few crudely drawn hearts are printed on it.
  91. “If you’re ever in the mood again, think of me eh?” she says before sashaying to the door and out to the street.
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