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  1. A Pair of JKs Getting Along
  3. p1
  4. >A high school girl called out to me in the neighboring town.
  5. >Ah~
  6. >Is that a LilyPre strap!?
  8. >None of the other girls around me like it~
  9. >I'm so happy to talk about it with someone~
  10. >Ahaha
  11. >Same here~
  13. >Alright, I'll contact you later, okay!
  14. >Sure!
  15. >>Riko
  16. >We hit it off and became friends.
  18. >The next day
  19. >And then
  20. >I became friends with a super cute girl~
  22. >Geez~ Having someone who shared my hobby was so much fun!
  23. >...
  25. >Yeah.
  26. >I don't mind that but
  27. >have you properly told her?
  29. p2
  30. >"I'm a 27-year old office lady whose hobby involves going out on days off while cosplaying as a high school student."
  31. >You told her that?
  32. >Tanaka Kiriko (27) - Trading Company Office Lady
  33. >Waahn
  34. >There's no way I could tell her that!
  36. >I didn't think I'd get called out to by an actual high school girl!
  37. >I can't tell her now!
  38. >Ah~
  39. >I feel sorry for that girl~
  40. >Hey, hey!
  42. >Where'd you go yesterday, Non-chan?
  43. >I went to your house but you weren't there!
  44. >Ah~
  45. >Well, y'see...
  46. >Satou Nonka (11) - Elementary School 5th Grader
  48. >I can't tell her that I was playing with a high school girl while pretending to be one myself...
  49. >Without knowing each other's true identities, the relationship of these two (alleged) high school girls continues...
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