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  1. Welp, I'm banned... XDDD
  3. No, I didn't actually use illegal mods in any game of UHC. There is no reason I would. I like to PvP and I like playing with friends on here, so I wouldn't risk that opportunity for some ten minute glory. I've disputed my ban, but since I can't see the evidence being used against me or understand it in the way it's being described, I can't provide a viable defense. Therefore I'm remaining banned and I'm not going to own up to something that I didn't do.
  5. BUT
  7. I DID xray on EMC's main server. @Staff, Surprise! Surprise! Can't believe you didn't catch that. This was after a close friend got banned for illegal mods. We made the appeal/dispute public and I ended up not feeling to fond of the staff. Things got very heated between me and him versus the staff:
  9. I really didn't want to play the main server after that - I still don't - so I went out to the wastelands and hauled over a DC of diamonds in a few days. I didn't bother making it look like I wasn't xraying, I dug left and right, straight into diamond veins. Here's a screenshot from what I compiled within 30 minutes.
  12. Note the voter's gear, it's not fake nor would I take the time out of my life to fake it, haha.
  14. The reason for this thread is so my reputation is not tarnished by something I didn't do - xray and ruin other people's game, but something I did - xray because I didn't care, it didn't affect anyone, I still have possession of all the diamonds. So anyhow, it's been nice knowing y'all. I'll see you guys around on the forums, I still plan to stay on here for a while. Please do not use this thread to debate over my ban, just wanted to come clean to you guys.
  16. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. As for Krysyy, I've explained the one instance you keep bringing up. Finding diamonds behinds walls is how strip mining works. You mine through walls and find ores sometimes. And it's only one instance, so the chances of that are not that bad at all.
  20. Really? I was on suspicious watch list. Okey. Totally. The xraying is back from April and you HAD no idea. Just accept it. EMC has no anti-xray and I got away with it. Stop trying to save yourself. You had no idea and now the truth hurts.
  22. The thread was to come clean, tell the community what ACTUALLY happened. No rules were broken in the thread (other than xray) and there is no reason to be locked.
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  26. I'm going to be posting this on my wall, and in my signature. Good day.
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