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  1. //========================================================================================
  2. //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. //========================================================================================
  4. alias _whine1 "say smelly whoever made this game FOR FUCKS SAKE"
  5. alias _whine2 "say dumb headset!"
  6. alias _whine3 "say roflmao dog"
  7. alias _whine4 "say diarhea I CANT TAKE IT"
  8. alias _whine5 "say gay because im colorblind you win"
  9. alias _whine6 "say rat on my hand, fuck yeah"
  10. alias _whine7 "say I am a pyro, trust me i have caugt 3 acres of land on fire dnt talk unless you know what ur talkin bout doood"
  11. alias _whine8 "say my mother in law sewing new sweater zzz FFS"
  12. alias _whine9 "say wonderfultelephone"
  13. alias _whine10 "say police busting someone on street"
  14. alias _whine11 "say FUCKING mongo WHAT IS THE ODDS?"
  15. alias _whine12 "say stupid sun, fuck yeah"
  16. alias _whine13 "say goddamn my mum got electrocuted again"
  17. alias _whine14 "say faggy rusty cat OMG?"
  18. alias _whine15 "say mosquito bit me WHAT IS THE ODDS?"
  19. alias _whine16 "say WONDERFUL, SIMPLY FUCKING WONDERFUL flash player just wants an update right now FOR FUCKS SAKE"
  20. alias _whine17 "say dad throwing an axe to the neighborszzzz???"
  21. alias _whine18 "say hilarious yoghurt spillt"
  22. alias _whine19 "say cocksucking dog whining for food"
  23. alias _whine20 "say fucking grandma left seamen in my sink"
  24. alias _whine21 "say hazardous beoing flying through my window?????"
  26. alias _whine23 "say stupid car-horn outside WHAT IS THE ODDS?"
  27. alias _whine24 "say WONDERFUL, SIMPLY FUCKING WONDERFUL block of flats nearby collapsed LOLMAO!"
  28. alias _whine25 "say spider on the wall"
  29. alias _whine26 "say roflmao muslims praying"
  30. alias _whine27 "say UR STATUS: [x] mad [ ] not mad"
  31. alias _whine28 "say An empty aluminum cigar tube filled with angry wasps makes an inexpensive vibrator."
  32. alias _whine29 "say WONDERFUL, SIMPLY FUCKING WONDERFUL noise."
  33. alias _whine30 "say a kangaroo here? WTF???????, fuck yeah"
  34. alias _whine31 "say shitty abuser of game mechanics"
  35. alias _whine32 "say masculine fishbowl tripped"
  36. alias _whine33 "say mickey mouse pissing me off"
  37. alias _whine34 "say my friend in high school had a pretty bad stutter and everyone called him 'remix' :(("
  38. alias _whine35 "say battery in cellphone died"
  39. alias _whine36 "say chocolate paper sounds FREFDEFEFDSFDRGFRSZ"
  40. alias _whine37 "say witnessed planecrash yesterday !!!!!!@!"
  41. alias _whine38 "say postman left someone else's mail at door"
  42. alias _whine39 "say HORNY dog farted"
  43. alias _whine40 "say DAD farted again"
  44. alias _whine41 "say elephant sitting next to me"
  45. alias _whine42 "say NO WAY lucky bastard, fuck yeah"
  46. alias _whine43 "say erection"
  47. alias _whine44 "say fucking my dog wants to leave me forever FFS?"
  48. alias _whine45 "say faggy my client is bugged FREFDEFEFDSFDRGFRSZ"
  49. alias _whine46 "say NO WAY condom"
  50. alias _whine47 "say faggy postman jerking the doorbell OMG?"
  51. alias _whine48 "say goddamn dog whining for food WHAT IS THE ODDS?"
  52. alias _whine49 "say someone outside screaming"
  53. alias _whine50 "say goddamned terrain vehicle needs help here!"
  54. alias _whine51 "say roflmao new episode of sailor moon plz"
  55. alias _whine52 "say roflmao girl ate a spoon"
  56. alias _whine53 "say dumb vacuum in my room"
  57. alias _whine54 "say cocksucking lag"
  58. alias _whine55 "say cocksucking cat farted, fuck yeah"
  59. alias _whine56 "say wolth howling"
  60. alias _whine57 "say A BIRD FLEW THROUGH WINDOWzzzz?Z?Z?Z?Z?Z?Z???????????"
  61. alias _whine58 "say shitty battery in cellphone died FFS?"
  62. alias _whine59 "say keyboard !!!!!!@!"
  63. alias _whine60 "say WONDERFUL, SIMPLY FUCKING WONDERFUL fucking water-frame bug abuser I CANT TAKE IT"
  64. alias _whine61 "say wolth bit me"
  65. alias _whine62 "say ZOMG poisoned banana I CANT TAKE IT"
  66. alias _whine63 "say who made this mouse omg."
  67. alias _whine64 "say wallhacker"
  68. alias _whine65 "say dumb my client is bugged"
  70. alias _whine67 "say wonderfulinsurance company here FREFDEFEFDSFDRGFRSZ"
  71. alias _whine68 "say mother calling me for soup"
  72. alias _whine69 "say cumguzzling police busting someone on street WHATS GOING ON"
  73. alias _whine70 "say lol yeah you're legit"
  74. alias _whine71 "say JEEZ undercover armymen here"
  75. alias _whine72 "say omg lego piece in my throat I'm chocking !!!!!!@!"
  76. alias _whine73 "say diarhea !!!!!!@!"
  77. alias _whine74 "say sucky please remove luck WHAT IS THE ODDS?"
  78. alias _whine75 "say goddamn room on fire"
  79. alias _whine76 "say music outside"
  80. alias _whine77 "say fucking chocolate paper sounds."
  81. alias _whine78 "say fucking my mum got electrocuted again"
  82. alias _whine79 "say my teeth hurt..."
  83. alias _whine80 "say rofl the police sent me 200 bucks for catching a criminal I never did"
  84. alias _whine81 "say ahahaha, you brother fuck pillows :)zzz FFS?"
  85. alias _whine82 "say juice spilled WHATS GOING ON"
  86. alias _whine83 "say a cat scratched me"
  87. alias _whine84 "say goddamn whoever made this game"
  88. alias _whine85 "say wow good bash, good game, good gameplay"
  89. alias _whine86 "say masculine new episode of sailor moon plz, fuck yeah"
  90. alias _whine87 "say mum always forgets to buy raisins zzzz LOL"
  91. alias _whine88 "say wonderfulwolth howling LOL"
  92. alias _whine89 "say hdd lag CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THIS SHIT?!"
  93. alias _whine90 "say jealous neighbor."
  94. alias _whine91 "say sucky a kangaroo here? WTF???????"
  95. alias _whine92 "say C'mon bro, you're shitting on my tits."
  96. alias _whine93 "say I gotta pay bills"
  97. alias _whine94 "say cheater"
  98. alias _whine95 "say LOL nice reg"
  99. alias _whine96 "say sun!"
  100. alias _whine97 "say masculine juice spilled"
  101. alias _whine98 "say fucking my eye bleeds CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THIS SHIT?!"
  102. alias _whine99 "say dumb pride-festival outside atm OMG?"
  103. alias _whine100 "say server bug"
  104. alias _whine101 "say"
  105. alias _whine102 "say ummm reexec i forgot to masturbate:::: gimme 2 mins~!!"
  106. alias _whine103 "say wtf my keyboard fell off the desk?? what is the odds!!"
  107. alias _whine104 "say wow my monitor was off this whole time!!"
  108. alias _whine105 "say rofl my monitor is off and i'm playing via morse code and a complex system of ech0location"
  109. alias _whine106 "say WOW ESEA, GJ **fartzzzz*@#!"
  110. alias _whine107 "say NiCE AIMBOT, did it come wiWETH a MILsHAKE??"
  111. alias _whine108 "say WOW a YouNG DUNK!!!"
  112. alias _whine109 "say chair just collapsed like an open team<< WTF"
  113. alias _whine110 "say one guy on Intervention said his classmates called him Pizza Tits, i laughed"
  114. alias _whine111 "say whoa bitch thats a mean word and 2 i dont give my information to other dudes? so yeah i think we should stop cause your going over board and im not going to change your opinion"
  115. alias _whine112 "say why isn't soul eater on here? thats an awesome anime and the fact that soul can turn into a death sycthe is epic"
  116. alias _whine113 "say like i said blade would beat on goku and your arguments were weak so yeah go back to jerking off on your hentai lol :P"
  117. alias _whine114 "say but i do agree yes super tengen gurren laggan can beat goku and blade cause blade not that powerful to take on the universe yet but yeah don't matter um"
  118. alias _whine115 "say Tak? sa :D Kto polak kciuk w góre!!"
  119. alias _whine116 "say 50cent is a certified negro monkey roaming around the streets of america!"
  123. alias _whine120 "say His thighs twitched, impatient ass, and I licked the head, because Spy loved that kind of thing."
  124. alias _whine121 "say I swallowed the extra inches into my throat hesitantly, I'd only deep-throated Spy like once or twice"
  125. alias _whine122 "say He grabbed at my hair, so I gripped his thighs to keep him from trying to face-fuck me."
  126. alias _whine123 "say Sniper threw his head back when he came, and I debated swallowing or spitting for a minute, then just swallowed"
  127. alias _whine124 "say I gave head to fuckin' Sniper for no fuckin' reason!"
  128. alias _whine125 "say He rolled over and straddled my hips like the freakin' Queen of England (is that bitch dead, yet?) and taunted me."
  129. alias _whine126 "say There was a short repose at one point where Spy said, 'Ought we go to bed now, Scout?' I swallowed, and hugged him closer to me. "
  130. alias _whine127 "say Medic shoved it in to the hilt just to hear Sniper scream from the intrusion. 'Too deep,' Sniper gulped for air, 'S-Sir.'"
  131. alias _whine128 "say Calloused fingertips explored every inch of Engineer's skin as Solider's head went lower and lower…"
  132. alias _whine129 "say how to get in touch with who give strangers babies in adoption? i don't know nothing about it?"
  133. alias _whine130 "say screaming toddler what to do? WHAT IS THE ODDS"
  134. alias _whine131 "say i keep getting stomach cramps could i be pregnant? FREDGEGSZZZRGDD"
  135. alias _whine132 "say sheep breedin wtf??? What are you views on this ?"
  136. alias _whine133 "say I took birth control here and there for 2months but harldy stayed on it so is it easy to get pregnant? plz repyll!!"
  137. alias _whine134 "say my fiance ejaculated in me a week b4 the ovulation calender said i was to ovulate.? fart!"
  138. alias _whine135 "say my right kidney hurts whenever i drink alot of water? what is the odds ROFL!?"
  139. alias _whine136 "say is wwe acting or real? FFS I DONT TELL"
  140. alias _whine137 "say How to actually Get Cures premature ejaculation?"
  141. alias _whine138 "say got more wobbles then a new born giraffe with down syndrome. ?FFS"
  142. alias _whine139 "say my friend thought about suicide, she jumped into the Thames? LOl???<<< fzzzzzzz horny"
  143. alias _whine140 "say i always chose squirtle when i played pokemon, i literally never chose another. sometimes i wonder...."
  144. alias _whine141 "say goddamn wat is the name of this bette davis moive where she says you like making fun of me dont you?"
  145. alias _whine142 "say Period cups ??????????( girls only)?"
  146. alias _whine143 "say Would there ever be a George Lazenby/Timothy Dalton of Hannah Montana?"
  147. alias _whine144 "say How can I get my family to believe that I can see aura's? FFS horny father outside, zzzzz"
  148. alias _whine145 "say a venemous snake? in my shower((((( fuggg))"
  149. alias _whine146 "say steven hocking appeared in a wheelchair ffs?"
  150. alias _whine147 "say Abraham Lincoln, who invented a hydraulic device for lifting ships over shoals, was the only US president ever granted a patent."
  151. alias _whine148 "say Honey is the only food that does not spoil"
  152. alias _whine149 "say Maine is the only state in the United States whose name is just one syllable."
  153. alias _whine150 "say Swans are the only birds with penises."
  154. alias _whine151 "say There's only one city in the United States named merely "Beach." It is found in North Dakota, which is a land-locked state."
  155. alias _whine152 "say Uranus is the only planet that rotates on its side."
  156. alias _whine153 "say An average beaver can cut down two hundred trees a year."
  157. alias _whine154 "say Average number of eggs laid by the female American Oyster per year: 500 million. Usually only one oyster out of the bunch reaches maturity."
  158. alias _whine155 "say Average number of squirts from a cow's udder needed to yield a gallon of milk : 345"
  159. alias _whine156 "say The average cat consumes about 127,750 calories a year, nearly 28 times its own weight in food and the same amount again in liquids."
  160. alias _whine157 "say The average elephant produces 50 pounds of dung each day."
  161. alias _whine158 "say A woodpecker can peck twenty times a second."
  162. alias _whine159 "say All pet hamsters are descended from a single female wild golden hamster found with a litter of 12 young in Syria in 1930."
  163. alias _whine160 "say An albatross can sleep while it flies. It apparently dozes while cruising at 25 mph."
  164. alias _whine161 "say During World War II, the very first bomb dropped on Berlin by the Allies killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo."
  165. alias _whine162 "say HORNY teddy bear farted SNUUUUURRRRPPP?? FFS!!"
  166. alias _whine163 "say Every year, $1.5 billion is spent on pet food. This is four times the amount spent on baby food."
  167. alias _whine164 "say Sharks apparently are the only animals that never get sick. As far as is known, they are immune to every known disease including cancer"
  168. alias _whine165 "say The cat lover is an ailurophile, while a cat hater is an ailurophobe. :3"
  169. alias _whine166 "say In 1845, President Andrew Jackson's pet parrot was removed from his funeral for swearing."
  170. alias _whine167 "say A healthy individual releases 3.5 oz. of gas in a single flatulent emission, or about 17 oz. in a day."
  171. alias _whine168 "say Most men have erections every hour to hour and a half during sleep."
  172. alias _whine169 "say The little lump of flesh just forward of your ear canal, right next to your temple, is called a tragus."
  173. alias _whine170 "say America's first nudist organization was founded in 1929, by 3 men."
  174. alias _whine171 "say More people are killed annually by donkeys than die in air crashes."
  175. alias _whine172 "say rofl police served a warrant on my dog but she fled!@"
  176. alias _whine173 "say So stupid!!! I want to stop pay my bill every month! what for ! screaming !!!.."
  177. alias _whine174 "say Amy working at the girls nite club she has std. be careful do not go ner this animil. she will get people to sleep With Her and give them std...."
  178. alias _whine175 "say pillars calapsed at parthenon Rofl"
  180. alias _whine177 "say I was raped in a toilet by a woman named Steven J Miller..."
  181. alias _whine178 "say Jesus nonsinse?u will burn in hell. oh i frgot u believe when u die nothing happens,lol. go kill urslef 4 making a religous remark,your the frontrunner for espn blog idiot of the year!"
  182. alias _whine179 "say your reality is imaginary,lol...go take you're garbage comments somewhere else, your making an ass out of yourself,lol"
  183. alias _whine180 "say best country ever., 12 points from azerbaijan to our brothers turkey. and fuck armenia"
  184. alias _whine181 "say Grow up and be mature, gay doesnt mean that it is bad. It jst means that its a song for fags, it means that this Turkish singer probably take some d*ck into his an*s sometimes."
  185. alias _whine182 "say wtf i have used the company for yers and paid for the gaurntee and I receicved a letter from the irs ans I had to pay them $428."
  186. alias _whine183 "say you still shouldn't not have no heart, not fight, not compete, not be into games."
  187. alias _whine184 "say faggy medics revived gecko neighbor FRZZZZZZ THE SOUND ROFL"
  188. alias _whine185 "say You wouldn't by any chance be a Zionist Jew, would you? Because there's a lot of them here who spread malicious 'pedophile' lies."
  189. alias _whine186 "say the chordal progresiun and melodic evolutiun is all the same, created a song ripped off of one of toby keiths numerus masterpieces."
  190. alias _whine187 "say if? only your’e level of nowlege was as deep as mine, you could understand the underlying relations"
  191. alias _whine188 "say was all by myself in the US, defenceless- they misguided me and they took advantage...I Cry big time!"
  192. alias _whine189 "say in fact Nasa cannot go further than 400 miles from earth because Cosmic Radiation would incinerate?? the astronauts in seconds"
  193. alias _whine190 "say yes i smoke weed also, i am a sinner, thats between me and God you athiest ####,lol"
  194. alias _whine191 "say u see what is crank :P hahahahhahahah noobs , rich pooper"
  195. alias _whine192 "say I got Physycal destroyed after watches this video. Thank you"
  196. alias _whine193 "say Chimpanzees have a history of violence after entering puberty."
  197. alias _whine194 "say I just don't understand. Could someone please explain why this chimp is riding a segway?"
  198. alias _whine195 "say this donk is dirtier than fingering your? sister and finding your dads wedding ring, siicckk laadddd!!!!"
  199. alias _whine196 "say At first I thought I was a heroic Navy Seal, then at 40 seconds I thought there was a bomb, and the computer was pissed at me."
  201. alias _whine198 "say My dick flinched 'OH MY GOD!'"
  202. alias _whine199 "say semen leaking from ears??/?? what is the odds@???"
  203. alias _whine200 "say my rubix cube fell off my desk? and completed itself, neighbors called the police and they got arrested"
  204. alias _whine201 "say it will take weeks to clean the semen off the ceiling"
  205. alias _whine202 "say then why the fuk are yu on his video yu r pefetic"
  206. alias _whine203 "say we are here to dislike Bieber and to say thath bieber is gay :s And to critic everyone who say bieber is the best !"
  207. alias _whine204 "say Ok Guys, let's do a quizz? ! What is the heightest mountain on the world ?"
  208. alias _whine205 "say :D Brb ... Lol wtf? OMG laomo :D :D Rolf"
  210. alias _whine207 "say they want everyone to give up their children and move on, they stole my son and made up more malious lies then anyone can imagine."
  212. alias _whine209 "say This site is run by a clan on ps3 they are from usa and they are very racist to any other country they also racist to colour aswell. "
  213. alias _whine210 "say How did i get here from watching dog porn? o_O"
  214. alias _whine211 "say beeing balled in the ass??? HELP ME"
  215. alias _whine212 "say Its disgusting to punsh someone in the face when he is lying on the floor..."
  216. alias _whine213 "say dude i think i caused a earthquake in my house playin this super louad as fuck"
  217. alias _whine214 "say Is It Meh Or Did My Katt Juss Barkedd At Me!?!?!?"
  218. alias _whine215 "say i got a dwds (driving while dick sucking)"
  219. alias _whine216 "say E bro,you have to go inside and find something for fuck...!!"
  220. alias _whine217 "say Yay I fucking learning impaired midget who thinks he funny!!!!!"
  221. alias _whine218 "say add upp all of the veiws he's gotten in his whole channel or whatever. throught your life you'll prabaly neva get that many."
  222. alias _whine219 "say hahahahaahah laught my ass off when i heard retarded dwarf"
  223. alias _whine220 "say "
  224. alias _whine221 "say "
  225. alias _whine222 "say "
  226. alias _whine223 "say "
  227. alias _whine224 "say "
  228. alias _whine225 "say "
  229. alias _whine226 "say "
  230. alias _whine227 "say "
  231. alias _whine228 "say "
  232. alias _whine229 "say "
  233. alias _whine230 "say "
  234. alias _whine231 "say "
  235. alias _whine232 "say "
  236. alias _whine233 "say "
  237. alias _whine234 "say "
  238. alias _whine235 "say "
  239. alias _whine236 "say "
  240. alias _whine237 "say "
  241. alias _whine238 "say "
  242. alias _whine239 "say "
  243. alias _whine240 "say "
  244. alias _whine241 "say "
  245. alias _whine242 "say "
  246. alias _whine243 "say "
  247. alias _whine244 "say "
  248. alias _whine245 "say "
  249. alias _whine246 "say "
  250. alias _whine247 "say "
  251. alias _whine248 "say "
  252. alias _whine249 "say "
  253. alias _whine250 "say "
  254. alias _whine251 "say "
  255. alias _whine252 "say "
  256. alias _whine253 "say "
  257. alias _whine254 "say "
  258. alias _whine255 "say "
  259. alias _whine256 "say "
  260. alias _whine257 "say "
  261. alias _whine258 "say "
  262. alias _whine259 "say "
  263. alias _whine260 "say "
  264. alias _whine261 "say "
  265. alias _whine262 "say "
  266. alias _whine263 "say "
  267. alias _whine264 "say "
  268. alias _whine265 "say "
  269. alias _whine266 "say "
  270. alias _whine267 "say "
  271. alias _whine268 "say "
  272. alias _whine269 "say "
  273. alias _whine270 "say "
  274. alias _whine271 "say "
  275. alias _whine272 "say "
  276. alias _whine273 "say "
  277. alias _whine274 "say "
  278. alias _whine275 "say "
  279. alias _whine276 "say "
  280. alias _whine277 "say "
  281. alias _whine278 "say "
  282. alias _whine279 "say "
  283. alias _whine280 "say "
  284. alias _whine281 "say "
  285. alias _whine282 "say "
  286. alias _whine283 "say "
  287. alias _whine284 "say "
  288. alias _whine285 "say "
  289. alias _whine286 "say "
  290. alias _whine287 "say "
  291. alias _whine288 "say "
  292. alias _whine289 "say "
  293. alias _whine290 "say "
  294. alias _whine291 "say "
  295. alias _whine292 "say "
  296. alias _whine293 "say "
  297. alias _whine294 "say "
  298. alias _whine295 "say "
  299. alias _whine296 "say "
  300. alias _whine297 "say "
  301. alias _whine298 "say "
  302. alias _whine299 "say "
  303. alias _whine300 "say "
  304. alias _whine301 "say "
  305. alias _whine302 "say "
  306. alias _whine303 "say "
  307. alias _whine304 "say "
  308. alias _whine305 "say "
  309. alias _whine306 "say "
  310. alias _whine307 "say "
  311. alias _whine308 "say "
  312. alias _whine309 "say "
  313. alias _whine310 "say "
  314. alias _whine311 "say "
  315. alias _whine312 "say "
  316. alias _whine313 "say "
  317. alias _whine314 "say "
  318. alias _whine315 "say "
  319. alias _whine316 "say "
  320. alias _whine317 "say "
  321. alias _whine318 "say "
  322. alias _whine319 "say "
  323. alias _whine320 "say "
  324. alias _whine321 "say "
  325. alias _whine322 "say "
  326. alias _whine323 "say "
  327. alias _whine324 "say "
  328. alias _whine325 "say "
  329. alias _whine326 "say "
  330. alias _whine327 "say "
  331. alias _whine328 "say "
  333. //========================================================================================
  334. //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  335. //========================================================================================
  336. //========================================================================================
  337. //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  338. //========================================================================================
  340. alias "shittalk2" "say wow destroid p.s. ur utter shit"
  341. alias "shittalk3" "say w0w SNAPPED u HARD (fkn shitter)"
  342. alias "shittalk4" "say did u kno if u take l4d and replace L with B, u get B4D, and thats u"
  343. alias "shittalk5" "say LMFAO nt retard 8===--D~~ (cum)"
  344. alias "shittalk6" "say {{R@PeD}} :: btw you are shit"
  345. alias "shittalk7" "say hope ur ok with going on utube!!"
  346. alias "shittalk8" "say L0l did u just buy dis game??!? ROFRRL"
  347. alias "shittalk9" "say LMAO u got SMASHD!! (and your dad fingers you)"
  348. alias "shittalk10" "say loL :D get b3tt3r fgt (jk u cant)"
  349. alias "shittalk11" "say U <3 SP3RM (ESP UR DADZ L0L) ~~~c====8"
  350. alias "shittalk12" "say <--- BEATDOWN BRINGA (smashed u dickhead)"
  351. alias "shittalk13" "say !! r0FL shat on -- ****nice play fagg0t****"
  352. alias "shittalk14" "say You tried youre best. thats all that maters - qu33rL0L"
  353. alias "shittalk15" "say wer3 u born yesterday??? ~~ ROFL sh1tty"
  354. alias "shittalk16" "say u did good.... for a fCKing~BADDIE...sh4t on"
  355. alias "shittalk17" "say lolURb4d at an E-Z GAME (>^^)>"
  356. alias "shittalk18" "say go milk a cow you shitmongering cuntnugget"
  357. alias "shittalk19" "say u = v1rgin n3rd~"
  358. alias "shittalk20" "say cheer up^ :) youre small d1k isnt noticealbe under ur BaDnEsS"
  359. alias "shittalk21" "say ==----**~~#NOOB DOWN#~~**----=="
  361. alias "shittalk23" "say rack off you crazy little dingo!!! FFS????@!"
  362. alias "shittalk24" "say L0L :-) L0L u g0t r4P3D id10t :-) L0L"
  363. alias "shittalk25" "say nt nigger (suck my cunt)"
  364. alias "shittalk26" "say **maybee** if u stoped jerkin it to anime u'd get a gf ^______^"
  365. alias "shittalk27" "say hey l00k, its a gay virg1n"
  366. alias "shittalk28" "say CRY SOME MORE - Team Fortress 2 Heavy Weapons Guy"
  367. alias "shittalk29" "say  at least i have arms n legs (thats what it feels like playing vs u)"
  368. alias "shittalk30" "say i laffed iRL b-cuz your so BAD *(<(<(OEWNED>)>)*"
  369. alias "shittalk31" "say **PROTIP** Using a mouse is recommended."
  370. alias "shittalk32" "say GO BACK TO ASS-LAND YOU DICK-CODDLING PRINCE!"
  371. alias "shittalk33" "say **PROTIP** If you wanna frag people you have to hit them."
  372. alias "shittalk34" "say **PROTIP** Use the reticule in the middle of the screen to aim."
  373. alias "shittalk35" "say Do you feel special? Please try suicide again... hopefully you will be successful this time."
  374. alias "shittalk36" "say **PROTIP** Your crosshair generally assists you in aiming."
  375. alias "shittalk37" "say rofl pubbers are so bad its funny"
  376. alias "shittalk38" "say LOL WOW watchin u play this game is like watching helen keller play tennis"
  377. alias "shittalk39" "say ahaha ur awful"
  378. alias "shittalk40" "say lolumad"
  379. alias "shittalk41" "say calm down br0, ur bad, just accept it"
  380. alias "shittalk42" "say ROFL WOW BADDIES EVERYWHERE"
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  383. alias "shittalk45" "say LMDOIUE (laf my dik off into ur ear)"
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  387. alias "shittalk49" "say u so asspissed rite now ur bluddy poo steam w/rage"
  388. alias "shittalk50" "say y dont u gb2gayville ur dad is wait"
  389. alias "shittalk51" "say how dos it fel 2b autism"
  390. alias "shittalk52" "say get the weiner out of your mouth, ShitFUckeDDDDD!~@#("
  391. alias "shittalk53" "say ay are u Oscar teh grouch!?!? CUZ U LIV INA shittalk!!!!!!!!!??"
  392. alias "shittalk54" "say lmfao ur an moron"
  393. alias "shittalk55" "say Don't hate me because I'm beautiful hate me because your boyfriend thinks so ~~~~"
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  395. alias "shittalk57" "say I took ur mom out to a nice steak dinner, but rly it was my evil twin with ur mmm and I was at your house raping your father"
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  398. alias "shittalk60" "say Your mother swims out to meet troopships."
  399. alias "shittalk61" "say So next time i scratch my ass i will think of do everyone a favor and FUCK OFF."
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  404. alias "shittalk66" "say You're as dumb as a bag of doorknobs. Retarded doorknobs."
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  411. alias "shittalk73" "say I have not met with anything in natural history more amusing and entertaining than your personal appearance."
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  413. alias "shittalk75" "say lol you are one angry little boy aint you acutally your spelling is of a 5 year "
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  417. alias "shittalk79" "say i shld slap u in the tits"
  418. alias "shittalk80" "say yor dad calls u 'cc' 4 cumcaptin lawl"
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  420. alias "shittalk82" "say horse status: fucked [x] not fucked [ ]"
  421. alias "shittalk83" "say your facebok status = shitslaming fukfaced dickpipeing aspie"
  422. alias "shittalk84" "say i called u a fukin nerd go blog abut it faggt"
  423. alias "shittalk85" "say 'i like to eat dady's steemy logs of poop 4 lunsh n diner while jackling of to naurto' - u"
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  426. alias "shittalk88" "say rep up those wieners cos ur sure hungry for one"
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  465. alias "shittalk127" "say you should make grenade"
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  468. alias "shittalk130" "say "
  469. alias "shittalk131" "say "
  470. alias "shittalk132" "say "
  471. alias "shittalk133" "say "
  472. alias "shittalk134" "say "
  474. //========================================================================================
  475. //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  476. //========================================================================================
  477. alias "whine_diceroll_1" "alias whine_result _whine1; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_2"
  478. alias "whine_diceroll_2" "alias whine_result _whine2; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_3"
  479. alias "whine_diceroll_3" "alias whine_result _whine3; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_4"
  480. alias "whine_diceroll_4" "alias whine_result _whine4; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_5"
  481. alias "whine_diceroll_5" "alias whine_result _whine5; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_6"
  482. alias "whine_diceroll_6" "alias whine_result _whine6; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_7"
  483. alias "whine_diceroll_7" "alias whine_result _whine7; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_8"
  484. alias "whine_diceroll_8" "alias whine_result _whine8; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_9"
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  487. alias "whine_diceroll_11" "alias whine_result _whine11; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_12"
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  500. alias "whine_diceroll_24" "alias whine_result _whine24; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_25"
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  506. alias "whine_diceroll_30" "alias whine_result _whine30; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_31"
  507. alias "whine_diceroll_31" "alias whine_result _whine31; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_32"
  508. alias "whine_diceroll_32" "alias whine_result _whine32; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_33"
  509. alias "whine_diceroll_33" "alias whine_result _whine33; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_34"
  510. alias "whine_diceroll_34" "alias whine_result _whine34; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_35"
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  512. alias "whine_diceroll_36" "alias whine_result _whine36; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_37"
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  546. alias "whine_diceroll_70" "alias whine_result _whine70; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_71"
  547. alias "whine_diceroll_71" "alias whine_result _whine71; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_72"
  548. alias "whine_diceroll_72" "alias whine_result _whine72; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_73"
  549. alias "whine_diceroll_73" "alias whine_result _whine73; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_74"
  550. alias "whine_diceroll_74" "alias whine_result _whine74; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_75"
  551. alias "whine_diceroll_75" "alias whine_result _whine75; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_76"
  552. alias "whine_diceroll_76" "alias whine_result _whine76; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_77"
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  564. alias "whine_diceroll_88" "alias whine_result _whine88; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_89"
  565. alias "whine_diceroll_89" "alias whine_result _whine89; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_90"
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  567. alias "whine_diceroll_91" "alias whine_result _whine91; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_92"
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  584. alias "whine_diceroll_108" "alias whine_result _whine108; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_109"
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  588. alias "whine_diceroll_112" "alias whine_result _whine112; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_113"
  589. alias "whine_diceroll_113" "alias whine_result _whine113; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_114"
  590. alias "whine_diceroll_114" "alias whine_result _whine114; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_115"
  591. alias "whine_diceroll_115" "alias whine_result _whine115; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_116"
  592. alias "whine_diceroll_116" "alias whine_result _whine116; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_117"
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  594. alias "whine_diceroll_118" "alias whine_result _whine118; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_119"
  595. alias "whine_diceroll_119" "alias whine_result _whine119; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_120"
  596. alias "whine_diceroll_120" "alias whine_result _whine120; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_121"
  597. alias "whine_diceroll_121" "alias whine_result _whine121; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_122"
  598. alias "whine_diceroll_122" "alias whine_result _whine122; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_123"
  599. alias "whine_diceroll_123" "alias whine_result _whine123; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_124"
  600. alias "whine_diceroll_124" "alias whine_result _whine124; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_125"
  601. alias "whine_diceroll_125" "alias whine_result _whine125; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_126"
  602. alias "whine_diceroll_126" "alias whine_result _whine126; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_127"
  603. alias "whine_diceroll_127" "alias whine_result _whine127; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_128"
  604. alias "whine_diceroll_128" "alias whine_result _whine128; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_129"
  605. alias "whine_diceroll_129" "alias whine_result _whine129; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_130"
  606. alias "whine_diceroll_130" "alias whine_result _whine130; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_131"
  607. alias "whine_diceroll_131" "alias whine_result _whine131; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_132"
  608. alias "whine_diceroll_132" "alias whine_result _whine132; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_133"
  609. alias "whine_diceroll_133" "alias whine_result _whine133; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_134"
  610. alias "whine_diceroll_134" "alias whine_result _whine134; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_135"
  611. alias "whine_diceroll_135" "alias whine_result _whine135; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_136"
  612. alias "whine_diceroll_136" "alias whine_result _whine136; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_137"
  613. alias "whine_diceroll_137" "alias whine_result _whine137; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_138"
  614. alias "whine_diceroll_138" "alias whine_result _whine138; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_139"
  615. alias "whine_diceroll_139" "alias whine_result _whine139; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_140"
  616. alias "whine_diceroll_140" "alias whine_result _whine140; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_141"
  617. alias "whine_diceroll_141" "alias whine_result _whine141; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_142"
  618. alias "whine_diceroll_142" "alias whine_result _whine142; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_143"
  619. alias "whine_diceroll_143" "alias whine_result _whine143; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_144"
  620. alias "whine_diceroll_144" "alias whine_result _whine144; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_145"
  621. alias "whine_diceroll_145" "alias whine_result _whine145; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_146"
  622. alias "whine_diceroll_146" "alias whine_result _whine146; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_147"
  623. alias "whine_diceroll_147" "alias whine_result _whine147; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_148"
  624. alias "whine_diceroll_148" "alias whine_result _whine148; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_149"
  625. alias "whine_diceroll_149" "alias whine_result _whine149; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_150"
  626. alias "whine_diceroll_150" "alias whine_result _whine150; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_151"
  627. alias "whine_diceroll_151" "alias whine_result _whine151; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_152"
  628. alias "whine_diceroll_152" "alias whine_result _whine152; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_153"
  629. alias "whine_diceroll_153" "alias whine_result _whine153; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_154"
  630. alias "whine_diceroll_154" "alias whine_result _whine154; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_155"
  631. alias "whine_diceroll_155" "alias whine_result _whine155; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_156"
  632. alias "whine_diceroll_156" "alias whine_result _whine156; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_157"
  633. alias "whine_diceroll_157" "alias whine_result _whine157; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_158"
  634. alias "whine_diceroll_158" "alias whine_result _whine158; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_159"
  635. alias "whine_diceroll_159" "alias whine_result _whine159; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_160"
  636. alias "whine_diceroll_160" "alias whine_result _whine160; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_161"
  637. alias "whine_diceroll_161" "alias whine_result _whine161; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_162"
  638. alias "whine_diceroll_162" "alias whine_result _whine162; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_163"
  639. alias "whine_diceroll_163" "alias whine_result _whine163; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_164"
  640. alias "whine_diceroll_164" "alias whine_result _whine164; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_165"
  641. alias "whine_diceroll_165" "alias whine_result _whine165; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_166"
  642. alias "whine_diceroll_166" "alias whine_result _whine166; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_167"
  643. alias "whine_diceroll_167" "alias whine_result _whine167; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_168"
  644. alias "whine_diceroll_168" "alias whine_result _whine168; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_169"
  645. alias "whine_diceroll_169" "alias whine_result _whine169; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_170"
  646. alias "whine_diceroll_170" "alias whine_result _whine170; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_171"
  647. alias "whine_diceroll_171" "alias whine_result _whine171; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_172"
  648. alias "whine_diceroll_172" "alias whine_result _whine172; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_173"
  649. alias "whine_diceroll_173" "alias whine_result _whine173; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_174"
  650. alias "whine_diceroll_174" "alias whine_result _whine174; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_175"
  651. alias "whine_diceroll_175" "alias whine_result _whine175; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_176"
  652. alias "whine_diceroll_176" "alias whine_result _whine176; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_177"
  653. alias "whine_diceroll_177" "alias whine_result _whine177; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_178"
  654. alias "whine_diceroll_178" "alias whine_result _whine178; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_179"
  655. alias "whine_diceroll_179" "alias whine_result _whine179; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_180"
  656. alias "whine_diceroll_180" "alias whine_result _whine180; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_181"
  657. alias "whine_diceroll_181" "alias whine_result _whine181; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_182"
  658. alias "whine_diceroll_182" "alias whine_result _whine182; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_183"
  659. alias "whine_diceroll_183" "alias whine_result _whine183; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_184"
  660. alias "whine_diceroll_184" "alias whine_result _whine184; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_185"
  661. alias "whine_diceroll_185" "alias whine_result _whine185; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_186"
  662. alias "whine_diceroll_186" "alias whine_result _whine186; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_187"
  663. alias "whine_diceroll_187" "alias whine_result _whine187; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_188"
  664. alias "whine_diceroll_188" "alias whine_result _whine188; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_189"
  665. alias "whine_diceroll_189" "alias whine_result _whine189; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_190"
  666. alias "whine_diceroll_190" "alias whine_result _whine190; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_191"
  667. alias "whine_diceroll_191" "alias whine_result _whine191; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_192"
  668. alias "whine_diceroll_192" "alias whine_result _whine192; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_193"
  669. alias "whine_diceroll_193" "alias whine_result _whine193; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_194"
  670. alias "whine_diceroll_194" "alias whine_result _whine194; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_195"
  671. alias "whine_diceroll_195" "alias whine_result _whine195; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_196"
  672. alias "whine_diceroll_196" "alias whine_result _whine196; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_197"
  673. alias "whine_diceroll_197" "alias whine_result _whine197; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_198"
  674. alias "whine_diceroll_198" "alias whine_result _whine198; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_199"
  675. alias "whine_diceroll_199" "alias whine_result _whine199; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_200"
  676. alias "whine_diceroll_200" "alias whine_result _whine200; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_201"
  677. alias "whine_diceroll_201" "alias whine_result _whine201; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_202"
  678. alias "whine_diceroll_202" "alias whine_result _whine202; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_203"
  679. alias "whine_diceroll_203" "alias whine_result _whine203; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_204"
  680. alias "whine_diceroll_204" "alias whine_result _whine204; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_205"
  681. alias "whine_diceroll_205" "alias whine_result _whine205; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_206"
  682. alias "whine_diceroll_206" "alias whine_result _whine206; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_207"
  683. alias "whine_diceroll_207" "alias whine_result _whine207; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_208"
  684. alias "whine_diceroll_208" "alias whine_result _whine208; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_209"
  685. alias "whine_diceroll_209" "alias whine_result _whine209; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_210"
  686. alias "whine_diceroll_210" "alias whine_result _whine210; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_211"
  687. alias "whine_diceroll_211" "alias whine_result _whine211; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_212"
  688. alias "whine_diceroll_212" "alias whine_result _whine212; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_213"
  689. alias "whine_diceroll_213" "alias whine_result _whine213; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_214"
  690. alias "whine_diceroll_214" "alias whine_result _whine214; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_215"
  691. alias "whine_diceroll_215" "alias whine_result _whine215; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_216"
  692. alias "whine_diceroll_216" "alias whine_result _whine216; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_217"
  693. alias "whine_diceroll_217" "alias whine_result _whine217; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_218"
  694. alias "whine_diceroll_218" "alias whine_result _whine218; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_219"
  695. alias "whine_diceroll_219" "alias whine_result _whine219; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_1"
  696. //alias "whine_diceroll_220" "alias whine_result _whine220; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_221"
  697. //alias "whine_diceroll_221" "alias whine_result _whine221; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_222"
  698. //alias "whine_diceroll_222" "alias whine_result _whine222; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_223"
  699. //alias "whine_diceroll_223" "alias whine_result _whine223; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_224"
  700. //alias "whine_diceroll_224" "alias whine_result _whine224; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_225"
  701. //alias "whine_diceroll_225" "alias whine_result _whine225; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_226"
  702. //alias "whine_diceroll_226" "alias whine_result _whine226; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_227"
  703. //alias "whine_diceroll_227" "alias whine_result _whine227; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_228"
  704. //alias "whine_diceroll_228" "alias whine_result _whine228; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_229"
  705. //alias "whine_diceroll_229" "alias whine_result _whine229; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_230"
  706. //alias "whine_diceroll_230" "alias whine_result _whine230; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_231"
  707. //alias "whine_diceroll_231" "alias whine_result _whine231; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_232"
  708. //alias "whine_diceroll_232" "alias whine_result _whine232; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_233"
  709. //alias "whine_diceroll_233" "alias whine_result _whine233; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_234"
  710. //alias "whine_diceroll_234" "alias whine_result _whine234; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_235"
  711. //alias "whine_diceroll_235" "alias whine_result _whine235; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_236"
  712. //alias "whine_diceroll_236" "alias whine_result _whine236; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_237"
  713. //alias "whine_diceroll_237" "alias whine_result _whine237; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_238"
  714. //alias "whine_diceroll_238" "alias whine_result _whine238; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_239"
  715. //alias "whine_diceroll_239" "alias whine_result _whine239; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_240"
  716. //alias "whine_diceroll_240" "alias whine_result _whine240; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_241"
  717. //alias "whine_diceroll_241" "alias whine_result _whine241; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_242"
  718. //alias "whine_diceroll_242" "alias whine_result _whine242; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_243"
  719. //alias "whine_diceroll_243" "alias whine_result _whine243; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_244"
  720. //alias "whine_diceroll_244" "alias whine_result _whine244; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_245"
  721. //alias "whine_diceroll_245" "alias whine_result _whine245; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_246"
  722. //alias "whine_diceroll_246" "alias whine_result _whine246; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_247"
  723. //alias "whine_diceroll_247" "alias whine_result _whine247; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_248"
  724. //alias "whine_diceroll_248" "alias whine_result _whine248; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_249"
  725. //alias "whine_diceroll_249" "alias whine_result _whine249; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_250"
  726. //alias "whine_diceroll_250" "alias whine_result _whine250; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_251"
  727. //alias "whine_diceroll_251" "alias whine_result _whine251; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_252"
  728. //alias "whine_diceroll_252" "alias whine_result _whine252; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_253"
  729. //alias "whine_diceroll_253" "alias whine_result _whine253; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_254"
  730. //alias "whine_diceroll_254" "alias whine_result _whine254; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_255"
  731. //alias "whine_diceroll_255" "alias whine_result _whine255; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_256"
  732. //alias "whine_diceroll_256" "alias whine_result _whine256; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_257"
  733. //alias "whine_diceroll_257" "alias whine_result _whine257; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_258"
  734. //alias "whine_diceroll_258" "alias whine_result _whine258; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_259"
  735. //alias "whine_diceroll_259" "alias whine_result _whine259; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_260"
  736. //alias "whine_diceroll_260" "alias whine_result _whine260; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_261"
  737. //alias "whine_diceroll_261" "alias whine_result _whine261; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_262"
  738. //alias "whine_diceroll_262" "alias whine_result _whine262; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_263"
  739. //alias "whine_diceroll_263" "alias whine_result _whine263; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_264"
  740. //alias "whine_diceroll_264" "alias whine_result _whine264; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_265"
  741. //alias "whine_diceroll_265" "alias whine_result _whine265; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_266"
  742. //alias "whine_diceroll_266" "alias whine_result _whine266; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_267"
  743. //alias "whine_diceroll_267" "alias whine_result _whine267; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_268"
  744. //alias "whine_diceroll_268" "alias whine_result _whine268; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_269"
  745. //alias "whine_diceroll_269" "alias whine_result _whine269; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_270"
  746. //alias "whine_diceroll_270" "alias whine_result _whine270; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_271"
  747. //alias "whine_diceroll_271" "alias whine_result _whine271; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_272"
  748. //alias "whine_diceroll_272" "alias whine_result _whine272; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_273"
  749. //alias "whine_diceroll_273" "alias whine_result _whine273; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_274"
  750. //alias "whine_diceroll_274" "alias whine_result _whine274; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_275"
  751. //alias "whine_diceroll_275" "alias whine_result _whine275; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_276"
  752. //alias "whine_diceroll_276" "alias whine_result _whine276; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_277"
  753. //alias "whine_diceroll_277" "alias whine_result _whine277; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_278"
  754. //alias "whine_diceroll_278" "alias whine_result _whine278; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_279"
  755. //alias "whine_diceroll_279" "alias whine_result _whine279; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_280"
  756. //alias "whine_diceroll_280" "alias whine_result _whine280; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_281"
  757. //alias "whine_diceroll_281" "alias whine_result _whine281; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_282"
  758. //alias "whine_diceroll_282" "alias whine_result _whine282; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_283"
  759. //alias "whine_diceroll_283" "alias whine_result _whine283; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_284"
  760. //alias "whine_diceroll_284" "alias whine_result _whine284; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_285"
  761. //alias "whine_diceroll_285" "alias whine_result _whine285; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_286"
  762. //alias "whine_diceroll_286" "alias whine_result _whine286; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_287"
  763. //alias "whine_diceroll_287" "alias whine_result _whine287; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_288"
  764. //alias "whine_diceroll_288" "alias whine_result _whine288; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_289"
  765. //alias "whine_diceroll_289" "alias whine_result _whine289; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_290"
  766. //alias "whine_diceroll_290" "alias whine_result _whine290; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_291"
  767. //alias "whine_diceroll_291" "alias whine_result _whine291; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_292"
  768. //alias "whine_diceroll_292" "alias whine_result _whine292; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_293"
  769. //alias "whine_diceroll_293" "alias whine_result _whine293; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_294"
  770. //alias "whine_diceroll_294" "alias whine_result _whine294; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_295"
  771. //alias "whine_diceroll_295" "alias whine_result _whine295; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_296"
  772. //alias "whine_diceroll_296" "alias whine_result _whine296; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_297"
  773. //alias "whine_diceroll_297" "alias whine_result _whine297; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_298"
  774. //alias "whine_diceroll_298" "alias whine_result _whine298; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_299"
  775. //alias "whine_diceroll_299" "alias whine_result _whine299; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_300"
  776. //alias "whine_diceroll_300" "alias whine_result _whine300; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_301"
  777. //alias "whine_diceroll_301" "alias whine_result _whine301; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_302"
  778. //alias "whine_diceroll_302" "alias whine_result _whine302; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_303"
  779. //alias "whine_diceroll_303" "alias whine_result _whine303; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_304"
  780. //alias "whine_diceroll_304" "alias whine_result _whine304; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_305"
  781. //alias "whine_diceroll_305" "alias whine_result _whine305; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_306"
  782. //alias "whine_diceroll_306" "alias whine_result _whine306; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_307"
  783. //alias "whine_diceroll_307" "alias whine_result _whine307; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_308"
  784. //alias "whine_diceroll_308" "alias whine_result _whine308; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_309"
  785. //alias "whine_diceroll_309" "alias whine_result _whine309; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_310"
  786. //alias "whine_diceroll_310" "alias whine_result _whine310; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_311"
  787. //alias "whine_diceroll_311" "alias whine_result _whine311; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_312"
  788. //alias "whine_diceroll_312" "alias whine_result _whine312; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_313"
  789. //alias "whine_diceroll_313" "alias whine_result _whine313; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_314"
  790. //alias "whine_diceroll_314" "alias whine_result _whine314; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_315"
  791. //alias "whine_diceroll_315" "alias whine_result _whine315; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_316"
  792. //alias "whine_diceroll_316" "alias whine_result _whine316; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_317"
  793. //alias "whine_diceroll_317" "alias whine_result _whine317; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_318"
  794. //alias "whine_diceroll_318" "alias whine_result _whine318; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_319"
  795. //alias "whine_diceroll_319" "alias whine_result _whine319; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_320"
  796. //alias "whine_diceroll_320" "alias whine_result _whine320; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_321"
  797. //alias "whine_diceroll_321" "alias whine_result _whine321; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_322"
  798. //alias "whine_diceroll_322" "alias whine_result _whine322; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_323"
  799. //alias "whine_diceroll_323" "alias whine_result _whine323; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_324"
  800. //alias "whine_diceroll_324" "alias whine_result _whine324; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_325"
  801. //alias "whine_diceroll_325" "alias whine_result _whine325; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_326"
  802. //alias "whine_diceroll_326" "alias whine_result _whine326; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_327"
  803. //alias "whine_diceroll_327" "alias whine_result _whine327; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_328"
  804. //alias "whine_diceroll_328" "alias whine_result _whine328; alias whine_cycle whine_diceroll_329"
  805. //========================================================================================
  806. //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  807. //========================================================================================
  808. alias "whine_dice" "whine_result; whine_cycle"
  809. //========================================================================================
  810. //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  811. //========================================================================================
  812. //========================================================================================
  813. //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  814. //========================================================================================
  815. alias "shittalk_diceroll_1" "alias shittalk_result shittalk1;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_2"
  816. alias "shittalk_diceroll_2" "alias shittalk_result shittalk2;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_3"
  817. alias "shittalk_diceroll_3" "alias shittalk_result shittalk3;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_4"
  818. alias "shittalk_diceroll_4" "alias shittalk_result shittalk4;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_5"
  819. alias "shittalk_diceroll_5" "alias shittalk_result shittalk5;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_6"
  820. alias "shittalk_diceroll_6" "alias shittalk_result shittalk6;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_7"
  821. alias "shittalk_diceroll_7" "alias shittalk_result shittalk7;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_8"
  822. alias "shittalk_diceroll_8" "alias shittalk_result shittalk8;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_9"
  823. alias "shittalk_diceroll_9" "alias shittalk_result shittalk9;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_10"
  824. alias "shittalk_diceroll_10" "alias shittalk_result shittalk10;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_11"
  825. alias "shittalk_diceroll_11" "alias shittalk_result shittalk11;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_12"
  826. alias "shittalk_diceroll_12" "alias shittalk_result shittalk12;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_13"
  827. alias "shittalk_diceroll_13" "alias shittalk_result shittalk13;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_14"
  828. alias "shittalk_diceroll_14" "alias shittalk_result shittalk14;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_15"
  829. alias "shittalk_diceroll_15" "alias shittalk_result shittalk15;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_16"
  830. alias "shittalk_diceroll_16" "alias shittalk_result shittalk16;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_17"
  831. alias "shittalk_diceroll_17" "alias shittalk_result shittalk17;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_18"
  832. alias "shittalk_diceroll_18" "alias shittalk_result shittalk18;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_19"
  833. alias "shittalk_diceroll_19" "alias shittalk_result shittalk19;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_20"
  834. alias "shittalk_diceroll_20" "alias shittalk_result shittalk20;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_21"
  835. alias "shittalk_diceroll_21" "alias shittalk_result shittalk21;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_22"
  836. alias "shittalk_diceroll_22" "alias shittalk_result shittalk22;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_23"
  837. alias "shittalk_diceroll_23" "alias shittalk_result shittalk23;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_24"
  838. alias "shittalk_diceroll_24" "alias shittalk_result shittalk24;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_25"
  839. alias "shittalk_diceroll_25" "alias shittalk_result shittalk25;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_26"
  840. alias "shittalk_diceroll_26" "alias shittalk_result shittalk26;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_27"
  841. alias "shittalk_diceroll_27" "alias shittalk_result shittalk27;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_28"
  842. alias "shittalk_diceroll_28" "alias shittalk_result shittalk28;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_29"
  843. alias "shittalk_diceroll_29" "alias shittalk_result shittalk29;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_30"
  844. alias "shittalk_diceroll_30" "alias shittalk_result shittalk30;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_31"
  845. alias "shittalk_diceroll_31" "alias shittalk_result shittalk31;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_32"
  846. alias "shittalk_diceroll_32" "alias shittalk_result shittalk32;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_33"
  847. alias "shittalk_diceroll_33" "alias shittalk_result shittalk33;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_34"
  848. alias "shittalk_diceroll_34" "alias shittalk_result shittalk34;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_35"
  849. alias "shittalk_diceroll_35" "alias shittalk_result shittalk35;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_36"
  850. alias "shittalk_diceroll_36" "alias shittalk_result shittalk36;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_37"
  851. alias "shittalk_diceroll_37" "alias shittalk_result shittalk37;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_38"
  852. alias "shittalk_diceroll_38" "alias shittalk_result shittalk38;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_39"
  853. alias "shittalk_diceroll_39" "alias shittalk_result shittalk39;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_40"
  854. alias "shittalk_diceroll_40" "alias shittalk_result shittalk40;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_41"
  855. alias "shittalk_diceroll_41" "alias shittalk_result shittalk41;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_42"
  856. alias "shittalk_diceroll_42" "alias shittalk_result shittalk42;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_43"
  857. alias "shittalk_diceroll_43" "alias shittalk_result shittalk43;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_44"
  858. alias "shittalk_diceroll_44" "alias shittalk_result shittalk44;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_45"
  859. alias "shittalk_diceroll_45" "alias shittalk_result shittalk45;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_46"
  860. alias "shittalk_diceroll_46" "alias shittalk_result shittalk46;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_47"
  861. alias "shittalk_diceroll_47" "alias shittalk_result shittalk47;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_48"
  862. alias "shittalk_diceroll_48" "alias shittalk_result shittalk48;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_49"
  863. alias "shittalk_diceroll_49" "alias shittalk_result shittalk49;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_50"
  864. alias "shittalk_diceroll_50" "alias shittalk_result shittalk50;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_51"
  865. alias "shittalk_diceroll_51" "alias shittalk_result shittalk51;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_52"
  866. alias "shittalk_diceroll_52" "alias shittalk_result shittalk52;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_53"
  867. alias "shittalk_diceroll_53" "alias shittalk_result shittalk53;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_54"
  868. alias "shittalk_diceroll_54" "alias shittalk_result shittalk54;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_55"
  869. alias "shittalk_diceroll_55" "alias shittalk_result shittalk55;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_56"
  870. alias "shittalk_diceroll_56" "alias shittalk_result shittalk56;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_57"
  871. alias "shittalk_diceroll_57" "alias shittalk_result shittalk57;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_58"
  872. alias "shittalk_diceroll_58" "alias shittalk_result shittalk58;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_59"
  873. alias "shittalk_diceroll_59" "alias shittalk_result shittalk59;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_60"
  874. alias "shittalk_diceroll_60" "alias shittalk_result shittalk60;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_61"
  875. alias "shittalk_diceroll_61" "alias shittalk_result shittalk61;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_62"
  876. alias "shittalk_diceroll_62" "alias shittalk_result shittalk62;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_63"
  877. alias "shittalk_diceroll_63" "alias shittalk_result shittalk63;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_64"
  878. alias "shittalk_diceroll_64" "alias shittalk_result shittalk64;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_65"
  879. alias "shittalk_diceroll_65" "alias shittalk_result shittalk65;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_66"
  880. alias "shittalk_diceroll_66" "alias shittalk_result shittalk66;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_67"
  881. alias "shittalk_diceroll_67" "alias shittalk_result shittalk67;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_68"
  882. alias "shittalk_diceroll_68" "alias shittalk_result shittalk68;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_69"
  883. alias "shittalk_diceroll_69" "alias shittalk_result shittalk69;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_70"
  884. alias "shittalk_diceroll_70" "alias shittalk_result shittalk70;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_71"
  885. alias "shittalk_diceroll_71" "alias shittalk_result shittalk71;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_72"
  886. alias "shittalk_diceroll_72" "alias shittalk_result shittalk72;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_73"
  887. alias "shittalk_diceroll_73" "alias shittalk_result shittalk73;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_74"
  888. alias "shittalk_diceroll_74" "alias shittalk_result shittalk74;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_75"
  889. alias "shittalk_diceroll_75" "alias shittalk_result shittalk75;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_76"
  890. alias "shittalk_diceroll_76" "alias shittalk_result shittalk76;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_77"
  891. alias "shittalk_diceroll_77" "alias shittalk_result shittalk77;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_78"
  892. alias "shittalk_diceroll_78" "alias shittalk_result shittalk78;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_79"
  893. alias "shittalk_diceroll_79" "alias shittalk_result shittalk79;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_80"
  894. alias "shittalk_diceroll_80" "alias shittalk_result shittalk80;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_81"
  895. alias "shittalk_diceroll_81" "alias shittalk_result shittalk81;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_82"
  896. alias "shittalk_diceroll_82" "alias shittalk_result shittalk82;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_83"
  897. alias "shittalk_diceroll_83" "alias shittalk_result shittalk83;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_84"
  898. alias "shittalk_diceroll_84" "alias shittalk_result shittalk84;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_85"
  899. alias "shittalk_diceroll_85" "alias shittalk_result shittalk85;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_86"
  900. alias "shittalk_diceroll_86" "alias shittalk_result shittalk86;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_87"
  901. alias "shittalk_diceroll_87" "alias shittalk_result shittalk87;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_88"
  902. alias "shittalk_diceroll_88" "alias shittalk_result shittalk88;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_89"
  903. alias "shittalk_diceroll_89" "alias shittalk_result shittalk89;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_90"
  904. alias "shittalk_diceroll_90" "alias shittalk_result shittalk90;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_91"
  905. alias "shittalk_diceroll_91" "alias shittalk_result shittalk91;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_92"
  906. alias "shittalk_diceroll_92" "alias shittalk_result shittalk92;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_93"
  907. alias "shittalk_diceroll_93" "alias shittalk_result shittalk93;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_94"
  908. alias "shittalk_diceroll_94" "alias shittalk_result shittalk94;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_95"
  909. alias "shittalk_diceroll_95" "alias shittalk_result shittalk95;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_96"
  910. alias "shittalk_diceroll_96" "alias shittalk_result shittalk96;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_97"
  911. alias "shittalk_diceroll_97" "alias shittalk_result shittalk97;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_98"
  912. alias "shittalk_diceroll_98" "alias shittalk_result shittalk98;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_99"
  913. alias "shittalk_diceroll_99" "alias shittalk_result shittalk99;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_100"
  914. alias "shittalk_diceroll_100" "alias shittalk_result shittalk100;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_101"
  915. alias "shittalk_diceroll_101" "alias shittalk_result shittalk101;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_102"
  916. alias "shittalk_diceroll_102" "alias shittalk_result shittalk102;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_103"
  917. alias "shittalk_diceroll_103" "alias shittalk_result shittalk103;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_104"
  918. alias "shittalk_diceroll_104" "alias shittalk_result shittalk104;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_105"
  919. alias "shittalk_diceroll_105" "alias shittalk_result shittalk105;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_106"
  920. alias "shittalk_diceroll_106" "alias shittalk_result shittalk106;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_107"
  921. alias "shittalk_diceroll_107" "alias shittalk_result shittalk107;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_108"
  922. alias "shittalk_diceroll_108" "alias shittalk_result shittalk108;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_109"
  923. alias "shittalk_diceroll_109" "alias shittalk_result shittalk109;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_110"
  924. alias "shittalk_diceroll_110" "alias shittalk_result shittalk110;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_111"
  925. alias "shittalk_diceroll_111" "alias shittalk_result shittalk111;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_112"
  926. alias "shittalk_diceroll_112" "alias shittalk_result shittalk112;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_113"
  927. alias "shittalk_diceroll_113" "alias shittalk_result shittalk113;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_114"
  928. alias "shittalk_diceroll_114" "alias shittalk_result shittalk114;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_115"
  929. alias "shittalk_diceroll_115" "alias shittalk_result shittalk115;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_116"
  930. alias "shittalk_diceroll_116" "alias shittalk_result shittalk116;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_117"
  931. alias "shittalk_diceroll_117" "alias shittalk_result shittalk117;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_118"
  932. alias "shittalk_diceroll_118" "alias shittalk_result shittalk118;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_119"
  933. alias "shittalk_diceroll_119" "alias shittalk_result shittalk119;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_120"
  934. alias "shittalk_diceroll_120" "alias shittalk_result shittalk120;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_121"
  935. alias "shittalk_diceroll_121" "alias shittalk_result shittalk121;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_122"
  936. alias "shittalk_diceroll_122" "alias shittalk_result shittalk122;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_123"
  937. alias "shittalk_diceroll_123" "alias shittalk_result shittalk123;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_124"
  938. alias "shittalk_diceroll_124" "alias shittalk_result shittalk124;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_125"
  939. alias "shittalk_diceroll_125" "alias shittalk_result shittalk125;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_126"
  940. alias "shittalk_diceroll_126" "alias shittalk_result shittalk126;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_127"
  941. alias "shittalk_diceroll_127" "alias shittalk_result shittalk127;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_128"
  942. alias "shittalk_diceroll_128" "alias shittalk_result shittalk128;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_129"
  943. alias "shittalk_diceroll_129" "alias shittalk_result shittalk129;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_1"
  944. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_130" "alias shittalk_result shittalk130;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_131"
  945. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_131" "alias shittalk_result shittalk131;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_132"
  946. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_132" "alias shittalk_result shittalk132;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_133"
  947. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_133" "alias shittalk_result shittalk133;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_134"
  948. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_134" "alias shittalk_result shittalk134;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_135"
  949. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_135" "alias shittalk_result shittalk135;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_136"
  950. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_136" "alias shittalk_result shittalk136;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_137"
  951. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_137" "alias shittalk_result shittalk137;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_138"
  952. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_138" "alias shittalk_result shittalk138;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_139"
  953. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_139" "alias shittalk_result shittalk139;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_140"
  954. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_140" "alias shittalk_result shittalk140;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_141"
  955. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_141" "alias shittalk_result shittalk141;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_142"
  956. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_142" "alias shittalk_result shittalk142;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_143"
  957. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_143" "alias shittalk_result shittalk143;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_144"
  958. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_144" "alias shittalk_result shittalk144;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_145"
  959. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_145" "alias shittalk_result shittalk145;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_146"
  960. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_146" "alias shittalk_result shittalk146;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_147"
  961. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_147" "alias shittalk_result shittalk147;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_148"
  962. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_148" "alias shittalk_result shittalk148;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_149"
  963. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_149" "alias shittalk_result shittalk149;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_150"
  964. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_150" "alias shittalk_result shittalk150;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_151"
  965. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_151" "alias shittalk_result shittalk151;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_152"
  966. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_152" "alias shittalk_result shittalk152;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_153"
  967. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_153" "alias shittalk_result shittalk153;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_154"
  968. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_154" "alias shittalk_result shittalk154;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_155"
  969. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_155" "alias shittalk_result shittalk155;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_156"
  970. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_156" "alias shittalk_result shittalk156;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_157"
  971. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_157" "alias shittalk_result shittalk157;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_158"
  972. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_158" "alias shittalk_result shittalk158;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_159"
  973. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_159" "alias shittalk_result shittalk159;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_160"
  974. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_160" "alias shittalk_result shittalk160;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_161"
  975. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_161" "alias shittalk_result shittalk161;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_162"
  976. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_162" "alias shittalk_result shittalk162;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_163"
  977. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_163" "alias shittalk_result shittalk163;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_164"
  978. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_164" "alias shittalk_result shittalk164;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_165"
  979. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_165" "alias shittalk_result shittalk165;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_166"
  980. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_166" "alias shittalk_result shittalk166;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_167"
  981. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_167" "alias shittalk_result shittalk167;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_168"
  982. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_168" "alias shittalk_result shittalk168;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_169"
  983. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_169" "alias shittalk_result shittalk169;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_170"
  984. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_170" "alias shittalk_result shittalk170;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_171"
  985. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_171" "alias shittalk_result shittalk171;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_172"
  986. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_172" "alias shittalk_result shittalk172;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_173"
  987. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_173" "alias shittalk_result shittalk173;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_174"
  988. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_174" "alias shittalk_result shittalk174;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_175"
  989. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_175" "alias shittalk_result shittalk175;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_176"
  990. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_176" "alias shittalk_result shittalk176;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_177"
  991. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_177" "alias shittalk_result shittalk177;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_178"
  992. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_178" "alias shittalk_result shittalk178;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_179"
  993. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_179" "alias shittalk_result shittalk179;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_180"
  994. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_180" "alias shittalk_result shittalk180;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_181"
  995. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_181" "alias shittalk_result shittalk181;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_182"
  996. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_182" "alias shittalk_result shittalk182;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_183"
  997. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_183" "alias shittalk_result shittalk183;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_184"
  998. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_184" "alias shittalk_result shittalk184;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_185"
  999. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_185" "alias shittalk_result shittalk185;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_186"
  1000. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_186" "alias shittalk_result shittalk186;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_187"
  1001. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_187" "alias shittalk_result shittalk187;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_188"
  1002. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_188" "alias shittalk_result shittalk188;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_189"
  1003. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_189" "alias shittalk_result shittalk189;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_190"
  1004. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_190" "alias shittalk_result shittalk190;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_191"
  1005. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_191" "alias shittalk_result shittalk191;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_192"
  1006. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_192" "alias shittalk_result shittalk192;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_193"
  1007. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_193" "alias shittalk_result shittalk193;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_194"
  1008. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_194" "alias shittalk_result shittalk194;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_195"
  1009. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_195" "alias shittalk_result shittalk195;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_196"
  1010. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_196" "alias shittalk_result shittalk196;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_197"
  1011. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_197" "alias shittalk_result shittalk197;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_198"
  1012. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_198" "alias shittalk_result shittalk198;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_199"
  1013. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_199" "alias shittalk_result shittalk199;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_200"
  1014. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_200" "alias shittalk_result shittalk200;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_201"
  1015. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_201" "alias shittalk_result shittalk201;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_202"
  1016. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_202" "alias shittalk_result shittalk202;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_203"
  1017. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_203" "alias shittalk_result shittalk203;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_204"
  1018. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_204" "alias shittalk_result shittalk204;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_205"
  1019. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_205" "alias shittalk_result shittalk205;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_206"
  1020. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_206" "alias shittalk_result shittalk206;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_207"
  1021. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_207" "alias shittalk_result shittalk207;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_208"
  1022. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_208" "alias shittalk_result shittalk208;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_209"
  1023. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_209" "alias shittalk_result shittalk209;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_210"
  1024. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_210" "alias shittalk_result shittalk210;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_211"
  1025. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_211" "alias shittalk_result shittalk211;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_212"
  1026. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_212" "alias shittalk_result shittalk212;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_213"
  1027. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_213" "alias shittalk_result shittalk213;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_214"
  1028. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_214" "alias shittalk_result shittalk214;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_215"
  1029. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_215" "alias shittalk_result shittalk215;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_216"
  1030. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_216" "alias shittalk_result shittalk216;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_217"
  1031. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_217" "alias shittalk_result shittalk217;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_218"
  1032. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_218" "alias shittalk_result shittalk218;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_219"
  1033. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_219" "alias shittalk_result shittalk219;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_220"
  1034. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_220" "alias shittalk_result shittalk220;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_221"
  1035. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_221" "alias shittalk_result shittalk221;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_222"
  1036. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_222" "alias shittalk_result shittalk222;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_223"
  1037. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_223" "alias shittalk_result shittalk223;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_224"
  1038. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_224" "alias shittalk_result shittalk224;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_225"
  1039. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_225" "alias shittalk_result shittalk225;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_226"
  1040. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_226" "alias shittalk_result shittalk226;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_227"
  1041. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_227" "alias shittalk_result shittalk227;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_228"
  1042. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_228" "alias shittalk_result shittalk228;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_229"
  1043. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_229" "alias shittalk_result shittalk229;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_230"
  1044. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_230" "alias shittalk_result shittalk230;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_231"
  1045. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_231" "alias shittalk_result shittalk231;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_232"
  1046. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_232" "alias shittalk_result shittalk232;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_233"
  1047. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_233" "alias shittalk_result shittalk233;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_234"
  1048. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_234" "alias shittalk_result shittalk234;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_235"
  1049. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_235" "alias shittalk_result shittalk235;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_236"
  1050. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_236" "alias shittalk_result shittalk236;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_237"
  1051. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_237" "alias shittalk_result shittalk237;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_238"
  1052. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_238" "alias shittalk_result shittalk238;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_239"
  1053. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_239" "alias shittalk_result shittalk239;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_240"
  1054. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_240" "alias shittalk_result shittalk240;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_241"
  1055. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_241" "alias shittalk_result shittalk241;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_242"
  1056. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_242" "alias shittalk_result shittalk242;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_243"
  1057. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_243" "alias shittalk_result shittalk243;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_244"
  1058. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_244" "alias shittalk_result shittalk244;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_245"
  1059. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_245" "alias shittalk_result shittalk245;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_246"
  1060. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_246" "alias shittalk_result shittalk246;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_247"
  1061. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_247" "alias shittalk_result shittalk247;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_248"
  1062. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_248" "alias shittalk_result shittalk248;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_249"
  1063. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_249" "alias shittalk_result shittalk249;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_250"
  1064. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_250" "alias shittalk_result shittalk250;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_251"
  1065. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_251" "alias shittalk_result shittalk251;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_252"
  1066. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_252" "alias shittalk_result shittalk252;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_253"
  1067. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_253" "alias shittalk_result shittalk253;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_254"
  1068. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_254" "alias shittalk_result shittalk254;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_255"
  1069. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_255" "alias shittalk_result shittalk255;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_256"
  1070. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_256" "alias shittalk_result shittalk256;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_257"
  1071. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_257" "alias shittalk_result shittalk257;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_258"
  1072. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_258" "alias shittalk_result shittalk258;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_259"
  1073. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_259" "alias shittalk_result shittalk259;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_260"
  1074. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_260" "alias shittalk_result shittalk260;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_261"
  1075. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_261" "alias shittalk_result shittalk261;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_262"
  1076. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_262" "alias shittalk_result shittalk262;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_263"
  1077. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_263" "alias shittalk_result shittalk263;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_264"
  1078. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_264" "alias shittalk_result shittalk264;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_265"
  1079. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_265" "alias shittalk_result shittalk265;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_266"
  1080. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_266" "alias shittalk_result shittalk266;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_267"
  1081. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_267" "alias shittalk_result shittalk267;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_268"
  1082. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_268" "alias shittalk_result shittalk268;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_269"
  1083. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_269" "alias shittalk_result shittalk269;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_270"
  1084. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_270" "alias shittalk_result shittalk270;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_271"
  1085. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_271" "alias shittalk_result shittalk271;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_272"
  1086. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_272" "alias shittalk_result shittalk272;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_273"
  1087. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_273" "alias shittalk_result shittalk273;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_274"
  1088. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_274" "alias shittalk_result shittalk274;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_275"
  1089. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_275" "alias shittalk_result shittalk275;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_276"
  1090. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_276" "alias shittalk_result shittalk276;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_277"
  1091. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_277" "alias shittalk_result shittalk277;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_278"
  1092. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_278" "alias shittalk_result shittalk278;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_279"
  1093. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_279" "alias shittalk_result shittalk279;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_1"
  1095. //alias "shittalk_diceroll_" "alias shittalk_result shittalk;alias shittalk_cycle shittalk_diceroll_"
  1097. //========================================================================================
  1098. //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1099. //========================================================================================
  1100. alias "shittalk_dice" "shittalk_result; shittalk_cycle"
  1101. //========================================================================================
  1102. //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1103. //========================================================================================
  1104. alias "shittalk_cycle" "shittalk_diceroll_1"
  1105. alias "whine_cycle" "whine_diceroll_1"
  1106. alias "cycle_both" "shittalk_cycle; whine_cycle"
  1108. bind "J"                        "shittalk_dice"
  1109. bind "K"                        "whine_dice"
  1111. //Demonstration Man Script by Paradigmist (Phenol) and sqrt (Orenji)
  1112. //Thanks to: Jake the dog!, myungmond, all of the people who contributed their own stupid jokes
  1113. //I hope no one minds that I used your guys' jokes.  They were great and you are awesome.
  1114. echo "+-----------------------------------------------------+"
  1115. echo "|        Phenol's Demo Man Shufflejoker Loaded        |"
  1116. echo "+-----------------------------------------------------+"
  1117. echo "Direct any questions, comments, or concerns to"
  1118. echo "/u/paradigmist on Reddit, or"
  1119. echo " on Steam."
  1123. alias "trashcan1" "say how do i fly as demonstration man"
  1124. alias "trashcan2" "say what button make assassin go transparent"
  1125. alias "trashcan3" "say how make tuxedo terrorist do lobster dance?"
  1126. alias "trashcan4" "say how to eat hoagie as big machinegun man"
  1127. alias "trashcan5" "say how outback man get lemonade"
  1128. alias "trashcan6" "say how to glow as healing scientist"
  1129. alias "trashcan7" "say where jogger get soda"
  1130. alias "trashcan8" "say how to institute automatic cannon as constructor"
  1131. alias "trashcan9" "say how shot lazer as hillbilly"
  1132. alias "trashcan10" "say how to launch ball as call center guy"
  1133. alias "trashcan11" "say can large ammunition bloke get fish and chips"
  1134. alias "trashcan12" "say how to signal friends with rubber suit guy"
  1135. alias "trashcan13" "say how speed man become super blur?"
  1136. alias "trashcan14" "say How inventor produce vending machine?"
  1137. alias "trashcan15" "say how engine man use calculator?"
  1138. alias "trashcan16" "say how to fly as captain america"
  1139. alias "trashcan17" "say where robot gun get bullet shoots"
  1140. alias "trashcan18" "say how do i shoot air as masked ignition man?!"
  1141. alias "trashcan19" "say how do make gun robots bigger as suspender dude"
  1142. alias "trashcan20" "say How can push explody train down choo choo tracks"
  1143. alias "trashcan21" "say How do make patriot fly"
  1144. alias "trashcan22" "say how does triathlon winner get home run"
  1145. alias "trashcan23" "say How do flame-man use signal"
  1146. alias "trashcan24" "say As the australian longshoot man how do I throw apple juice"
  1147. alias "trashcan25" "say How to reprogram cannons with french businessman!"
  1148. alias "trashcan26" "say how eyeball shoot eyeballs!!!"
  1149. alias "trashcan27" "say how make u.s. marine go air force?"
  1150. alias "trashcan28" "say How to make construction worker build gas pump?"
  1151. alias "trashcan29" "say when can carpenter put soda machine"
  1152. alias "trashcan30" "say How make Gun as Bob the Builder"
  1153. alias "trashcan31" "say go play with your building blocks"
  1154. alias "trashcan32" "say How do you push as the firebat"
  1155. alias "trashcan33" "say how warrior dig with shovel"
  1156. alias "trashcan34" "say what button to glow ghost buster?"
  1157. alias "trashcan35" "say how I go shiny as the dentist"
  1158. alias "trashcan36" "say how does fast boy throw ball"
  1159. alias "trashcan37" "say how fireman hammertime"
  1160. alias "trashcan38" "say how architect get more minerals"
  1161. alias "trashcan39" "say How do I make healing box?"
  1162. alias "trashcan40" "say how machine man get vespene gas"
  1163. alias "trashcan41" "say who can then the secret agent become the other team"
  1164. alias "trashcan42" "say why masked tuxedo man change color???"
  1165. alias "trashcan43" "say how do outback steakhouse guy do the telescope"
  1166. alias "trashcan44" "say how does french toast go seethrough"
  1167. alias "trashcan45" "say how masked artist make ice sculptures"
  1168. alias "trashcan46" "say How do I street fighter move as the fireman???????????"
  1169. alias "trashcan47" "say as the American guy, how do I use my jetpack"
  1170. alias "trashcan48" "say how to raise flag as patriot?!"
  1171. alias "trashcan49" "say How building healing bot as technician?"
  1172. alias "trashcan50" "say how fighter guy play trumpet"
  1173. alias "trashcan51" "say As science hillbilly, how do I deploy a tiny robo-cop?"
  1174. alias "trashcan52" "say why to build turret as construction worker!"
  1175. alias "trashcan53" "say How to shoot annoying baseball player?"
  1176. alias "trashcan54" "say How to pretend to die as french businessman"
  1177. alias "trashcan55" "say how ski mask guy listen to radio"
  1178. alias "trashcan56" "say how do boston scoundrel run fast?"
  1179. alias "trashcan57" "say how use chef knife as helmet child?"
  1180. alias "trashcan58" "say how do drinks machine as erection man?"
  1181. alias "trashcan59" "say how do i build disco platform as hank of the hill"
  1182. alias "trashcan60" "say how moorish legend do fast run"
  1183. alias "trashcan61" "say How u jump high as sports player"
  1184. alias "trashcan62" "say how to fly as sold man?"
  1185. alias "trashcan63" "say how speedy hooligan throw christmas ball?"
  1186. alias "trashcan64" "say how country singer play guitar"
  1187. alias "trashcan65" "say how white usain bolt sponsor pepsi"
  1188. alias "trashcan66" "say how coal miner play missile command with wrungler"
  1189. alias "trashcan67" "say where infantry fellow get gunboots?"
  1190. alias "trashcan68" "say how medicine man find supersaw?"
  1191. alias "trashcan69" "say how professorman inside eggshell?"
  1192. alias "trashcan70" "say how somali pirate get pegleg"
  1193. alias "trashcan71" "say how archer wanker shoot fire"
  1194. alias "trashcan72" "say how texas man get can opener hand"
  1195. alias "trashcan73" "say how astronaut suit eat candy"
  1196. alias "trashcan74" "say how albert einstein get lightning bolt hand"
  1197. alias "trashcan75" "say where vladimir putin find boxing glove"
  1201. alias "trashcan_diceroll_1" "alias trashcan_result trashcan1;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_2"
  1202. alias "trashcan_diceroll_2" "alias trashcan_result trashcan2;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_3"
  1203. alias "trashcan_diceroll_3" "alias trashcan_result trashcan3;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_4"
  1204. alias "trashcan_diceroll_4" "alias trashcan_result trashcan4;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_5"
  1205. alias "trashcan_diceroll_5" "alias trashcan_result trashcan5;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_6"
  1206. alias "trashcan_diceroll_6" "alias trashcan_result trashcan6;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_7"
  1207. alias "trashcan_diceroll_7" "alias trashcan_result trashcan7;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_8"
  1208. alias "trashcan_diceroll_8" "alias trashcan_result trashcan8;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_9"
  1209. alias "trashcan_diceroll_9" "alias trashcan_result trashcan9;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_10"
  1210. alias "trashcan_diceroll_10" "alias trashcan_result trashcan10;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_11"
  1211. alias "trashcan_diceroll_11" "alias trashcan_result trashcan11;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_12"
  1212. alias "trashcan_diceroll_12" "alias trashcan_result trashcan12;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_13"
  1213. alias "trashcan_diceroll_13" "alias trashcan_result trashcan13;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_14"
  1214. alias "trashcan_diceroll_14" "alias trashcan_result trashcan14;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_15"
  1215. alias "trashcan_diceroll_15" "alias trashcan_result trashcan15;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_16"
  1216. alias "trashcan_diceroll_16" "alias trashcan_result trashcan16;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_17"
  1217. alias "trashcan_diceroll_17" "alias trashcan_result trashcan17;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_18"
  1218. alias "trashcan_diceroll_18" "alias trashcan_result trashcan18;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_19"
  1219. alias "trashcan_diceroll_19" "alias trashcan_result trashcan19;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_20"
  1220. alias "trashcan_diceroll_20" "alias trashcan_result trashcan20;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_21"
  1221. alias "trashcan_diceroll_21" "alias trashcan_result trashcan21;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_22"
  1222. alias "trashcan_diceroll_22" "alias trashcan_result trashcan22;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_23"
  1223. alias "trashcan_diceroll_23" "alias trashcan_result trashcan23;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_24"
  1224. alias "trashcan_diceroll_24" "alias trashcan_result trashcan24;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_25"
  1225. alias "trashcan_diceroll_25" "alias trashcan_result trashcan25;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_26"
  1226. alias "trashcan_diceroll_26" "alias trashcan_result trashcan26;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_27"
  1227. alias "trashcan_diceroll_27" "alias trashcan_result trashcan27;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_28"
  1228. alias "trashcan_diceroll_28" "alias trashcan_result trashcan28;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_29"
  1229. alias "trashcan_diceroll_29" "alias trashcan_result trashcan29;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_30"
  1230. alias "trashcan_diceroll_30" "alias trashcan_result trashcan30;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_31"
  1231. alias "trashcan_diceroll_31" "alias trashcan_result trashcan31;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_32"
  1232. alias "trashcan_diceroll_32" "alias trashcan_result trashcan32;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_33"
  1233. alias "trashcan_diceroll_33" "alias trashcan_result trashcan33;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_34"
  1234. alias "trashcan_diceroll_34" "alias trashcan_result trashcan34;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_35"
  1235. alias "trashcan_diceroll_35" "alias trashcan_result trashcan35;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_36"
  1236. alias "trashcan_diceroll_36" "alias trashcan_result trashcan36;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_37"
  1237. alias "trashcan_diceroll_37" "alias trashcan_result trashcan37;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_38"
  1238. alias "trashcan_diceroll_38" "alias trashcan_result trashcan38;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_39"
  1239. alias "trashcan_diceroll_39" "alias trashcan_result trashcan39;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_40"
  1240. alias "trashcan_diceroll_40" "alias trashcan_result trashcan40;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_41"
  1241. alias "trashcan_diceroll_41" "alias trashcan_result trashcan41;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_42"
  1242. alias "trashcan_diceroll_42" "alias trashcan_result trashcan42;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_43"
  1243. alias "trashcan_diceroll_43" "alias trashcan_result trashcan43;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_44"
  1244. alias "trashcan_diceroll_44" "alias trashcan_result trashcan44;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_45"
  1245. alias "trashcan_diceroll_45" "alias trashcan_result trashcan45;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_46"
  1246. alias "trashcan_diceroll_46" "alias trashcan_result trashcan46;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_47"
  1247. alias "trashcan_diceroll_47" "alias trashcan_result trashcan47;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_48"
  1248. alias "trashcan_diceroll_48" "alias trashcan_result trashcan48;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_49"
  1249. alias "trashcan_diceroll_49" "alias trashcan_result trashcan49;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_50"
  1250. alias "trashcan_diceroll_50" "alias trashcan_result trashcan50;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_51"
  1251. alias "trashcan_diceroll_51" "alias trashcan_result trashcan51;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_52"
  1252. alias "trashcan_diceroll_52" "alias trashcan_result trashcan52;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_53"
  1253. alias "trashcan_diceroll_53" "alias trashcan_result trashcan53;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_54"
  1254. alias "trashcan_diceroll_54" "alias trashcan_result trashcan54;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_55"
  1255. alias "trashcan_diceroll_55" "alias trashcan_result trashcan55;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_56"
  1256. alias "trashcan_diceroll_56" "alias trashcan_result trashcan56;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_57"
  1257. alias "trashcan_diceroll_57" "alias trashcan_result trashcan57;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_58"
  1258. alias "trashcan_diceroll_58" "alias trashcan_result trashcan58;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_59"
  1259. alias "trashcan_diceroll_59" "alias trashcan_result trashcan59;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_60"
  1260. alias "trashcan_diceroll_60" "alias trashcan_result trashcan60;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_61"
  1261. alias "trashcan_diceroll_61" "alias trashcan_result trashcan61;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_62"
  1262. alias "trashcan_diceroll_62" "alias trashcan_result trashcan62;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_63"
  1263. alias "trashcan_diceroll_63" "alias trashcan_result trashcan63;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_64"
  1264. alias "trashcan_diceroll_64" "alias trashcan_result trashcan64;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_65"
  1265. alias "trashcan_diceroll_65" "alias trashcan_result trashcan65;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_66"
  1266. alias "trashcan_diceroll_66" "alias trashcan_result trashcan66;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_67"
  1267. alias "trashcan_diceroll_67" "alias trashcan_result trashcan67;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_68"
  1268. alias "trashcan_diceroll_68" "alias trashcan_result trashcan68;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_69"
  1269. alias "trashcan_diceroll_69" "alias trashcan_result trashcan69;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_70"
  1270. alias "trashcan_diceroll_70" "alias trashcan_result trashcan70;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_71"
  1271. alias "trashcan_diceroll_71" "alias trashcan_result trashcan71;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_72"
  1272. alias "trashcan_diceroll_72" "alias trashcan_result trashcan72;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_73"
  1273. alias "trashcan_diceroll_73" "alias trashcan_result trashcan73;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_74"
  1274. alias "trashcan_diceroll_74" "alias trashcan_result trashcan74;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_75"
  1275. alias "trashcan_diceroll_75" "alias trashcan_result trashcan75;alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_1"
  1277. alias trashcan_cycle trashcan_diceroll_1
  1279. alias "trashcan_dice" "trashcan_result; trashcan_cycle"
  1281. bind l trashcan_dice
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