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  1. <Diretooth> The original what?
  2. <Emily> adversary
  3. <Diretooth> Lemma guess, Dan?
  4. <Emily> you know, it's not the same
  5. <Emily> mm
  6. <Diretooth> The trolling?
  7. <Emily> Geek and Moot just...
  8. <Diretooth> Just what?
  9. <Emily> It doesn't have the feel of you, allati, and shiro in that old ajax chat
  10. <Diretooth> How so?
  11. <Emily> I dunno, they don't...
  12. <Diretooth> Play cat and mouse?
  13. <Emily> They don't really.... I don't enjoy it as much, it's not the classic dan experience.
  14. <Emily> it's pathetic
  15. <Emily> 2 a day! ME!
  16. <Emily> plus the DNSBL makes it near impossible to find good proxies, I average 2 a day.
  17. <Diretooth> Well, after a while, things tend to lose their luster. Though, given the activity of a less... intelligent troll, I've actually wanted a deep philosophical discussion with you.
  18. <Emily> oh you mean ulfsark?
  19. <Diretooth> Nah, I'm talking about a different site.
  20. <Diretooth> One that has no staff members, save one. Some idiot called SKorn who spamms the same thing over and over again.
  21. <Emily> it will never be the seem, security is getting high, and the new mods are tough as nails
  22. <Emily> same
  23. <Diretooth> Well, your original persona was that of a troll who tested a site to see how well it could defend from trolls.
  24. <Emily> i wanted to go after the most secure sites, in the weirdest communities.
  25. <Emily> you know, e-peen is an important thing in our world
  26. <Diretooth> The guy I'm talking about, he makes trolling look like something a child does when his parents take away his blanket.
  27. <Diretooth> e-peen?
  28. <Emily> not the biggest forum, but one of the most secured, attacking wulf howl was a feat to be proud of
  29. <Emily> i dunno man
  30. <Emily> yes, e penis, eg. our ego
  31. <Emily> i feel like i'm losing my touch
  32. <Emily> we both know, you guys will do your job and by the end of today, i will be banned
  33. <Diretooth> I get it. To you, it's like a dick measureing contest. Right?
  34. <Emily> but i will say, i am genuinely stumped
  35. <Emily> yes
  36. <Diretooth> Huh. Interesting. Maybe that's what gets Skorn so... off with his stupidity.
  37. <Emily> i don't think i'll be here much longer
  38. <Diretooth> Why not?
  39. <Emily> but...
  40. <Emily> i will try my best to think of ways around these obstacles, and be DAN, the man that you can't ban, as always
  41. <Emily> i'm losing, slowly
  42. <Emily> because it's becoming pointless.
  43. <Emily> now, adeu until we meet again, this is my que
  44. <Diretooth> So this is a last goodbye?
  45. <Emily> i will be removed from the network any minute now
  46. <Emily> looks to be so
  47. <Diretooth> Then do svidanya.
  48. <Emily> i'll drop by once in a while..
  49. <Diretooth> Wouldn't be fun then.
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