À La Carte​ Valentine - Hinano Chapter

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  1. A la Carte Valentine
  2. Hinano Chapter Part 1
  4. Hinano: If I was 20cm taller, I wonder if he would admire me?
  5. Hinano: Fuffuffu...
  6. Hinano: It's done... it's finished!!
  7. Hinano: A science experiment that earned me esteem among the children as well...
  8. Hinano: "Eh? You can use baking soda in sweets?!"
  9. Hinano: "A recipe for putting air in chocolate!"
  10. Hinano: ...was their reaction...
  11. Hinano: The ultimate Valentine's honmei chocolate...
  12. Hinano: And its name is Saint Science #14 (temporary)!!
  13. Hinano: And now it's finally Wednesday!
  14. Hinano: And I, too, will finally become the riajuu I've always wanted to be...
  15. Hinano: ......
  16. [flashback]
  17. Boy: So basically the conclusion of what I'm saying is "I'm sorry!"
  18. [/]
  19. Hinano: I ran headfirst into my past love, and it was cruelly smashed...
  20. Hinano: I thought throwing it straight at him would be the best way to appeal to his heart, but...
  21. Hinano: (I'm not going to make the same type of mistake twice...)
  22. Hinano: (But if I can't hand it over to him directly, then...)
  23. Hinano: This is trouble...
  24. Hinano: How do I give this to him... this chocolate...
  25. Emiri: Like, if it was me, I'd just deliver it all quick-like.
  26. Emiri: Maybe maybe if you go in hard with it like last time, it'll work maybe maybe?
  27. Hinano: Sigh... how nice, to be like you...
  28. Hinano: If I had such a simplistic brain like that...
  29. Hinano: I'd certainly be happy.
  30. Emiri: But like, if you just go "hmmmm" and think about it so much, you'll get absolutely totally nothing done at all?
  31. Hinano: I'm worrying about it because...
  32. Hinano: I don't want to repeat the result of failing because of doing something.
  33. Emiri: Hmm, but it'll just work out, won't it! No problemo!
  34. Emiri: Because Myaako-senpai, you're a legal loli and you look like a cute little animal!
  35. Emiri: Aren't your specs like totally crazy?
  36. Emiri: Like just by being kept in someone's house, they'd be all happy or something?
  37. Hinano: Grrrrr...
  38. Hinano: Kwaaah!
  39. Hinano: Don't talk about me like I'm a cat or a hamster, idiot!
  40. Emiri: Kyaan!
  41. Emiri: Angry Myaako-senpai is also kyoooooot!
  42. Hinano: Ahhh... this has gotten idiotic...
  43. Hinano: If it's come to this, then forget it!
  44. Hinano: I'll throw away these theories! All I can do is go straight at it once more!
  45. Emiri: Ah, oh yeah, tomorrow, I'm...
  46. Hinano: You're completely ignoring my determination, huh...
  47. Emiri: I'm gonna meet with Akiracchi and them and exchange chocolates.
  48. Emiri: You should come too, Myaako-senpai!
  49. Hinano: No, I won't be going...
  50. Emiri: Whaaat, don't be so cold...
  51. Hinano: My chocolate is a honmei one-shot!
  52. Hinano: If I participate in this, you could say that it's a failure...
  53. Hinano: So that's why I'm not going!
  54. Hinano: My confession will definitely be successful, and I'll be busy celebrating the day I walked down the road of riajuu!
  55. Hinano: (Tomorrow is Valentine's Day itself, huh...)
  56. Hinano: (And in the end, I still don't have a plan.)
  57. sfx: heart thumping
  58. Hinano: (Don't worry... I'm not worried...)
  59. Hinano: Uooooohh! I'm gonna crush it! Miyako Hinano!
  60. [witch presence]
  61. Hinano: A witch...
  62. [screen flashes]
  63. Hinano: No... was it my imagination...?
  65. Part 2:
  67. Emiri: Akiracchi's chocolate are delish!
  68. Akira: Really?!
  69. Akira: I'm glad... I was worried about it...
  70. Akira: This is the first time I've done something like this...
  71. Meiyui: And an unexpected amount of strength you used, too.
  72. Akira: T-that's since it was my first time.
  73. Akira: I couldn't have you guys eat something that didn't taste good, right?
  74. Akira: I only ever end up getting chocolate from others on Valentine's Day.
  75. Akira: So this year I thought I'd participate as well...
  76. Meiyui: As you'd expect, Akira-sama's worries are in a completely different dimension.
  77. sfx: bang!
  78. Akira: Uwah!
  79. Meiyui: What was that?!
  80. Hinano: .......
  81. Emiri: Wow, it's Myaako-senpai!
  82. Emiri: I can't believe you showed up! Total respect! You're the bestest...
  83. Emiri: Ah... ahhh?!
  84. Emiri: Could it be... an honorably-defeated-type girl?!
  85. Emiri: Notification of the end of HINANO'S VALENTINE DAY?!
  86. Hinano: Don't end it for me! I'm a NOT-over-type girl!
  87. Hinano: But really, it's more like... it hasn't even started, either...
  88. Emiri: Whaddya mean...?
  89. Hinano: .......
  90. Hinano: The truth is...
  92. Hinano: Guh... AaaaAAOOooo!
  93. Hinano: How the heck am I supposed to give it to him...
  94. Hinano: Casually? Nonchalantly? Indirectly? Passively?
  95. Hinano: But I've almost never had a direct conversation with him.
  96. Hinano: I might not even be on his radar...
  97. Hinano: ...oh?
  98. [green boy appears]
  99. Hinano: He's alone in the classroom...
  100. Hinano: (If I give him the chocolate here, our molecular bonds will strengthen...)
  101. Hinano: (This is an unparalleled chance to strike and prove my theory true!)
  102. Hinano: Let's go, Hinano...
  103. Hinano: The God of Science hasn't abandoned me...!
  104. Blue boy: Sup.
  105. Green boy: You're late.
  106. Hinano: Wha-!
  107. Hinano: (Goddamn!)
  108. Hinano: (While I was worrying, an impurity was mixed in?!)
  109. Blue boy: Woah, man.
  110. Blue boy: You got a shitload of chocolates again this year, huh.
  111. Green boy: I was trying to figure out what to do about them.
  112. Blue boy: Don't you have a girlfriend?
  113. Green boy: I don't.
  114. Blue boy: So you were looking through trying to pick out which one you wanted?
  115. Green boy: No, I wasn't.
  116. Blue boy: Huh? Could it be that you still like that senpai?
  117. Green boy: It's not like that...
  118. Blue boy: I see, I see.
  119. Blue boy: Even if tons and tons of chocolates from girls in your own grade pile up...
  120. Blue boy: You want someone like that senpai.
  121. Blue boy: A dependable, sexy, older girl type, eh?
  122. Green boy: Shut up!
  123. Green boy: I just happen to admire that type of girl that you mentioned, it's not like...
  124. Blue boy: So you admit that you admire her?
  125. sfx: goooooong...
  126. Hinano: A person he... admires.
  127. Hinano: Furthermore, a s-... s-s-s-... sexy type?!
  128. [flashback]
  129. Emiri: Because Myaako-senpai, you're a legal loli and you look like a cute little animal!
  130. [/]
  131. Hinano: ......ugh.
  133. Hinano: So because of that, you can have this chocolate...
  134. Hinano: It's Saint Science #14 (temporary).
  135. Emiri: Huh, huh, huh, Myaako-senpai!
  136. Hinano: Stay away!
  137. Hinano: I can't show such a shameful sight in front of every... every...
  138. Hinano: Uu... uu...
  139. Hinano: Uuoooooooooh!!
  140. [Hinano runs away]
  142. Hinano: Ugu... sniffle... I really am no good...
  143. Hinano: I'm tiny, and a lifetime non-riajuu...
  144. [witch presence]
  145. Hinano: ---?!
  146. Hinano: This is...
  147. [Hinano transforms]
  148. Hinano: Urya!
  149. Hinano: It really is...
  150. [flashback]
  151. [witch presence]
  152. Hinano: A witch...
  153. [screen flashes]
  154. Hinano: No... was it my imagination...?
  155. [/]
  156. Hinano: So it wasn't my imagination...
  158. Hinano: My confession was sunk before it could even float...
  159. Hinano: And just when I thought I was going to get melancholic, a witch has sprung forth.
  160. Hinano: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
  161. Hinano: This really...
  162. Hinano: an unbelievable day!
  164. Part 3:
  166. Hinano: Oh no! There's a person inside the barrier...
  167. Hinano: Hey, you! Let's get out of here together!
  168. [green boy appears]
  169. Hinano: Wh- woooooooooo?!?!
  170. Green boy: M-Miyako-san?!
  171. Hinano: W-... w-w-w-... what's this?! Did someone set this up as a prank?!
  172. Hinano: (No no no... of course not!)
  173. Green boy: Did you get lost, too?
  174. Green boy: I was on my way home, too, when my surroundings turned into this labyrinth-like thing...
  175. Green boy: I'm at a loss on which way I should go now...
  176. Green boy: Uu...
  177. [Green boy disappears]
  178. Hinano: (Sorry... but please just sleep for a little bit.)
  179. Witch: *noises*
  180. Hinano: Perfect timing... you saved me time having to look for you!
  181. Witch: *noises*
  183. -----
  185. Hinano: Riajuu? So what! Valentine's? So what!
  186. Hinano: In the end, it's got nothing to do with me!
  187. Hinano: But...
  188. Hinano: I'm not going to forgive you for messing up this day.
  189. Hinano: I've been holding myself back on a lot of things!!
  190. Hinano: Ethanol isn't enough for this...
  191. Hinano: You're gonna explode with nitroglycerin!!
  193. Witch: *noises*
  194. Hinano: Hmph! That's what you ge-...
  195. Witch: *noises*
  196. Hinano: Wha-?! It's gonna suicide bomb me?! This is bad!!!!
  197. [screen flashes]
  199. -----
  201. Hinano: Huh... what... is this?
  202. Green boy: Hey, are you one of the people in my class?
  203. Green boy: Ahh, you really are! I felt like I've seen you somewhere before.
  204. Green boy: You do a lot of performances doing experiments right? My little sister takes great joy in them...
  205. Hinano: Ahh, I see. These are those visions you see before you die, huh...
  206. Hinano: This is interesting... incredibly interesting...
  207. Green boy: What are you saying? This is amazing, isn't it?
  208. Green boy: I had to quit my club because of an injury...
  209. Green boy: To be honest, I'm envious of you...
  210. Hinano: That's right.. he...
  211. Hinano: Was I able to help him...?  Was he saved?
  212. Hinano: Ahh... I shouldn't have joked about things blowing up and all that.
  213. Hinano: I never thought I would actually explode...
  214. Emiri: Myaaaakoooo-seeeeenpaaaaaaaai
  215. Hinano: Emiri... I'm sorry...
  216. [Emiri dashes past]
  217. Myaakoo-seenpaai?
  218. [Emiri dashes past]
  219. Myaakoo-seenpaai?
  220. Hinano: Emi-...
  221. Emiri: Myaako-paisen? Hellloooo?
  222. Emiri #2: Hellloooo?
  223. Emiri #3: Hello hello?
  224. Emiri #2: Hello hello-ho?
  225. Emiri #1: Myaako-senpaaaai? Are you listening?
  226. Emiri #3: Senpaipaaai?
  227. Emiri #2: Myaako-seeenpaaai?
  228. Emiri #3: Sensenpaaai?
  229. Emiri #1: Myaa! Ko! Sen! Pai!!
  230. Emiri #2: Myamyamyako-senpai!
  231. Emiri #3: Heeey, heeey!
  232. Emiri #1: Hey, I said!
  233. Hinano: ...uu.
  234. Hinano: Shut upppppppppppp!!
  235. Hinano: Why is it so damn noisy all the way to my life flashing before my eyes...
  236. Hinano: Huh? I'm... alive?
  237. [Green boy appears]
  238. Hinano: Oh?
  239. Hinano: (He's still breathing. It looks like he's just sleeping...)
  240. [Hinano transforms back]
  241. Hinano: Haaaahhh... it's been a while since I thought I was gonna die.
  243. Part 4:
  245. Hinano: (......)
  246. Hinano: (Really though... what's this turned into.)
  247. Emiri: Myaako-senpai!!
  248. Hinano: E-... E-E-E-E-Emiri?!
  249. Emiri: Are you hurt anywhere?! Did you get any shorter?!
  250. Hinano: Uwawawawa! You're wrong!
  251. Hinano: This isn't what you think?! It's not like that!
  252. Hinano: T-t-t-there's a really good reason for this, okay?
  253. Meiyui: Miyako is acting weirder than normal, hm? Are you okay? This...
  254. Akira: Could it be that she's been confused by the witch's curse...?
  255. Emiri: This feeling like she's really blown a fuse...
  256. Emiri: Could it be that the dude rolling on the ground over there...
  257. Emiri: the dependable, older-girl-liking type boy that Myaako-senpai's in love with?!
  258. Akira: There's no way it could be that convenient...
  259. Hinano: Awawawawawawawawawawawawawawawa!!
  260. Meiyui: Seems like it is, hm.
  261. Akira: It's so easy to understand, but what is with that reaction?!
  262. Emiri: Surely this is, like, a miraculous miracle?
  263. Emiri: Yeah! You've gotta do it!
  264. Emiri: Myaako-senpai! This is your chance, confess!
  265. Hinano: N-... nowaynowaynoway!
  266. Hinano: I told you, he already admires a sexy older girl type...
  267. Hinano: Someone like me isn't in that category...
  268. Hinano: Just so you know, I'm not gonna force it or anything...
  269. Emiri: A person you admire, they're only like "oh, they're great," you know?
  270. Emiri: It's not like they're dating, right?
  271. Emiri: Right now, Myaako-senpai...
  272. Emiri: You've got like, a total, super-reliable older girl vibe.
  273. Emiri: If you do it now, you could just come out of nowhere and totally bullseye his tastes!
  274. Hinano: That's...
  275. Hinano: That's not possible!
  276. Hinano: I told you it's pointless! I've given up, that's enough!
  277. Emiri: No way!
  278. Emiri: See, I...
  279. Emiri: ...don't want you to have any regrets or anything, Myaako-senpai!
  280. Emiri: Please! For real, do it? Okay?
  281. Hinano: ...nuh uh. I don't have the chocolate anymore, anyway.
  282. Emiri: Myaako-senpai!!
  283. Hinano: ???
  284. Hinano: Calm down. Why are you so...
  285. Meiyui: Miyako, Emiri is right.
  286. Meiyui: Out of the magical girls you know, who's had the most longevity?
  287. Hinano: What?
  288. Hinano: If you mean more than me, then that would basically be Nanami Yachiyo...
  289. Hinano: ---?!
  290. Emiri: You see, I trust you, Myaako-senpai.
  291. Emiri: I know you'll be tottttally fine.
  292. Emiri: But you know, Valentine's only comes around once a year, right?
  293. Emiri: If it's a failure this year, it'll be next year when you can hand it over again.
  294. Emiri: If it's still a failure, then you have to wait another year to hand it over...
  295. Emiri: But, like... but like! Uuuuuuuuuuuu!!
  296. Hinano: ......
  297. Hinano: You're right.
  298. Hinano: As a magical girl, I can't believe I'm being admonished by you about my attitude.
  299. Hinano: I was wrong.
  300. [cutscene]
  301. Emiri: Byaaaaaago-Benpaaaaai!!
  302. Hinano: Ow!!
  303. Hinano: What did you hit me with...
  304. Hinano: ...huh, my... chocolate...?
  305. Akira: Yeah.
  306. Akira: "We can't eat something that's packed with these feelings."
  307. Akira: Is what she said.
  308. Meiyui: That's how it is.
  309. Green boy: U...uuu...nnn...
  310. Akira: Ah! That guy is waking up! Hurry, hurry!
  311. Green boy: Owowowow... ah, Miyako-san?
  312. Green boy: What was I...?
  313. Hinano: Ahh... ah... er, y-y-... your safety is the most important.
  314. Green boy: Ugggh... my memory is...
  315. Green boy: But it feels like...
  316. Green boy: I was saved from a really dangerous situation...
  317. Hinano: W-... well, that's what it is.
  318. Hinano: ......soso.
  319. Hinano: Now that you're safe... there's something I want to tell you...
  321. -----
  323. Hinano: There's something I want to tell you...
  324. Hinano: Please... take this chocolate...!
  325. Green boy: Huh?
  326. Hinano: And also... a-... aaa... ata... atatata...
  327. Akira: (It's like it's turned into that legendary martial art...!)
  328. Emiri: Myaako-senpai! Relax!
  329. Hinano: Urk...
  330. Hinano: Um, basically, please go out with me!!
  331. *gulp...*
  332. Green boy: ---?!
  333. Emiri: *stare...*
  334. Meiyui: ......
  335. Akira: *doki doki*
  336. Green boy: ...umm...
  337. Green boy: First, thank you very much for helping me, and...
  338. Emiri: And?
  339. Akira: (And?)
  340. Meiyui: ......
  341. Green boy: What do I say...
  342. Emiri: Say?
  343. Akira: *gulp*
  344. Meiyui: ......
  345. Hinano: ......
  346. Hinano: ...sigh.
  347. Hinano: Well, it's like that.
  348. Hinano: I liked you.
  349. Hinano: And I wanted to give you chocolate like this.
  350. Hinano: The dating part and such I'd like you to forget about, okay?
  351. Hinano: This is enough.
  352. Hinano: I'm sorry for saying all this so suddenly.
  353. Green boy: T-that's okay!
  354. Green boy: Thank you, I'm happy. I'll eat this with care.
  355. Hinano: ...I see.
  357. Part 5:
  359. Emiri: Jeeeez! Why, why?
  360. Emiri: Myaako-senpai! All he needed was one more push?!
  361. Emiri: Why did you stop?
  362. Hinano: After suddenly being saved from an inconceivable situation...
  363. Hinano: Then being surrounded by a bunch of people and being told something like that...
  364. Hinano: It'd be hard to turn anyone down, wouldn't it? What was that, a flash mob?
  365. Akira: (...That's certainly true.)
  366. Emiri: But it didn't feel like he was gonna suddenly reject you at all!
  367. Emiri: And if he didn't...!
  368. Hinano: He was just bothered trying to be careful with my feelings.
  369. Hinano: The fact is that I was his savior who literally helped him just moments before.
  370. Hinano: If I had waited any longer than that, he would have just become more and more bothered, right?
  371. Emiri: You don't know that at all!
  372. Emiri: He coulda just been frozen by being so madly in love, too!
  373. Hinano: I'm the one who fell in love with him. He's definitely that type of guy.
  374. Emiri: But... but!
  375. Emiri: I don't understand! Don't give up!
  376. Hinano: Thank you, Emiri.
  377. Hinano: I'm completely satisfied like this.
  378. Hinano: Maybe you'll understand one day if you fall in love with someone, too.
  379. Hinano: Now, it feels like I kinda missed out on handing chocolate out...
  380. Emiri: Huh...?
  381. Hinano: Handing out chocolate to you.
  382. Emiri: You said you didn't make any friend chocolate...
  383. Hinano: Call it a thank you for being my helper at events and stuff.
  384. Hinano: And, well...
  385. Hinano: A chocolate hand-me-down that was meant for him isn't exactly the greatest, huh.
  386. Emiri: W-... w-w-w-... way too cool...?!
  387. Emiri: Myaako-senpai, I love you! I'm gonna adopt you and spend a lifetime with you!
  388. Akira: Heh heh heh.
  389. Hinano: All riiight!
  390. Hinano: I'm different from the me from yesterday!
  391. Hinano: With today's experience, now begins my third growth spurt!
  392. Hinano: Watch me, Emiri!
  393. Hinano: I'm gonna grow so fast it'll knock you silly!
  394. Emiri: Yeah, yeah! Your brand new youth will totally upsize you!
  395. Meiyui: ---?!
  396. Meiyui: I didn't know that.
  397. Meiyui: When humans are rejected, they grow taller?
  398. Hinano: ......
  399. Hinano: Uuoooooooooooon!!
  400. Akira: Meiyui, that was only a metaphor just now...
  401. Hinano: Bobeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
  402. Hinano: I hate expressionsssss!
  403. Hinano: Everybody can juhst ekplooooode!!
  404. [Hinano runs away]
  405. Emiri: Waaaagh! Myaako-senpai went back to her wild self!
  407. -----
  409. Emiri: Myaako-senpai!
  410. Emiri: How about you cry out all the things you can think of that you liked about him!
  411. Emiri: That way we can get it all out of your system!
  412. Emiri: And you'll grow bigger for all that you cry out of yourself, Myaako-senpai!
  413. Akira: Huh... what the heck is that supposed to be?
  414. Hinano: UuuUuuuuuuuu... firbst, his hair was loohohhhhngggg!!
  415. Akira: (She actually started crying it out?!)
  416. Hinano: His fingers were shooo prebbbyyyyy!!!
  417. Emiri: Good, good!
  418. Hinano: The way he sthood was so whonderfuhllllllll!!!!
  419. Emiri: All right, keep it coming!
  420. Hinano: The way he sat was shooo coooooohhhll!!!!!
  421. Emiri: We're not done yet!
  422. Hinano: The way he walhked wash the beeeeeeeebbbst!!!!!!
  423. Akira: ......
  424. Meiyui: ......
  425. Akira: ('s nothing but characteristics of his appearance.)
  426. Emiri: Ah, that's right!
  427. Emiri: I've got chocolate for you, too! It's special just for you, Myaako-senpai!
  428. Hinano: Now?!
  429. Hinano: Youh shhhoulda done it norhmally earliber and we coulhda exchanbed them...
  430. Hinano: Uuuu... *sniffle sniffle*
  431. Hinano: ......
  432. Hinano: ...It's huge?! What is this, a tennis ball?!
  433. Hinano: Is this, ramune mixed in with the chocolate or something?
  434. Emiri: It's not!
  435. Emiri: For a girl aiming to be tall, I fortified it with calcium supplements!
  436. Emiri: It's my deluxe crunch chocolate!
  437. Hinano: Heeeey!!
  438. Hinano: The weight of this shows that you completely ignored the recommended dosage of the supplements!
  439. Hinano: ...sigh
  440. Hinano: Still, thank you. I like it.
  441. Hinano: I'll crush it up and drink it every day.
  442. Emiri: Myaako-senpai!
  443. Emiri: I can't wait for next year's Valentine's Day!
  444. Hinano: Next year, if I can grow just another 10cm, I'll fall in love again then.
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