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  5. SLOT: November
  7. BACK UP SLOT: August
  9. FACE CLAIM: Jinhwan of Ikon
  11. BACK UP FACE CLAIM: Chan of A.C.E
  15. FULL NAME: Solveig Chul Ishida
  17. STAGE NAME: S.oul
  19. OTHER NAME(S):
  20. full Norwegian name: Solveig Anja Ishida
  21. full Korean name: Ishida Chul-Hei
  23. NICKNAME(S): Bambi (it was a cute nickname he was fond of), Sol, Chuu.
  25. AGE: 20
  27. GENDER: male
  29. BIRTHDATE: November 21, 1999
  31. HEIGHT: 5’5 ; 162.7 cm
  35. PERSONALITY: Sol is very sensitive, there’s no ‘kind of’ or ‘usually’. It’s very easy to make him cry, even though the situation doesn’t call for full blown tears. He really can’t control his emotions very well and even if he’s really angry he starts to cry. Small wounds bring small tears to his eyes or when someone he cares about is crying he cries himself, it’s like a chain reaction. He’s a very happy and positive person, wanting the energy to be light and not a mood that’ll make everyone feel bad. He’s naive and innocent, so he usually never know what’s going on. He doesn’t have a potty mouth, being very rare for him to ever cuss no matter the circumstance, unless you somehow force a cuss word out of him. He’s very soft spoken and is the type of person to compliment anyone no matter what. Since he’s just a little naive, he likes to depend on other people. He usually is more comfortable when someone is by his side and with him. Since he doesn’t usually let out he e seeks out comfort from other people, but instead of talking, he just wants them to hold him. He’s very touchy and craves attention whether it by physically or any other type of attention. He’s very forgiving and the longest he’ll hold a grudge is two-three days. He believes in second, third, and fourth chances and won’t hold anything against someone (like blackmail). He doesn’t boast about himself or place himself on a high pedestal and takes it on himself to let others shine equally, seeing his loved ones happy and shining puts a smile on his face.
  37. BACKGROUND: He was born in Norway since his Japanese father (and also a mix of Korean) had met his mother there when he wanted to study find a new breath of a air, a new place to live. Sol’s mother at the time was helping run a successful family business. His mother and father had a lot of disagreements, having a child was one of them. His father really wanted to have at least one child while his mother wanted to be free, his father usually never disagreed with his wife since she was very controlling of him. When Sol was born, his mother’s heart only changed a little. He had a very close relationship with his father because of this, but his mom wasn’t there very often. When the fighting between his parents got worse and his mother started getting physical with Sol’s father, his dad decided to run away to Japan. His father worked for divorce papers and plane tickets and also extra money so they didn’t have to worry too much when arriving, his dad trying to speed up the process before his mother became worst. As much as Sol wanted to stay in Norway with his mother and father together, even if his mother wasn’t the best person, he agreed to it in the end, he wasn’t old enough to complain but he didn’t want to see his father sad anymore. Sol and his father had little money when living in Japan and had a tiny apartment, but Sol never complained since his father had worked so hard for him. Seeing his father struggle without a second person made Sol become a very optimistic person since he always wanted to cheer up people he cared about, especially his dad. His father supported him through everything, especially when Sol decided to practice dance, try and sing, and when he came out to his father. Sol’s mom had been involved in ballet and he used to watch her stretch and warm up, he had joined in whenever she was in a good mood and that’s where he had gotten his flexibility and his love for the art. When he had grown older his father told him they were moving to Korea, his relatives had heard about their situation and said they had a job and a better place for them to live, Sol was fifteen at the time and knew no Korean at the time, but he really loves the country.
  39. PERSONAL GREETING: “The smallest of lights are the biggest stars. Hello my name is S.oul!”
  42. * Really loves physical affection, it just makes him happy
  43. * Being praised and doted on, it helps his self esteem and puts an even bigger smile on his face
  44. * Sweet foods and drinks, he has a very sweet tooth (which a member should keep an eye on)
  45. * Stuffed animals, they make him sleep better at night and keep him company when he feels down
  46. * Listening to other people’s problems and helping them in any way he can
  47. * Cute nicknames like baby, baby boy, kitten, prince.
  48. * When people pet his hair/play with his hair. It calms down his nerves and helps him whenever he gets too sad
  49. * oversized shirts/sweaters. usually he isn’t wearing his own clothes so whenever a member is missing some clothes, check him first
  50. * soft/calming music like Joji, Bruno Major, Jorja Smith, H.E.R, Dog Trainer, Samsa, etc. He listens to a lot of k-rock too sometimes
  51. * feminine clothing (he’d wear a skirt and rock it, don’t judge) he says it’s really comfortable
  54. * when people degrade him
  55. * anything loud and sudden/too loud like thunder and yelling (he really doesn’t like when people yell when they’re angry)
  56. * insects, especially spiders and cockroaches.
  57. * when someone decides to raise their hand towards him when they get into any kind of argument/fight
  58. * when it’s too cold. he tends to get cold easily and when he’s freezing he gets really sick.
  59. * being denied physical affection, especially when he needs it most.
  60. * he would never admit it but he’s terrified of the dark
  61. * making mistakes and when his mistakes affect other people
  62. * being left out or ignored, it makes him feel really sad throughout the whole day
  63. * the smell of perfume, it gives him the biggest headache
  65. HOBBIES:
  66. * he cooks and bakes. since his dad was busy he taught himself how to cook, and he also picked up on a few methods from his mom
  67. * drawing. his dad was an art major and the both of them would draw together, that was back in norway though.
  68. * he wouldn’t say photography is his hobby but he’d really want to get into it one day
  70. HABITS:
  71. * he bites at his nails when he’s nervous or when his deep in thought, he usually never notices
  72. * draws shapes on his or other people’s arms/hands when he needs to try and calm himself down
  73. * whenever he’s talking to someone he doesn’t like looking them in the eyes, unless it’s someone he’s close to (even though he still doesn’t usually look them in the eye anyway). he stares at something next to the other person or their shadow
  74. * whenever he can’t bite his nails or someone is watching on him and making sure he doesn’t, he plays around with his fingers and spaces out
  76. TRIVIA:
  77. * can speak Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, and a little bit of English (his mom was fluent and he’d picked up on a little bit of it, he isn’t the best but he’s trying)
  78. * plays the piano, ukulele, and picked up on some acoustic guitar and electric
  79. * he falls asleep very easily but can also be woken up to the smallest of noise
  80. * he has a slight norwegian accent when speaking korean and usually mixes up Japanese with Korean
  81. * prefers to date males and isn’t afraid to show it
  82. * he has a lot of tiny moles, the one on his face, one on his neck, and a lot more he doesn’t really show
  83. * he knows how to sew and knit, usually for him to pass time
  84. * he does a lot of weird things when he’s half asleep. whenever you wake up you can expect Sol sleeping beside you
  85. * gets scared really easily
  87. LIVING IN ROOM: Monochrome and Red
  89. BACK UP ROOM: Similarity
  95. IDEA FOR FANDOM COLOR: Silver and Gold
  97. MESSAGE TO ME: have fun writing this dude! sorry if my character wasn’t what you had in mind for the slot but i saw ‘soft’ and i used that to my advantage
  101. PASSWORD: autao
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