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Jun 30th, 2015
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  1. Siegbert/Femui C: PCF1
  2. Kamui: You look like you’re having fun with that book. What are you reading?
  3. Siegbert: Oh, Kamui. This book holds the collected works of a beloved artist of mine.
  4. Kamui: It looks to have paintings of calm beach scenes and wheat fields at harvest. Do you like artwork like this?
  5. Siegbert. Yeah. It’s not just landscapes though, I’m interested in all kinds of pieces. It’s just, after watching so many battles, I mostly gravitated towards collections of natural scenes. It’s like a breath of fresh air… I can relax when I look at works like these.
  6. Kamui: I see. I kind of get what you mean.
  7. Siegbert: Oh, right. If you would like, I could loan this book to you?
  8. Kamui: I would love that, but… is that alright with you?
  9. Siegbert: Don’t worry about it. I have plenty more of these to go around.
  10. Kamui: Thank you very much. In that case, I won’t hesitate to borrow it.
  11. Siegbert: I hope it pleases you.
  12. Kamui: Siegbert, do you do any drawing of your own?
  13. Siegbert: Y-Yes… though it’s merely at a hobbyist’s level… I was taught it briefly during my childhood, you see…
  14. Kamui: To be a genius at not just swordplay but in the arts as well, you’re definitely Xander’s child.
  15. Siegbert: The fact that I learned so many things is all thanks to my father. Thus, I agree with you. I wouldn’t want to become a person my father were ashamed of.
  16. Kamui: If it’s you, then you have nothing to worry about.
  17. Siegbert: Thanks. Hearing those words makes me happy.
  19. Siegbert/Femui B: PCF1
  20. Siegbert: ……
  21. Kamui: Ah, Siegbert. I’m returning the book I borrowed the other day.
  22. Siegbert: Oh, how was it? Was it to your liking?
  23. Kamui: Yes. It was fascinating.
  24. Siegbert: Is that so? I’m glad. There are other collections that I highly recommend, so if you would like, I can bring them next time.
  25. Kamui: Thank you. I’ll look forward to it.
  26. Siegbert: ………
  27. Kamui: … Hm? Is something wrong? You don’t seem very energetic…
  28. Siegbert: Ah… sorry… I was only lost in thought…
  29. Kamui: If there’s something troubling you, I could lend an ear, if you’d like.
  30. Siegbert: … Thank you for worrying about me. Then… would you listen to my story?
  31. Kamui: Of course.
  32. Siegbert: … Am I living up to my role?
  33. Kamui: What do you mean by that?
  34. Siegbert: Whether or not I’m fulfilling my responsibilities as father’s son… pondering that, I became uneasy.
  35. Kamui: Your responsibility as his child…
  36. Siegbert: ……… … Forget I said anything just now. Whining like this to you changes nothing… The way I move forward towards a solution despite my worries is what’s meaningful. That’s probably what my father would do. If that’s the case, I will do the same…
  37. Kamui: Siegbert. It’s alright to stop and worry every once in awhile, you know?
  38. Siegbert: Eh? But, my father would never…
  39. Kamui: You’re probably right about Xander. But he and you are different. So isn’t it alright for you to be anxious sometimes? I don’t think you need to be the exact same person.
  40. Siegbert: Is that… okay?
  41. Kamui: Yes. That’s what I believe.
  42. Siegbert: … Thank you. I feel a bit better now. But… this is a first. I’ve never confessed my worries to anyone before. I wonder if it’s because of you that I can speak so easily. I’m glad I met you, Kamui.
  44. Siegbert/Femui A: PCF1
  45. Siegbert: Ah, Kamui. Can you spare some time right now?
  46. Kamui: Yes. What is it, Siegbert?
  47. Siegbert: The truth is… err… well… what’s wrong with me, I was all set to say it, but suddenly I don’t have the nerve…
  48. Kamui: Teasing me like that, now I’m even more curious.
  49. Siegbert: S-Sorry. It wasn’t my intention to tease you like that, however… … Okay. I’m ready. But… you absolutely cannot laugh.
  50. Kamui: I won’t. Since when have I ever laughed at you? You may be at ease.
  51. Siegbert: My apologies… since I’m not accustomed to showing my weakness to anyone… I became distraught. Actually… I wanted to show you this…
  52. Kamui: This is… a very unique drawing. Siegbert, did you draw this, perchance?
  53. Siegbert: … Yes. I’m not very talented, so it’s a little embarrassing. Because you were interested in the art book I lent you the other day… I thought… I would show you works drawn by me as well.
  54. Kamui: These are the figures of our friends chatting by the fire, right? I think it’s incredible.
  55. Siegbert: R-Really!? In my opinion, it still seems unfinished, though…
  56. Kamui: When I look at this drawing, I feel warm inside.
  57. Siegbert: Having you say that… makes me happy. … I think I always am when I talk with you, Kamui. I find myself thinking it would be okay to show more of my weaknesses to people. Until now, I was desperately trying to catch up to the greatness of my father. In order to not be an embarrassment to my father, or betray the expectations placed in me that I would someday become king… I hid my weakness deep inside, and put on my best behavior at all times.
  58. Kamui: Siegbert…
  59. Siegbert: But you saying there was no need to be the same as my father saved me. Those words lightened the burden on my heart. So despite my drawing being clumsy… I still wanted to show you it as is…
  60. Kamui: I understand. Your feelings were conveyed completely.
  61. Siegbert: Though I’ll probably continue to show my weak sides to you in the future, Kamui… if you would stay by me despite that… … I would be delighted.
  62. Kamui: Of course I will. Let’s continue to get along well from now on, Siegbert.
  63. Siegbert: Yes. I’ll be in your care.
  65. Siegbert/Femui S: PCF1
  66. Kamui: Ah, Siegbert. Are you painting right now?
  67. Siegbert: Wawawah!? Kamui!?
  68. Kamui: Sorry. Did I surprise you?
  69. Siegbert: N-No! Not at all! It’s just, your timing is impeccable… though my heart wasn’t quite prepared yet…
  70. Kamui: Siegbert?
  71. Siegbert: I-It’s nothing! Don’t worry about it!
  72. Kamui: Wait… that painting… could that be… a picture of me?
  73. Siegbert: Y-Yes… I only just now finished it.
  74. Kamui: It’s a picture of the two of us holding hands.
  75. Siegbert: I had decided to deliver it to you after this, however… it seems I found you before that.
  76. Kamui: You’re… giving this painting to me?
  77. Siegbert: Yes. Will you take it?
  78. Kamui: Of course, but…
  79. Siegbert: ……. Kamui. Would you like to hear the title of this piece?
  80. Kamui: This painting’s title? What is it called?
  81. Siegbert: This painting is called… “The Family of my Dreams”.
  82. Kamui: !?
  83. Siegbert: Just like this painting, I want to live together with you forever Kamui, holding your hand… I drew this with that in mind.
  84. Kamui: Siegbert…
  85. Siegbert: And this… is the ring I meant to pass on to you along with the painting. I… love you, Kamui…! Will you marry me…!?
  86. Kamui: !!
  87. Siegbert: I want to create an ideal family with you, like the couple inside the painting. Are you… opposed?
  88. Kamui: ……. This picture… is a little different from the ideal family I would draw.
  89. Siegbert: … I see. … Is that so…?
  90. Kamui: So… may I borrow that brush?
  91. Siegbert: Brush? I-Is this alright?
  92. Kamui: I’m going to add a little something to this painting. Right here… just like this…
  93. Siegbert: This is… surrounding the couple, are the smiles of many people…
  94. Kamui: A family where not just the two of us are happy, but the people around us become happy too… I want to build a wonderful family like that together with you, Siegbert.
  95. Siegbert: Kamui…! Yes. We can definitely do it.
  96. Kamui: Yes. It’s a promise, Siegbert.
  97. Siegbert: Of course. It’s a promise I will never break…
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