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  1. On this beautiful day, birds chirping and flowers blooming, the small village of Saturn’s Den was as joyful as always. Colours everywhere and smiles at every corner of the village. Sinicius was drinking some wine at the local bar, while his twin brother Lucinus was busy working at the forgery. The two have lived in the village their whole life. Saturn’s Den has only about 100 habitants and hadn’t received any guests unless it’s a family member of a villager. Around midday, Sinicius noticed a hooded figure outside the village through the bar’s windows. The figure was approaching the village, and when it finally arrived had decided to enter the drinking place. It sat down next to Sinicius and unveiled their head, revealing medium-long hair, silky and smooth. He had pale skin and blue eyes, as well as a calm voice, as he ordered a whiskey. When he had put the hood down, everyone at the bar turned and went quiet, staring at the stranger. Clearly no one knew who that was. Sinicius decided to leave, grabbing his cane and his fedora at the entrance. He walked away, towards the forgery and to a bench where his brother was sitting, eating a sandwich, and sat down next to him. His brother stared at him, slightly confused, as Sinicius doesn’t regularly sit down on dirty benches.
  3. L-Hey Sin, what’s up?
  4. S-Hey, uh… Did you happen to spot a strange hooded figure entering the village by any chance?
  5. L-Hm… I think so yeah. Why?
  6. S-Would you happen to know to which family he’s related to?
  7. L-Uh… no? Are you alright Sin?
  8. S-Yeah, yeah, it’s just that he acts a little strange… Should I just…?
  9. L-Hold up, nope, I’m going to stop you right there. You are not going to “take care” of this person, just let them do whatever they have to do.
  10. S-Luke, it’s been 8 years since we’ve had a stranger visit the village. And the last time, this stranger almost kidnapped a small child!
  11. L-I know, and it won’t happen again. We have more guards now.
  12. S-I… Fine. I’ll keep a keen eye on him though. Just in case.
  13. L-Alright, fine. If it makes you feel safer, I guess.
  15. Lucinus stood up, tipped his hat at his brother, giving him a reassuring wink and Sinicius giving him a wink back. He walked back to the pub, but he didn’t find what he expected once he got there. Instead of a lively bar, full of noise and drunken villagers, he found wet, flat ruins. The bar was destroyed, only leaving a few chunks of wood and stone, and a few body parts sticking out their grave. Lucinus was shocked, and his face turned pale white as he heard a mysterious voice chuckle behind him.
  17. ?-These buildings sure are weak…
  19. Lucinus turned around, only to find the mysterious figure who sat next to him in the bar before it was destroyed. He stood back straight, readjusting his suit, and taking a deep breath. He didn’t want to burst into an outrage even though he was most likely in front of the culprit of the crime. He wanted to keep his cool.
  21. L-You did this, but why? And most importantly, who are you?
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