AGDQ2017 Update

PvtCinnamonbun Jan 8th, 2017 29,127 Never
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  1. I got unbanned for 2 seconds because staff realized (in the face of overwhelming evidence) they were completely wrong and apologized. They then banned me because I somehow “damaged” their PCs while setting up mine, even though they had zero evidence against me. What they said I did (which I didn’t) was that I unplugged a cord I shouldn’t have, which shut down the PCs. They shut me up when I showed them the spot full of open outlets where I was (giving a reason for why I didn’t need to unplug anything) and when I asked to talk to the tech staff to see what they think I did they wouldn’t let me.
  3. Cyberdemon531 got banned because staff realized he was actually wearing a MAGA hat on stream.
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