SCP:SL Server Info

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  1. <align="center"><size="20"><color="green">[EU]</color><color="red">CruciaL Gaming SCP:SL</color></size>
  2. <page>
  3. <b>Location:</b>  <i>Near Manchester, England</i>
  4. <b>Slots:</b> <i>30</i>
  5. <b>Discord:</b> <i></i>
  7. <color="red"><size="15"><u>Rules</u></size></color>
  8. <size="10">1. All members and staff should be treated equally!</size>
  9. <size="10">2. No racial, discriminative or derogatory slurs or comments. This includes playing derogatory sounds through VoiceMeeter.</size>
  10. <size="10">3. Don't argue with staff about punishments, they know what they're doing.</size>
  11. <size="10">4. No ban evade kthxbye</size>
  12. <size="10">5. No hacking, ESP, DDoSing of any kind. All of this will result in permanent bans that you can't appeal for.</size>
  13. <size="10">6. No teaming across teams. This means teaming in combinations of NTF and Chaos and NTF and SCPs are forbidden.</size>
  14. <size="10">7. (Got this rule idea from HydraSCP) Don't guide alive players when spectating.</size>
  15. <size="10">8. No delaying rounds!</size>
  16. <size="10">9. No spawn camping!</size>
  17. <size="10">10. No banned spots, kinda self-explanatory.</size>
  18. <size="10">11. No music on intercom, as this will result in permanent Intercom mute. Also, no mic spamming music in spectator either, while in-game though, it is allowed.</size>
  20. <color="red"><size="15"> Features! </size></color>
  21. 1. Patrons will eventually get reserved slots when we sort that out, you do get a cool name tag now though!
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