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  1. [23:17] <LoliSauce>     whoa, yuzu has fake out teleport
  2. [23:17] <LoliSauce>     hype
  3. [23:18] <LoliSauce>     seth's fireballs seem kind of shitty
  4. [23:18] <LoliSauce>     they can be destroyed so easily
  5. [23:19] <LoliSauce>     man, yuzu shouldn't have the nanaya teleport above and behind
  6. [23:19] <LoliSauce>     auto anti fireball teleport
  7. [23:19] <LoliSauce>     as if her iai slashes weren't enough already
  8. [23:19] <LoliSauce>     whaaaaaaat
  9. [23:20] <LoliSauce>     she did her super and it whiffed first hit, but still continued and did otg pickup on second hit
  10. [23:20] <LoliSauce>     oh wow instant overhead stuff too
  11. [23:20] <LoliSauce>     how dirty
  12. [23:20] <LoliSauce>     she seems a little too good tbh
  13. [23:21] <LoliSauce>     well, can't say for certain until real release and some high level play emerges, but she has a lot of tools
  14. [23:21] <LoliSauce>     man, each of these intro videos is way more than the old ones
  15. [23:21] <LoliSauce>     two full matches
  16. [23:22] <LoliSauce>     whoa
  17. [23:22] <LoliSauce>     serious damage waldstein confirms
  18. [23:22] <LoliSauce>     that was nasty
  19. [23:23] <LoliSauce>     combo into gadget finger into ex 360
  20. [23:23] <LoliSauce>     like 5.5k
  21. [23:23] <LoliSauce>     gross
  22. [23:23] <LoliSauce>     (that's the kind of damage he should have though, tbh)
  23. [23:24] <LoliSauce>     man, wald's gadget finger being able to legit combo into 360 is so nasty
  24. [23:24] <LoliSauce>     man he has so much wallslam confirm shit now
  25. [23:28] <LoliSauce>     whoa vati can spinny slash through the enemy on block?
  26. [23:28] <LoliSauce>     wow, sideswitch shenanigans
  27. [23:29] <LoliSauce>     these are actually pretty cool
  28. [23:29] <LoliSauce>     worth a watch prob, even though they're like 4-5min each
  29. [23:31] <LoliSauce>     wow, covering the recovery of her shoryu with a mine explosion
  30. [23:31] <LoliSauce>     genius
  31. [23:32] <LoliSauce>     holy crap vati pressure
  32. [23:32] <LoliSauce>     lol, she can do that mudamuda punch on the ground too?
  33. [23:32] <LoliSauce>     haha
  34. [23:32] <LoliSauce>     pa pa pa pa
  35. [23:32] <LoliSauce>     did she have that voice clip for it before?
  36. [23:33] <LoliSauce>     whoa seth air normals crossup really good
  37. [23:33] <LoliSauce>     wow those fastfalls are faaast
  38. [23:34] <LoliSauce>     oh, first time I've seen seth's super
  39. [23:34] <LoliSauce>     pretty cool
  40. [23:34] <LoliSauce>     man, his dive kick is like a hit grab or something
  41. [23:34] <LoliSauce>     how weird
  42. [23:35] <LoliSauce>     jeez, he has some nasty crossup stuff
  43. [23:36] <LoliSauce>     air action after his air fireball eh?
  44. [23:36] <LoliSauce>     that's nice
  45. [23:37] <LoliSauce>     man, that meter hop is really good
  46. [23:38] <LoliSauce>     man, his runpast does this crazy stun
  47. [23:38] <LoliSauce>     free confirm off of it every time
  48. [23:41] <LoliSauce>     man, I never realized how slow merkava's movement is
  49. [23:41] <LoliSauce>     like he can't normal jump, he can only do that slow ass flying shit
  50. [23:41] <LoliSauce>     no wonder he has crazy range and zoning tools
  51. [23:42] <LoliSauce>     man that full screen punch grab thing is such a free anti-zoning tool
  52. [23:43] <LoliSauce>     he plays so weird though
  53. [23:43] <LoliSauce>     it's like nero pressure
  54. [23:47] <LoliSauce>     his super is so funny
  55. [23:47] <LoliSauce>     like stretch armstrong slap hurricane
  56. [23:48] <LoliSauce>     oh baby, linne combos into divekick
  57. [23:48] <LoliSauce>     get that auto knockdown
  58. [23:48] <LoliSauce>     whoa
  59. [23:48] <LoliSauce>     what was that half screen roll shit
  60. [23:48] <LoliSauce>     wow double overhead
  61. [23:49] <LoliSauce>     dirty
  62. [23:49] <LoliSauce>     her air normals are so fast
  63. [23:49] <LoliSauce>     lol she's crossup double overheading all day
  64. [23:49] <LoliSauce>     dirrrrrty
  65. [23:50] <LoliSauce>     whoa otg pickup after combo into divekick?
  66. [23:50] <LoliSauce>     hype
  67. [23:50] <LoliSauce>     looks like you can only otg once in the game or something
  68. [23:50] <LoliSauce>     I've yet to see any double otgs
  69. [23:52] <LoliSauce>     man that ex fireball is so good
  70. [23:53] <LoliSauce>     lol hyde baiting an activation punish by using his super as a reversal
  71. [23:54] <LoliSauce>     gimmmmmicks
  72. [23:55] <LoliSauce>     wow, his super must be really godlike as a reversal or something
  73. [23:55] <LoliSauce>     he keeps punishing random pokes with it
  74. [23:56] <LoliSauce>     hyde's j.a or whatever is really good air to ground, jeez
  75. [23:56] <LoliSauce>     it's like almost mitsuru j.b or whatever
  76. [23:56] <LoliSauce>     well, not that good
  77. [23:58] <LoliSauce>     aww baby gordeau next
  78. [23:58] <LoliSauce>     holy fuck whiff cancels
  79. [23:58] <LoliSauce>     whoaaaaa
  80. [23:59] <LoliSauce>     ex command grab you can combo after!
  81. [23:59] <LoliSauce>     oh my god, this is so my character
  82. [00:00] <LoliSauce>     wow he can make some pretty amazing use of the roman cancel thing with all his crazy range scythe attacks that have heavy recovery
  83. [00:01] <LoliSauce>     he's got that like f-moon stagger pressure
  84. [00:03] <LoliSauce>     whoa, what the hell was that blood crystal prison thing
  85. [00:03] <LoliSauce>     carmine got some new tricks
  86. [00:04] <LoliSauce>     man, so fragile though
  87. [00:04] <LoliSauce>     oooh, so improper shield counts as some kind of guard break where you have big hitstun
  88. [00:04] <LoliSauce>     that certainly makes shielding more dangerous
  89. [00:05] <LoliSauce>     wow that delay rising crystal thing out of the pool is triiicky
  90. [00:06] <LoliSauce>     wow half screen confirm into super
  91. [00:06] <LoliSauce>     that was pretty fast reaction time
  92. [00:07] <LoliSauce>     man that life drain from special use is really hefty
  93. [00:07] <LoliSauce>     this dude needs to be doing throw mixups more to regain that life
  94. [00:08] <LoliSauce>     man this halfscreen pressure shit is awesome
  95. [00:08] <LoliSauce>     er, maybe like third screen or something
  96. [00:08] <LoliSauce>     just far enough away that no quick pokes can reach to break out of it
  97. [00:09] <LoliSauce>     pretty strong
  98. [00:09] <LoliSauce>     good thing it's not sustainable thanks to that life drain
  99. [00:09] <LoliSauce>     hoo boy orie instant overhead j.a shit
  100. [00:09] <LoliSauce>     oh wow she has akiha flip kick overhead
  101. [00:10] <LoliSauce>     and it can crossup
  102. [00:10] <LoliSauce>     just the same
  103. [00:10] <LoliSauce>     very good
  104. [00:10] <LoliSauce>     oh good, they toned down her super damage
  105. [00:10] <LoliSauce>     it's not like free 6k+ anymore lol
  106. [00:11] <LoliSauce>     man her pokes are pretty serious business
  107. [00:11] <LoliSauce>     her damage is kind of low though
  108. [00:11] <LoliSauce>     that overhead is really misleading too
  109. [00:12] <LoliSauce>     looks similar to one of her kick normals
  110. [00:12] <LoliSauce>     oh wow near full screen pierce confirm
  111. [00:13] <LoliSauce>     hmm, successful shield gives less grd now?
  112. [00:13] <LoliSauce>     still pushes like quarter screen though, so that's not bad
  113. [00:14] <LoliSauce>     man, so little defensive options in the game, but also no stupid anime long combos or blockstrings
  114. [00:14] <LoliSauce>     I'm so pleased with what I'm seeing
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