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Sep 3rd, 2017
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  2. LAST UPDATED 3/12/2020
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  6. *DISCLAIMER: Many of these books contain a large amount of disinformation that has been distilled and cleared out by the JoS Clergy.
  8. This is a compilation of the books used by the JoS Clergy in their sermons, the books referenced on the JoS site and/or books recommended by the JoS clergy themselves. Some of these books can be found for free on SATANSLIBRARY.ORG.
  10. The SS Encyclopedia:
  13. Zechariah Stitchin was a racial Jew and had ties to the Vatican, his work is filled with lies and is inaccurate.
  14. JoS Sermon on Stitchins Lies and the Actual Truth:
  17. JoS Sermon on the Bhagavad Gita (skip to page 64):
  19. JoS Sermon on Aleister Crowley (for those confused about why Crowley isn't on this list):
  22. JoS Sermons on the Necronomicon:
  26. "Xian" means "Christian"
  28. Joy of Satan Yahoo Groups Thread:
  29. Joy of Satan Forum Thread:
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  32. The Holy Science, by Swami Sri Yukteswar
  33. Genesis of the Grail Kings, Laurence Gardner
  34. Blue Apples, William Henry
  35. Guardians of the Holy Grail, Mark Pinkham
  36. Inner Tantra Yoga, David Frawley
  37. Kundalini Yoga Upanishad
  38. The Coming Gnostic Civilization by M.A.Pinkham
  39. Christ In Egypt The Horus-Jesus Connection, D.M Murdock
  40. The Realm Of The Ring Lord, Laurence Gardner
  41. Gnosis The Secret Of Solomon's Temple Revealed, Philip Gardiner
  42. Tirumantiram
  43. Tattwa Shuddhi Swami Satyasangananda
  44. While The Gods Play - Danielou
  45. Sayar-ul-okul
  46. Secrets of the Serpent - Gardener
  47. Ramayana
  48. The Serpent The Eagle The Lion and The Disk by B. Parker
  49. Starwalkers - William Henry
  50. Suns of God by D.M. Murdock
  51. The texts of the Agamas Irish Origins of Civilisation by Tsarion
  52. The Doctrine of the Awaking - Evola
  53. Did Moses Exist - D.M Murdock
  54. Gods Of Love And Ecstasy, Danielou
  55. Underworld, Graham Hancock
  56. The Lost Civilization Of Lemuria, Frank Joseph
  57. The Hermetic Doctrine, Julius Evola
  58. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, The Chakra's
  59. Siva And Serpent Worship, Hyde Clark
  60. Introduction Into Magic, Julius Evola
  61. The Hindu Temple, Alain Danielou
  62. Swami Nityananda Giri
  63. Revolt Against The Modern World, Evola
  64. The Greek Kabala, Barry
  65. The Eastern Mysteries, Hulse
  66. The Serpent Grail, Gardiner, Osborn
  67. Northern Mysteries And Magic, Aswynn
  68. The Open Secret of India, Israel And Mexico. By researcher and author Gene D. Matlock.
  69. Revolt Against The Modern World. Julius Evola.
  70. The Stellar Man by John Baines
  71. The Shining Ones. P. Gardiner and G.Osborn
  72. The Mystery of the Grail. J.Evola
  73. Merging with Siva, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
  74. Isis Unveiled by H.P. Blavatsky
  75. The Return Of the Serpents Of Wisdom. Mark Pinkham
  76. Who Was ABRAHAM? Gene D. Matlock, B.A., M.A.
  77. How Almighty God was born, John Kaminski
  78. The Enlightenment of Vairocana. Wayman, Taijma
  79. The Gnostics And Their Remains', King
  80. The 32 Secret Paths of Solomon, Hogan
  81. The Western Mysteries, Hulse
  82. Tantra Yoga, Nada Yoga and Kriya Yoga, Swami Sivananda
  83. Sons Of God, Acharya S.
  84. The Magician’s Companion, Whitcomb
  85. Myths And Gods Of India, Alain Danielou
  86. The Kemetic Tree Of Life, Ashby
  87. Kundalini Yoga: The Flow of Eternal Power: A Simple Guide to the Yoga of Awareness as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D.
  88. Lucifer's Court by Otto Rahn
  89. Blood Sacrifices: Violent Non-State Actors and Dark Magico-Religious Activities by Robert Bunker
  90. (exposes blood sacrifice in Islam, blood sacrifices are not condoned in SS).
  91. Mahabharata
  92. The Cosmic War by Farrell
  93. The Yezidis, their Life and Beliefs by Sami Said Ahmed 1975
  94. Adventures in Arabia: Among the Bedouins, Druses, Whirling Dervishes & Yezidee Devil Worshipers by W.B. Seabrook 1927
  95. Yezidism- its Background, Observances and Textual Tradition by Philip G. Kreyenbroek 1995
  96. The Yezidis: A Study in Survival by J.S. Guest 1987
  97. Peacock Angel by E.S. Drower 1941
  98. The Astral Body and Other Phenomena by Lieut. Colonel Arthur E. Powell © 1927
  99. A History of the Devil by Gerald Messadié
  100. The Christ Conspiracy, The Greatest Story Ever Sold by Acharya S
  101. Cambridge illustrated History of Religions, edited by John Bowker
  102. Mesopotamia by Pamela F. Service
  103. The Ancient Near East, Volume I, edited by James B. Pritchard © 1958
  104. Old Testament Parallels: Laws and Stories From the Ancient Near East by Victor H. Matthews and Don C. Benjamin© 1991
  105. The Atlantis Blueprint by Colin Wilson ©2002
  106. The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects" by Barbara G. Walker
  107. The Goebbels Diaries, Edited and translated by Louis P. Lochner © 1971
  108. The Coming Gnostic Civilization by M.A.Pinkham
  109. Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends, The Diabolical History of the Society of Jesus Including: Its Second Thirty Years' War [1914-1945], its Cold War [1945-1990], and Its Assassination of America's First Roman Catholic President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy [1963] by Eric Jon Phelps, © 2001
  110. The Secret History of the Jesuits by Edmond Paris; translated from the French, © 1975
  111. A Dictionary of Alchemical Imagery by Lyndy Abraham © 1998
  112. The Hermetic Museum: Alchemy & Mysticism by Alexander Roob © 2001
  113. Alchemy: The Secret Art by Stanislas Klossowski De Rola © 1973
  114. Le Mystère des Cathédrales by Fulcanelli © 1964
  115. Myths of the Bible by Gary Greenburg © 2000
  116. Bible Myths And Their Parallels in Other Religions By T. W. Doane © 1882
  117. Popular Dictionary of Assyrian and Babylonian Terminology by F. C. Norton © 2003
  118. The Literature of Ancient Egypt: An Anthology of Stories, Instructions, and Poetry, Edited by William Kelly Simpson © 1972
  119. Religions of the Ancient Near East Sumero-Akkadian Religious Texts and Ugaritic Epics, Edited by Isaac Mendelsohn © 1955
  120. The Ancient Near East Volume I, An Anthology of Texts and Pictures, Edited by James Pritchard © 1958
  121. Frabato the Magician by Franz Bardon
  122. Jim Marrs, Rule By Secrecy
  123. Hans-Gunther Seraphim, Das politische Tagebuch Alfred Rosenbergs 1934-1935 und 1939-1940 (Gottingen, 1956)
  124. Gerhard Reitlinger, Die SS-Tragodie einer Deutschen Epoche (Munich, 1977)
  125. Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin
  126. Heinrich Himmler's Camelot: The Wewelsburg Ideological Center of the SS, 1934-1945 © 1999
  127. Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult by Peter Levenda
  128. © 2002
  129. The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft, 5th Printing, © 1988
  130. Magic: History, Theory and Practice by Dr. Ernst Schertel
  131. Ark of the Christos by William Henry [CD-ROM]
  132. The Morning of the Magicians: Secret Societies, Conspiracies, and Vanished Civilizations by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier
  133. Hitler: the Black Magician by Gerald Suster
  134. Nietzsche, Prophet of Nazism: The Cult of the Superman by Abir Taha
  135. The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow by Constance Cumbey
  136. Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist by Christopher Bjerknes
  137. Adventures in Arabia: Among the Bedouins, Druses, Whirling Dervishes & Yezidee Devil Worshipers by W.B. Sea brook 1927
  138. The Biography of Satan by Kersey Graves
  139. Satan Wants You by Arthur Lyons
  140. Kundalini Yoga: Guidelines for Sadhana (Daily Practice) by Gurucharan Singh Khalsa
  141. Anacalypsis by Godfrey Higgins (2 volumes)
  142. The Complete Idiots' Guide To Alchemy by Dennis Hauck
  143. The Alchemical Body by David White
  144. Associated works of Pinkham
  145. The Yezidi "Devil Worshippers” by Dr. Ron Leito
  146. Cataclysm! Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 B.C. by D. S. Allan and J. B. Delair
  147. The Numerical Discourse Of The Buddha: A translation of the Anguttara Nikaya by Bhikkhu Bodhi
  148. Dhammapada
  149. The Universal Meaning Of The Kabbalah by Leo Schaya
  150. The Tree Of Souls The Mythology Of Judaism by Howard Schwartz
  151. The Encyclopedia Of Jewish Myth, Magic And Mysticism by Geoffrey W. Dennis
  152. The Grid Of The Gods by Joseph P. Farrell, Scott D. de Hart
  153. Revelations of Antichrist Concerning Christ and Christianity by J.P Mendum
  154. The Serpent Power, Ashby
  155. The Wisdom In The Hebrew Alphabet by Rabbi Munk
  156. Soma in Yoga and Ayurveda by David Frawley
  157. The Secret Doctrine of the Gaon of Vilna Volume II: The Josephic Messiah, Leviathan, Metatron and the Sacred Serpent: Joel David Bakst
  158. Investigations On The Existence Of Jews In China by Alexander Weily
  159. The Jews Of China Stevens Institute of Technology by Dr. Yitzchok Levine
  160. Lord Shiva And His Worship, Swami Sivananda
  161. The Brahma Sutra
  162. The Yoga Of Power by Evola
  163. Taoist Secrets Of Love by Mantak Chia and Michael Winn
  164. Eros And The Mysteries Of Love by Evola
  165. The Works of Dr. Jordan Reza Jorjani
  166. Conspiracy Of The Six Pointed Star by Texe Marrs
  167. The Works Of Eustace Mullins [both author is a deluded Xian but a broken clock is right twice a day]
  168. Babylon's Banksters by Joseph Farrell
  169. The New Soviet Psychic Discoveries, Henry Gris and William Dick
  170. Gods And Myths Of Northern Europe by H.R. Ellis Davidson
  171. Shiva The Lord of Yoga, Frawley
  172. The Source Field Investigation's, David Wilcock
  173. A Dictionary of Alchemical Imagery, Lyndy Abraham
  174. Cube of Space, Townley
  175. The Secret of the Runes, Von List
  176. The Magicians Of The Gods, Graham Hancock
  177. Mary Magdalene: The Illuminator, William Henry
  178. Chakra Mantras: Liberate Your Spiritual Genius Through Chanting by Thomas Ashley Farrand
  179. Merging With Siva: Hinduism's Contemporary Metaphysics Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswam
  180. Shiva, The Wild God Of Power And Ecstasy by Wolf-Dieter Storl, PH.D.
  181. Laya Yoga, Shyam Sundar Goswami
  182. Mastering Herbalism, Paul Hudson
  183. Chinnamasta: The Awful Buddhist and Hindu Tantric Goddess, Elizabeth Anne Benard
  184. Sonic Theology, Hinduism and Sacred Sound, Guy L. Beck
  185. Teachings of Swami Nityananda Giri
  186. The Tree Of Life, Israel Regardie
  187. The Complete Idiot's Guide To Hinduism, Linda Johnsen
  188. Christianity Mankind's First Worldwide Religion by Matlock
  189. The Mystery Of The Seven Vowels, Godwin
  190. The Tarot Of The Bohemians, Papus
  191. The Hand by Frank Wilson
  192. The Benham Book of Palmistry
  193. Works of Fred Gettings
  194. The Hands of Children by J. Spiers
  195. The Graven Palm by Mrs. Robinson
  196. Kundalini Tantra, Swami Satyananda Saraswati
  197. Egypt and India by Dr. Ashby
  198. The Phallus, Alain Danielou
  199. V.V Ramanan Shastri, Cultural Heritage of India
  200. The Great Rite, William Henry
  201. Freedoms Gate, William Henry
  202. Black Slave owners by Larry Koger
  203. The Real Lincoln by Thomas DiLorenzo
  204. Black Confederates by Charles Barrow
  205. The South Was Right by James Ronald kennedy
  206. The Hand Book of Yoruba Religious Concepts by Baba Ife Karade
  207. Yoruba culture: A Philosophical Account by Abimbola Kola
  208. The Religion of the Yorubas, J. Olumide Lucas
  209. Dances with Dependency, Helin
  210. Sacred Symbols of the Dogon by Laird Scranton
  211. Temples of the African Gods by Michael tellinger
  212. The Unknown lore of Amexems's Indigenous People, Noble Meyer
  213. Perani, Judith. Smith, Fred T. (1998) The Visual Arts of Africa, gender, power, and life cycle rituals
  214. Daniel, Yvonne "Dancing Wisdom" 2005
  215. Bynum, Edward "The African Unconsciousness" 2012
  216. Welsh-Ashanti "African Dance" 2004
  217. Cultivating Stillness: A Taoist Manual for Transforming Body and Mind, p. 18, Translated by Eva Wong
  218. Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality, by Lu K'uan Yu
  219. Spiritual Guidance in Contemporary Taoism, by Irwin Rouselle
  220. Awaken Healing Light of the Tao : The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation by M. Chia
  221. Taoist Ways to Transform Stress into Vitality: The Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds by M. Chia
  222. Chi Self-Massage: The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation by M. Chia
  223. The World of Khubilai Khan: Chinese Art in the Yuan Dynasty. J. C. Y. Watt.
  224. Chinese Taoist Sorcery: The Art of Getting Even by Min Tzu
  225. The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively
  226. The Origins and Role of Same-Sex Relations In Human Societies by James Neill
  227. The Homo & the Negro by James J. O'Meara
  228. Communism In the Bible by Jose Porfirio Miranda
  229. Guide For the Noahide by Michael Shalom Bar Ron
  230. Holy Serpent of the Jews by Texe Marrs (This book has been used in HP Jake Carlson's sermons and according to him, Texe Marrs is an extremely deluded xian who tries to pull off an "Anti-Semitic Christianity")
  231. The Divine Code by Rabbi Moshe Weiner
  232. The Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity by Nicholas Goodrich-Clarke
  233. The Nazi Occult by Kenneth Hite
  234. Babylon: Secret Rituals of the Illuminati by Joshua Seraphim
  235. When a Jew Rules the World by Joel Richardson
  236. Conversations With the Goddess by Mark Amaru Pinkham
  237. The Nazi War On Christianity by Bruce Walker
  238. The Struggle for Religious Freedom in Germany by A.S. Duncan-Jones (1938)
  239. Nazism vs. Religion by Raymond Freely (1940)
  240. Religion in the Third Reich by Michael Power (1939)
  241. If I Were a Jew by William Harman Black (1938)
  242. The Aryan Jesus by Susannah Heschel
  243. The Myth of Hitler's Pope: How Pope Pius XII Rescued Jews From the Nazis by Rabbi David G. Dalin
  244. Church of Spies: The Pope's Secret War Against Hitler by Mark Riebling
  245. Jesus the Pharisee: A New Look At the Jewishness of Jesus by Harvey Falk
  246. Jewish Secrets Hidden In the New Testament: The Growing Global Torah Revolution by Rabbi Avraham Feld and Rabbi Ovadyah Avrahami
  247. Kosher Jesus by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
  248. Judaism Discovered by Michael Hoffman
  249. Mishnah and the Words of Jesus by Dr. Roy B. Blizzard
  250. Gods of the Blood: The Pagan Revival and White Separatism by Mattias Gardell
  251. The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow by Constance Cumbey
  252. Hitler, 666, Giants, and the Third Temple by Anthony D. Booker [Warning: worthless Christian "prophecy" rag]
  253. Arktos: The Polar Myth In Science, Symbolism, and Nazi Survival by Joscelyn Godwin
  254. Proof of Vedic Culture's Global Existence by Knapp Steve
  255. The Black Sun by Peter Moon
  256. AIDS And the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry Into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic by Dr. Alan Cantwell
  257. Cassell's Encyclopedia of Queer Myth, Symbol and Spirit by Randy P. Conner, David Hatfield Sparks and Mariya Sparks
  258. The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages by Paul Foster Case
  259. Power of Mantra and Yantra by P. Khurrana
  260. Egyptian Mythology by Veronica Ions
  261. Brady's Book of Fixed Stars by Bernadette Brady
  262. New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology
  263. Outer Space by Jobes
  264. At the Heart of Darkness, Witchcraft, Black Magic and Satanism Today by John Parker
  265. Lammas, Celebrating the fruits of the Harvest by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason
  266. The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft by Rosemary Ellen Guiley
  267. From The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today by Elizabeth Dilling
  268. A Lamp To Illuminate The Five Stages, Tsongkhapa
  269. Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick
  270. Maiden with the Mead – A Goddess of Initiation Rituals in Old Norse Myths by Maria Kvilhaug
  271. Hidden Horizons Unearthing Ten Thousand Year of Vedic Culture by David Frawley
  272. The Elephant Walk Cookbook by Longteine De Monteiro and Katherine Neudstadt © 1998
  273. The Josephic Messiah, Leviathan, Metatron And The Second Serpent, Bakst
  274. The Ringmakers of Saturn, Dr. Norman Bergrun
  275. Origen Contra Celsus Book 6
  276. Vril: The Power of the Coming Race by Sir Edward Buller-Lytton
  277. A Real Case Against The Jews by Marcus Eli Ravage, Part I
  278. Ultimate World Order by Major Williams
  279. The Vatican and Freemasonry by De Poncins
  280. The Divine Code by Rabbi Moshe Weiner
  281. Guide For the Noahide by Michael Shalom Bar Ron [Amazon Kindle edition]
  282. The Mysteries of Mithras by Payam Nabarz
  283. Shakti Mantras: Tapping into the Great Goddess Energy Within by Thomas Ashley Farrand
  284. Hitler's Religion by Richard Weikart
  285. The Crucified Rabbi: Judaism & the Origins of Catholic Christianity by Taylor R. Marshall
  286. We Thought They Were White by Dontell Jackson
  287. Adolf Hitler: His Family, Childhood and Youth by Bradley F. Smith
  288. Hitler: Legend, Myth and Reality by Werner Maser
  289. The Psychopathic God Adolf Hitler by Robert G. L. Waite
  290. Hitler by Joachim C. Fest, English translation by Richard and Clara Winston
  291. Adolf Hitler by John Toland
  292. The Mind of Adolf Hitler by Walter Charles Langer
  293. "What Strasser Knew," Direct Action
  295. Temples of the African Gods: Decoding the Ancient Ruins of Southern Africa by Johan Heine and Michael Tellinger
  296. The Un-civil War By Taleeb Starkes
  297. Black Lies Matter By Taleeb Starkes (This book has everything you need to know about black issues and whats highlighted on
  298. The KPIM of Social order by Patrick E. Iroegbu
  299. African Philosophy by Emmanuel Eze
  300. Ant Hills of the Savannah by Chinua Achebe
  301. Nri warriors of peace by Anuobi Chikodi
  302. Koestler: The Literary and Political Odyssey of a Twentieth-Century Skeptic by Michael Scammell
  303. Dances with Dependency: Out of Poverty Through Self-Reliance by Calvin Helin
  304. The Jewish Mob in America by Dr. William Pierce
  305. Layayoga, Goswami
  306. Healing Mantra's by Thomas Ashley-Farrand
  307. Kriya Yoga Exposed by Santata Gamana
  308. Yantra Yoga by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu
  309. Soma In Yoga And Ayurveda, David Transcening Time, Gen Lamrimpa
  310. Jewish Magic and Superstition by Joshua Trachtenberg [1939]
  311. Writtings of Rabbi Tzadok, Kosher Rabbi (JoS sermon where this source is cited:
  312. Under the Sign of the Scorpion by Juri Lina
  313. The Good Religion, Flowers
  314. Black Nazis II! by Veronica Clark
  315. The Black Book of the Yezidis by Jon Lange
  316. Thrice Great Hermetica And The Janus Age by Joseph P. Farrell
  317. Human by Design, Greg Braden
  318. Dead Men's Secrets, Gray
  319. Studies in Popular Islam by Samuel M. Zwemer
  320. The Secret History of the Mongols
  321. MUHAMMAD: his life based on the earliest sources, Martin Lings (Abu Bakar Siraj al-Din), 2006
  322. The Atlantis Blueprint by Colin Wilson
  323. The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You To Read by Tom C. Leedom
  324. An Atheist Speaks by Madalyn Murray O’Hair, 1986
  325. Billy Graham and his Friends by Dr. Cathy Burns 2001
  326. Our Constitution, the Way It Was by Dr. Madalyn O'Hair, revised edition, 1988
  327. The Cross and the Sickle...Superchurch by Billy James Hargis and Bill Sampson, 1982
  328. The Hermetic Museum: Alchemy & Mysticism by Alexander Roob © 2001
  329. Alchemy: The Secret Art by Stanislas Klossowski De Rola © 1973
  330. Supernormal: Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities by Dean Radin
  331. The Body Electric by Robert Decker (addresses our bioelectric selves and soul)
  332. The New Soviet Psychic Discoveries by Henry Gris
  333. The Seventh Sense by Lynn Buchanan
  334. Shakti The Realm Of The Divine Mother, Vana Mali
  335. Big Brother by Mark Dice
  336. The Fraternitas Saturni, Stephen E. Flowers, Ph.D.
  337. Walpurgis Night: Volume One 1919 - 1933, Thomas Sheridan
  338. The Druid Code: Magic, Megaliths and Mythology, Thomas Sheridan
  339. The Saga of the Aryan Race (parts 1 and 2, and 3-5) by Porus Homi Havewala
  340. The Christ that Failed: The Origins of Anti-Christianity within American White Nationalism by Jake S. Wheeler
  341. Nietzsche's Jewish Problem: Between Anti-Semitism and Anti-Judaism by Robert C. Holub
  342. March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race by Arthur Kemp
  343. The Children of Ra: Artistic, Historical, and Genetic Evidence for Ancient White Egypt by Arthur Kemp
  344. Jihad: Islam's 1,300 Year War Against Western Civilization by Arthur Kemp
  345. The Track of the Jew through the Ages by Alfred Rosenberg
  346. Blood and Honor by Alfred Rosenberg
  347. Whiteness: The Original Sin by Jim Goad
  348. Can "White" People Be Saved?: Triangulating Race, Theology, and Mission (Missiological Engagements) by Love L. Sechrest
  349. The Religion of the Aryo-Germanic Folk: Esoteric and Exoteric by Guido von List and Stephen E. Flowers
  350. Gods of the Blood: The Pagan Revival and White Separatism by Mattias Gardell (some Christian Identity crap, but also contains entire chapters on Nazi Paganism and Nazi Satanism)
  351. Hitler's Priestess: Savitri Devi, the Hindu-Aryan Myth, and Neo-Nazism by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke
  352. Occult Secrets of Vril: Goddess Energy and the Human Potential by Robert Sepehr
  353. The SS Encyclopedia:
  354. The Myth of German Villainy by Benton L. Bradberry [Warning: author promotes "Aryan Christianity"]
  355. The Jesse Owens Story by Jesse Owens 1970
  356. Tantra: The Path of Ecstasy by Georg Feuerstein
  357. The Gospel of Nietzsche and the Gospel of Christ by John Figgis
  358. Raja Choudhury
  359. The Path Of The Dragon by Mark Pinkham
  360. The Chakras, Yogi Bhajan
  361. Path Of Fire And Light, Swami Rama
  362. Vimana: Flying Machines of the Ancients by David Hatcher Childress
  363. Light on Pranayama. the Crossroad Publishing Company, B. K. S. Iyengar
  364. Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion [Texe Marrs and Henry Ford edition]
  365. Foundations Of Reiki Ryoho by Nicholas Pearson
  366. Ayurveda And Marma Therapy by Dr. David Frawley, Dr. Subhash Ranade and Dr. Avinash Lele
  367. Sedona City Of The Star People, Mark Pinkham
  368. The Secret Destiny Of America, Manly P. Hall
  370. The Al-Jilwah (aka THE BLACK BOOK OF SATAN)
  371. written by Prophet Sheik Adi, dictated by Satan, Himself. There are references to Him being the creator of humanity. Satan relates he has "ALLOWED the creation of 4 substances, because they are necessary things for creatures." These are the nucleotides in the DNA. Enki's number is 40.
  373. The book list below is from here:
  374. It is an outdated JoS book list, most of the books considered to be outdated have been removed from this pastebin list.
  375. ===========================================================================================================================
  376. The Gods of Eden by William Bramley.*
  377. Here, Bramley soft soaps the nazarene, but the over all book is good reading material. Note* There are two books by this title, written by different authors. Recommended
  379. Breaking the Godspell by Niel Freer
  380. Rather dry. The author writes of his own assessments of the writings of Zecharia Sitchin and the consequences of the creation of humanity by the Nephilim. Rather dry, but informative.
  382. God Games by Niel Freer
  383. Much like "Breaking the Godspell."
  385. The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life : Volumes 1 and 2, by Drumvalo Melchizedek
  386. This book is very new agey and xian slanted, but worth reading concerning the extra-terrestrial links and interaction with humanity. Also, how the Egyptian God, Thoth is a flesh and blood living being. The author, because of his new age perspective and interaction with angels was not given truth about certain things. This can be read betwen the lines; Thoth is most definitely a Demon, on Father's side.
  387. **Both Thoth and Azazel worked with me to revise the Mer Ka Ba meditation, which the author of the book has incomplete.
  389. The Illustrated Egyptian Book of the Dead : A New Translation With Commentary by Ramses Seleem. Published New York : Sterling, c2001.
  390. This book contains much information concerning the true teachings of Ancient Egypt, taken from the Papyri of Hunefer, Ani, Enhai and Gerusher.
  392. The Second Messiah : Templars, the Turin Shroud, and the Great Secret of Freemasonry by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. Published Shaftesbury, Dorset ; Boston : Element, 1997.
  393. This book is very revealing concerning the outright lies, crimes and cover ups used by the Catholic Church. The Turin Shroud is not of the nazarene, but of Grand Master Jaques de Molay.
  395. The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capitol: the Masons and the Building of Washington, D.C. by David Ovason. Published New York, N.Y. : HarperCollins, 2000, c1999.
  396. An excellent read for anyone who believes the USA to be founded upon xianity. Also, this book is very revealing concerning the knowledge that has been removed from the population.
  398. Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark : Amazing Revelations of the Incredible Power of Gold by Laurence Gardner. Published London : Element, c2003
  399. Very interesting concerning the power of monatomic gold and its properties of the manipulation of time, its powers of teleportation, levitation and the prevention of aging.
  401. Born in Blood the Lost Secrets of Freemasonry by John J. Robinson Published New York : M. Evans, c1989.
  403. Witchcraft, Magic and Alchemy by Grillot de Givry 1931; translated into English 1971.
  404. This book is very revealing concerning spirit abuse in during the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance where Goetic Demons were used to build the cathedrals, bridges and other structures in Europe.
  406. Time Life Books Series:
  407. Mysteries of the Unknown
  408. Alien Encounters
  409. Time and Space
  410. Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects
  411. Mystic Places:
  412. Detail and photographs concerning the Ancient Megalithic structures both east and west.
  414. The Message of the Sphinx: a Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind by Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, 1996.
  415. The truth is humanity is being lied to. This book reveals much research and proof as to the true age of the Sphinx which was built during the Age of Leo, 10,500 years ago - not within the past 3,000 years as "scholars" claim.
  417. The Secret History of Ancient Egypt by Herbie Brennen
  418. This book goes into detail concerning the ultra advanced technology of Ancient Egypt.
  420. Time travel: A how-to insiders guide / by Commander X and Tim Swartz. 1999
  421. A lot of useful information concerning electromagnetism and the manipulation of time; also how to actually construct time maneuvering devices with items found in the average hardware store.
  423. The Day After Roswell by Colonel Philip J. Corso, US Army retired, 1997.
  424. This is a must read. Complete expos of the UFO crash in the Roswell desert, July of 1947. In the book "The Day After Roswell" the author exposes the entire story, with names, dates, facts and documents released under the freedom of information act. He was PERSONALLY in charge of the Roswell files under the Army Research and Development at the Pentagon directly under Lieutenent General Arthur G. Trudeau.
  425. Corso explains the reality behind the "Cold War" where the USA and the USSR amassed nuclear weapons capable of destroying the Earth 5 times over; which if either side employed these, mutual suicide for the entire planet would result. The truth is- both world powers were well aware of the alien threat, which in TRUTH is a hostile one which threatens the life of everything and everyone on this planet. Both the USA and USSR worked behind the scenes to develop defense technology, NOT to be used on each other, as the media falsley claimed to shape public opinion and to delude the masses, but to be used in defense of the Earth from a potential alien attack. This was also the main reason for the Apollo Moon Mission in 1969, NOT just space exploration out of interest. The defense dept was interested in establishing a base on the Moon which would act as a reconnaissance post for the Earth, from out there. The large number of satellites orbiting the Earth serve the same purpose. PROTECTION.
  426. Corso concludes the book with documents and explains how the technology recovered from the crash landing of the alien spacecraft in Roswell, New Mexico, July 1947, salvaged and clandestinely distributed by the US Army to various laboratories who employed top scientists for private industry; how they used reverse engineering to develop the high level of technology we have today, in many areas; this technology, which enabled the building of the "stealth bomber" and other high tech militay weapons were used to deter the aliens from physically invading the Earth. *****HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  428. Extra-Terrestrials Among Us by George C. Andrews
  429. Excellent book, highly recommended. Comprehensive expos of extra-terrestrials and their interactions with humanity.
  431. The Watchers by Raymond E. Fowler
  432. This is VERY revealing concerning the grey involvement in the xianity scam and exposing "the one."
  433. The Watchers gives the accounts of Betty Andreasson who experienced numerous abductions by the aliens known as "greys." Andreasson, a devout xtian reveals the grey's connection with xianity and the plans for the future of humanity. Anyone with intelligence can see the lies the greys spoonfeed to Andreasson, who being steeped in xianity, lacks the intellect and knowledge to doubt or question what she is told. Very revealing of the alien hoax of Right Hand Path religions to damn humanity. The accounts are given under hynotic regression. It is apparent Andreasson is too child minded and lacking in knowledge to fabricate any of this and it also is supported in other UFO accounts; the neferious plans these aliens have, in reality for humanity. (Read between the lines). Highly recommended
  435. Disneyland of the Gods by John A. Keel, 1995
  437. Cosmic Explorers by Courtney Brown
  438. Very revealing concerning the abilities and knowledge aliens have and also their power over the souls of human beings and animals. The author is of the right hand path.
  440. Psychic Warrior by David Moorehouse, 1996
  441. The author writes of his experiences working in the US Army's psychic warfare unit. He obtained unusual psychic powers after a head wound he received while training in the valley known as "The Devil's Hole" in Iraq which is over the ancient city of Enki- Eridu.
  443. Field Guide to Extra-Terrestrials by Patrick Huyghe
  444. Many descriptions of alien encounters, supporting Ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Greek mythology; Medieval myths. Not all are credible, but the majority have ties to many accounts of so called "mythical" beings.
  446. How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction by Ann Druffel
  447. Very interesting book concerning the strength of one's mind, self esteem and confidence in dealing with aliens, mainly focuses on the greys. The author is deluded on some subjects as the use of xian prayer, which did not help Betty Andreasson (The Watchers) who was a devout xian and the fact that these entities prefer to abduct xians. Revealing of the alien understanding and effortless access of the 4th dimension, though she doesn't quite understand and confuses the greys with other astral entities out of ignorance. Also good information for dealing with any type of unwanted entities. Interesting read. Recommended.
  449. UFO's by Teresa Moorey
  450. Good summary of encounters and hypotheses.
  452. Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson
  453. Interesting and informative about the old ways of real Witchcraft as opposed to the modern wicca movement which is degrading to a true witch.
  455. The Magician's Workbook, Volume 1. by Steve Savedow
  456. Here the above author makes some very important points on how to empower one's self and prepare for magical practice in the way of mind strengthening exercises and meditation.
  458. Herbs in Magic and Alchemy by C.L. Zalewski
  459. The author writes of the many uses of herbs, both for white and black magic. Highly recommended.
  461. Pendulum Magic by D.J. Conway
  462. Excellent little book about the wide variety of uses for a pendulum in divination. The book contains charts that can be used with a pendulum to answer many different questions. Covers nearly everything about the uses of a pendulum. Highly recommended.
  464. Wizards and Sorcerers by Tom Ogden
  465. Dictionary giving a comprehensive and extensive cover of nearly all aspects of witchcraft, famous sorcerers, witches and different types of magic.
  467. Secrets of Magical Seals by Anna Riva
  468. Somewhat unbiased information on the Goetic seals and how to apply their power. Covers the use of many different seals and their meaning.
  470. How to Use a Ouija Board by Michael St Christopher
  471. Good read on the various aspects of using a Ouija Board.
  473. Necronomicon
  474. One of the most popular books in the occult studies. Based upon Sumerian/Mesopotamian mythology, there are the seals of the Gods, though different from the seals used in the Goetia. Claimed to be a work of fiction by HP Lovecraft, the Gods are real and the summonings work.
  475. References to the stars in the sky and the returning of the Gods "when the Great Bear hangs low" (Ursa Major). The aligning of the stars open the way for the Extra-Terrestrial Gods to return to Earth.
  477. Necronomicon Spellbook
  478. An addition to the Necronomicon.
  480. The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish
  481. Comprehensive and thorough writing, covering most of the occult arts. Much good information. Recommended.
  483. The Church of Satan by Blanche Barton
  484. Blanch Barton was LaVey's woman during the last years of his life and bore him a son. Revealing book concerning the contradictions of modern LaVeyan Satanism which views Satan only as an archetype. Blanche Barton writes of him as a real being and also of Demons.
  486. The Secret Life of a Satanist by Blanche Barton
  487. Authorized biography of Anton LaVey. Again, Ms. Barton writes extensively concerning Satan as a real being.
  489. The Dark Side of Christianity by Helen Ellerbe
  490. Overall excellent book that covers the extensive and heinous influence xianity has had on civilization, along with much exposure of their prolific crimes against humanity.
  492. The Cassel Dictionary of Witchcraft by David Pickering, 1996
  493. This is one of the most comprehensive and graphically explicit reading on the Inquisition. The xtian church roasted children, infants; a two year old girl was accused of being a witch and roasted alive in an oven, under the direction of the Catholic church. Exposes xianity and how the xtian church has been built on mass murder, torture, lies, extortion, death and destruction. A must read; highly recommended.
  495. The Inquisition, Deborah Bachrach, 1995
  496. Another book worth reading exposing crimes and inhumanities commited by the xtian church; available in most public libraries. Highly recommended.
  498. When God becomes a dry: breaking the chains of religious addiction & abuse by Leo Booth
  499. This is an excellent expose' concerning the true evil nature and effects of xianity. Although written by an xtian priest, this book is very revealing. In order to find out if something is good or evil, we must give it power.
  501. Toxic faith: understanding and overcoming religious addiction by Stephen Arterburn
  502. Here is another one, found in most libraries. Xians seek psychiatric help and counseling for their problem with their religion. There is a 12 step program available for xians, like Alchoholics Anonymous. They are the ones who are truly "possessed."
  504. Psychic Power by Charles Cosimano
  505. This book, unfortunately is out of print, but is an excellent read for those who may be lucky enough to find it in a used bookstore. The author writes many truths concerning mind power, visualization and thought training for the use of controlling one's external environment. Highly recommended.
  507. The Seventh Sense by Lyn Buchanan, 2003
  508. Remote viewing. Psychic powers and the US Army psychic warfare dept.
  510. Secret, Don't Tell : The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism by Carla Emery
  511. Although written by an xian, this book is the best I have ever read concerning anything and everything that can be done to the human mind and how to do it. The author does not in any way push religion. The book is also enlightening as to the unethical practices of fundamentalist xians. This book is huge, like a dictionary. Each page provides interesting information, cases and a large comprehensive bibliography.
  513. Kundalini Awakening by John Selby
  514. This book is an excellent reference for kundalini and chakra work. The illustrations are not of any help, though, as the true chakras resemble spinnig vortexes of colored energy.
  515. The author guides beginners step by step on chakra and kundalini awakening and empowerment. This book has a positive upbeat theme, while many others focus on the negative aspects of kundalini.
  517. The Second Coming: Satanism in America by Arthur Lyons
  518. This book is interesting and a good read for the overall history of Satanism in Europe and America. It is now out of print, but can be found in used bookstores.
  520. Lucifer Rising, Sin, Devil Worship and Rock and Roll by Gavin Baddeley
  521. Well written and informative book about Modern Satanism, high profile Satanists, the music scene and much more.
  523. Satan Wants You: The Cult of Devil Worship in America by Arthur Lyons
  524. The author writes mainly about the history of Satanism, in Europe and its coming to America. The various organizations- the Hellfire Club of England, Temple of Set, Church of Satan and others that influenced the Satanic Religion. Good read. Recommended.
  526. Devil Worship 1919 by Isya Joseph
  527. Comprehensive material, containing much valuable information about the beliefs and practices of the Yezidi peoples of Iraq. The Yezidis as a people worship Satan. The book contains the Black Book of Satan; The Al-Jilwah. From numerous studies, I can see much of their original material has been altered, as they have been a most persecuted people because of their beliefs.
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