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  1. [18:57:59] Alfalfa: Can I talk to you?
  2. [18:58:02] AM: hm?
  3. [18:58:24] Alfalfa: I feel like there is too much negativity going around on Smogon regarding me
  4. [18:58:33] AM: ok
  5. [18:58:56] Alfalfa: I feel like you would be an ideal person to talk about this with
  6. [18:59:10] AM: alright
  7. [19:01:21] Alfalfa: I already identified part of the problem, but I want to talk this over with someone
  8. [19:01:38] Alfalfa: I want to know if there is something else beyond just bad posting
  9. [19:02:54] Alfalfa: AM?
  10. [19:03:12] AM: you're just dumb as fuck and you post without thinking realizing that you look like, and I wouldn't be surprised, havent played a single game of mons to justify anything you said outside of theorymon
  11. [19:03:22] AM: that sums up everyones opinion of you
  12. [19:04:30] Alfalfa: Sharp, but to the point
  13. [19:04:32] Alfalfa: Thanks
  14. [19:04:46] AM: yep
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