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  1. Session Start: Thu Dec 22 03:35:45 2011
  2. Session Ident: roriconfan
  3. [03:35] Session Ident: roriconfan (Rizon, Kimura) (
  4. [03:35] <roriconfan> know what?
  5. [03:36] <Kimura> why you were banned
  6. [03:36] <roriconfan> for how long?
  7. [03:37] <Kimura> forever
  8. [03:37] <roriconfan> oh come on
  9. [03:37] <Kimura> no I will not "come on"
  10. [03:37] <Kimura> you were told to stop harassing users about their reviews
  11. [03:37] <Kimura> and yet you continued to do so
  12. [03:37] <roriconfan> it was meant to give them feedback
  13. [03:38] <roriconfan> not exactly harassing
  14. [03:38] <Kimura> bullshit
  15. [03:38] <Kimura> I saw the comment
  16. [03:38] <Kimura> that was not feedback of any kind
  17. [03:38] <Kimura> those were insults, plain and simple
  18. [03:38] <roriconfan> i told one to watch soul eater and hach sign and to change his mind about black buttler
  19. [03:39] <Kimura> yeah I know
  20. [03:39] <Kimura> like I said, I read the comment
  21. [03:39] <Kimura> but here's what you don't seem to understand
  22. [03:39] <Kimura> people have different opinions than you
  23. [03:40] <Kimura> and people write reviews differently than you do
  24. [03:40] <roriconfan> yes and that is why we talk about it
  25. [03:40] <Kimura> and that's no reason to attack them on their profile
  26. [03:40] <Kimura> no, you don't talk to them about it
  27. [03:40] <Kimura> you attack them
  28. [03:40] <roriconfan> it is more of teasing than insult on the longrun
  29. [03:40] <Kimura> again, bullshit
  30. [03:42] <roriconfan> what about all the good stuff I offer to mal?
  31. [03:42] <roriconfan> don't they counterbalance this?
  32. [03:43] <Kimura> no, not really
  33. [03:43] <Kimura> you can't expect to receive some kind of special treatment just because you review a lot of stuff
  34. [03:44] <roriconfan> i also report alot of bad reviews and troll users
  35. [03:45] <Kimura> that would be fine if you just did that
  36. [03:45] <Kimura> and didn't attack the users on their profiles
  37. [03:46] <roriconfan> it keeps things going
  38. [03:47] <roriconfan> this other guy said Beelzebub was a masterpiece and if he replied I would tell him why
  39. [03:48] <roriconfan> i can't just start with a wall of text
  40. [03:48] <Kimura> you're not telling me anything that will change my mind
  41. [03:49] <roriconfan> last time you banned me for something i was right about
  42. [03:49] <roriconfan> that review really was a summary
  43. [03:49] <roriconfan> and the other one didn't want to admit it
  44. [03:49] <roriconfan> this time we didn't even argue
  45. [03:49] <roriconfan> it didn't even get ugly
  46. [03:50] <Kimura> as I recall, last time you did the exact same thing as this time
  47. [03:50] <Kimura> when, like I said, all you needed to do was report the review
  48. [03:51] <Kimura> and this time, there was no argument because the user simply reported what you put on their profile
  49. [03:51] <roriconfan> i did that too
  50. [03:51] <Kimura> as they should have
  51. [03:51] <Kimura> what part of "don't attack the users" do you not understand?
  52. [03:51] <Kimura> I've been telling you
  53. [03:51] <Kimura> all you have to do is report stuff
  54. [03:51] <roriconfan> it is feedback
  55. [03:52] <roriconfan> and i couldn't report THOSE reviews
  56. [03:52] <roriconfan> i wanted to give the users a second opinion
  57. [03:53] <Kimura> there is a big difference between giving an opinion and posting "lol your show sucks, watch mine instead"
  58. [03:53] <Kimura> which is basically what you said
  59. [03:53] <Kimura> but in not so nice terms
  60. [03:56] <roriconfan> it still does the trick to make them try something different
  61. [03:57] <Kimura> well here's some food for thought
  63. [03:58] <roriconfan> i don't know that until i try
  64. [03:59] <Kimura> and by "try" you mean insult what they like and say try what I like instead
  65. [04:01] <roriconfan> if they really like the show they will defend it and if they don't care they won't reply
  66. [04:03] <Kimura> they shouldn't be subjected to your comments in the first place
  67. [04:03] <Kimura> which is what I've been trying to convey to you
  68. [04:05] <roriconfan> and i understand it completely but have a really hard time being gentle
  69. [04:06] <roriconfan> after writing so many negative things about many anime i just can't be polite for long
  70. [04:07] <Kimura> sorry, but I have no sympathy for you whatsoever
  71. [04:07] <Kimura> if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all
  72. [04:07] <Kimura> the old adage rings true
  73. [04:08] <roriconfan> that doesn't sound right to me
  74. [04:09] <roriconfan> it sounds like you can't voice a negative opinion
  75. [04:09] <Kimura> there is a fine line between voicing an opinion and attacking someone
  76. [04:09] <Kimura> and you don't seem to comprehend that line
  77. [04:10] <roriconfan> i do but i also believe anyone should also stand up to his beliefs
  78. [04:10] <roriconfan> even in defense
  79. [04:11] <Kimura> what "beliefs"
  80. [04:11] <roriconfan> in this case, opinions of a show
  81. [04:12] <Kimura> so basically you're trying to change people's opinions of their favorite anime, by calling it shit
  82. [04:12] <Kimura> is that about right
  83. [04:12] <roriconfan> it is a start
  84. [04:13] <roriconfan> they can freely say it isn't
  85. [04:13] <roriconfan> i mean never say your opinion or defend it is lame
  86. [04:14] <roriconfan> the internet makes people not to care
  87. [04:14] <Kimura> you know what, we're just going to go in circles
  88. [04:14] <Kimura> so I'm done with you
  89. [04:14] <Kimura> you're permabanned
  90. [04:14] <Kimura> end of story
  91. [04:14] <roriconfan> ok
  92. [04:14] <roriconfan> fine
  93. [04:15] <roriconfan> it's not like i won't find other places to do the same
  94. [04:15] <roriconfan> or worse XD
  95. [04:15] <Kimura> fine with me
  96. [04:15] <Kimura> as long as you don't do it on MAL
  97. [04:16] <roriconfan> ok then farewell
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