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  1. Zen: God of Death   ---   by Atom
  4. -Looking in the direction of enemies INSTANTLY eliminates them [20-degree cone, extends 55 meters]
  5. -Score 100 eliminations to achieve victory.
  6. -3 deaths means your loss.
  7. -A purple bubble will continuously appear, which extends from you to the nearest player. This helps you find them while also
  8. letting them find you quicker.
  9. -Zen's ultimate teleports you to an enemy if you look in their direction.
  10. -Standing still and jumping gives Zenyatta low gravity allowing him to jump higher, but moving cancels this effect.
  11. -Zenyatta gets a slight movement speed buff when he's beyond the range to kill anyone.
  12. -Zenyatta's default attack, harmony orb, discord orb, and melee are disabled. The right click was included to be used
  13. for cosmetic purposes at the player's discretion.
  14. -If Zenyatta is hacked, knocked down, asleep, rooted, or stunned, his death stare will not activate.
  17. -Eliminate Zenyatta.
  18. -You are given an infinite ammount of lives, but 100 deaths means your loss.
  19. -Players can be INSTANTLY resurrected by aiming at their corpse and walking near them. *This is currently somewhat buggy,
  20. and it will be fixed if issues are prevalent.*
  21. -There is no hero limit.
  22. -Neither the players or Zenyatta may be damaged in their spawns.
  24. Please send suggestions to my Reddit: XatomXplosionX
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