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  1. yeah as you say rules are fairly simple and also is simple to understand that rules are suposedly made to avoid conflicts. What this guy is doing is abusing that simple "first come, first serve" rule to cause a conflict that is exactly the oposite intention of rules. You must understand that when you are not watching (like this morning) we simply can't develop our normal activities because this guy is intentionaly fucking us with his 3 accounts occupying 3 different anoms in VNI's, When he's running his fucking tactic we simply can't keep ratting in carriers or smartbomb battleships and we must switch to VNI's to compete with his fucking tactic of abusing the rules. He could do many things to avoid conflict with us, He could go to any other system in the whole KOS territory, he could run any other anoms than exactly the ones he knows we are running, he could run anoms with all 3 ships in same anom and that way there whould be enough anoms for everybody even in the same system. But no, he's looking for us and trying to maximize the harm he can do
  2. We are trying to avoid conflict, As you can check we lived in another systems before, We were living in 7T6P-C and placed our fortizar in 5W3-DG, then we started to have conflicts with him because he says that our smartbomb battleships are running anoms "too fast" for the respawn. Can you believe it? the origin of the conflict is that he says we are ratting "too fast" so it seems his mision in life now is to fuck us to demostrate we can't do that "too fast" ratting. Letting apart that this guy is crazy ill we moved away and came to another empty pocket to avoid conflict. When we arrived to this pocket ( 85-B52,  E-FIC0 and  YZ-UKA ) it was completely empty, the military index it was at lvl1 and there was almost no anoms to run. You can ask it to skirmish FC's, they were thinking in running ADM fleets here because it was abbandoned. We strugled to raise military index to 200% of lvl5 but now he found us and came to fuck with his 3 toons. What else can we do to avoid this conflict? If we move the whole corp again to another pocket he probably will come after us again and again, must we left the alliance
  3. After he already gets to fuck us and make us loose time and money (switching to ratting with VNIs) he even acuse us of EXACTLY WHAT? Can you explain clearly what is he acusing us of? Because as far as i understand what he complains about is that we do the same than him but better because we warp faster than him in our VNIs. The difference is that when he arrives first to an anom our corp members don't stay there and we warpout asap. When we arrive first than him to a new anom he stays there for 5 or 10 minutes stealing rats agro so the agressive mode of drones don't work. He knows very well what he is doing and trust me, he's fucking on purpose
  4. if we don't have any chat log to show is because we never had a discussion in chat, this guy lives in Spain, speaks spanish and use to come to our teamspeak channel to talk with us in spanish. He usually tries to demoralize our copies saying that goons are going to win the war because we let them grow too much. He also use to talk very well of his old alliance The Initiative. and their FC's, almost trying to make propaganda of imperium FC's. In fact he use to suggest he still having a toon inside his old corp 13th Squadron. When he enters our temspeak channel he likes to monopolice conversation and gets insanely angry if anybody tells him that he's wrong with something. Lately every time he enters our channel the discussion ends with screamings and we tried to kick or ban him from our channel but noone in corp (nor even CEO or any director) have permits to ban or kick him
  5. He comes to talk with us because he don't speak english so he never talks with his actual corp mates. He's not in any spanish speaking corp because all the big spanish speaking corps in the game fed up with him. At the beggining we didn't understand why and treated him as a friend but now we know why. If you want to check it talk with CEO's of any other spanish speaking corps in the coalition, Paparider Espinoza, Bruno Diaz and Destellos. If you ask them they will tell you that this guy is a toxic person who creates conflicts wherever he goes. Almost all veteran players of the spanish speaking comunity in eve knows this guy is toxic. On the other hand you can ask everybody in KOS and chech that none of our corp members never ever had a conflict for ratting rules with anybody else
  6. he last thing we must clarify is that this isn't a conflict between 2 guys or 2 groups of guys, this is s conflict between a whole corp with 17 active members and 1 single crazy ill guy ( Kur Wallmark ) with his 2 more toons ( Nuisha and Niyami Kando ). I say that because in your message you use the plural "they" or "them" as if this guy was more than 1 person. Please tell me that you just was using a "special" way to talk and he's not so crazy ill yet to pretend being more than 1 single person
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