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  1. EugenicPiss 15:14
  3. Hi
  4. I notice you don't have any frost logs
  5. can you play frost?
  6. rynoxh 15:14
  8. no, I mainly play unholy for fun, yes I can play frost if needed.
  9. EugenicPiss 15:15
  11. what was your role in the previous guild?
  12. rynoxh 15:16
  14. it was a fairly laid back guild, I was just on of their core raiders. If I were to join is this a guild that I'd find myself benched a lot due switching composition for fights?
  15. EugenicPiss 15:17
  17. we are a guild that tailors our raid composition around fights, yes. However, we do not have a DPS DK at the moment.
  18. essentially, unless fight composition demands it, we just take the best performers to raid.
  19. Basically, if we needed to sit DPS in order to bring in classes that are better compositionally, we would be sitting the lowest performing raiders to do so.
  20. rynoxh 15:18
  22. I like the sound of that, I am looking to hit the next tier hard, so I plan on being one of the better preformers.
  23. EugenicPiss 15:19
  25. excellent.
  26. any other questions?
  27. rynoxh 15:19
  29. What's the environment like socially?
  30. EugenicPiss 15:20
  32. well, we're a fairly new guild. Formed late October.
  33. Typically each evening there are half a dozen + of us hanging out in Discord. Often many more.
  34. We're always running m+
  35. have around a dozen players in the 1500io range
  36. we aren't particularly toxic or anything like that.
  37. incase that was a concern of yours (this is Frostmourne afterall)
  38. rynoxh 15:22
  40. Good to hear, that was a concern. I have found people sometimes loss their !@#$ after one mistake.
  41. EugenicPiss 15:23
  43. ah, yeah. well obviously we are going to be quite unforgiving when it comes to making mistakes. But people don't rage, you just tend to be contacted via PM and asked to fix the problem.
  44. chances are given, if the problem isn't fixed, that's when we look at making a sub.
  45. rynoxh 15:24
  47. sounds good, I don't normally repeat a mistake if I make one.
  48. EugenicPiss 15:25
  50. awesome. no problem if ya do, of course. so long as you learn at a pace relative to the rest of the raid, it's no big deal.
  51. anyway I'll tell you about the guild I spose.
  52. 3 mandatory nights. 1930SVT Mon/Wed/Thurs. If you cannot attend or will be late to any of our raids, you notify us via the appropriate discord channel. Otherwise, your attendance is assumed.
  53. We have an optional night Sunday @ 1930SVT, which we typically use to clear heroic, do alt runs, do heroic sales.
  54. We're a loot council guild. This means that if a piece of loot drops that you can trade, but you are not equipping it FOR RAIDING, that piece of loot must be forfeited to loot council for distribution.
  55. We provide feasts, flasks, vantus runes. As a result, you are expected to be pre potting and second potting generally at any time where we've provided a feast & flask.
  56. rynoxh 15:28
  58. yep, I wouldn't expect anything less. Also while frost is stronger in the meta at the moment, if I preformed highly as unholy would it be a problem? I am not too worried about gear so that's all goods.
  59. EugenicPiss 15:28
  61. The trial period typically lasts around three weeks. During this period, under normal circumstances a trial is rotated in and out of the roster simply with the goal of maximizing trial facetime amongst the trials. The only other factor we'd consider, in
  62. giving a trial a raid spot, is will they help us kill a prog boss.
  63. Things that are not considered, while you're a trial...
  64. do you need loot off the boss? have you killed this boss yet? any selfish interests of the trial, they are not factored in to our decision to roster on the trial.
  65. merely facetime, and will the trial help us kill a boss. that's the relevant stuff.
  66. given frost is the meta, you would be expected to be playing frost until we have the content on farm.
  67. on any fight where frost is preferable, that is
  68. any questions?
  69. I really need to emphasize that the high performing players, and particularly those who do their homework/prep outside of raids, they get roster priority. Even when you become a raider, if you lapse in your performance, or your commitment to progress, your
  70. spot is never guaranteed.
  71. rynoxh 15:32
  73. That seems to cover it.
  74. I'm keen to join up and ready for a guild invite
  75. EugenicPiss 15:33
  77. last thing. Do you have a microphone and are you comfortable conducting most communications over discord?
  78. rynoxh 15:33
  80. yes
  81. EugenicPiss 15:33
  83. okay good.
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