Xek meets a new panda

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  1. Xek walked into the resort and immediately felt an assault on the senses. It was hard to pin down, but something made him feel relaxed and...susceptible. He'd heard rumors that many of the patrons had received a special service, with enough visitors sharing similar stories of sexual encounters. People wouldn't openly talk about it in the town, but the reputation had spread far and wide online.
  2. Being a young dragon, muscular to an extent, handsome, with a nice ass and dick to boot, he had everything to look forward to. Already he could see several men and women relaxing in pools or hot springs. Some of them gave him looks like they knew he was staring.
  4. "Welcome to the Chrysanthemum Onsen resort, how may I assist you today?"
  6. The dragon turned to the receptionist and lost a bit of his composure. Sitting there in some tightfitting clothes was probably the most adorable panda he'd ever seen. The type of guy you look at and get an instant crush. It was kinda like when he first met Maurice, except this time he couldn't think of anything to say. Instead he stared like an idiot, looking at his strong arms and chubby body.
  8. "I...I was looking for a room with a private bath", Xek said, trying not to stare too long.
  10. "Ah, you don't wish to share the hot springs?", the panda asked as he typed some information into his computer.
  12. "I'm...ok."
  14. "I see. Here's your room key, it's on the second floor. Sir, your fire being doused won't cause harm, will it?", the panda said, almost wistfully so.
  16. "Ah, no no, just makes me look like a big grey lizard. Thanks for the help!"
  18. With the room key secured he made his way up via elevator, quickly unpacking and getting a little setup for his week stay. The shower was a little smaller than he expected, but the tub was wide enough for maybe two or three guests. That is, if he wanted to invite any. After that little encounter he probably needed to release some steam, but first he would make sure he was well bathed and ready for sex.
  20. A moment passed as Xek was undressing that he heard a knock from the door. Well, he did like to show off at least some of his muscles, so a towel would do just fine around his waist. A quick bathroom visit ensured he looked ok, not so tired, a well conditioned face.
  22. "How may I help youuuu......", Xek said into a drawl as he noticed it was the same panda from before.
  24. "My apologies sir, I had completely forgotten to give you a map of our facilities."
  26. "Thanks..", Xek said, mindful of his bulge that probably needed to get more towel over it.
  28. "Do you need assistance with your bath, sir? Some of the guests aren't sure how to operate it. And we offer extra service should the guests request it of us."
  30. "I..I don't mind. Is it not a normal bath?"
  32. "We fill it up through a pipe, the water can be herb scented, and for someone like yourself, we even offer a lava bath", the panda said with hands perfectly held.
  34. "Just...just a normal bath would be fine."
  36. The panda stepped inside and shut the door, then locked it. That in itself sort of turned Xek's gears, but what happened next certainly shocked him into a boner. The shorts from the panda dropped and revealed nothing more than an almost too small fundoshi.
  38. "Hey! Let's take things a little slow!", Xek said in shock as the panda undressed.
  40. "It's standard practice sir, for the employees to first undress and test in the water and to make sure it's acceptable for the guest. If I had to make a recommendation, I would say to try our vanilla-lavender, with a hint of citrus."
  42. "What did you say your name was?", the dragon asked him.
  44. "Gosui. Oh, do you need some time alone to treat yourself sir?", the panda stared directly at the tent in his towel.
  46. "Shit!", Xek hid it immediately and sat on the bed with a growing blush.
  48. "It's ok, most of our guests have the same reaction to watching someone undress. I'll go get our bath started."
  50. 'Our bath?', Xek thought for the time being.
  52. Ten minutes passed and his raging boner had gone down, mostly. So long as he could keep thinking of nonsexual things, and how awkward this whole thing was, it would stay down. He could even make it into a slit if he wanted to.
  54. "Are you ready?", Gosui called.
  56. "Coming", Xek answered.
  58. "Your bath, sir", the panda signalled as a welcome.
  60. Xek bent down and sniffed the rising steam, it smelled the panda near him.
  62. "So...are we done here?", he asked his attendant.
  64. "Unless you need help washing yourself, which, since this is your first visit, we consider it complimentary."
  66. "I...this won't lead to anything, will it?", he said bluntly.
  68. "I'm not sure what you're asking", the panda said with a hint of sarcasm.
  70. Xek dropped his towel and stepped into the bath, immediately choosing to settle into the water entirely. It felt good to dip his whole body, the bath at his own house could barely fit a purpose like that.  He was slightly insecure about how he looked without the flames, though Gosui probably wouldn't judge him.
  72. "Enjoying the bath? May I join?", Gosui dropped his fundoshi.
  74. Xek closed his eyes and sunk into the water, "Sure thing pal."
  76. "I noticed the way you were staring at me earlier", Gosui said as he grabbed a bar of soap.
  78. "Sorry, can't help but look at a bit of eyecandy."
  80. "Hmm", the panda began soaping his paws, "I don't mind the looks, I'm just selective of who gets my treatment here."
  82. "So the rumors are right?", Xek asked, boner hidden by the water's shades of whitish-orange.
  84. "Yes. Also, I can see the shadow of your dick", Gosui said.
  86. "Ah! Sorry about that! I don't wanna take advantage of you."
  88. "Oh don't worry, you've been nothing but polite so far. May I wash your stomach?"
  90. "S-sure, go ahead", Xek laid back to allow easy access.
  92. Gosui started slow with his paws, grabbing up the belly with a strong grip so it was out of the water. Xek tucked his dick between his legs to hide the embarassment, but was half-tempted to let it loose. The panda didn't seem to mind as he lathered the grey scales, feeling the steam from the fire trying to form.
  94. "So you utilize your pyrokinesis for masculine appearances?", Gosui said.
  96. "Yeah, it's more genetic than anything. Fire hair's been there forever, but the beard and chest and horns came with my puberty. I can choose when I want it to be blazing, but I just like to let it loose if I can."
  98. Gosui's hands moved up to the chest, "I've never really seen someone like you before."
  100. "I've..never really seen a panda like you either", the dragon admitted, more steam rising from the fire wanting to burst from him.
  102. Gosui's hand ghosted over a nipple, until it was pushed away by Xek. The dragon looked into his eyes for a moment, wondering if he really should, then went for the kiss. Gosui seemed to melt initially, but then quickly took control and shoved Xek under him. The panda moaned into it, hugging around Xek and almost pressing their cocks together.
  104. "I...I can't", Xek broke the kiss and slinked away in his own corner of the bathtub.
  106. "Why not?", Gosui slowly sidled to him and rubbed his shoulder.
  108. "I have a boyfriend, I mean we're in an open relationship, but I think I have feelings for you that....aren't really casual."
  110. "Oh", Gosui said with a frown.
  112. "Hey, wait I still wanna spend time with you! If that's ok and I promise not to lead you along", Xek smiled and brought an arm around Gosui's neck.
  114. "So you still want to have some fun, but keep it casual?", his paw scratched a sensitive spot on the back of his neck.
  116. "For now. I...might wanna take you to dinner later. Me and Maurice have talked before about finding a third boyfriend, now might be the time."
  118. "Well why don't we get washed up and then see what happens?", Gosui said, cupping some water in his paws and freshly rinsing the dragon.
  120. -----------------------------------------
  122. "Maurice?", he asked into the phone.
  124. "Hey babe! Is everything ok?"
  126. "Yeah! Yeah, everythings fine up here. There's just something I should tell you, because..I might have found our third", Xek sat on the bed.
  128. "Oh!", the jump in tone almost deflated him, " he cute?"
  130. "Oh like you wouldn't believe..", the dragon laid in his bed with the speaker on.
  132. "So you met him in the hot springs?"
  134. "Yes and no, he' employee here. We kiiiinda shared a bit of bathtime fun though, we kissed, I didn't expect it to go so fast. I told him I have you, and that things needed to stay casual.'re not mad he kissed me?"
  136. "Not..really? Should I be mad?"
  138. Xek flipped on his stomach, "I thought you wanted to reserve it for us."
  140. "It's more I want special kissing just for us. I don't mind kissing while you're banging someone, that's just in the moment. I know you wouldn't really give someone a really romantic one unless you were really attracted to them."
  142. He sighed, "That's...the problem. I think I might want to...I dunno, just lay with him a while and snuggle close and kiss occasionally. Granted he's also super hot and I'd let him fuck me in a heartbeat, but.."
  144. "I understand. I'm glad you called me about it honey, but if your heart is in it, then go for it."
  146. "Are you sure?"
  148. "Yeah. I can meet him the next time you visit those hot springs. Love you!"
  150. "I love you too, you are the best dragon in the whole wide world."
  152. Maurice snorted, "Byyyeeee."
  154. The call ended and an air of tension left from his shoulders. Always he was afraid the day would come that he'd make a phone call, to ask about a third boyfriend. Things went far smoother than he anticipated, which made him more anxious than he expected. What if he was going too fast? Maybe this panda wasn't the one for him, maybe..maybe it was a quick crush.
  156. No, he would give it a chance, that's how he took it with Maurice, he would take it with Gosui.
  158. ------------------------------
  160. The panda sat in wait in the little booth, in a pair of casual jeans and a button-up shirt. A few were left undone near the top, just to let out his fur a little. He'd been waiting for fifteen minutes and was nearly ready to order alone, at this rate.
  162. "Hey! I'm so sorry, traffic was bad", Xek said as he arrived.
  164. "Oh, it's ok. Please, sit."
  166. " look...really cute", the dragon winked.
  168. "Smooth. What did your boyfriend say about me?"
  170. "He told me to go for it!", he smiled, but then frowned, "I just have to make sure this date goes ok."
  172. "You're doing just fine, I'm really nervous but...I think I'd like to try too", his paw reached for the dragon's hand, squeezing it affectionately.
  174. Xek's flames roared in excitement for a second, then they made to order their food. It was a Vietnamese joint, and truth be told, he'd never had it before. Luckily the panda could tell him about some of the food since he was Vietnamese-American. They decided to have Pho, which was apparently a rice-noodle soup that he had yet to taste.
  176. Their food had arrived sooner than expected, a larger bowl given to Xek due to his size. Gosui was content with a smaller one so the dragon didn't think too badly of it. His first taste was an assault on his taste buds, too good to be true and yet it still existed. The little bits of meat and little vegetables helped so much, along with a special sauce that sort of.....gooped into his soup?
  178. "Hoo...spicy", he remarked.
  180. "You can't handle that?", the panda said between spoonfuls.
  182. "Just making me sweat a lil bit", he winked.
  184. "Oh you'll be sweating later", Gosui said softly but loud enough for him to hear.
  186. Xek's flames jumped as his expression showed nothing but a pure blush and flustered eyes hidden behind his claws. The panda smirked and took a few more spoonfuls of pho before  speaking again. The crackling flames were the only noises between the two for a time, which ended up worrying him.
  188. "Hey, I'm sorry if I came on too strong."
  190. "Hmm?", Xek put down his bowl.
  192. "What I said about the sweat, it was probably...too much, I dont want to make you feel uncomfortable."
  194. "I don't mind! Honestly, getting a hardon in public is not the worst thing in the world. Besides, I'm not gonna be the only one sweating", he winked and watched the panda slowly grin.
  196. "L-let's just finish eating first."
  198. -------------------------------------------------
  200. "So..I had a lot of fun tonight", Gosui told Xek, they were holding hands before he would part.
  202. "I did too! I...hell, you really made me feel fuzzy."
  204. The panda giggled and smiled, hugging the dragon tightly. The flames pressed into his fur felt warm, almost ticklish, but never burning.
  206. "Can I have a kiss goodnight?"
  208. Gosui's eyes shot open, two dots of surprised white within black dots, and he looked up with ruffled cheekfur. Xek's claws parted through the fur, and then his massive mouth met Gosui's. It was almost too slow, but very sweet, and it had the panda in his arms in mere seconds. He smiled into the kisses, pressing more and more and...
  210. *BZZZT, BZZZT*
  212. A phone vibrated from his pocket, and he paused a moment, then abruptly ending their kissing.
  214. "Hey! Maurice...I'm fine! Yeah, yeah the date went ok. He's still here and we were talking for a second.."
  216. Gosui blushed, standing away for a moment.
  218. "Oh we were. Hmm? Yeah....yeah I do like him. I think you'll like him too", he faced Gosui for a moment and winked.
  220. "Love you too babe, bye", he said, his phone beeped off.
  222. "So where were-", the panda jumped into a kiss before he could finish, opening the door and dragging Xek inside.
  224. Their clothes were discarded within seconds, each reveal making the dragon blush more and more. At first Xek seemed to lean into dominance, what with pushing Gosui under him and slowly establishing himself. Then all too suddenly he found himself shoved down onto his bed, the panda laying over him. A long tongue was stuffed down his throat and he couldn't help but moan slightly, and from there he could tell how it was going to be.
  226. "I knew you were a big sub", he teased as his paws trailed down the scales until they found his slit.
  228. His eyes seemed to shine in eagerness, and then his tongue edged on the outer rim of it. The dragon gasped and clenched the bedsheets, he hadn't been eaten out down there in some time. It was usually too sensitive for anything, and somehow he found himself enjoying it. He felt it go deeper and he tightly shut his jaw, too afraid to make too much noise. Even so, he was sweating now from the intensity of it.
  230. His tongue flickered deep inside of him and his flames roared in excitement. This time he didn't even bother to hide it, higher pitched moans slowly let out with every pump of it. Gosui took the opportunity to finger him as he ate deeper, growling possessively. The amount he dripped was almost embarassing, if not for his date lapping it all up.
  232. "H-hey...", Xek managed during all this.
  234. "Yeah?", Gosui asked.
  236. "Can you...fuck me?"
  238. Gosui smiled and positioned his cock to the slit, the head prodding at the entrance. It took a bit of effort, even with how loosened he was from the tongue. As the first thick inch broke into him, the dragon gasped and threw his head back. His flames were wildly intense, and for a second the panda wasn't sure to keep pushing in.
  240. But oh, he did, and Xek felt every fat inch of his dick slowly tearing him apart. He must've been No, eight, NINE inches and he was in, made all the more sensitive by frequently withdrawing until it was loose enough to have a somewhat regular pace. In a minute it had reached a point where entry was easy, and then Gosui pinned his arms to the bed.
  242. He started slow, pumping about half of it in, but as he started to get deeper into the rhythm he leaned down. They kissed softly, Xek loosening one of his arms to hug Gosui close into his warm flames. Gosui hugged him back, one of his paws scratching lightly behind his head.
  244. They'd found a nice rhythm of slowness, something that reminded him of Maurice. By now he was feeling every inch of it freely fucking him. It wasn't the biggest one he'd ever taken but oh it still stretched him something crazy. Their cocks must have bumped several times by now and every pass of it made him feel like he would cum early, too early.
  246. "G-gosui.."
  248. The panda growled and kissed him into shutting up, starting to pound him. All at once the grey dragon needed to moan, needed to let out his pained ecstasy. Gosui was pulled in tight and if he wouldn't be kissed, then the panda would treat him elsewhere. His chest would do nicely for a treat, and his mouth bit around one of the nipples.
  250. Xek's flames, blue and wild by this point, were crackling like crazy. With Gosui's tongue slowly teasing his nipple, oh, no he was going rougher now. Fuck, that tongue was teasing over the tips and the sensation! Sucking hard would...
  252. "Fuck, fuck I'm about to cum", Xek said between clenched jaws.
  254. Gosui shoved his tongue down Xek's throat and fucked him as hard as he could, listening to the dragon whimper along the way. Finally he felt his cock getting flooded in the slit, except it was unusually hot. Like a hot shower, and it just kept flooding around him, it
  255. tickled him enough to make him stutter his pace.
  257. Gosui drived it in a few more times, slapping out more of Xek's cum, and finally he pushed in deep and panted over him. His cock kept twitching inside and it's release was made all the more intense by the hot cum around it already. Every throb he could feel exactly how much was breeding the dragon. It didn't overstimulate him, but it did enough to make him lay in the dragon's flames for a few minutes. He was still hard even when he stopped shooting, but content to keep himself inside for now.
  259. "You are really adorable", he said.
  261. Xek looked up and took in Gosui's features. A nice jawline, the cute features a panda had like the black spots around the eyes. He liked the little ears and even scratched them for his potential third boyfriend, letting him relax and be worshipped. He had a cute laugh, a cute voice, gosh.....
  263. "I think I like you a lot", he whispered.
  265. "I do too."
  267. Their eyes met in a smile, and then another kiss. Then another, and soon Gosui was holding him. Though Xek was taller, he ended up being the little spoon that night. Cuddling up to a cute guy was never a bad thing, though. Especially when they were happy to pet his scales.
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