Hell Roadtrip info

Jan 28th, 2020
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  1. >Game starts in Baldurs Gate, which is basically a super corrupt city.
  3. >Baldurs gate is run by 4 dukes, one of which is known as "The Grand Duke" who's name is Ulder Ravenguard. He's basically the big dick head honcho.
  5. >Recently the nearby city of Elturel, which is the capitol of the holy land of Elturgard, has fallen. Tons of refugee's flooded Baldurs gate after this which caused the city to go into lock down to prevent anyone else from getting in or out.
  7. >Flaming Fists are basically corrupt police. They are a mercenary army who was and still is run by Ulder Ravenguard even before he became grand duke a few years ago.
  9. >The grand duke has gone missing, which has caused the corrupt organization to become even more brash, hence the lock down of the city.
  11. >You were conscripted into the flaming fist to help them since they're too busy.
  13. >Captain Zodge tells you the grand duke was in Elturel when it fell. Apparently the only thing left of the city is a hole in the ground and no one knows why. Zodge suspects that the duke was invited there on purpose to be there for the destruction.
  15. >The Hellriders, aka knights of Elturgard, think Baldurs gate is responsible for the fall of their city somehow. The flaming fists are arresting them on sight which is why they're short handed atm.
  17. >Cultists of the Dead three (The gods Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul) are taking advantage of the chaos to go on murder sprees. Zodge offers you 200 gold pieces each to find and kill all the cultists (Which he will pay once 10 days pass without any cult activity)
  19. >Zodge sent you to talk to his informant about the location of the cultists base, but she got killed instead. While you were in the tavern you overheard people talking about the fight for power over the title of grand duke, and that someone named "Thalamra Vanthampur" was probably going to go for it.
  21. >You also heard a ghostly song, which was in elvish and said:
  22. O sing a song of Elturel
  23. Of water, woods, and hill
  24. The sun draws on her ruddy cliffs
  25. And fields green and still
  26. This land of long-abiding joy
  27. Home of the strong and brave
  28. Renowned by all, across the realms,
  29. And never once a slave
  31. O sing a song of Elturel
  32. When foes are at her door
  33. Her fields torn by cloven feet
  34. From some infernal shore.
  35. Arise the mighty Hellriders
  36. Take up your swift, keen swords
  37. Then charge into the hellish fray
  38. And scatter devil hordes
  40. O sing a song of Elturel
  41. And when the night does fall
  42. Sleep safe beneath Companion's light
  43. Until the dawn does call
  44. We're bound by mortal covenant
  45. That only ends with death
  46. And so we'll sing of Elturel
  47. Until our final breath.
  49. >Zodge uses his connections to get a speak with dead spell cast to get the info, which leads you to the bath house that has the secret cultist dungeon.
  51. >Giovana gets 3 skeleton slaves who follow any order she makes until she dies or they are destroyed. She leaves them in the dungeon because necromancy is litterally the thing the flaming fists are trying to quell.
  53. >One of duke Thalamra Vanthampur's sons, who is a massive brute with a burned face named Mortlock, is being betrayed by the cultists when you arrive. He informs you that his brothers conspired with the cultists to kill him.
  54. -According to him, his family is paying the cultists of the Dead Three to undermine the Flaming Fists by killing civilians. If the people think they can't protect them then they'll stop paying them and the flaming fists will leave and find a different city to work for, thus leaving no one in his mothers way of becoming the new grand duke. She also for some reason wants Baldurs gate to be dragged into the Nine Hells just like Elturel was.
  55. -He also confirmed that his mother did help convice the previous grand duke to go to Elturel before it fell.
  56. -Mortlock informs the party that the cultists are getting regular payments from his brother Amrik who is a money lender and his mothers favorite son. He suggests that you use Amrik as a hostage to negotiate with his mother.
  57. -Finally he tells you that his other brother, Thurstwell, has imps all over the city that spy for him and alert him of what's going on. He's frail and sickly, rarely leaving his mothers estate, but he probably already knows you're here.
  59. >You then steal all of the stolen treasure of Tiamat that the cultists were hoarding. Later you get assaulted over this but slaughter all of the tiamat cultists who came to retrieve it.
  61. >The party eventually makes it to the tavern that Amrik does business in. They see a bunch of dead seagulls outside and some ravens. The party ignores these and later finds out the ravens were imps in disguise who presumably killed the seagulls.
  63. >Players kick the shit out of Amrik and his many guards, and he surrenders and is tied up.
  65. >A cloaked figure enters the taven as you leave with Amrik, you hear armor clanking under her cloak, a hand resting on her long sword on her hip. She introduces herself as Annona.
  67. Session 3
  69. >Annona turns out to be a Hell Rider, a knight of the fallen city of Elturel and wanted by the flaming fists. She freaks out when you inform her you're technically flaming fists yourselfs but upon being reassured you don't really care about their goals she asks to join your band of miscreants in order to find Thavius Kreeg, the high overseer of Elturel.
  71. >Annona heard rumors that he was seen with Vanthampur thugs, but the villa is too well guarded for her to get in alone.
  73. >Amir helps them get in, and past all the guards, too scared of being executed on the spot after seeing the party tank an entire room full of enemies earlier that day.
  75. >The party finds a winged cat named "Slobber Chops" and Amir's older brother Thurstwell. Thurstwell has a puzzle box that contains some unknown thing, which the party somehow assumed would be dangerous without any rolls or questions. :^
  77. >Thurstwell then led the party to the wine cellar/cult HQ because he has like 5 hp and could be killed by a light breeze, fuck fighting like 5+ adventurers all at once.
  79. >Party fought a box of spined devils and a couple cult fanatics but mostly just explored empty rooms and a fridge.
  81. >Party found a big metal double door that read (in infernal) "That which falls can rise again." Knight asked his god if going in would be good or bad. He was told it would be both.
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