000Webhost sitemaps won't accept on Google Console ?

Jun 29th, 2020
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  1. 000Webhost sitemaps won't accept on Google Console ?
  2. Has anyone created a site on 000webhost recently ? I made a site a site recently to host a couple things for me, and it appears that Google will not accept any sitemap from my site. I have tried different sitemap plugins for it and even created my own sitemap and uploaded it to the server still nothing. The sitemap checks out as ok but it just won't accept it. Anyone else experienced this on a 000webhost that was made recently? And what on the hosting server side of things might prevent a sitemap from being read by google upon submitting ?
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  14. What settings in your hosting server, could prevent a sitemap from being accepted by Google Search Console ? There is definitely something odd about them that is off Iv concluded.
  15. Still having this issue with 000webhost sites. Are there any settings in my hosting that could somehow prevent sitemaps from being accepted by google ? This is definitely a problem with 000webhost.
  16. Worse yet, Facebook & Google are even partnering on core Internet infrastructure.
  17. In his interview with Obama tonight, @billmaher suggested the news business should be not-for-profit. Mission accomplished, thank Facebook.— Downtown Josh Brown (@ReformedBroker) November 5, 2020
  18. Any hope of AMP turning the corner on the revenue front is a "no go":
  19. “We want to drive the ecosystem forward, but obviously these things don’t happen overnight,” Mr. Gingras said. “The objective of AMP is to have it drive more revenue for publishers than non-AMP pages. We’re not there yet”.
  20. Publishers who are critical of AMP were reluctant to speak publicly about their frustrations, or to remove their AMP content. One executive said he would not comment on the record for fear that Google might “turn some knob that hurts the company.”
  21. Look at that.
  22. Leadership through fear once again.
  23. At least they are consistent.
  24. As more publishers adopt AMP, each publisher in the program will get a smaller share of the overall pie.
  26. Google gets people to upload pirate content to YouTube & then uses the existence of the piracy to sell ads. They can also use YouTube to report on the quality of various ISPs, while also blocking competing search engines and apps from being able to access YouTube.
  27. PageRank extracts the value of editorial votes, allowing Google to leverage the work of editors to refine their search rankings without requiring people to visit the sites. Mix in the couple years Google spent fearmongering about links and it is not surprising to see the Yahoo Directory shut down.
  28. Remember the time a Google "contractor" did a manual scrape of Mocality in Kenya, then called up the businesses and lied to them to try to get them onto Google? I'd link to the original Mocality blog post, but Mocality Kenya has shut down.
  29. Google also scraped reviews (sometimes without attribution) & only failed at it when players large enough to be heard by Government regulators complained. This is why government scrutiny of Google is so important. It is one of the few things they actually respond to.
  30. The smart home will turn household appliances into lead generation devices.
  31. In SEO for a number of years many people have painted brand as the solution to everything. But consider the hotel search results which are 100% monetized above the fold - even if you have a brand, you still must pay to play. Or consider the Google Shopping ads which are now being tested on branded navigational searches.
  32. Google even obtained a patent for targeting ads aimed at monetizing named entities.
  33. You paid to build the brand. Then you pay Google again - "or else."
  34. One could choose to opt out of Google ad products so as not to pay to arbitrage themselves, but Google is willing to harm their own relevancy to extract revenues.
  35. A search in the UK for the trademark term [cheapflights] is converted into the generic search [cheap flights]. The official site is ranking #2 organically and is the 20th clickable link in the left rail of the search results.
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