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Sep 3rd, 2016
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  3. Trump fan page with 90,000 followers 'God Emperor Trump' shut down by Facebook with no reason given
  4. As Labor Day Weekend began Facebook banned the page God Emperor Trump (89,945 likes) with no reason given. No posts were removed and none of the admins were postblocked. The page was unpublished completely without warning.
  6. Previously, on June 16 of 2016, the page received a notification saying it was unpublished, but users continued to see the posts. Almost three months later the page was actually unpublished.
  7. Facebook has been purging pro-Trump and "alt right" Facebook pages. This may be the largest pro-Trump Facebook page to be taken down yet, and represents Facebook's commitment to silencing controversial political opinions under the guise of enforcing their Community Standards. However, when a Facebook page has none of its posts removed, and is seemingly arbitrarily banned in the middle of the night before a holiday weekend, they cannot continue to fall back on this excuse.
  9. Facebook realizes the alt right uses Facebook and memes to create a community and spread conservative ideas, and they are committing censorship without any negative repercussions.
  11. Meanwhile pages like "Damn those racist, homophobic, bigoted Republican Born-Again Christians" and "Another blinkered republican bigot" are left to continue to spread hateful rhetoric without molestation.
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  14. Roger Dickinson
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