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Oct 18th, 2013
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  1. Trick or Treat! ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Ohai, everybody! It's your favourite masked skids. We're here to drop some spooks for the guns and gold crowd.
  5. Anonymous has launched #OpFrackOff, a tiny new operation in support of courageous indigenous women-at-the-front, drummers, elders, warriors,and children on the barricades in #Elsipogtog. What a wonderous thing you have done in standing up for your land rights and the water rights of all Canadians!
  7. SWN Resource Canada, Inc. has given us the perfect port from which to launch a gaggle of pirate ships that we have been anxious to set sail.
  9. We can hardly contain our pleasure with all the goodies we have already collected in our bags. Even still, we are knocking on virtual doors all over the Canadian Atlantic.
  11. SWN, do you have any idea what kinda info treats you've left laying around in public? So many names. So many many ....
  13. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. It's nearly Caturday already! The legion is saving all our best SWN goodies for sun-up Monday morning.
  15. For now, a message to New Brunswick fuzz:
  17. We suppose you'll think twice next time before fiddling with a Mi'maq Chief and Council. The corporatized media spin cycle can't get the chronology straight, but we can. And everyone else can too.
  19. For now, we have one demand for the 700 or so weaponized court clowns who didn't succeed in evicting or intimidating all of the approximately 75 Keepers of the Land. (Crispy crisp cruisers, yum YUM!) Here is our initial demand:
  21. Fire the Camo clad racist who said: "crown land belongs to the government not to f*cking natives.”
  23. Fire him now. Fire him fast. Fire him without hesitation.
  25. Our hive will be busy working to identify him. One of our legion heard this remark in person at the same time as this reporter from APTN:
  27. State stooge media might think it can ignore the comment, but that's why it is losing the battle for eyeballs that we are winning. Politicians are talking about the comment. Every First Nations person in Canada is or will soon be aware of the comment. Ignore it at your own peril. We will be doing our damndest to out the dood who perfectly said so much about everything that is Canada and its relationship to the people who were here first. (But maybe he isn't actually police at all, hmmm?)
  29. Find him. Fire him. Get him before we do.
  31. #GetTheFrackOutGashole
  33. And, #OpFrackOff will have more deliciousness to deliver in less than 72 hours.
  35. Expect it.
  37. We are Anonymous.
  38. The Corrupt Fear Us.
  39. The Honest Support Us.
  40. The Heroic Join Us.
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