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  1.         out.put("A1-ASooR", "A Switch out of Reach");
  2.         out.put("A1-Beaten Path", "Striding the Beaten Path");
  3.         out.put("A1-OtToU", "Only the Two of Us");
  4.         out.put("A1-Outnumbered", "Outnumbered");
  5.         out.put("A1-PaSL", "Poking a Sleeping Lion");
  6.         out.put("A1-Peephole", "Peephole");
  7.         out.put("A1-Star", "A1 Star");
  8.         out.put("A1-Trio", "Trio Bombasticus");
  9.         out.put("A2-Guards", "The Guards Must be Crazy");
  10.         out.put("A2-Hall of Windows", "Hall of Windows");
  11.         out.put("A2-Star", "A2 Star");
  12.         out.put("A2-Suicide Mission", "Suicide Mission");
  13.         out.put("A3-ABTU Star", "A Bit Tied Up Star");
  14.         out.put("A3-ABTU", "A Bit Tied Up");
  15.         out.put("A3-AEP", "An Escalating Problem");
  16.         out.put("A3-Clock Star", "Clock Star");
  17.         out.put("A3-Stashed for Later", "Stashed for Later");
  18.         out.put("A3-Swallowed the Key", "Locked Me Up, Swallowed the Key");
  19.         out.put("A4-Above All That", "Above All That");
  20.         out.put("A4-Branch it Out", "Branch it Out");
  21.         out.put("A4-DCtS", "Don't Cross the Streams");
  22.         out.put("A4-Push it Further", "Push it Further");
  23.         out.put("A4-Star", "A4 Star");
  24.         out.put("A5-FC Star", "Friendly Crossfire Star");
  25.         out.put("A5-FC", "Friendly Crossfire");
  26.         out.put("A5-OLB", "One Little Buzzer");
  27.         out.put("A5-Over the Fence", "Going Over the Fence");
  28.         out.put("A5-Two Boxes Star", "Things to Do With Two Boxes Star");
  29.         out.put("A5-Two Boxes", "Things to Do With Two Boxes");
  30.         out.put("A5-YKYMCTS", "You Know You Mustn't Cross the Streams");
  31.         out.put("A6-Bichromatic", "Bichromatic Entanglement");
  32.         out.put("A6-Deception", "Deception");
  33.         out.put("A6-Door too Far", "A Door too Far");
  34.         out.put("A6-Mobile Mindfield", "Mobile Mindfield");
  35.         out.put("A6-Star", "A6 Star");
  36.         out.put("A7-LFI", "Locked From Inside");
  37.         out.put("A7-Pinhole", "Pinhole Windows");
  38.         out.put("A7-Star", "A7 Star");
  39.         out.put("A*-DDM", "Dumb Dumb Mine");
  40.         out.put("A*-JfW", "Jammed from Within");
  41.         out.put("A*-Nervewrecker", "Nervewrecker");
  42.         out.put("A7-Trapped Inside", "Trapped Inside");
  43.         out.put("A7-Two Buzzers", "Two Pesky Little Buzzers");
  44.         out.put("A7-WiaL", "Windows into a Labyrinth");
  45.         out.put("B1-Over the Fence", "Over the Fence");
  46.         out.put("B1-RoD", "Road of Death");
  47.         out.put("B1-SaaS", "Something about a Star");
  48.         out.put("B1-Star", "Something about a Star Star");
  49.         out.put("B1-Third Wheel", "Third Wheel");
  50.         out.put("B1-WtaD", "Window through a Door");
  51.         out.put("B2-Higher Ground", "Higher Ground");
  52.         out.put("B2-Moonshot", "Moonshot");
  53.         out.put("B2-MotM", "Man on the Moon");
  54.         out.put("B2-Star", "B2 Star");
  55.         out.put("B2-Tomb", "Tomb");
  56.         out.put("B3-Blown Away", "Blown Away");
  57.         out.put("B3-Eagle's Nest", "Eagle's Nest");
  58.         out.put("B3-Star", "B3 Star");
  59.         out.put("B3-Sunshot", "Sunshot");
  60.         out.put("B3-Woosh", "Woosh");
  61.         out.put("B4-ABUH", "A Box Up High");
  62.         out.put("B4-Double-Plate", "Double Plate");
  63.         out.put("B4-RPS", "Redundant Power Supply");
  64.         out.put("B4-Self Help", "Self Help Tutorial");
  65.         out.put("B4-Sphinx Star", "Sphinx Star");
  66.         out.put("B4-TRA Star", "The Right Angle Star");
  67.         out.put("B4-TRA", "The Right Angle");
  68.         out.put("B4-WAtC", "Wrap Around the Corner");
  69.         out.put("B5-Chambers", "The Four Chambers of Flying");
  70.         out.put("B5-Iron Curtain", "Behind the Iron Curtain");
  71.         out.put("B5-Obelisk Star", "Obelisk Star");
  72.         out.put("B5-Plates", "Alley of the Pressure Plates");
  73.         out.put("B5-SES", "Slightly Elevated Sigil");
  74.         out.put("B5-Two Jammers", "Me, Myself, and Our Two Jammers");
  75.         out.put("B6-Crisscross", "Crisscross Conundrum");
  76.         out.put("B6-Egyptian Arcade", "Egyptian Arcade");
  77.         out.put("B6-JDaW", "Just Doors and Windows");
  78.         out.put("B7-AFaF", "A Fan across Forever");
  79.         out.put("B7-BLoM", "Big Lump of Mine");
  80.         out.put("B7-BSbS Star", "Bouncing Side by Side Star");
  81.         out.put("B7-BSbS", "Bouncing Side by Side");
  82.         out.put("B7-Star", "Pyramid Star");
  83.         out.put("B7-WLJ", "Whole lotta Jamming");
  84.         out.put("B*-Cat's Cradle", "Cat's Cradle");
  85.         out.put("B*-Merry Go Round", "Merry Go 'Round");
  86.         out.put("B*-Peekaboo", "Peekaboo!");
  87.         out.put("C1-Blowback", "Blowback");
  88.         out.put("C1-Conservatory", "The Conservatory");
  89.         out.put("C1-Labyrinth", "Labyrinth");
  90.         out.put("C1-MIA", "Multiply Impossible Ascension");
  91.         out.put("C1-Star", "C1 Star");
  92.         out.put("C2-ADaaF", "A Ditch and A Fence");
  93.         out.put("C2-Cemetery", "Cemetery");
  94.         out.put("C2-Rapunzel", "Rapunzel");
  95.         out.put("C2-Short Wall", "The Short Wall");
  96.         out.put("C2-Star", "C2 Star");
  97.         out.put("C3-BSLS", "Big Stairs, Little Stairs");
  98.         out.put("C3-Jammer Quarantine", "Jammer Quarantine");
  99.         out.put("C3-Star", "C3 Star");
  100.         out.put("C3-Three Connectors", "Three Little Connectors... and a Fan");
  101.         out.put("C3-Weathertop", "Weathertop");
  102.         out.put("C4-Armory", "Armory");
  103.         out.put("C4-Oubliette Star", "Oubliette Star");
  104.         out.put("C4-Oubliette", "Oubliette");
  105.         out.put("C4-Stables", "Stables");
  106.         out.put("C4-Throne Room Star", "Throne Room Star");
  107.         out.put("C4-Throne Room", "Throne Room");
  108.         out.put("C5-Dumbwaiter Star", "Dumbwaiter Star");
  109.         out.put("C5-Dumbwaiter", "Dumbwaiter");
  110.         out.put("C5-Time Crawls", "Time Crawls");
  111.         out.put("C5-Time Flies Star", "Time Flies Star");
  112.         out.put("C5-Time Flies", "Time Flies");
  113.         out.put("C5-UCAJ Star", "Up Close and Jammed Star");
  114.         out.put("C5-UCaJ", "Up Close and Jammed");
  115.         out.put("C6-Circumlocution", "Circumlocution");
  116.         out.put("C6-Seven Doors", "The Seven Doors of Recording");
  117.         out.put("C6-Star", "C6 Star");
  118.         out.put("C6-Two Way Street", "Two Way Street");
  119.         out.put("C7-Carrier Pigeons", "Carrier Pigeons");
  120.         out.put("C7-Crisscross", "Crisscross Conundrum Advanced");
  121.         out.put("C7-DMS", "Dead Man's Switch");
  122.         out.put("C7-Prison Break", "Prison Break");
  123.         out.put("C7-Star", "C7 Star");
  124.         out.put("C*-Cobweb", "Cobweb");
  125.         out.put("C*-Nexus", "Nexus");
  126.         out.put("C*-Unreachable Garden", "Unreachable Garden");
  127.         out.put("CM-Star", "C Messenger Star");
  128.         out.put("F0-Star", "Floor 0 Star");
  129.         out.put("F3-Star", "Floor 3 Star");
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