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  1. To my dear buddy, Daren. We met in 2017, I guess? And we're still a best friend until today. You're getting older now, and I hope you become a better one in the future. I'm wishing you to have a joyful life also a life full of happiness. May you always have good fortune and success in your life. You were stressed over hard times before, now you manage. It's proof that you are a strong person, and I'm sure you can always be stronger each day. Also, I hope the hard times won't happen again in the near future because I really want you to be happy, always.
  3. And hey, I hope you have a great day, because you deserve it, because you are the best and funniest person in the world. I wanted to dedicate some nice words of congratulations, so forgive me if I look heavy but you're the best person anyone could have, I assure you. Knowing you has been, without a doubt, one of the greatest joys that life has given me that I don't want to stop wishing you not only a great day, but that all your wishes for this year are fulfilled. You teach me things and you make me so happy with the good vibes that you carry with you. I wanted to have been more fun in the text but in the end, melancholy and affection have taken over me and I had to write these letters as true as true. Enjoy your day, buddy.
  5. - 7eonie.
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