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  1. Ariname slurps
  3. Navka presses her thighs together and wriggles
  5. Ariname slurps between those thighs!
  7. Navka erect
  9. Ariname coils around that nice bulge and strokes it.
  11. Navka is now busy squirming and writhing about with her thighs gently tensing up.
  13. Ariname murrs and wiggles the tip of her tongue along that throbbing shaft tip, threatening to plunge in!
  15. Navka again makes the attempt to close her thighs, letting her headrest back as she squeaks. "N-N-No..."
  17. Ariname murrs and that slender tongue starts to push into her cock, shoving itself down her cum hole and those large demony hands hold her thighs apart, cooing deviously as the tongue penetrates deeper and deeper, widening that cum hole as she goes!
  19. Navka squeals out in a high, shrill little tone. Her eyes suddenly widen, lower half now practically pinned and splayed down on the bed as that tongue spreads open her slit. It starts to even sting a little, and stretch, and her face twinges and contorts as she wriggles her hips.
  21. Ariname murrs deeply, sliding into the girl's sac and expanding that wonderful cum slit to its max, her tongue coiling around those heavy balls and starting to playfully constrict them, teasing them.
  23. Navka winced, her toes curling tightly, as all six hands place themselves firmly upon the demon woman's head, shoulders, and upper arms, gently pushing. She was careful not to push too hard, especially as she feels that muscle wrap painfully tightly around the cords above her testes.
  25. Ariname wonders how dark and painful this little udnead gets?
  27. Navka she's already discussed and set up a play with Shemale Apocalypse in the room they're going to play out later, if that gives any indication of degree
  29. Ariname nods and cooes, "Awww... my little 6armed slut is promised to another, already?"
  31. Navka wriggles, and gently tenses up as the other speaks. "I mean, not promised, we agreed upon um, a symbiotic relationship of sorts
  33. Ariname cooes, starting to pull on those testies, "Mmmm... I see... well, I think I might just hold onto these, then..."
  35. Navka her eyes go rather wide, and she starts to wriggle, trying to pull away from the other below her. "I.... u-um.."
  37. Ariname purring, vibrating that long, thick, tongue and pulling, painfully slowly as she starts to drag those nuts from their safe haven, intending on pulling them right out of that cock's cum-slit....
  39. Navka's fingers curl, and dig in, clawing at the other's skin as this starts to happen. "Stop... that!" She grunts out, hips desperately thrashing about to try and pull free from this amazonian woman's grip.
  41. Ariname growling playfully there is a sudden feeling of release... and then pain as the resistance brake within the girl, that long tongue slithering out quickly, almost making her feel like she was cumming and coming out of that cock slit, two pale pink and veiny testicles laid out on her tongue for just a moment, before pulling them in her mouth, holding them between her teeth dangerously as she looks at that gaping cock slit and the girl deviously.
  43. Navka's red irises constrict, as she stares up at the other, then at those.. orbs, in her teeth. Her entire shaft felt like it was on fire, slightly agape about a quarter inch or so. Her toes curl again, as she remains silent, Those testes of hers still ached horribly, still only connected to her by the cords that are sill pulled out through her urethral opening. "D....D..." she was beyond being able to say much in response.
  45. Ariname purred, dropping her lips together and pulling them into her mouth, opening wide and showing them on her tongue, "Should I... swallow them, hmmm?" She asked playfully, rolling them around in her mouth some more!
  47. Navka winced a bit, as they were toyed about with, and rolled in that maw. Her hands slowly let off the other, as to not provoke Ari to do anything drastic at the moment. Navka seemed more, horribly nervous as time went on. "I ummm... Don't do that please.."
  49. Arinamme giggles and cooes happily, closing, tiling her head back, giving a swallowing motion, a... lump, rolling down her throat... she smirks, then opens her mouth, showing off both nuts, "Hehe, just kidding!" She teased, licking her lips and sighing, "Tell you what... I'm going to make you a deal. You be my little slave slut who brings me souls... and I'll give these back when you bring me enough, yes?"
  51. Navka "B-But um.. I'd rather not.. l-lose them to begin with.." she replies, her thighs clenching up a tad as she furrows her brows. "N-Nnnh.."
  53. Ariname raises a brow, "Well... if you don't agree, I'm just going to swallow them and shit them out." She said simply.
  55. Navka "Okay!! okay.." she writhes about, her hips again twitching as she lets out a chuff. 'O-Okay"
  57. Ariname cooes, nodding soem, "Bring me cute things to eat and I'll let these return to your sack... deal?" She purrs.
  59. Navka "Yes, Mistress.." she eventually lets out in a low rumble.
  61. Ariname cooes, "Ooo... sure, we can go with Mistress. I think it has a nice ring..." She then tilts her head back and swallows deeply, this time swallowing those nuts, and magically she teleports them into her new little slave's sac, sighing deeply, demonic sigils burning themselves onto her sac.
  63. Navka Bites firmly down upon her bottom lip, her thighs quivering a bit as those sigils sear into her skin. She lets out several pained grunts, and mewls, as it happens.
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