In defense of Loe

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  1. Now, before I get into this, I gotta bring in some context. Hi, I am a friend of Loe, not saying my name because I do enjoy not being murdered! I am rarely in the right, and I am with friends of the person who wrote the exposee on Loe, so I ask you to please not harass them in anyway if I somehow actually make a good defense. Highly doubting that however, since I never make a good defense.
  3. Everyone is talking about how Loe posts NSFW and is a bad person because her server is filled with people under 13 and she posts her art there. Now lets take a trip to Loes server with is apparently so filled with NSFW. The first thing you see if you read the ?about? section is Loe herself saying that her server has a lot of NSFW content. Being transparent about the NSFW content and admitting that if you don't like NSFW you should probably leave. Here's exactly what it says, and it's bolded and underlined on the server:
  5. This server is mostly NSFW so you know! You can leave the server or try to avoid the rooms if you're not into it. i won't ruin your childhood or something.
  7. Now moving into the actual server, you have to get a specific role to actually see the NSFW part. You have to ASK to see the NSFW. There is a disturbing art channel, but that's not even very NSFW.
  9. Now moving onto loe as a person. She's 'dating' Weirdo-Nameo on Discord, with a 3 year gap! Gasp! How could she! However, I've rarely seen either parties take it so seriously. Legit, they don't even do much weird 'actual couple' shit from what I've seen. As far as I've been informed, it's being played as a joke. From what I've done with loe, she does post snippets of her NSFW from time to time, but we've rarely taken it seriously, and besides, she never posts the actual NSFW part of the NSFW when I'm talking with her, or even in a group chat. She is a nice person, I know that much.
  11. some points now:
  13. - people are saying that shes apparently 'disgusting', thats just wrong. shes horny but legit why would you give a shit about someone wanting to do the sex??
  15. - apparently shes a homophope, meanwhile i havent seen anything about this and from what someone told me it was about some lgbt people just despising all of cis people
  17. Loe has deleted her account over this which could be seen as trying to hide info, but the way I see it is is that she is so tired of this and it's not even been 3 days.
  19. Now, since I've never been good at defense, I think this person explained it PERFECTLY.
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