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  3. You are permitted to transfer once, to another person eligible to obtain an Account, all of your rights to your Account, subject to the following (an "Account Transfer"):
  5. (1) You may not offer to transfer the rights to any Account except your own, or act as a “broker” or intermediary (for compensation or otherwise) for anyone wishing to transfer or obtain Accounts.
  7. (2) The transferee must obtain all rights in your Account in a single transaction, and you must retain absolutely no control or rights over the Account, or the characters, items or attributes in that Account.
  9. (3) You must deliver to the transferee your Password, login name, player name and all information regarding your Account (other than personal information such as your credit card number).
  11. (4) You must give the transferee the CD-ROM containing the Software and all original packaging and documentation (including the keycode on the jewel case) associated with the Account, and not keep any part of such materials or any copies thereof.
  13. (5) You must give the transferee a copy of the EULA then in effect, and the transferee must, as a condition to accessing the System or playing EVE™ through the transferred Account, agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of the EULA.
  15. (6) You may not transfer the rights to your Account to any entity or person ineligible to have an Account under the EULA.
  17. (7) You may not transfer the rights to any Account that contains characters whose attributes are, in whole or in part, developed, or which contains items, objects or currency obtained or acquired, in violation of the EULA.
  19. (8) You must notify CCP, via electronic mail at, no later than five (5) days after the transfer, stating in your notice: (i) that you have transferred your Account and the date of transfer; (ii) your true name; (iii) your current postal address; (iv) your current e-mail address; (v) your login name; (vi) your player name; (vii) your Account number (if any); (viii) the transferee's true name; (ix) the transferee's current postal address; (x) the transferee's current e-mail address; and (xi) that you certify that you transferred all of your rights to the Account to the transferee, and that such transfer complies with all of the terms and conditions in the current version of the EULA.
  21. If you transfer your Account, you will not receive a refund of any prepaid subscription fees for the transferred Account and, depending on when in the billing cycle the transfer is made, and when CCP receives notice of the transfer, you may be charged for an additional billing period.
  23. Any transfer or attempted transfer not in accordance with the foregoing terms is prohibited and void, and shall not be binding on CCP. A transfer or attempted transfer of an Account is entirely at the risk of the parties to such transaction. CCP is not liable to any person (whether transferor, transferee or otherwise) for any acts, omissions, statements, representations, defaults or liabilities of the parties in connection with such a transaction.
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