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  1. A statement from the General Command of the Armed Forces
  3. - Egyptian arena witnessed yesterday and the whole world demonstrations and a departure for the great people of Egypt to express his opinion and will peacefully and civilized is unprecedented.
  4. - Everyone saw the movement of the Egyptian people and heard his voice with the utmost respect and attention ... It is imperative to have people in response to the movement and on the appeal of each party to bear some degree of responsibility in these dangerous circumstances surrounding the homeland.
  5. - The Egyptian armed forces as a major party in the equation of the future and based on historical and national responsibility in protecting the safety and security of this nation - emphasizes the following:
  6. * The armed forces will not be a party in politics or government department does not satisfy that out of its Decree her role in the authentic democratic thought emanating from the will of the people.
  7. * The national security of the state is at risk of severe about the developments taking place in the country, a cast us, each according to its responsibilities to deal as befits order to prevent these risks.
  8. * I have sensed the armed forces early the seriousness of the present situation and carries with it the demands of the great Egyptian people ... Therefore has already identified a-week deadline for all political forces in the country to agree and get out of the crisis, but this past week without the appearance of any gesture or act ... Which led to the exit of the design and the insistence of people full freedom as such resounding aroused admiration and appreciation and interest on the internal, regional and international.
  9. * The loss of more time will only bring more division and wrestle, who warned us not continue to warn him.
  10. * I have suffered this people Karim did not find it accompanied by or Ihno upon which cast the burden of moral and myself on the armed forces that you find compelled to stop everyone from anything other than embrace this people proud, which proved its willingness to achieve the impossible if he felt loyalty and dedication from him.
  11. - The re-armed forces and reiterates its call to meet the demands of the people and everyone slowed [48] hours as a last chance to bear the burden of historical circumstance which the country is going through, which will not tolerate or forgive any shorten forces in carrying responsibilities.
  12. - Calls upon the armed forces everyone that if he did not materialize people's demands within the deadline will be compelled to based on the responsibility of national, historical and respect for the demands of the great people of Egypt to announce a map of the future and procedures for overseeing the implementation and the participation of all factions and national trends sincere including youth, who was and still is a suicide glorious revolution ... And without exclusion or retirement of one.
  13. - Tribute and Azaz to the men of the armed forces loyal faithful who were and still متحملين national responsibility toward the great people of Egypt with all the resolve and determination and pride.
  15. God save Egypt and its people proud great
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