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  1. (h) *Lit 11***411:*9*Ltr.. Watashitachi wa shinkansen ni norimashita. (We rode a bullet train.) (i) fiat a iclar 4,b v%, Watashi wa haha ni nitedru Tashi". (It seems that I resemble my mother.)
  2. Volitional Sentence A sentence in which a person expresses his will. The main verb in such sentences is in the volitional form, as in (a). (a) ttrY1-1.7.-3 /11**1...t Boku ga ik5 I ikimasho. (I will go.)
  3. WH-question A question that asks for information about who, what, where, which, when, why and how, as exemplified by (a) through (1) below. (Cp. Yes-No Question)
  4. (a) 1117)13lEt L tit 7).. Dare ga kimashita ka. (Who came here?) (b) kit-f-t I -I)‘„ Nan! o tabemasu ka. (What will you eat?) (c) Eattf tritt.„ Doko ni ikimasu ka. (Where are you going?) (d) L%-",-AllReqa Si'be, /au Osaka e kaerimasu ka. (When are you going back to Osaka?) (e) E5L-CY/btrtnAittblo Dashite kawanai n desu ka. (How come you don't buy it?) VitIkr-ti a fit 6. 't'o TOO eki a wa do ikimasu ka. (Flow can I get to Tokyo Station?)
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