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Bomberman 64 Jumpchain rough draft

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Apr 22nd, 2015
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  1. BOMBERMAN 64 Jumpchain!
  4. Welcome jumper, to a strange new world. Known as Planet Bomber (Or Eris if you prefer a more believable planet and less silly name), it is a peaceful world inhabited by humans, beastfolk, and the strange and curious androids known as the bombermen, manufactured by the brilliant Prof. Ein with the help of Dr. Mitsumori. Among the most exalted of the bombermen is white bomber, known to some as Shiro. 10 years in this world wouldn't be so bad, right? With stalwart protectors like the bombermen and relative peace in present times surely there can be no danger right? Unfortunately wrong I'm afraid, my friend. In 7 years a floating fortress will descend upon this world and commence it's attack.
  6. This black fortress is the mobile base of the infamous space pirate Altair (No relation to a certain assassin). Altair as it happens... is also the leader of an entire civilization of technologically advanced space pirates known as the Aquila empire. And he brought them all with him. Yes. ALL of them. Is he here for the booty and riches? Unfortunately no. He is here for the planet's life force, which he intends to drain using a powerful and destructive artifact known as the omni-cube. So just go straight after him, right? NOPE. What's more he's already done this to 4 previous worlds, fragments of which are chained to his fort and being used to hold power generators maintaining an impenetrable force field around his fort. What's more, three of them are guarded by members of his most elite inner circle, the mask of trio. Because of the amount of power being put into the force field you have to go through all four of the island-like fragments to get through it... Well you could only do a few and probubally burst through easily enough with enough power but then you'd lose out on the chance to accomplish the secret ending and get some nice bonuses.
  8. A mysterious warrior clad in white and gold will not long after approach you in addition to the white bomber, and ask if you plan to defeat the otherworldly assailants. A bit too convenient an appearance, but then that's usually how these things work, right? Besides, he seems a nice enough guy... right? You could of course stand by and let the white bomber do what he does best. Save the day. Sirius won't begrudge you for that. However it pays to remember you're here to entertain your god-like benefactor. It's up to you if you want to drop the obvious plot hook in the end though. If you accept he will fly the both of you (And any companions you might happen to have as well) to the first of the four fragments, assuming of course you can't fly yourself.
  10. As per usual you will have +1000 CP to work with for various perks and such related to this jump. Good luck and may the bomb be with you.
  12. Before we start though, just who are you in the grand scheme of this?
  13. Age: 1d8+18. You can burn 100 CP to choose both your age and gender. Yes. You can even be a 80 year old hag if you really want.
  14. Starting location: Roll a 1d8 to determine where you start. You can spend 100 CP to choose as well if you don't want to leave it to chance.
  16. 1&2 Bomber base: The primary home base of the bombermen, and the world's galactic defense force. It is a fairly decent place with clean well kept corridors and quality amenities for those residing here as well as basic training if needed. Thankfully no forced tutorials here, though it might still be worth brushing up.
  18. 3&4 local village: A fairly unassuming agriculture based village on the outskirts of civilization. The people here are generally quite warm and welcoming and will be happy to accommodate at least a little if you can't afford anything. Not a bad place to stay at all. When the shit starts to hit the fan though you're gonna get caught smack dab in the middle of it.
  20. 5&6 The big city: High end tech everywhere. Plenty of job opportunities just waiting to be taken. All kinds of new and interesting foods and entertainment to experience. This place is rich in culture and it's just waiting to be experienced. A great place to start indeed. Do try not to get too complacent though, danger still looms on the horizon.
  22. 7 Clown valley: Pray you don't have Coulrophobia. This is probubally the ONE place on this world you don't want to be. Ever. It's infested to the brim with vicious clown monsters who want nothing more than to murder the fuck out of you and the terrain is tricky as well. You also happen to be quite far from civilization. I pity you.
  24. 8: Start anywhere on the planet! Yes! Anywhere!
  26. Origins:
  27. Drop-in: Free
  28. You are simply you. No special treatment or anything. A lot easier for the brain to process, though it doesn't grant you any inherent knowledge outside of what you already know.
  30. Scientist: 100 CP
  31. One of the most brilliant minds the world has ever seen next to Ein and Mitsumori. Your work has helped better the lives of many people, and for that you are well respected. When dealing with problems of a research field of your choice the solutions seem to just... come to you, however you are over all not well versed in the ways of combat and it might come a bit harder to you.
  33. GDF agent: 100 CP
  34. Fresh out of training, you're the best of the best that the planet has to offer in terms of defenses and are well versed in a number of weapons and fighting styles as well as tactics for crisis resolution. However you can be expected to be called upon at any moment to action, so your personal time is very often not your own sadly. Duty waits for no one after all... nor do the bad guys.
  36. Treasure hunter: 100 CP
  37. You've made your living delveing into ancient tombs and ruins in a particularly Indiana Jones-esque fashion. As a result you are no stranger to a scuffle and have the knowledge to deal with puzzles and traps a lot easier than most. You are loved as a hero by some, and hated by others as a filthy grave robber. As a bonus you start with a little extra spending cash, having just made bank on a great find.
  39. Race choices are free and are as follows (Please pick one):
  40. Human: What they lack in physical might they more than make up for in adaptability. While not the most colorful or exciting in appearance, they are dependable when it matters. By the large you're a jack of all trades, as is the standard for humans in most settings.
  42. Bomberman: Well... you look fairly human at least. However you're manufactured. An intelligent machine. Unlike humans you don't need to rest, drink, or eat. However you may choose to do so if you wish. Whether it be through technology or the manipulation of chi you are able to produce powerful bombs at will and utilize them better than anyone else with a similar ability. On the down side... you tend to not handle being fully submerged in water for any meaningful amount of particularly well since by some odd design quick you still need oxygen. Doesn't help that you normally can't swim very well. You SHOULD be fine as long as the water never goes over your head though.
  44. Beastfolk: Odd ball folk with characteristics vaguely akin to terran animals of the mammalian or avian variety, though they generally do not match up exactly to any known species. While not as common as humans, they tend to be quite physically more strong or acrobatic, drawing some positive traits from their more animalistic counterparts. They tend to be slightly less flexible than humans when something unexpected happens though.
  46. Aquilan: You are a member of the invading race. How you got here and why you aren't working with Altair is entirely yours to come up with. While in many ways fairly similar to a human in appearance, your sharp hawk-like eyes can see far better and you are much faster than a normal human could ever hope to be.
  48. Perks: All discounts are 50% off.
  50. Explosive manifestation: (Free for all) An intrinsic ability used by many beings in this universe. Be it through advanced science, deep spiritual power, focused chi, or some other means, the ability to manifest bombs from nowhere is incredibly prevalent and widely used. You too can make use of this curious ability now, thought it may take some training to unlock it's full capacity. Feel free to fanwank an explanation for how it actually works.
  52. Heart bar: (100 CP, Drop-in Free) In addition to your own physical health, you now have a health bar of sorts which allows you to shield against a degree of harm before it starts to affect you physically. It initially starts with only 3 hearts, which you are mentally able to keep track of, but can be expanded further by collecting objects that would normally increase your max health like heart containers and the like. There are some dangers which can entirely bypass this, so do keep that in mind.
  54. Explosive arms: (100 CP, Scientist Free) You've figured out a way to modify weapons so that they in addition to their other qualities produce an explosion when striking an enemy. If said weapon already has explosive qualities they're strengthened further. In addition even your punches hold a degree of explosive force. Thankfully your punch explosions don't actually hurt you, but the other ones you might want to be a bit more cautious with, even if the blast is directed at the enemy.
  56. Be the bomb: (100 CP, GDF Agent Free) With sufficient focus you can 'pump up' your bombs, increasing them considerably in size and explosive force. How this works is anyone's guess, but these sizable bombs flat out crush smaller foes when thrown on them and are quite effective at harming or stunning even some larger ones with the sheer weight of them, let alone their explosion. Do remember not to get caught in your own blast.
  58. When in doubt, hit the problem: (100 CP, Treasure Hunter Free) Hitting things with your fists solves more problems than you'd care to admit. Particularly when it's hitting a fool in their gob. Your punches are far more likely to knock a target over and stun them, or even knock them out. As a bonus you're also quite a bit more skilled with your fists, as if you took several years of training in a martial arts style.
  60. Charabom keeper: (300 CP, Discount for drop-in) It seems that you have unlocked the secrets to raising and caring for a Charabom. From care to battle, the littlest of tips and tricks are yours to use. In addition you start the jump with a mimic charabom companion. This adorable little bunny/cat-like critter is loyal to you to a fault, and nigh indestructible,and Intelligent enough to hold basic conversation, though not particularly powerful at first. However the greatest advantage of the mimic it's ability to rapidly evolve into more versatile forms. On the flip side though they're a voracious eater and have a massive appetite. A handy chart has been included for their most basic of evolutions... though there are apparently an incredible ammount more forms they can take. Can you discover them all?
  62. Specialized explosives: (300 CP, Discount for scientist) With sufficient research you've discovered a way to create new kinds of bombs by mixing two items together. The resulting explosive generally shares some of the traits of the items used, which are destroyed in the process. Even things like healing bombs can be made this way. However there may be some unexpected and interesting results. One you have created a new bomb type for the first time you can create more without using more of the material after, but only one per month.
  64. Punting power: (300 CP, Discount for GDF Agent) With a bit of practice you've found a way to kick your bombs... and other vaguely spherical objects, with considerable force. Enough to knock over and stun most beings around the size of a human adult. As an added bonus, punted bombs generally travel farther than thrown ones and can be gotten into some pretty tricky places.
  66. Blades of light: (300 CP, Discount for Treasure Hunter) After considerable studing of ancient techniques you've discovered a way to produce fairly potent knife-like blades of energy which can be thrown with deadly accuracy given enough practice. These knifes draw from your stamina so try not to over do it with them or you may find yourself in a bad situation.
  68. Astral knight: (600 CP, Discount for Drop-In)What is this? It seems that You're not just anyone. You're the chosen of a goddess, and they have gifted onto you the prestigious honor of carrying one of 6 out of the 7 elemental stones. You unfortunately can't take the fire stone since the white bomber possesses it already, however the other 6 are free game... and NO. You can't have the Celestial stone, that's a terrible idea! If you so choose all of your attacks will now be empowered by your stone's element. A list of the stones may be found below.
  71. Precursor production :(600 CP, Discount for scientist) Well now. It seems that you've gained the knowledge and resources to replicate and maintain a single bomberman android of the precursor veriaty, or the knowhow to produce mass production models with the right materials. A precursor veriaty bomberman will have far superior specs for some reason, where as the mass production models are easier to maintain and can be replicated with relative ease if one has the resources. Each bomberman counts as a single companion and is both sentient and capable of emotions and self-thought as well as +400 CP to choose from the above perks for a precursor model and +200 for mass produced. They are entirely your responsability though and can eaither be a magnificent boon, or a nightmare in the waiting.
  73. Blast proofing: (600 CP, Discount for GDF Agent) Explosions don't phase you very much any more. In fact your own literally don't harm you at all. In addition, the explosions of others deal greatly reduced harm. A very handy ability considering how common explosives happen to be here.
  75. Loot magnet: (600 CP, Discount for Treasure Hunter) You seem to have an inate ability to seek out artifacts and other items of monetary value with disturbing ease. In addition you can easily appraise the value and intended use of most objects older than 100 years as well, making it easier to make use of ancient technology.
  77. Items & gear:
  78. Money: (50 CP, all origins get one free, treasure hunters get an additional one free as well.) Gives you 5,000G to start with. A fairly decent sum to get things going.
  80. Stun blades: (100 CP) The go to weapon of most of Altair's basic infantry. These glove mounted blades are fairly short and won't cut terribly deep, making them less deadly than expected, however they also deliver a powerful shock that is capable of briefly stunning nearly any foe. How you capitalize on that is up to you.
  82. Combat pendulum: (200 CP) A curious pole-arm of sorts used by Altair's forces. It appears to be a long shaft with two curved crescent moon blades mounted on either end of it. While seemingly impractical, with practice it is surprisingly deadly, and can be rapidly spun around the user like a dervish.
  84. Shield heart: (200 CP) A curious smooth heart-like object. It feels warm and calming to the touch. It protects the holder from a single otherwise fatal blow before shattering. It you took the heart bar perk, it adds an additional heart to it.
  86. Max bomb pack: (200 CP, Treasure Hunter discount) A curious item which increases the maximum number of bombs you can produce and sustain at one time. Great for littering the field with explosives and spamming them if needed.
  88. remote bomb pack: (200 CP, Scientist discount) A curious item which allows you to remotely detonate your bombs mentally. Very handy indeed for more safely dealing with certain situations, and removes the annoyance of having to time the explosives.
  90. Max firepower pack: (200 CP, GDF Agent discount) A curious item which increases the maximum blast radius of your bombs considerably, and also increases their destructiveness, if only a little.
  92. Crimson bomb pack: (300 CP) This powerful item converts your bombs into deep red variants which explode with a brilliant blinding blue and are incredibly more destructive than before. Anything caught in the blast of one of these will really be feeling it.
  94. Charabom care kit: (150 CP, Drop-in discount) Everything you could ever need to care for a Charabom for a life time. Also includes a small stock of waters of youth, an odd tonic which reverses a charabom's evolution by one stage, enough for three doses. This stock refills once a year when used up. They are safe to consume as well and quite tasty and nutirious, but they won't actually make you any younger.
  96. Exo-suit: (300 CP, two modules free.) A very stylish and high tech armor, it enhances your natural abilities slightly and gives a bit more protection. It looks really cool as well.
  98. - Custom design: (Free) You get to design just how it looks. Purely ascetic but sometimes things need a more personal touch.
  100. -Flight module: (50 CP) Gives you a brief moment of flight allowing you to jump higher and glide for a short while. By purchasing this an additional time you can now hover and fly proper as well with the suit shifting itself into a functional flight mode. A very handy ability indeed.
  102. -Shield Module: (50 CP) For about 2 seconds you can produce an energy shield around yourself which can absorb about 50% of the damage you would have taken. For an additional purchase you can expand this shield out into a dome like Orion and stun your foes on contact with it for a few seconds.
  104. -Enviro-addaptive Module: (50 CP) While it won't let you breath under water or in space, this module lets your suit quickly address dangerous changes in temperature, pressure, and enviromental toxicity. No more worry about heat stroke, frost bite, airborne toxins, or even ambient radiation.
  106. -Beam Module: (100 CP for initial, 50 CP for subsequent) Gives your exo-suit integrated beam weaponry. It's not particularly powerful to start, but never runs out of energy. You can amp up their power or increase the number of beam weapons the suit has with further purchases .
  108. Demi-cube: (600 CP) A powerful artifact created by the same civilization that created the Omni Cube. This device is able to absorb in part the essence of beings that have been killed or destroyed by the user, empowering the user as it does so. In many was it's a greatly scaled down version of the infamous device, and while not as potent as the omni cube itself it is still a very powerful artifact. Don't expect it to be able to absorb whole universes though. Can this thing even be used for good?
  110. Companion import certificate: (200 CP for initial. 100 CP for each subsequent.) A companion of your choice joins you in your time here right away. They have 400 CP to work with, a free race and origin of choice if you choose to give them one, and will not raise any suspicion from anyone as if they where a native to the world already. You may have them start with you or in random locations, but they will always be guaranteed to meet up with you on the 7th year.
  113. Drawbacks: Up to a maximum of +600 CP may be taken in drawbacks (Unless otherwise stated)
  115. Jetters canon: (+0 CP/+100 CP. May exceed the max CP limit with points obtained from this) Things just got... a lot stranger. It appears the bomberman Jetters anime is now tied into the whole canon of things for better or worse. Not necessarily harmful to you in any way, but there definitely will be some... strangeness, and you may find certain characters to be CONSIDERABLY more annoying. For an additional +100 CP everything also suddenly becomes far more kid friendly... or at very least young teen friendly. Swearing becomes effectively impossible and any attempts to do anything remotely lewd is right out not happening.
  117. Polygonic: (+100 CP) Well... this is a bit awkward. It seems the entire world's being run through an N64's graphics chip. Everything is vaguely blocky and pixilated and just generally pleasant on the eyes, and you yourself are no exception. It also doesn't help that there are limited polygons available, limiting your appearance and that of others to a somewhat cruder, more simplified appearance... oh, and you have spheres for hands. They still work just as well, but it's disconcerting none the less. Don't expect to get up to anything naughty either. The graphical capabilities are too limited to actually render your junk so the developers left it out.
  119. Curse of Skull: (+100 CP) Oh dear. It seems you've been afflicted with the terrible curse of skull. At random one of the many unpleasant side effects of the skull or evil item will take effect, and never any of the positive ones. Your movements will be slowed at the most inconvenient of times, bombs will suddenly manifest behind you, Your attacks will suddenly become comically ineffectual, even mother nature doesn't like you and will send tornadoes after you among other horrible effects. Worst of all disco has dug itself back up from the grave and its shambling bloated corpse has come for you. At the most unexpected of times the world will turn into a disco party with thumping music, eye searing flashing lights, and a disco ball from out of nowhere. Tread carefully and adapt quickly, or you will find yourself quite dead. Hopefully you don't spontaneously combust on red mountain, that'd be an ignoble way to end a jump chain. Who knows though, maybe you can find a way to work some of these strange effects to your advantage?
  121. Masker: (+ 100 CP for inner circle or 200 CP for foot soldier) It appears that instead of residing on this relatively peaceful world, you are instead part of Altair's invading forces and start in his black fortress instead of where ever you rolled. For the next few years you'll be aiding him and his companions in their draining of the first four worlds. For +100 CP you will be a member of his inner circle and start to realize him and his companions might not actually be as evil as you believed, but rather preforming what they believed to be a necessary evil to bring the omni-cube to bare against its original owner, because what are a few worlds to the rest of the universe? Perhaps if you're very luck you can convince them there is a better way... On the bright side you get your own boss theme! For +200 CP you are instead one of the various soldiers and infantry that reside in the black fortress. Your powers are a bit dampened as a result and your living is a bit spartan. Don't expect much time to relax. For the purposes of this RP you are now considered a drop-in if you take this drawback.
  123. Hard mode: (+300 CP) For some reason everything is just...harder. Monsters and minions are faster then they aught to be and take way more damage before they go down then they reasonably should be able to, and everything over all just seems far more aggressive and out to get you. Helpful items and such are also more out of the way. Did I mention that all but the weakest attacks will now one shot you unless you have a shield heart? Who knows though. Perhaps you'll get a special reward if you can survive past this. Overrides the Heart bar perk. Hope you're ready.
  125. Orion's Belting: (+300 CP) Like this drawback's name sake, all your foes will be more annoyingly defensive, making them harder to kill, and attempt to stun you and knock you into the closes environmental hazard, be it a bottomless pit, or lava. Orion himself will be far more aggressive in his attempts to give you a lava bath as well, even if you happen to be on the same side. What a douche.
  127. "Playtime is over!": (+300 CP) Well isn't this interesting... It seems that for some reason Altair is already well aware of your presence, and will be keeping a close watch on you as you go, making sure to throw extra minions at you and generally make your life a bit harder. When you finally do come face to face with him, he won't waste any time going straight to his second form, which is now far more durable than before. He will take a considerable amount of damage before actually going down and hit quite a bit harder. To put some salt in the wound he can still use his droid Vega's disintegrating laser. One touch from that laser and you're probubally dead without even a corpse to leave behind. Could it be that he's a bit more mastered in how to use the omni-cube than he used to be?
  129. Friend or foe?: (+400 CP) Sirius seems to be doing a LOT better a job at hiding his true intentions. Why, he'd even fool someone that had meta-knowledge of the events with the way he's acting. While you might still not necessarily trust him entirely, it'll be WAY harder to convince yourself that he may be the bad person you thought he was. It can still work out for the best, right? He HAS been quite friendly with you after all recently and seems very interested in swapping stories. In the unlikely event he WHERE to betray you it would be a pretty gut wrenching feeling it probubally would. Don't expect any canon foreknowledge you have to be very useful either, things appear to be shifting and those tricks that helped you before when this was but a game might no longer avail you now.
  131. "Hahahaha! Give it up!"/Why so... Sirius?: +600 CP Oh... OOOH... OOOOOOH... Well shit. This is possibly one of the worst drawbacks you could have picked, it is. The effects of this drawback forces this to be the end game of your current jump chain. Win or lose, this is your final jump. It turns out that your jump chain at some unknown point has been hijacked away from Jump-chan by Sirius, who has been watching your every move in detail and has brought you here to retrieve the omni-cube, which he had been using to fuel your jumping adventures in place of Jump-chan. This will not effect much until the normal end game of this jump. After retrieving the omni-cube, he will personally thank you for helping him get it back, before stating that he has tired of your adventures and would much rather wipe you out of existence along with your miserable little world. Sirius has knowledge of all your adventures and knows exactly what you are capable of and what your biggest weaknesses are. To complicate things he has absorbed the power of every villain you have killed in your jumps. He is now in every way just that much better than before, and will capitalize on it every chance he gets. If you lose to this mad man you are dead as a deceased parrot, not even sent home. No ifs ands or buts... and your world and everyone you care for will be going with you soon enough. Possibly even all of existence. Make no mistake, fighting him is going to be pure hell. As long as he has the omni-cube and it's power he is defensively virtually omnipotent. Not even the mighty power of the spiral which can make the impossible possible can harm him in this state. If you want to defeat this mad man, you will have to survive long enough and keep him distracted so someone else outside of the battle can destroy the omni-cube, and give you an opening. Even without the omni-cube he is still infused with much of it's power so the ensuring fight will be a terrible clash. Should you prove victorious, you can rest well knowing that you just saved possibly the entire multiverse. On the down side you are no longer able to keep running the jump chain as you no longer have a benefactor to send you on jumps. In three weeks you will return home with everything you have gained in your illustrious run as a jumper. As a small consolation though this gives you a 100% guaranteed planes walker's spark if you survive so you can easily return to any worlds yet helped... or ruined during your run as a jumper.
  133. -Ending choices:
  135. Well jumper, that was quite a ride. Perhaps things went as expected and everything played out nearly as exact as they did before? Perhaps things went wildly different through your intervention or the effects of your drawbacks or perks. What ever the case all drawbacks are rescinded. As an added bonus if you managed to acquire at least 50 gold cards in your run and obtain the full ending you may take any one surviving member of Altair's group, barring Regulus(He's a bit of a dickbag loner type anyways), as a companion for free, and you gain a free companion import for your next bomberman related jump, presuming that you keep jumping.
  137. -Go home:
  138. One can only jump for so long. This is the end of the line for you. It's time to return home with all your gains over the course of this wild ride. Jump-chan is even nice enough to give you a hand written thank you letter before dropping you off.
  140. -Stay here:
  141. Something about the charm of this strange world must have drawn you in to this choice because you like it here a lot better than your home world. All your affairs will be put in order back home and you won't be breaking any hearts
  143. -Move on:
  144. While both options have their appeal there is still so much more to do and the ride never ends as they say. Jump-chan will continue to enforce your home world's time pause so that you don't have to worry about the world passing you by while you're jumping.
  146. Notes:
  148. -For the sake of sanity the amount of gold cards needed to access rainbow palace have been reduced to 50. All of them are still present though if you're crazy enough to want to get them all.
  150. - The Omni-cube is an incredibly powerful artifact which contains the essence of entire galaxies inside itself. Despite it's seemingly simple appearance it is incredibly complex and when used to its full effect and trapped inside its pocket dimension-like field of influence it would take a monumental effort and amount of focus to overpower it, and it cannot be destroyed by anything inside the field. That said a sufficiently powerful attack from outside of the field would probubally be sufficient to destroy it.
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