Lilith Greentexts: The Greasy Slut

May 18th, 2016
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  1. >5:00 P.M.
  2. >You're now happily off of work and heading back out into the sprawling city of Manehattan.
  3. >In about two hours, the trains to Ponyville would be leaving, so what happened in between leaving work and going home was your favorite part.
  4. >Food time!
  5. >Only question now was where to go.
  6. >There'd been so many places you'd been to already, so you were trying to keep something of a mental checklist of where you haven't gone.
  7. >Thankfully, there were some places in Manehattan that were thoughtful of meat-eaters such as yourself, and so served stuff like burgers.
  8. >You didn't really want to think on what the sentient cows in this world thought about that, though.
  9. >So where'd you want to eat today?
  10. >A list of the restaurants around here flashed through your mind.
  11. >So many to choose from, but you felt as though you'd already been to them.
  12. >What was a place you'd never eaten at before?
  13. >All you needed was a sign of some sort...
  14. >And lo and behold, a poster was hung on the lamppost in front of you, baring an unfamiliar name with a giant burger and suggestively posed mare on top of it.
  15. >"The Greasy Slut."
  16. >Burgers and sexy mares sounded like a nice combo.
  17. >The address on the bottom told you exactly where to go, so you were off quickly.
  18. >Stomach and dick would both be pleasured, and it would be glorious.
  19. >A few minutes of walking, going through traffic, and all sorts of other city things, and you're at the place.
  20. >It looked really plain in the big city, as if it could just blend right in as one of the other hundreds of skyscrapers here.
  21. >The only thing that differentiated it was the sign and two posters marking it as an entrance.
  22. >Oh well, you're hungry and horny, just get in there!
  23. >Going through the door, you find yourself staring down a flight of stairs that leads to a dimly lit tavern-like area.
  24. >Looking good already!
  25. >Making your way down, you're greeted by a small sign that states, "We'll seat you, sugar."
  26. >They sure do know how to sell a guy.
  27. >A shapely blue mare notices you and sways her hips as she comes to greet you.
  28. >"Hey, honey. How many today?"
  29. "Just one, thanks."
  30. >"Right this way~"
  31. >As she turns around, she makes sure her tail rubs against your ankles, the hairs somehow finding a way to get up your pant legs and tickle your skin.
  32. >You kind of wished she did it again.
  33. >Being seated at a booth, she hands you a menu.
  34. >"Somepony will be right with you, hun~"
  35. >She winks at you before walking off to do her own thing.
  36. >Dick please.
  37. >Perusing the menu, you find that this place has "greasy" in its title for a reason.
  38. >Nowhere on this menu was a food that wasn't deep fried or slapped on a grill.
  39. >Except the milkshakes, but you wouldn't be surprised if they found a way to deep fry even that.
  40. >"Hey, handsome."
  41. >Your menu is set down as another slightly pudgy mare greets you.
  42. >"My name's Lilith, and I'll be taking care of you today, big boy~"
  43. >Oh mama.
  44. >"What can I get you to drink?"
  45. "Just a root beer, if you could."
  46. >"Coming right up~"
  47. >Her flanks, supple and wide, shook a little as she walked away, her red tail bouncing along with them.
  48. >Holy mother of God, it was like a pony version of Hooters.
  49. >This is great!
  50. >Searching the menu more, you decide on what you want, and await your root beer.
  51. >Double cheeseburger and fries sounded pretty good.
  52. >A couple moments later, Lilith came back with your drink, a notepad and pen in her magical grip.
  53. >"Okay, what'll you have?" she asks, the root beer clinking against the wooden table.
  54. "Just a double cheeseburger and french fries, and..."
  55. >You take a quick look at the menu again, deciding to get some dessert, too.
  56. "A chocolate shake."
  57. >"Is that all?"
  58. "Yep."
  59. >She wiggles her rear at you.
  60. >"You sure? I was hoping you'd be interested in something else...~"
  61. >Dick please.
  62. >She licks her lips as lewd thoughts enter your mind.
  63. >Does she know you're hard?
  64. >Well, she works here. Of course she does.
  65. "Uh...maybe after the meal." you tell her with a confident grin.
  66. >She chuckles.
  67. >"Of course. Your food will be right out."
  68. >She takes your menu and makes her sexy exit, making sure you have a full view of her ass as she leaves.
  69. >And now you feel lightheaded for some reason.
  70. >Weird.
  71. >Maybe a sip of your root beer will alleviate that.
  72. >The cold, sweet liquid fizzes down your throat as you drink, whetting your appetite for the main course.
  73. >As you wait for your food, you watch other patrons get their share of tubby, sexy mares teasing them as they're served.
  74. >One of the waitresses giggles as a customer tries reaching for her.
  75. >"No touching. Yet~"
  76. >Oh fuck, you couldn't wait to see what you could do with Lilith.
  77. >You only hoped you wouldn't have to share her with some other guy while you were here.
  78. >Not that there were too many ponies eating here right now.
  79. >A cherry colored mare leans forward on a table as she takes her patrons' orders, her ass in full view.
  80. >You were coming back here more often, even if the food ended up being bad.
  81. >Interestingly enough, though, you didn't see anyone who was currently eating.
  82. >Hell, one pony was getting a belly dance instead.
  83. >You'd think there'd be eating inside a restaurant.
  84. >And yet, not a single plate on any of these tables.
  85. >At least, not with any food left.
  86. >You spot Lilith carrying your food with her magic.
  87. >She smiles as she comes over, the food being put down on the table.
  88. >"Mmm, that looks delicious~"
  89. "You bet it does," you tell her, grabbing for your burger.
  90. >The smell of the patty and feeling of the grease leaking through the bun give you an idea of what exactly you were about to enjoy.
  91. >"Think I could have a bite?"
  92. >The burger is held still in front of your mouth, just as you were about to take your first bite.
  93. "...what?"
  94. >"Think I could have a bite of that, big boy?"
  95. >Never before has a waitress asked for your food.
  96. >Was this even allowed?
  97. >"Who knows, maybe you'll get something out of it~"
  98. >Dick > stomach.
  99. >You set the burger down on the plate, watching as Lilith eyes it hungrily.
  100. >"Oh, thank you so much. You don't know how hard a mare like me has to work here. It just makes me so hungry~"
  101. >Unexpectedly, Lilith plops herself down in your lap, taking the burger in her hooves.
  102. >This was suddenly getting better.
  103. >She lays herself back on your shoulder, her face next to yours.
  104. >Your heart begins to beat faster as she crooks her neck to whisper in your ear.
  105. >"Wanna rub my belly? Maybe quiet it a little before I eat?"
  106. >Before you can answer, one of her hooves slides down your arm, the burger now held in her magic.
  107. >On impulse, your hand shoots to her moderately-sized stomach.
  108. >It's not as flabby as you'd expected, but it's squishy enough to be given some love.
  109. >Your hand begins to make circles around her belly, her coat feeling like silk between your fingers.
  110. >She sighs contentedly, taking her first bite of the burger.
  111. >You didn't even care if a pony was eating meat.
  112. >She hums.
  113. >"Little too messy for me. I hope you can clean me off, mister."
  114. >You mindlessly nod at her words, seeming to have lost your train of thought.
  115. >Your hand just kept rubbing that sweet little pudgy tummy of hers.
  116. >As your fingers dug into her coat a little more, you found something that didn't feel like coat or skin.
  117. >Lilith swallowed another bite and giggled.
  118. >"Did you find my belly button? You can touch that, too~"
  119. >Your index finger makes circles around her navel, eliciting a few ticklish twitches from the mare.
  120. >"Mmm~"
  121. >What were you even here for anymore?
  122. >All you wanted was to pleasure Lilith.
  123. >Who cared if your arms suddenly felt weaker or your vision began to blur?
  124. >As she takes the last bite of the burger, your hands decide to go back to full on caressing and rubbing her stomach.
  125. >It's a little softer now.
  126. >A cute little indication that her tummy was being filled.
  127. >What wasn't soft was your pants, a tent having been pitched in them a little bit ago.
  128. >Lilith lightly gasps and looks at you.
  129. >"Someone's a little excited, aren't they?"
  130. >All you can manage is a nod.
  131. >Her hoof finds itself on your cheek, gently rubbing it in a kindly manner.
  132. >"I like it when you're excited. Don't stop, just for me."
  133. >Her big, red eyes distract you from her mouth opening slightly, coinciding with you feeling as though your body was shutting down.
  134. >Yet your hands never left her belly.
  135. >The white mare started on your fries, while you began to lose all feeling in your arms.
  136. >Luckily, your hands still feel the wondrous mare's belly.
  137. >The more she ate, the softer it got.
  138. >And the harder you became.
  139. >In a blink, Lilith had finished off the fries, and was getting ready to drink your shake.
  140. >She taps your head, and suddenly your hands stop.
  141. >All of your attention is focused on that face of hers.
  142. >"Eyes on the straw, okay?"
  143. >Nodding was all you could do anymore, it seemed.
  144. >Her mouth slowly approaches the straw, tongue rolling out to lap at the tip of it.
  145. >If you weren't hard before, your dick might as well be ripping through your pants now.
  146. >Lilith sucks on the straw heartily, her throat visibly gulping down each helping greedily.
  147. >Was the shake chocolate or vanilla?
  148. >Did it even matter? It all looked the same.
  149. >Her mouth moved away for a moment, her tongue lapping up the inner top of the straw.
  150. >Droplets of the shake splashed onto her tongue, resembling what you wish was your seed.
  151. >Her head suddenly turns to yours, and within a second, she presses her lips against yours.
  152. >"Hey, can I get her next?" a patron jokes.
  153. >No.
  154. >She was all yours.
  155. >You wanted to be with her forever, never letting go of her wonderful belly.
  156. >While she kissed you, your fingers continued playing with her navel.
  157. >It wasn't even a conscious thought to do so anymore.
  158. >Your body just did it.
  159. >When she releases the kiss, you're suddenly fully conscious, your thought processes working once again.
  160. "Th-that was..."
  161. >"Amazing?" she smugly grins, "Yeah, I get that a lot."
  162. >The best part was, even though you felt like you were drunk, you remembered everything.
  163. >Hell, somehow, you even felt full without eating anything.
  164. >You fished for your wallet in your pocket, bringing it out and tipping Lilith over twenty bits.
  165. "I am coming back here."
  166. >She merely chuckles.
  167. >"I knew you'd say that."
  168. >The coins clink on the table, Lilith chuckling as she watched them come out of your wallet.
  169. >"Who knows? Maybe I'll save myself just for you~"
  170. >Five more coins were added to her tip.
  171. >The pony gets off of your lap and stretches, catching the eye of other patrons as her rear is lifted in the air.
  172. >"The meal's only ten bits. I guess you just really like me, huh?"
  173. "More than words can describe."
  174. >"You really know how to sweet-talk a mare."
  175. >She winks as she heads back into the kitchen.
  176. >"See you soon~"
  177. >You get one last glimpse of that magnificent pony butt before she disappears behind the kitchen door.
  178. >Looking at your watch, you notice that you've only got thirty minutes to reach the train station and get home.
  179. >Gotta go fast.
  180. >You go up to the service counter and give the mare behind the counter your money.
  181. "That Lilith really is something, isn't she?"
  182. >The server giggles.
  183. >"Fourth boy to come up and say that. She's a keeper, that one."
  184. >With your bill paid, you exit the place and head out to the train station.
  185. >Can't wait for tomorrow.
  186. >Can't wait for Lilith.
  189. >The succupone licked her lips as she entered the kitchen, rubbing her stomach.
  190. >"Mmmm, he was a nice snack."
  191. >One of the chefs laugh.
  192. >"Having a bit of fun with your customer, Lilith?"
  193. >She grins.
  194. >"You could say that."
  195. >The chef gets back to his work, prepping another burger.
  196. >"You just seem to have a way with the guys. You sure you're fine with no pay? You look like you make a ton in tips."
  197. >He flips the patty as Lilith hums.
  198. >"Trust me, playing with patrons all day is payment enough. I get two meals in one customer."
  199. >The chef stops for a moment.
  200. >"Two?"
  201. >Lilith coyly waves her hoof.
  202. >"Slip of the tongue. Working here is payment enough for me."
  203. >The white pony pats her belly, a devilish glint in her eye.
  204. >"More than you could imagine."
  205. >The chef shrugs, placing a slice of cheese on the patty.
  206. >"Whatever floats your boat, Lilith."
  207. >The mare went about her way, her shift ending soon.
  208. >Her thoughts were on that guy and his rather...filling lust.
  209. >She never even got a name.
  210. >But he was certainly one to keep around.
  211. >He'd be back for sure tomorrow.
  212. >She could hardly wait.
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