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  1. DINV Reloading plugin
  2. DINV Missing table parameter
  3. DINV Failed to save spellBonus table: invalid parameter
  4. DINV Missing table parameter
  5. DINV Failed to save equipBonus table: invalid parameter
  6. DINV OnPluginSaveState: Failed to save state for inv.statBonus module: invalid parameter
  7. DINV Skipping backup: Plugin is not yet initialized.  Have you been AFK or sleeping this entire login?
  8. DINV OnPluginSaveState: Failed to backup plugin state: component is not initialized
  9. Error raised in timer function (in wait module).
  10. stack traceback:
  11.         [C]: in function 'assert'
  12.         [string "Plugin: dinv"]:19849: in function 'loadTable'
  13.         [string "Plugin: dinv"]:15657: in function 'load'
  14.         [string "Plugin: dinv"]:15601: in function 'atActive'
  15.         [string "Plugin: dinv"]:689: in function <[string "Plugin: dinv"]:663>
  16. Run-time error
  17. Plugin: dinv (called from world: Aardwolf)
  18. Function/Sub: wait.timer_resume called by timer
  19. Reason: processing timer "wait_timer_69198"
  20. L:\MUSHclient\lua\wait.lua:51: [string "Plugin: dinv"]:19849: assertion failed!
  21. stack traceback:
  22.         [C]: in function 'error'
  23.         L:\MUSHclient\lua\wait.lua:51: in function <L:\MUSHclient\lua\wait.lua:43>
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