[L5R 4e] Mounted Combat Houserules

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  1. Mounted Combat
  3. When riding a steed, a character gains the following benefits:
  4. - Use the mount's Water Ring instead of their own for movement.
  5. - Gain +1k0 on melee attack rolls against unmounted characters, but cannot use the Full Attack stance unless they have Horsemanship 3 or higher.
  6. - May use their mount's natural weapons, making the attack roll using their Horsemanship skill and their mount's traits.
  7. - May perform some Athletics-based tasks, also using the Horsemanship skill and their mount's traits.
  9. Steeds under a character's control:
  10. - Do not have their own initiative, stance or actions.
  11. - If their rider uses the Defense or Full Defense stances, the mount's Armor TN is increased by the same amount gained by their rider.
  12. - If the rider uses the Full Attack stance, the mounts's Armor TN is also decreased by -10 and gains +2k1 on its natural attacks.
  14. Rokugani ponies are the steed of choice for long distance travel and transportation, while Unicorn Riding Horses are a larger breed used for combat. Despite the name of the breed, various Clans also have Unicorn Riding Horses, but Utaku Steeds remain solely the possession of the Battle Maidens.
  16. Riders can be forcibly dismounted from their steeds by initiating a Grapple and then Throwing them on your next turn, or succeeding at a Knockdown maneuver on the rider (using two Raises).
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