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  1. Muse Info:
  2. Name/nicknames: Haru Maruyama
  3. Age + birthday: 23 (turning 24 on september 17th)
  4. Gender + pronouns: trans and he/him
  5. Powers:
  7. hyperacusia: user has extreme sensitivity to a broader range of frequencies and vibrations in a surrounding area. haru can hear with amazing clarity, and distance, and frequencies outside of a normal range of hearing. he can hear vitals as well.
  9. enhanced echolocation: haru is able to pick up even the slightest vibrations reflected sound waves of objects in a surrounding area which allows him to determine the location of objects in the environment.
  11. enhanced combat: haru posesses enhanced levels of hand-to-hand fighting skills and excel in various forms of combat. he utilizes his sensitivity to vibrations to intercept other peoples moves and location spatially during combat. due to his traditional background, haru favors kodachi and nodachi swords in combat, but also doesn’t mind naginata’s and bo.
  13. Alignment: lawful neutral
  14. Bio/Backstory (Include power origins if possible):
  16. haru was born in sendai to the maruyama family. his family name takes pride in honor and perserving tradition and the old ways. through haru’s father’s blood line, their ancestors were sworn to protect lady tamura of the tamura clan as she married into the date clan before the abolition of the han system in 1873. ever since then, they still perserve some of the old traditions in their household and partake in training and combat. it’s unsure but likely that this heightened hearing had been in the maruyama bloodline for generations.
  18. haru grew up idolizing this household name and takes much pride in his culture and family honor. his abilities were always cherished in their home and he grew up to appreciate the world in its most organic form.
  20. haru had visited the united states from time to time, and graduated from columbia with a degree in bioengineering and molecular biology. he’d also gone on to do his masters as well. at the age of 23, his father had been brutally slain in their home. before that, another two family members died with similar circumstances, and ever since then haru has intended on investigating their deaths and avenging his father. later his uncle had died as well from the same circumstances in america. this brings him back to new york on a visa in hopes to stop whoever is after the maruyama name.
  22. URL (if possible): dont have it yet
  24. Mun Info:
  25. Name: caps
  26. Age: 21
  27. Pronouns: he/him
  28. Discord: we there…
  29. Other blogs:  qfy, pharoaha, pistolchip
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