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How to get promoted and link

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  1. How to rank up on Amazon Hotels
  2. 1. Join the group.
  3. 2. Read the rules.
  4. 3. Send an application or get interviewed by a SHR.
  5. 4. Wait for application to be accepted or just pass the interview.
  6. 5. Ask a SHR at least 12 hours later to host a training to get ranked up.
  7. 6. Continue that until you are security.
  8. 7. Wait at least 48 hours for HR training.
  9. 8. Ask a SHR to host one.
  10. 9. Continue that process waiting 48 hours though until you reached a rank you want.
  11. --------------------------------------Amazon Hotels Link-------------------------------------------
  12. https://bst.gg/zndw
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